Brian Picture Quiz

Brian Picture Quiz

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Quiz 343

Quiz 343


1              Which Radio 4 comedy panel show has been hosted by Nicholas Parsons since 1967?

2              William Joyce, who broadcast Nazi propaganda during WW2, was better known in Britain as who?

3              In which year (+/- 2) did the BBC first start to broadcast regular radio programmes?

4              Which comedy series featured the radio station KACL 780?

5              What were the 3 BBC radio stations before 1967 when Radio 1,2, 3 & 4 began?


6              Old London Bridge is now in Arizona & spans which river named after a US State?

7              In the Archers, which river flows through Ambridge?

8              River Phoenix played the young Indiana Jones in which film?

9              At Eastham Lock the Manchester Ship Canal joins which river?

10            Name 3 major British rivers that sound like a single letter of the alphabet

Downs in Entertainment

11            Who plays the Earl of Grantham in Downton Abbey?

12            Robert Downey Junior played which silent screen star in a Richard Attenbrough film of 1992?

13            Which TV presenter from County Down in Northern Ireland married Frank Lampard in 2015?

14            “So I took him by his left leg & threw him down the stairs” are the last lines of which nursery rhyme?

15            Who had hits with these “down” songs – Down Under 1983, Get Down 1973, Down Down 1974, The Final Countdown 1983


16            Troy weight is used to measure the weight of what?

17            How heavy is a litre of water?

18            Who devised the 3 laws of motion?

19            What word starting with M describes the brightness of a star?

20            Often used by terrorist groups what does IED stand for?

General Knowledge

21            Patrick Swayze played Johnny Castle in which 1987 film?

22            Belle Vue Aces, Kings Lynn Stars & Leicester Lions are Premiership teams in which sport?

23            Which Wallsend born music star wrote a musical called The Last Ship in 2014?

24            Who popularised the catchphrase “What are the scores on the doors?”?

25            What colour are the flowers of wild garlic?

26            Patricia Ryan married which future US President in 1940?

27            Puppets ZsaZsa the cat & Kiki the frog featured in which BBC puppet series in the 60’s?

28            Boko Haram the Islamic terrorist group are based in which African country?

29            Which John Carpenter 1980 horror film starred Jamie Lee Curtis & was set in Antonio Bay?

30            Roger the Cabin Boy was a character in Captain Pugwash – true or false?


1              Just A Minute

2              Lord Haw-haw

3              1922

4              Frasier

5              Light programme, Third Programme & Home Service

6              Colorado

7              Am

8              Indiana Jones & the Last Crusade

9              Mersey

10            Exe Wye Dee (accept Eye Water but not Tees)

11            Hugh Bonneville

12            Charlie Chaplin

13            Christine Bleakely

14            Goosey Goosey Gander

15            Men At Work, Gilbert O’Sullivan, Status Quo, Europe

16            Precious stones or metals

17            1 kilogram

18            Isaac Newton

19            Magnitude

20            Improvised Explosive Device

21            Dirty Dancing

22            Speedway

23            Sting

24            Larry Grayson

25            White

26            Richard Nixon

27            Hector’s House

28            Nigeria

29            The Fog

30            False – he was called Tom


Q             Who was given a Golden Raspberry Award as the worst actor of the 2000’s?

A              Eddie Murphy

Number Guess (Nearest wins)

Q             How high in feet above sea level is the highest point on the Great Wall of China?

A              2624 feet

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Quiz 342

Quiz 342

1              Which company was the first sponsor of one-day cricket in England in the 1960’s?

2              Which song by Dire Straits is the title of a BBC daytime TV show hosted by Sarah Moore?

3              Which American tennis player has won the most singles titles since the Open era?

4              What mountain is depicted on a Toblerone bar?

5              What nationality was the inventor of the Celsius temperature scale?

6              What are the middle names of these people – Lyndon B Johnson, Samuel L Jackson, John W Lennon?

7              Queen Victoria was the last British monarch of which Royal House?

8              Which 2 colours are the eyes on the TripAdvisor logo?

9              Which county in England has the most castles – intact or ruined?

10            What was the name of the snooker-based game show hosted by Jim Davidson & who acted as referee?

11            “There’s Neil Harvey standing at leg slip with his legs wide apart waiting for a tickle” is an alleged quote by which cricket commentator?

