300 Christmas Questions

Here are 300 Christmas themed questions to keep you going over the next week or two. Some have been posted before in various places.


1              “A dog is for life, not just for Christmas” was introduced in an advert in 1978 for which charity?

2              “Attaboy Clarence” are the last words spoken in which classic Christmas film?

3              “Chestnuts Roasting” (The Christmas Song) says that “folks dressed up like …. ” which race of people?

4              “They sold me a dream of Christmas They sold me a silent night” is from which Christmas song?

5              “They’ve got cars big as bars, they’ve got rivers of gold” is from which Christmas hit?

6              “Top to toe in tail backs, I got red lights all around” is from which Christmas song?

7              According to the 12 days of Christmas, how many of the 12 presents given were definitely female?

8              According to the UK National Meteorological Office what year (prior to 2007) was the last White Christmas in Britain?

9              Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves, Sinbad The Sailor and Aladdin all derive from which collection of Middle East tales?

10           American cartoonist Thomas Nast is credited with creating the traditional image of which popular Christmas character?

11           An orange is used to make a Christingle – what does it represent?

12           And all the bells on earth shall ring, on Christmas day in the morning…’ is from which Christmas carol?

13           Anthony Hopkins was the narrator of which Jim Carrey Christmas film?

14           At Christmas in 1814, the last Frost Fair was held in London – but precisely where?

15           At which city’s airport was the film Die Hard 2 set on Christmas Eve?

16           Baron Hardup is the biological father of how many children?

17           Before the tradition of hanging stockings up at Christmas what did Dutch children hang by the fireside?

18           Born Christmas day 1908, by what name was gay icon author of The Naked Civil Servant popularly known?

19           Brandy is made from distilling what?

20           Charles Dickens is said to have considered the names Little Larry and Puny Pete for which character?

21           Charles Perrault wrote whose book of Fairy Tales which included Puss In Boots, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty and Red Riding Hood?

22           Child star Jimmy Boyd sang which popular 1950’s Christmas song, which was initially banned by the Catholic Church in Boston because it supposedly mixed sex and Christmas?

23           Choirboy Peter Auty sang the film version of which song later recorded as a hit record by Aled Jones?

24           Christmas Crackers is cockney rhyming slang for which part of the male anatomy?

25           Christmas Crackers was the first Christmas edition of which popular UK comedy series?

26           Christmas Island, in the Indian Ocean, is a territory of which country?

27           Cliff Richard’s last 3 number ones were all at or near Christmas (1988 1990 & 1999) – name them

28           Does the Fairy Godmother come on stage right or stage left?

29           Dressed as which pantomime villain did Leslie Grantham, allegedly, indulge in sex play on his webcam in 2004?

30           Driving Home For Christmas was a 1988 hit single for which singer?

31           Euphorbia pulcherrima is better known as which Christmas plant?

32           Fe Fi Fo Fum I smell the blood of an Englishman is a classic line from which pantomime?

33           From what does the month of December take its name?

34           From which country does the poinsettia plant originate?

35           From which Judy Garland musical does the song Have Yourselves a Merry Little Christmas come?

36           From which town did the Grinch steal Christmas?

37           Full of Eastern Promise’ is an advertising slogan of what exotically positioned chocolate product?

38           Gwyl San Steffan is the name for 26th December (St Stephen’s Day or Boxing Day) in which country?

39           Has a song with the words Santa Claus in the title ever been a No 1 single in the UK?

40           How does Good King Wenceslas like his pizza?

41           How many courses are there traditionally in a Ukrainian Christmas Eve supper?

42           How many gifts are given in total in the song The Twelve Days of Christmas?

43           How many official white Christmases were there in the 20th century – 9, 12 or 15?

44           How many points does a snowflake have?

45           How many times do you sing Jingle in one chorus of Jingle Bells?

46           How many times is Christmas mentioned in the song Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow?

47           How were the Goons walking for Christmas in 1956?

48           In 2004, the post office of which country gave away twenty million free scented stickers, to make Christmas cards smell like fir trees, cinnamon, gingerbread or honey wax?

49           In America what kind of canned pie filling is the biggest seller at Christmas?

50           In Charles Dickens’ novel A Christmas Carol, who was Scrooge’s dead business partner?

51           In Jack & the Beanstalk, Jack receives beans in exchange for what?

52           In Mexico, it is said that wearing what colour/colour underwear on New Year’s Eve ensures finding new love the following year: Yellow; Green; Red; or Brown?

