Mash-Up Quiz 027

Mash Up Quiz 027

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Quiz 394

Quiz 394


1              “I know what you’re thinking. “Did he fire six shots or only five?”” is said by which film character?

2              In which children’s TV show did the fire brigade led by Captain Flack feature?

3              Blood And Fire is the motto  of which organisation?

4              What weapon do you use to fire a quarrel?

5              Which groups had hits with these “fire” songs: –   Sex On Fire (2008) Relight My Fire (1993) This Wheel’s On Fire (1968) Fire Brigade (1968)


6              The REM song Everybody Hurts was used as a charity single in 2010 to raise money for which country after a severe earthquake?

7              In which year (+/-1) was Google Earth first launched?

8              On which day did God create the Earth?

9              In which book was Earth described as “Mostly Harmless”?

10            Which father and son starred in the 2013 sci-fi film After Earth?


11            In which musical do they “call the wind Maria”?

12            In athletics sprint events, records can only be broken if the maximum wind speed is what – 2, 3 or 4 metres per second?

13            Windhoek is the largest city and capital of which West African country?

14            In 1960 which Prime Minister made the famous “wind of change” speech in reference to the African continent?

15            What are the 4 woodwind instruments that are always present in a standard concert orchestra?


16            What do the Waterman company of New York manufacture?

17            International water polo is played over 4 periods of how many minutes each – 5, 8 or 10 minutes?

18            Water, water everywhere, nor any drop to drink is a famous line from which poem by Samuel Coleridge?

19            Who played the title role in the 1998 comedy The Waterboy?

20            In which TV series did Dennis Waterman play the following characters :- Det Sgt George Carter, Terry McCann, Gerry Standing?

                General Knowledge

21            Which Prime Minister is credited with the phrase “A week is long time in politics”?

22            On TV & in real life what are Caroline Hawley & Kate Bliss’s area of expertise?

23            Which footballer was sold for over £100,000 to Torino in 1961?

24            Which car maker’s cars are described as “simply clever”?

25            The Scandinavian dish gravadlax is made from which fish?

26            Which Batman villain’s name was Oswald Cobblepot?

27            Only 2 countries are members of the Commonwealth and NATO; UK is one, what is the other?

28            What was the name of the piece of equipment used on Opportunity Knocks to decide the winner of the show in the studio?

29            What is the 3rd event of a women’s heptathlon?

30            The only tartan to arrive on the Moon is the MacBean tartan taken by Alan Bean on Apollo 12 – true or false?


1              Dirty Harry

2              Trumpton

3              Salvation Army

4              Crossbow

5              Kings of Leon, Take That & Lulu, Julie Driscoll & The Brian Auger Trinity, Move             

6              Haiti

7              2001 (accept 2000 & 2002)

8              3rd day

9              The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy

10            Will & Jaden Smith

11            Paint Your Wagon

12            2 m/s

13            Namibia

14            Harold Macmillan

15            Flute Oboe Clarinet Bassoon 

16            Pens

17            8 minutes

18            The Rime of the Ancient Mariner

19            Adam Sandler

20            The Sweeney, Minder, New Tricks        

21            Harold Wilson

22            Antiques

23            Denis Law

24            Skoda

25            Salmon

26            The Penguin

27            Canada

28            Clap-o-meter

29            Shot put

30            TRUE


Q             Which TV detective series was based on books by Reginald Hill?

A              Dalziel & Pascoe

Number Guess (Nearest wins)

Q             Ravensburger’s largest jigsaw puzzle has more than 40,000 pieces; how much was it to buy in December 2018 on Amazon?

A              £303.05

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Quiz 393

Quiz 393

1              In the Driving Test Theory paper, what is the pass mark as a percentage (+/-2)?

2              Robert Culp, Natalie Wood, Elliott Gould & Dyan Cannon starred in which 1969 comedy named after the characters they played?

3              Who were the 2 Ministers for Brexit who have resigned this year?

4              Which form of entertainment can follow Oxford, Finsbury & Ludgate to give three places in London?

5              Which newspaper cartoon character had friends called Fat Bob, Wee Eck & Soapy Souter?

6              Originally, how many girls were in S Club 7 & which of them went on to have hits like Sweet Dreams My LA Ex & Some Girls?

7              Which concert venue in New York was built and named after a Scottish born industrialist in 1891?

8              Karl Lagerfeld is the Creative Director of which French fashion house?

9              Which large sea creature is often referred to as the sea cow?

10            On the famous Land’s End signpost which 2 places occupy the top positions?

11            Which motoring organisation uses the phrase “Because anything can happen” in its adverts?

12            Going To The Match, Going To Work & Industrial Landscape are 3 notable works by which Lancashire born artist?