12            How many moons does Mars have?

13            Named after one of his popular songs, what was the title of the 1985 stage musical featuring the songs of Barry Manilow?

14            In the Inuit languages what kind of creature is a nanook?

15            Who are the 5 English cricketers to have taken more than 300 Test wickets?

16            What is the name of the concert hall on 7th Avenue Manhattan built in 1891 & funded by a Scottish born industrialist?

17            What were the names of the superhero & superheroine played by Russ Abbot & Bella Emberg in Russ Abbot’s Madhouse?

18            Which goalkeeper made 462 appearance for Newcastle Utd between 1997 & 2009?

19            Which board game using 64 black & white pieces is named after a Shakespeare play & was originally known as Reversi?

20            The Bridge on the River Kwai, Lawrence of Arabia & Ryan’s Daughter were all directed by who?

21            Complete these “train” songs –

21a          Johnny Duncan & the Blue Grass Boys 1957 – Last Train to ……….. where?

21b          The Monkees 1967 – Last Train to ……….. where?

21c          Gladys Knight & the Pips 1976 – Midnight Train to …….. where?

22            How did Michael Fagan become famous in July 1982?

23            Manufactured in the UK in the 50’s & 60’s which 2 models of Ford car started with the letter Z?

24            Mount Teide is the name of the volcano on which holiday island?

25            Who were the last 2 women to win Sports Personality of the Year (in 2006 & 2004)?

26            Varicella is better known as which childhood disease?

27            Which American city is known as the Mile High City & their NFL team play at  the Mile High Stadium?

28            What was the name of the Diddyman Ken Dodd used for his ventriloquist’s dummy?

29            In which garden did Judas betray Jesus?

30            Double words: –

30a          A lemur or something a sailor might say

30b          A Top Ten UK hit for Cher in 1967

30c          A small African antelope

30d          Bullet that expands on impact


1              Gillette

2              Money for Nothing

3              Jimmy Connors

4              Matterhorn

5              Swedish

6              Baines, Leroy, Winston

7              Hanover

8              Red & green

9              Northumberland

10            Big Break & John Virgo

11            Brian Johnston

12            Two

13            Copacabana

14            Polar bear

15            James Anderson, Stuart Broad, Ian Botham, Bob Willis, Fred Trueman

16            Carnegie Hall

17            Cooperman & Blunder Woman

18            Shay Given

19            Othello

20            David Lean

21a          San Fernando

21b          Clarksville

21c          Georgia

22            He broke into the Queen’s bedroom

23            Zodiac & Zephyr

24            Tenerife

25            Zara Phillips & Kelly Holmes

26            Chicken pox

27            Denver

28            Dicky Mint

29            Gethsemane

30a          Aye Aye

30b          Bang Bang

30c          Dik-dik

30d          Dumdum


Q             Who were given the Good Housekeeping Favourite High Street Restaurant Award in 2017?

A              Pizza Express

Number Guess (Nearest wins)

Q             In which year was Slade Prison founded?

A              1850

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Quiz 341

Quiz 341

Ups in Entertainment

1              Uptown Girl was a number one for Billy Joel in 1983 & a number one for who else in 2001?

2              Which controversial British comedian starred in a comedy series called Up the Elephant and Round the Castle?

3              Who played Tarzan in Carry On Up The Jungle?

4              What does Eleanor Rigby pick up “in the church where a wedding has been”?

5              Who were the 2 stars of the 1972 film What’s Up Doc??

All Fours

6              Which composer wrote the Four Seasons violin concertos?

7              What is the lowest double digit prime number containing the number 4?

8              In which book of the New Testament are the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse described?

9              Which Midlands football team (now in the Championship) were the first to win the First Division Championship 4 times?