53           In my all-time favourite film “It’s a Wonderful Life” what happens “Every Time a Bell Rings”?

54           In pantomime who was the son of mustafa a poor tailor of China?

55           In pantomime, what is Aladdins surname?

56           In Pantomime, who is Princess Marcella?

57           In the 12 Days of Christmas how many Lords were leaping?

58           In the film Babe, which Christmas song does Babe sing?

59           In the inspirational 1946 film, It’s a Wonderful Life, what’s the name of George Bailey’s guardian angel?

60           In the original pantomimes, what were breeches roles?

61           In the pantomime Aladdin what was the name of Aladdin’s brother?

62           In the Snowman & the Snowdog shown at Christmas, which article of clothing were the Snowdog’s ears made from?

63           In the Snowman what is the name of the little boy?

64           In the song Let It Snow what is the weather described as?

65           In the song The Twelve Days of Christmas, ‘…my true love brought to me nine…’ what?

66           In the song The Twelve Days of Christmas, how many pipers are there?

67           In the song ‘The Twelve Days Of Christmas’, how many swans were a-swimming?

68           In the story of Cinderella what was transformed into a coach & which creatures were turned into the horses?

69           In traditional pantomime who is the sweetheart of Harlequin?

70           In Victorian England what people were popularly called robins because of their red uniforms?

71           In what country, the world’s seventh largest by geographical area, is Christmas known as Bada Din (the big day)?

72           In what year was Band-Aid’s Do They Know It’s Christmas the UK Christmas chart-topping record?

73           In which century was the first panto produced in the UK?

74           In which Christmas carol does this line feature: “Bring me flesh, and bring me wine, bring me pine logs hither”?

75           In which Christmas pantomime does buttons appear?

76           In which Christmas song do you “make the Yule-tide gay”?

77           In which Christmas story do the people of Whoville have Roast Beast for Christmas?

78           In which city was the Salvation Army founded?

79           In which country does Santa have his own personal postcode HOH OHO?

80           In which country is it a tradition to hide all brooms in the house on Christmas Eve?

81           In which country, an archipelago of 6,852 islands, is it considered inappropriate to send red Christmas cards?

82           In which European country is it said that finding a spider web on Christmas morning brings good luck, and so Christmas trees are decorated with artificial spider webs?

83           In which European country is it said that malicious goblins called Kallikantzoroi  troublesome pranks at Christmas?

84           In which fictional land is it always winter but never Christmas?

85           In which film did Jim Carrey play Lloyd Christmas?

86           In which panto does the character King Rat appear?

87           In which Pantomime does Idle Jack appear?

88           In which pantomime would you meet a ticking crocodile?

89           In which TV comedy was Christmas cancelled due to Tommy Slocombe’s tunnelling?

90           In which year did Frank Bruno retire after losing to Mike Tyson leaving him plenty of time for Panto?

91           In which year was the first pantomime produced in Britain?

92           Its name will ring a bell with members of the legal profession; in 1716 which London theatre put on England’s first pantomime ?

93           Jackie Wilson’s re-issued song Reet Petite became the 1986 UK Christmas number one after helping to advertise what brand?

94           John Callcott Horsley designed what first commercial Christmas item in 1843?

95           Kiritimati, the first inhabited place to experience each New Year, is more commonly known as what?

96           La Befana is the legendary character who delivers Christmas presents to children in which country?

97           Mary’s Boy Child was number one in the UK twice – once by Johnny Mathis and then by who in 1978?

98           Marzipan is made (conventionally in the western world) mainly from sugar and the flour or meal of which nut?

99           Medieval English Christmas pantomimes did not include which character – St. Nicholas, The Bold Slasher, Father Christmas or The Turkish Knight?

100         Nadolig Llawen’ means Merry Christmas in which western European language?

101         Name the two administrative and ex-colonial regions of China for whom Christmas day (as at 2010) remains a legal public holiday, whereas in the main country it is not?

102         Olibanum is an alternative name for which Christmas gift?

103         Olive the Other… (what?)’, is a Christmas book by Vivian Walsh and J Otto Seibold: Reindeer; Snowman; Otter; or Orangutan?