13            During the 2003 Iraq War French Fries were renamed as what by the USA?

14            Who was the 4th man to walk on the Moon – Mr Bean, Mr Darcy or Mr Benn?

15            Name the 5 Carry On films ending in -ing (like Carry On Laughing which is not one of the answers)?

16            If 2 of the angles in a triangle are 65 degrees & 35 degrees, what is the 3rd angle?

17            What property is common to these 6 letter words – CHINTZ, ALMOST & BIOPSY?

18            Bohemian Rhapsody was on which Queen album?

19            The Horsehead Nebula is found in which constellation in the night sky?

20            Which double act hosted Laugh-In on American TV in the late 60’s?

21            The glass maker Corning invented which brand of heat resistant glass in 1915?

22            Which George was on the throne at the time of the Battle of Waterloo?

23            Which 1989 film concerns an underwater drilling platform encountering aliens under the sea in the Cayman Trough?

24a          In which city are the headquarters of the Volvo Group?

24b          In which city are the headquarters of BMW?

24c          In which city are the headquarters of Mercedes-Benz?

25            Sonny Crockett in Miami Vice had a pet; what was it & which singer was it named after?

26            Which sports game is named after the Latin for hobby?

27            Which Womble’s name is the capital of the isle of Mull?

28            What material is the Leaning Tower of Pisa made from?

29            Who did Kenneth Branagh & Timothy Spall portray in the 2012 Olympic Opening Ceremony?

30            Which 7 football teams beginning with B have won the FA Cup?


1              86% (accept 84-88%)

2              Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice

3              David Davies & Dominic Raab

4              Circus

5              Oor Wullie

6              Four & Rachel Stevens

7              Carnegie Hall

8              Chanel

9              Manatee

10            New York 3147 John O’Groats 874

11            The AA

12            L S Lowry

13            Freedom Fries

14            Mr Bean (Alan Bean)

15            Spying, Cruising, Screaming, Camping, Loving

16            80 degrees

17            Their letters are in alphabetical order

18            A Night at the Opera

19            Orion (The Hunter)

20            Rowan & Martin

21            Pyrex

22            George III

23            The Abyss

24a          Gothenburg

24b          Munich

24c          Stuttgart

25            Alligator, Elvis Presley

26            Subbuteo

27            Tobermory

28            Marble

29            Brunel & Churchill

30            Bolton Wanderers, Blackpool, Blackburn Rovers, Burnley, Barnsley, Bury, Bradford City


Q             Who has made the most appearances on Jackanory?

A              Bernard Cribbins

Number Guess (Nearest wins)

Q             How many Earth hours long is a day on Venus?

A              5832 hours

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Quiz 392

Quiz 392


1              In which city did the killers Rose & Fred West murder most of their victims?

2              The Rose Bowl is an annual sporting event in Pasadena California in which sport?

3              Madame Fanny La Fan played by Rose Hill spent most of the time being ill in bed in which TV comedy series?

4              In which century was the Mary Rose launched?

5              Who had hits with these “rose” songs – Rose Garden 1971; Paper Roses 1973; The Rose 2006?


6              After English, what is the next most spoken language in the USA?

7              LaGuardia Airport which handles domestic & Canadian travel serves which city?

8              Which Nevada city, known as the “Biggest Little City in the World”, is famous for quickie weddings?

9              What was the name of the hurricane which devasted New Orleans in 2005?

10            Can you name any 3 of the States which form the area known as New England?

Theatre & Musicals

11            Which play in London’s West End reached its 25,000th performance in 2012 & is still running today?

12            The Society of London Theatre Awards are named after which actor?

13            Which song from South Pacific was a hot for Captain Sensible?

14            Which actor learned to walk a tightrope for his role in Barnum on the London stage in 1981?

15            From which musicals do these songs come: – Music of the Night; Don’t Rain on My Parade; Razzle Dazzle; Memory


16            Which fruit is used in the logo of Ann Summers shops?

17            Lionel Ritchie began his singing career with which group in the late 70’s & 80’s?

18            What was the name of the fictional shop created by Victoria Wood featuring characters Miss Babs & Mrs Overall?

19            San Antonia & El Paso are cities in which American State?

20            Who won an Academy Award for Best Actress for her role in the 1989 film Driving Miss Daisy?


General Knowledge

21            Fiona Bruce, Michael Aspel & Hugh Scully have all presented which TV show?

22            Who was the first & last left-hander to win the World Snooker Championship?

23            What is two thirds of three quarters of a half?

24            In transport, what does a fishplate hold together?

25            Rod, Jane & Freddy were the 3 singers on which children’s TV show?

26            Released in November 2018, Phoenix is the 2nd album by which British female singer & former X Factor judge?