10            What were the first names of the Goods & the Leadbetters in The Good Life?

Guns & Roses

11            Who were the manufacturers of the famous .44 Magnum used by Harry Callaghan in the film Dirty Harry?

12            In 2016, Justin Rose was the first golfer in 112 years to win what?

13            How old do you have to be to get a UK firearms certificate to allow you to own a gun – 14 16 18 or 21?

14            Who fired the gunshot that resulted in the first live murder on American TV?

15            In Keeping Up Appearances, Rose was one of Hyacinth’s sisters – can you name the other 2?

Sporting Connection

16            What was the name of Lord Nelson’s most famous mistress?

17            In which south coast town did ABBA win the 1974 Eurovision Song Contest?

18            Which liquid flavouring was invented in 1837 by John Lee & William Perrins?

19            Often used as mild laxative, magnesium sulphate is better known as what?

20            Which city in Australia stands on the Swan River & is a state capital?


General Knowledge

21            Which European capital city is serviced by Arlanda Airport?

22            Who played Glenn Miller in the film The Glenn Miller Story?

23            Damien Hirst’s most famous artwork is which sea creature preserved in formaldehyde?

24            Who plays Lesley Conroy in Benidorm?

25            Which famous river forms part of the border between the USA & Mexico?

26            Who was 500cc World Motor Cycling Champion in 1976 & 1977?

27            Arborio rice is the usual rice used to make which dish?

28            The band Dr Teeth & the Electric Mayhem featured in which TV series?

29            Nessun Dorma is an aria from Turandot by which composer?

30            The Four Seasons are named after the Four Seasons Hotel in Orlando, Florida where they used to rehearse – true or false?


1              Westlife

2              Jim Davidson

3              Terry Scott

4              Rice

5              Ryan O’Neal & Barbra Streisand

6              Vivaldi

7              41

8              Revelation

9              Aston Villa

10            Tom Barbara Jerry Margo

11            Smith & Wesson

12            Olympic Gold Medal

13            14

14            Jack Ruby

15            Daisy & Violet

16            Emma Hamilton

17            Brighton

18            Worcester Sauce

19            Epsom salts

20            Perth

Connection – British racecourses

21            Stockholm

22            James Stewart

23            (Tiger) Shark

24            Tim Healy

25            Rio Grande (accept Rio Bravo)

26            Barry Sheene

27            Risotto

28            Muppet Show

29            Puccini

30            False – it’s the Four Seasons bowling alley in Orlando


Q             Which actress won the Golden Globe for World Film Favourite in 1958?

A              Doris Day

Number Guess (Nearest wins)

Q             Southampton have put in the most crosses in the Premiership so far this season (to 10/3/18) – how many?

A              665

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Italian Picture Quiz

Italian Picture Quiz

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Quiz 340

Quiz 340


1              Who followed Caligula as Emperor of Rome?

2              Who was US President when the Vietnam War ended in 1975?

3              Lawyer Marcia Clark became famous on TV during whose trial in 1995?

4              Saddam Hussein was found in a cellar in his home town in 2003 – its name?

5              Which 2 politicians followed David Steel as leader of the Liberal Democrats?


6              In minutes how long does it take light from the sun to reach Earth?

7              In an old advert, complete the line “light up the sky with…….” what?

8              Domestic light bulbs used which metallic element as the filament until recent times?

9              Which metallic element is the lightest?

10            Who had hits with these “light” songs – Travellin’ Light 1959, Moonlight Shadow (1983), Love Shine a Light 1997?


11            Who was the first step-mother of Elizabeth, the daughter of Henry VIII?

12            Which animal did Reggie Perrin think of every time his mother-in-law was mentioned?

13            Which Spice Girl was the first to become a Spice Mother?

14            Who reached number 10 in the UK charts in 1974 at the age of 10 with Ma! He’s Makin’ Eyes At Me?

15            Who played the mother and father in the film Father of the Bride in 1991?

Boots & Shoes

16            What kind of casual shoe is also the name of a group of venomous snakes found around the world?

17            The 1941 western film, They Died With Their Boots On starred Errol Flynn as which famous soldier?

18            Which comedian wore wellies with L and R written on the top but on the wrong feet?

19            Which 60’s singer was known for performing without shoes?

20            Mukluks worn by Inuit people are footwear made from the skins of which 2 creatures?

General Knowledge

21            The flat horse race The King George VI & Queen Elizabeth Stakes is run at which racecourse?

22            Which actor portrayed the Penguin in the 1992 film Batman Returns?

23            Which city hosts the annual ceremony to award the Nobel Prizes?

24            Who is the BBC’s political editor for BBC News?

25            In comics, whose home was Bunkerton Castle?

26            Which Channel 4 TV series was hosted by Paula Yates, Jools Holland, Lesley Ash & others in the 80s?

27            Which annual British sporting competition did American Todd Hamilton win in 2004?

28            Before The Year Dot was the autobiography of which Eastenders actress?

29            In which children’s TV series did Captain Flack’s fire brigade feature?

30            AC Milan is called that because it was founded by an Englishman & so they retained the English spelling rather than the Italian Milano – true or false?