104         On which date is Epiphany celebrated in the traditional Western calendar?

105         On which type of tree does mistletoe commonly grow in the UK?

106         Pine needles are said to be a good source of which vitamin?

107         Presepe in Italy refers to what Christmas tradition?

108         Puny Pete was one of the names Dickens considered for Tiny Tim in A Christmas Carol?

109         Quaid-e-Azam’s Birthday is a 25th December celebration in which country?

110         Scrooge never celebrated Christmas – what was his clerk called in A Christmas carol by Dickens?

111         The 1954 movie White Christmas was the first to be made using what new Paramount film format?

112         The 1980 Christmas number one single There’s No-one Quite Like Grandma was written as a tribute to which famous Grandma?

113         The character Jack Skellington appears in which 1993 Tim Burton film?

114         The Christmas period of 1813-14 saw the last what in London?

115         The druids believed which Christmas plant was sacred?

116         The early pagan religious winter festival celebrated by archaic Scandinavian people is still referred to in what alternative word for the Christmas season?

117         The Feast of the Holy Name of Jesus on or around 1 January celebrates specifically what happening to the baby Jesus?

118         The first singing radio commercial, which aired in the US on Christmas Eve 1926, was for which brand: Rolex; BMW; Wheaties; or Durex?

119         The fortified wine drink Sherry is named after what town?

120         The last lines of a pantomime have two traditions associated with them – name either?

121         The Latin word meaning ‘coming’ gave us what term which still refers to the Christmas period, and also to a particular tradition popular with children?

122         The Nordic countries (Denmark, Sweden, Norway notably) tend to celebrate Christmas chiefly on which date?

123         The North Pole, said to be Santa’s home, is located in which ocean?

124         The song White Christmas was first performed in which 1942 film?

125         The surname Chandler derives from the making or selling of what?

126         The Twelve Days of Christmas feature which comedy chat show host?

127         The Twelve Days of Christmas features the surname of which character from Crossroads?

128         The Twelve Days of Christmas features the surname of which female comedian?

129         The Twelve Days of Christmas features which brand of soap and beauty products?

130         The Twelve Days of Christmas features which sports ground?

131         The USA’s official National Christmas Tree is in which National Park?

132         The words “Myrrh is mine, its bitter perfume breathes of life, of gathering gloom…” come from which Christmas carol?