27            Who preceded Neil Kinnock as leader of the Labour Party?

28            How many Fast & Furious films have been released to date (2018)?

29            Whose fan did Oscar Wilde write a play about?

30            The Lord of the Rings actor Orlando Bloom is named after Tony Orlando, the lead singer od Dawn of Tie A Yellow Ribbon fame – true or false?


1              Gloucester

2              American football

3              Allo ‘Allo

4              16th (1511)

5              Lynn Anderson; Marie Osmond; Westlife

6              Spanish

7              New York

8              Reno

9              Katrina

10            Any 3 of Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Connecticut

11            The Mousetrap

12            Sir Lawrence Olivier

13            Happy Talk

14            Michael Crawford

15            Phantom of the Opera; Funny Girl; Chicago; Cats

16            Apple

17            Commodores

18            Acorn Antiques

19            Texas

20            Jessica Tandy

Connection – Old & current computer manufacturers

21            Antiques Roadshow

22            Mark Williams

23            A quarter

24            Rails on a railway track

25            Rainbow

26            Rita Ora

27            Michael Foot

28            Eight

29            Lady Windermere’s Fan

30            False – he’s named after the composer Orlando Gibbons


Q             Which legendary Hollywood actor appeared in the Two Ronnies 1987 Christmas Special?

A              Charlton Heston

Number Guess (Nearest wins)

Q             If you wanted to visit every medieval church in England at the rate of one a week, how long would it take to visit them all?

A              308 years (Bill Bryson: The Road to Little Dribbling)

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Mash-Up Quiz 026

Mash Up Quiz 026

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Quiz 391

Quiz 391

1              BBC Alba broadcasts primarily in which language?

2              Which British building company’s name is also the name of a fruit?

3              Who is the regular female weather presenter on BBC Breakfast?

4              David Austin is well known for the cultivation of which plants?

5              In which year was the ten-shilling note withdrawn from circulation (+/- 1)?

6              Stephen Fry & Tim McInnerny played which 2 characters in Blackadder Goes Forth?

7              Prior to Benitez, who, in 2008, was the last manager of Newcastle United not born in the UK?

8              Which 4 letter word can be a Canadian rock band, a 2013 film about Formula One & a waterside plant?

9              Which well-known sweet maker also manufactures Pedigree pet foods & Uncle Ben’s rice products?

10            Darling, Sweet Darling & Sexy Darling are perfumes branded by which singer?

11            Which famous confrontation took place on October 26th 1881 in Tombstone, Arizona?

12            Starting at “Go”, if you throw a 7 then 10 which 2 squares in Monopoly do you land on?

13            The ancient temple complex Angkor Wat appears on the flag of which country?

14            Which Nazi war criminal captured in Argentina was hanged in Israel in June 1962?

15            Which 5 citrus fruits are used to make the  original 5 Alive drink?

16            What kind of creature is a katydid?

17            Which American actor was the Artistic Director of the Old Vic from 2004 until 2017?

18            Approximately, for how many years did The Sun newspaper run a topless “Page 3 ” girl – 25, 32 or 44 years?

19            Who played Simon Templar in the TV series Return of the Saint in 1978?

20            What are the next 3 numbers in this sequence – 2 3 5 7 11 13….?

21            Beagle 2, Sojourner & Phoenix were all spacecraft sent on missions to which planet?

22            Which group of islands’ highest point is only around 8 feet above sea level?

23            Which war was fought between 1337 & 1453?

24a          Which volcano located between Java & Sumatra erupted in 1883 possibly killing up to 120,000 people?

24b          Which volcano near Sicily lends its name to a meat & cheese turnover served in Italian restaurants?

24c          An eruption of a volcano in which country caused severe air travel disruption in 2010?

25            What type of Afro-Caribbean music originated on the islands of Trinidad & Tobago?

26            The city of Jaipur in Northern India is famous for its buildings primarily of which colour?

27            Apart from Jason Bourne in 2016, name the previous 4 Jason Bourne films?

28            In 1819, John Keats wrote an ode to which bird?

29            Which golfer won the European Order of Merit 8 times between 1993 & 2005 but never won a Major Championship?

