Quiz 258


1              Dressed as vagrants, which song did Judy Garland & Fred Astaire sing in Easter Parade?

2              What colours are Paddington Bear’s hat & coat & which family did he live with?

3              Which sportswear company is named after the 10th letter of the Greek alphabet?

4              Originally, all British motorways were numbered the same as the A road they were meant to take traffic from – true or false?

5              In Bananarama’s 1984 hit, which film star was waiting?

6a            Which Roman Emperor invaded Britain in 55 BC?

6b            In which Carry On film did he appear played by Kenneth Williams?

7              Which countries stamps have Suomi & Helvetia on them?

8              What combination of a colour & a month was the name of Palestine terrorist group founded in the 70’s?

9a            In which country is the island of Bali?

9b            Bora Bora in the Pacific is a colony of which European country?

10            The Sealed Knot Society re-enact battles from which war?

11            What were the first 2 films to win 11 Oscars?

12a          Who was executed in York in 1739 for stealing a horse?

12b          Which Royal was executed in Fotheringay Castle on the 7th February 1587?

12c          Which serial killer was executed on 15th July 1953 at Pentonville Prison for his wife’s murder although he killed many women?

13            Which Italian football club did Paul Gascoigne play for?

14            Who lost his seat in Parliament in a by-election recently after resigning over the 3rd Heathrow runway?

15            In which 4 TV sitcoms did Richard Beckinsale appear?

16a          Harry, Albert, Sam & Jack were the first names of the founders of which film production company?

16b          Which film studio was founded with the collaboration of DW Griffith, Douglas Fairbanks, Mary Pickford & Charlie Chaplin?

17            Who delivered the Gettysburg Address & in which US State was he when he delivered it?

18            Who was the original presenter of The Old Grey Whistle Test?

19            Michael O’Leary is the head of which travel business?

20            Whose postcode is XM45HQ?

21            Within a year when did these Soaps begin on TV – Coronation Street, Eastenders, Crossroads?

22            Which French designer made Madonna’s famous cone shaped bra in 1990?

23            Which 2 football teams won the European Cup on 3 consecutive occasions in the 70s?

24            What was Lady Gaga’s dress made from at the 2010 MTV Music awards?

25            Diane Fossey was most famous for her work with which animals?

26            What are the surnames of these TV cop pairings – Christine & Mary-Beth, Andy & Peter, Rachel & Janet?

27            Who were the top 3 Formula One teams in the 2016 Championship?

28            Does it make sense to combine 2 lots of selenium with one of nitrogen – yes or no?

29            Who had hits with The House That Jack Built & Don’t Stop The Carnival in the 60’s?

30            Quality Street or Cadbury’s Roses?

Strawberry Delight, Golden Barrel, Chocolate Toffee Finger, Hazel Swirl


1              A Couple of Swells

2              Red & Blue & the Browns

3              Kappa

4              True – M1/A1, M5/A5 etc.

5              Robert De Niro

6a            Julius Caesar

6b            Cleo

7              Finland & Switzerland

8              Black September

9a            Indonesia

9b            France (French Polynesia)

10            English Civil War

11            Ben-Hur & Titanic

12a          Dick Turpin

12b          Mary Queen of Scots

12c          John Christie

13            Lazio

14            Zac Goldsmith

15            The Lovers, Porridge, Rising Damp, Going Straight (accept Bloomers too)

16a          Warner Brothers

16b          United Artists

17            Lincoln in Pennsylvania

18            Bob Harris

19            Ryanair

20            Santa Claus

21            1960, 1985, 1964

22            Jean-Paul Gaultier

23            Ajax & Bayern Munich

24            Meat

25            Gorillas

26            Cagney & Lacey, Dalziel & Pascoe, Scott & Bailey

27            Mercedes, Red Bull, Ferrari

28            Yes (Se & N are the chemical symbols)

29            Alan Price Set

30            Quality Street, Roses, Quality Street, Roses


Q             Whose 2010 Christmas album was the first one ever to top the UK charts?

A              Susan Boyle (The Gift)

Number Guess      

Q             How high in feet was the largest ever cut Christmas tree?

A              221 feet in Seattle in 1950                                    

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