133         Three Kings Day’ is known by what numerical name in Britain?

134         Traditional in Germany at Christmas, what sort of food is stollen?

135         True or false – Santaclaustrophobia is fear of Christmas?

136         Under which Puritan leader did the English parliament pass a law banning Christmas in 1647?

137         US President Franklin Pierce introduced what to White House Christmas tradition in 1856?

138         Very loosely related to Christmas, the predatory animal ‘uncia uncia’ is better known by what name?

139         What 2 spices (both start with C) are used to give mulled wine its distinctive flavour?

140         What 2 words are normally pre-printed on Christmas gift tags?

141         What 3 ingredients do you need to make a snowball for your gran at Christmas?

142         What animal is Snowball in George Orwell’s book Animal Farm?

143         What animal is the Scandinavian Christmas Julbock symbol?

144         What are all farmyard animals supposed to be able to do on Christmas Eve?

145         What are the names of the 3 Santa’s reindeer starting with the letter D?

146         What are the names of the Two Little Boys in Rolf Harris’s 1969 Christmas Number One?

147         What bird was Elizabeth 1 eating when she was told of the defeat of the Spanish Armada?

148         What British spacecraft was lost on Mars at Christmas 2003?

149         What celebratory receptacle is falsely claimed to have been modelled on the breast of Marie Antoinette?

150         What changed in 1752 which caused England to have a White Christmas less frequently thereafter?

151         What Christmas item was invented by London baker and wedding-cake specialist Tom Smith in 1847?

152         What Christmas-time song did James Pierpont compose in 1857?

153         What colour are the berries of the mistletoe plant?

154         What creature, noted for feeding on its berries, is linked by name to the mistletoe plant?

155         What date is St Stephen’s Day?

156         What day of the week was Christmas day in the year 2000 (in the conventional western calendar)?

157         What did Dirty Den give Angie on Christmas Day, 1986?

158         What did Harry Potter get for his first Christmas at Hogwarts?

159         What did Santa Claus win in 1964?

160         What did Scottish students take from Westminster Abbey on Christmas day 1950?

161         What do Americans call an ice lolly?

162         What do you get if you cross Santa with a duck?

163         What does Cinderella’s Fairy Godmother turn into a coach?

164         What does the Man on the Moon receive for Christmas in the John Lewis advert?

165         What drink advert launched the slogan ‘The Right One’ in 1970?

166         What drink invented by Francis Showering has a fawn mascot?

167         What English title to we know the hymn Adeste Fidelis?

168         What former Egyptian president was born on Christmas day in 1918?

169         What is a baby Turkey more correctly called, other than a chick?

170         What is Babycham made from?

171         What is New Year’s Eve called in Scotland?

172         What is odd about the principal boy and the dame in a pantomime?

173         What is the birth sign of people born on 25 December?

174         What is the chemical formula of snow?

175         What is the English title of the carol written in 1818 by Austrian priest Josef Mohr originally called Stille Nacht?

176         What is the first word in Slade’s Merry Christmas Everybody?

177         What is the name of Dorothy Gale’s dog in The Wizard of Oz?

178         What is the name of Jack’s cow in Jack & the Beanstalk?

179         What is the name of Prince Charming’s best friend?

180         What is the name of the cake traditionally eaten in Italy at Christmas?

181         What is the name of the cow in the pantomime Jack and the Beanstalk?

182         What is the name of the father of Cinderella and The Ugly Sisters?

183         What is the occupation of the Seven Dwarfs who befriend Snow White?

184         What is the popular name for little baked sausages wrapped in rashers of streaky bacon?

185         What is the surname of Jim Carrey’s character in the Dumb & Dumber films?

186         What is the surname of the family in the 1989 film ‘National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation’?

187         What is the title of biggest selling Christmas single, globally?

188         What is Virgil Hilts’ nickname in the film The Great Escape?

189         What kind of Merry Christmas did a cute group of environmentalists want us to have in 1974?

190         What name is given to the leading male role in a pantomime, usually played by a woman?

191         What nationality are these pantomime characters – Aladdin/Jack (& the Beanstalk)/Ali Baba?

192         What nationality is Ali Baba in the pantomime?

193         What nationality is Jack in Jack & the Beanstalk?

194         What nationality was Aladdin?

195         What nickname for Hollywood sounds Christmassy?

196         What Paul McCartney hit song video featured the First World War Christmas Truce meeting of German and British soldiers in no-man’s land between the front line trenches?

197         What red-blooming Christmas plant came originally from Mexico?

198         What song topped the UK charts at Christmas in 1957 and in a medley version in 1978?

199         What sort of animal is Snowball in George Orwell’s Animal farm?

200         What told Dick Whittington to ‘turn again’?

201         What toy was Arnold Schwartzenegger searching for in Jingle All the Way?

202         What was banned by Cromwell in 1647 for 12 years?

203         What was Bill Murray’s profession in the film Scrooged?

204         What was Girls Aloud’s 2002 UK Christmas number one single?

205         What was Mr. Bean looking for when he got his head stuck in the turkey?

206         What was Queen’s 1984 Christmas single called?

207         What was the cyclone named that hit Darwin, Australia, in Christmas 1974?

208         What was the full name of the Christmas Shrek TV special?

209         What was the name of the character played by Robbie Coltrane in the TV series Cracker?

210         What was the title of the first Christmas TV special Peanuts cartoon?

211         What was the weather like on Christmas Eve when Rudolph has to help Santa out?

212         When I Marry Mr. Snow is from which Rodgers & Hammerstein musical?

213         When making Christmas Pudding in  which direction should you stir it – clockwise or anti-clockwise?

214         When the Julian calendar was switched to the Gregorian calendar how many days were dropped?

215         When was the Queen’s 1st Christmas broadcast 1953 1955 or 1957?

216         Where does snow have to fall to be an official white Christmas?

217         Which 1980 Christmas top 10 hit begins Hey Mr. Churchill comes over here?

218         Which 4 letter freshwater fish is traditionally eaten on Christmas Day in Germany?

219         Which actor called off Christmas in Robin Hood Prince of Thieves?

220         Which actress singer who charted with Santa Baby and starred as Catwoman died on Christmas day 2008?

221         Which actress won an Oscar for her role in the 1993 film The Piano?

222         Which American-born English poet, having first names Thomas Stearns, wrote the poem The Cultivation Of Christmas Trees?

223         Which Apollo mission spent Christmas Day orbiting the moon in 1968?

224         Which author and creator of Jekyll and Hyde, gave his birthday by formal deed to Anne Ide because she disliked her own birthday of December 25th?