30            Give me the first names of these famous Armstrongs: –

30a          Moonwalker

30b          Host of Pointless

30c          Action figure from the 70’s

30d          Durham born New Tricks actor

30e          Jazz trumpeter


1              Gaelic

2              Persimmon

3              Carol Kirkwood

4              Roses

5              1970 (20th November)

6              General Melchett & Captain Darling

7              Joe Kinnear

8              Rush

9              Mars

10            Kylie Minogue

11            Gunfight at the OK Corral

12            Chance & Community Chest

13            Cambodia

14            Adolf Eichmann

15            Orange, lemon, lime, grapefruit & tangerine

16            Insect (It’s bush cricket)

17            Kevin Spacey

18            44 years (1970 to 2015)

19            Ian Ogilvy

20            17, 19 & 23 (prime numbers)

21            Mars

22            Maldives

23            The Hundred Years War

24a          Krakatoa

24b          Stromboli

24c          Iceland (Eyjafjallajokall)

25            Calypso

26            Pink (The Pink City)

27            Identity, Supremacy, Ultimatum, Legacy

28            Nightingale

29            Colin Montgomerie

30a          Neil

30b          Alexander

30c          Stretch

30d          Alun

30e          Louis


Q             In which English county are the headquarters of the Dyson company?

A              Wiltshire

Number Guess (Nearest Wins)

Q             Everyone I Ever Slept With is an artwork by Tracy Emin – how many names are on it?

A              102

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Quiz 390

Quiz 390


1              Brian Potter was a character created by Peter Kay in which television series?

2              The Paul Hunter Trophy is awarded in which sport?

3              Dianne Abbott, the Labour MP, holds which post in the Shadow Cabinet?

4              Former England cricket captain Alistair Cook plays for which county?

5              What are the first names of these “Bakers”?

5a            A member of the group Buck’s Fizz

5b            Drummer in the band Cream

5c            2 actors who played Doctor Who


6              Which book, made into an Oscar winning film, features a tiger called Richard Parker?

7              A dog called Scamper features in which Enid Blyton children’s books?

8              “Call me Ishmael” is the first line of which famous adventure novel?

9              What was the name of Michael Caine’s character in the film of Len Deighton’s novel The Ipcress File?

10            Peter Pan questions :- who wrote it; what is the name of Captain Hook’s ship; the surname of the family; the name of the family dog?

Tops & Bottoms

11            Crinckley Bottom was a fictional village in which TV show?

12            Who were the 2 stars of the 1935 film Top Hat?

13            Top of the World was a hit for who in 1973?

14            What letter of the alphabet is at bottom right on the bottom row of a computer keyboard?

15            Top Gun gave which band a number one UK single with which song?


16            Fort Knox is the US bullion depository; in which US State is it?

17            Mark Carney is the current Governor of the Bank of England – what nationality is he?

18            What is the name of the South African coin most frequently traded on the gold markets?

19            In which year of the 1920’s was the famous Wall Street Crash?

20            If I Were A Rich Man is from which musical & which Israeli actor became famous for his part in the film?

General Knowledge

21            Which African country is surrounded on its borders by South Africa?

22            Which word begins with ‘e’ & ends with ‘e’ & has only one letter in it?

23            What is the chemical symbol for lead?

24            Where was Manuel from Fawlty Towers born?

25            Which sports World Cup first took place in 1987 and was won by New Zealand?

26            Conchiglie is a type of pasta resembling what natural shape?

27            What name is common to the capital of Nova Scotia, a West Yorkshire town & a WW2 bomber?

28            In Blue Peter, what kind of animal was Socks?

29            Axel F was the theme to which 1984 film?

30            The pub with the shortest name in Britain is the B Inn in Stalybridge – true or false?


1              Phoenix Nights

2              Snooker (The Masters)

3              Shadow Home Secretary

4              Essex

5              Cheryl; Ginger; Tom & Colin

6              Life of Pi

7              Secret Seven

8              Moby Dick

9              Harry Palmer

10            JM Barrie, Jolly Roger, Darling, Nana

11            Noel Edmonds House Party

12            Fred Astaire & Ginger Rodgers

13            The Carpenters

14            M

15            Berlin; Take My Breath Away

16            Kentucky

17            Canadian

18            Krugerrand

19            1929

20            Fiddler On The Roof; Topol

21            Lesotho

22            Envelope

23            Pb

24            Barcelona

25            Rugby Union

26            Seashells

27            Halifax

28            Cat

29            Beverley Hills Cop

30            False – It’s the Q Inn


Q             Which singer was the last to appear on This Is Your Life in 2003

A              Aled Jones

Number Guess (Nearest wins)

Q             When the Titanic left on its maiden voyage, how much coal was on board?

A              6611

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