225         Which British monarch (born 1865, died 1936) introduced the custom of giving thousands of Christmas puddings to staff?

226         Which charity in 1949 was the first to produce a Christmas card?

227         Which Christmas carol includes the lyrics ‘…To save us all from Satan’s power, when we were gone astray..’?

228         Which Christmas carol mentions figgy pudding?

229         Which Christmas carol was sung by soldiers on both sides of the trenches in WW1 at Christmas 1914?

230         Which Christmas character was created by Robert L. May in 1939?

231         Which Christmas condiment is made from fruit sometimes referred to as marshworts?

232         Which Christmas decoration was originally designed for French soldiers?

233         Which Christmas dish originates from a Celtic recipe called fromarty?

234         Which Christmas slogan was introduced by Clarissa Baldwin of Dogs Trust in 1978?

235         Which Christmas song is played at the end of Die Hard 2?

236         Which Christmas song was a number one for Boney M in 1978?

237         Which country calls Christmas NADOLIG?

238         Which country did St Nicholas come from?

239         Which country traditionally supplies the Christmas tree for Trafalgar Square?

240         Which European capital city presents a Christmas tree for Trafalgar Square every year?

241         Which European country’s leader & his wife were executed by firing squad on Christmas Day 1989?

242         Which famous Christmas film is set in a town called Bedford Falls?

243         Which famous clown pioneered the use of pantomime dames during the 19th century?

244         Which famous comedy double-act partner made the first ever UK mobile phone call, New Year’s Day, 1985?

245         Which fictional character was so mean at Christmas because his heart was 2 sizes too small?

246         Which film takes place at Nakatomi Plaza on Christmas Eve?

247         Which hit  has been in the Top 100 singles over Christmas 20 times since 1973?

248         Which Hollywood star stopped believing in Santa at 6 years old when, in a department store, Santa asked for an autograph?

249         Which hugely popular actor was born on Christmas day 1899?

250         Which king of England was crowned on Christmas Day?

251         Which members of the Royal family switched on the Christmas lights in Tetbury Gloucestershire in2012?

252         Which nursery rhyme features Christmas Pie?

253         Which of the Wise Men was said to have brought the gift of gold for the baby Jesus?

254         Which pantomime character marries Alice Fitzwarren?

255         Which pantomime character shares their name with a brand of children’s confectionary?

256         Which Pantomime character slaps his thigh every time he speaks his name?

257         Which pantomime contains the goose that lays the golden egg?

258         Which Pantomime features the character Maid Marion?

259         Which poem written by Clement Moore was originally titled A Visit from Saint Nicholas?

260         Which politician appeared on the 2010 Strictly Christmas show?

261         Which popular poem was alternatively known as A Visit from St Nicholas?

262         Which river did George Washington cross on Christmas night in 1776 in the American Revolutionary War?

263         Which singer appeared in the 1983 film Merry Christmas, Mr. Lawrence?

264         Which song did all the BBC presenters perform with Morecambe & Wise at Christmas 1977?

265         Which song was the first Christmas song to be sung from space in 1965?

266         Which southern central US state, whose capital city has the same name, was the last to recognize Christmas as an official holiday?

267         Which token vegetable is often included in the ingredients of a Christmas pudding?

268         Which traditional Christmas plant was once so revered by early Britons that it had to be cut with a golden sickle?

269         Which traditional pantomime features a character called Dandini?

270         Which two pantomimes did Cliff Richard record soundtracks of in the 60s?

271         Which two states in the US have towns called Christmas?

272         Which UK band wished it could be Christmas everyday?

273         Which US President banned Christmas trees from the White House?

274         Which wooden bat, originally used as a prop by the character Harlequin, came to give its name for a type of comedy used in pantomime?

275         Which word, associated with Christmas comes from a Greek word meaning ‘we can act anything’?

276         White Christmas is the most recorded song ever, which Russian born American citizen wrote it?

277         White Christmas, a cake made of coconut, crisped rice and dried fruit, is popular in which country?

278         Who are open 24hrs a day and expect 25,000 phone calls over the Christmas period?

279         Who are the four ghosts in Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol?

280         Who composed the music known as The Nutcracker Suite, for the Christmas themed ballet The Nutcracker, premiered in St Petersburg, 1892?

281         Who eat the Gingerbread House?

282         Who is regarded as the first Christian martyr?

283         Who is the central businessman character in the film It’s a Wonderful Life?

284         Who is the narrator in the 2000 film The Grinch Who Stole Christmas?

285         Who played Santa Claus in Miracle on 34th Street in 1994?

286         Who played Santa Claus in The Santa Clause in 1994?

287         Who took the Babes into the Wood?

288         Who took When a Child is Born to number one at Christmas 1976?

289         Who was said to have presented the baby Jesus with Frankincense?

290         Who was the first British monarch to broadcast a Christmas message to the nation?

291         Who was the male co-star with Bing Crosby in White Christmas

292         Who wrote Auld Lange Syne?

293         Who wrote How the Grinch Stole Christmas?

294         Who, with a 118-inch waist, topped the UK charts @ Christmas 1993?

295         Whose postcode is XM45HQ?

296         Why are Christmas trees rubbish at knitting?

297         Why did nobody bid for Donner & Blitzen on eBay?

298         Why is there only 25 letters in the Christmas alphabet?

299         Would an icicle be classed as a stalagmite or a stalactite?

300         Yorkshireman William Strickland is believed to have brought the first what to Britain from North America in 1526?


1              Dog’s Trust

2              It’s A Wonderful Life

3              Eskimos

4              I Believe in Father Christmas

5              Fairytale of New York

6              Driving Home for Christmas

7              4 – French Hens Geese a laying Maids Milking Ladies Dancing

8              2004

9              The Arabian Nights

10           Santa Claus (Father Christmas)

11           Earth

12           I Saw Three Ships

13           The Grinch Who Stole Christmas

14           On the frozen Thames

15           Washington (Dulles)

16           One (Ugly sisters are adopted)

17           Shoes

18           Quentin Crisp (born Denis Charles Pratt)

19           Wine

20           Tiny Tim – A Christmas Carol

21           Mother Goose’s

22           I saw Mommy kissing Santa Claus

23           Walking in the Air (from The Snowman)

24           Testicles

25           Only Fools and Horses

26           Australia

27           Mistletoe & Wine/Saviour’s Day/Millennium Prayer

28           Stage right

29           Captain Hook

30           Chris Rea

31           Poinsettia

32           Jack & the Beanstalk

33           Ten

34           Mexico

35           Meet Me in St Louis

36           Hooville

37           Fry’s Turkish Delight

38           Wales

39           No

40           Deep pan, crisp & even

41           Twelve (each one is dedicated to an apostle)

42           364

43           9

44           6

45           6

46           None

47           Backwards

48           Germany

49           Pumpkin

50           Jacob Marley

51           His Mother’s cow

52           Red

53           An angel gets its wings

54           Aladdin

55           Twankey (his mother was widow Twankey)

56           Sleeping Beauty

57           Ten

58           Jingle Bells

59           Clarence (Oddbody)

60           Male roles played by women

61           Wishy Washy

62           Socks

63           James

64           Frightful

65           Ladies dancing

66           Eleven

67           Seven

68           Pumpkin & mice

69           Columbine

70           Postmen

71           India

72           1984

73           18th (1717)

74           Good King Wenceslas

75           Cinderella

76           Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas

77           How the Grinch Stole Christmas

78           London

79           Canada

80           Norway

81           Japan

82           Ukraine

83           Greece

84           Narnia

85           Dumb and Dumber

86           Dick Whittington

87           Dick Whittington

88           Peter Pan

89           Porridge

90           1996

91           1717

92           Lincoln’s Inn (Theatre)

93           Levi’s (Levi Strauss & Co)

94           Christmas card

95           Christmas Island

96           Italy (Befana loosely means a witch)

97           Boney M

98           Almond

99           St. Nicholas

100         Welsh

101         Hong Kong and Macau

102         Frankincense

103         Reindeer

104         6th January

105         Oak

106         C

107         Nativity scene (literally meaning crib)

108         TRUE

109         Pakistan

110         Bob Cratchitt

111         VistaVision

112         Queen Mother (She was 80 in 1980)

113         The Nightmare before Christmas

114         Christmas Fair on a frozen River Thames

115         Mistletoe

116         Yule (or Yule-tide)

117         Circumcision

118         Wheaties

119         Jerez

120         They should be in rhyming couplets and they should never be spoken in rehearsal

121         Advent

122         24th December

123         Arctic Ocean

124         Holiday Inn

125         Candles

126         (Alan) Partridge

127         Turtle

128         French

129         Dove

130         Lords

131         King’s Canyon National Park, California

132         We Three Kings of Orient Are

133         Twelfth Night

134         Cake

135         FALSE

136         Oliver Cromwell

137         Christmas tree

138         Snow Leopard

139         Cinnamon & Cloves

140         To and From

141         Advocaat Lemonade Lime Juice

142         A pig

143         Goat (precisely a Yule Goat)

144         Talk

145         Donner, Dancer, Dasher

146         Jack & Joe

147         Goose

148         Beagle 2

149         Champagne coupe

150         The calendar

151         Christmas cracker

152         Jingle Bells

153         White

154         Mistle thrush

155         26th December

156         Monday

157         Divorce papers

158         Invisibility Cloak

159         The Derby

160         The Coronation Stone (or Stone of Scone, or Stone of Destiny)

161         Popsicle

162         Christmas Quacker

163         A Pumpkin

164         Telescope

165         Martini

166         Babycham

167         O Come All Ye Faithful

168         Anwar Sadat

169         Poult

170         Pears

171         Hogmanay

172         They’re both played by a member of the opposite sex

173         Capricorn

174         H2O

175         Silent Night

176         Are (you hangin up a stocking…)

177         Toto

178         Buttercup

179         Dandini

180         Panettone

181         Old Buttercup

182         Baron Hardup

183         Miners

184         Pigs in blankets

185         Christmas

186         Griswold

187         White Christmas (by Bing Crosby)

188         The Cooler King

189         Wombling

190         Principal Boy

191         Chinese/English/Iraqi(Arab)

192         Iraqi (Arab)

193         English

194         Chinese

195         Tinsel Town

196         Pipes of Peace

197         Poinsettia

198         Mary’s Boy Child (Harry Belafonte and Boney M, respectively)

199         Pig

200         The Bells of London

201         Turboman

202         Christmas

203         TV Executive

204         Sound of the Underground

205         His watch

206         Thank God it’s Christmas

207         Tracy

208         Shrek the Halls

209         Fitz

210         A Charlie Brown Christmas (1965)

211         Foggy

212         Carousel

213         Clockwise

214         Eleven

215         1957

216         On the roof of the London Met office

217         Stop The Cavalry – Jona Lewie

218         Carp

219         Alan Rickman

220         Eartha Kitt

221         Holly Hunter

222         T S Eliot

223         Apollo 8

224         Robert Louis Stevenson

225         King George V

226         UNICEF

227         God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen

228         We Wish You a Merry Christmas

229         Silent Night

230         Rudolph

231         Cranberry sauce

232         Tinsel

233         Christmas Pudding

234         A Dog Is For Life, Not Just For Christmas

235         Let it Snow x 3

236         Mary’s Boy Child

237         Wales

238         Turkey

239         Norway

240         Oslo

241         Romania

242         It’s a Wonderful Life

243         Joseph Grimaldi

244         Ernie Wise

245         The Grinch

246         Die Hard

247         Merry Christmas Everybody – Slade

248         Shirley Temple

249         Humphrey Bogart

250         William I

251         Charles & Camilla

252         Little Jack Horner

253         Melchior

254         Dick Whittington

255         Buttons

256         Dick Whittington

257         Jack & the Beanstalk

258         Babes in the Wood

259         The Night Before Christmas

260         Vince Cable

261         Twas The Night before Christmas

262         Delaware

263         David Bowie

264         There is Nothing Like a Dame from South Pacific

265         Jingle Bells

266         Oklahoma

267         Carrot

268         Mistletoe

269         Cinderella

270         Aladdin and Cinderella

271         Arizona & Florida

272         Wizzard

273         Theodore Roosevelt

274         Slap Stick

275         Pantomime

276         Irving Berlin

277         Australia

278         Samaritans

279         Christmas Past, Christmas Present, Christmas Yet to Come, and Jacob Marley

280         Tchaikovsky

281         Hansel and Gretel

282         St Stephen

283         George Bailey (played by James Stewart)

284         Anthony Hopkins

285         Richard Attenborough

286         Tim Allen

287         Their Father

288         Johnny Mathis

289         Balthazar

290         George the Fifth (in 1932)

291         Danny Kaye

292         Robert Burns

293         Dr Seuss

294         Mr. Blobby

295         Santa Claus

296         They’re always losing their needles

297         Because they were two deer

298         Because there’s “Noel”

299         Stalactite

300         Turkey

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