1              Claudius

2              Gerald Ford

3              O J Simpson

4              Tikrit

5              Paddy Ashdown & Charles Kennedy

6              8.3 minutes

7              Standard Fireworks

8              Tungsten

9              Lithium

10            Cliff Richard, Mike Oldfield, Katrina & the Waves

11            Jane Seymour

12            Hippopotamus

13            Mel B (Scary)

14            Lena Zavaroni

15            Steve Martin & Diane Keaton

16            Moccasin

17            General Custer

18            Jimmy Cricket

19            Sandie Shaw

20            Reindeer (Caribou) & seals

21            Ascot

22            Danny DeVito

23            Stockholm

24            Laura Kuenssberg

25            Lord Snooty

26            The Tube

27            Open Championship

28            June Brown

29            Trumpton

30            TRUE


Q             Who was the first recipient of a BAFTA Fellowship for lifetime achievement in film in 1971?

A              Alfred Hitchcock

Number Guess (Nearest wins)

Q             In 1993 Charles Servizio completed how many press-ups in 24 hours?

A              46001

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Quiz 339

Quiz 339

1              Who repeatedly played one note on a keyboard during Chariots of Fire at the 2012 Olympic Opening Ceremony?

2              What kind of processed meat is traditionally used to make panackelty in Sunderland & Durham?

3              Which 2 football teams did Sir Stanley Matthews play for?

4              Who hosts the morning TV news show on BBC2 every weekday at 9am?

5              On the London underground map what colour is the Jubilee Line?

6              Which 2 elements of gymnastics are performed by both men and women?

7              Which motor manufacturers make the Kodiak, the Ignis & the Stonic?

8              Betelgeuse & Rigel are the two brightest stars in which constellation?

9              Which African country has the largest population, about 175 million?

10            In which films did Sir Alec Guiness play Lt. Colonel Nicholson & 8 members of the D’Ascoyne family?

11            How many triple word squares are there on a standard Scrabble Board?

12            All the answers are birds in the UK – type of fine cut tobacco, a pastime, a chess piece?

13            In which 90’s TV series did Scott Bakula play time-travelling Dr. Sam Beckett?

14            How many prepositions are there in this question?

15            Who had hits with these numerical songs- 5,6,7,8 (1997) 54321 (1964) 123 O’Leary (1968)

16            Which comedy writer & performer did UK tours called Animals, Politics & Humanity?

17            Which horse won the 2000 Guineas, Epsom Derby & the St, Leger in 1970?

18            What is the recommended daily intake of calories for women according to the NHS?

19            What is the first name of the Bond villain Blofeld?

20            Which Staffordshire town on the River Trent is most famous for its breweries?

21            Which 1997 Nicolas Cage/John Travolta film is also the name for the start of an ice hockey game?

22            Who played Mr & Mrs Medford in a long-running BBC sitcom of the 70’s & 80’s?

23            Which pub in Cornwall known for smuggling is the subject of a Daphne du Maurier novel?

24            In the Beatles Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds, what kind of eyes does she have?

25            Who flew the Spirit of St. Louis across the Atlantic & in which cities did he start and finish?

26            From which track & station did the Chattanooga Choo Choo leave?

27            Andres Segovia is famous for playing which musical instrument?

28            In Blue Peter, what kind of creatures were Bonnie, Socks & Freda?

29            In which European country is the HQ of H & M?

30            A French fruit salad could contain poire, fraise & cerise – what fruits are they in English?


1              Rowan Atkinson or Mr Bean

2              Corned beef

3              Stoke City & Blackpool

4              Victoria Derbyshire

5              Silver

6              Floor & vault

7              Skoda, Suzuki, Kia

8              Orion

9              Nigeria

10            Bridge on the River Kwai, Kind Hearts & Coronets

11            8

12            Shag, hobby, rook

13            Quantum Leap

14            One – in

15            Steps, Manfred Mann Des O’Connor

16            Ricky Gervais

17            Nijinsky

18            2000

19            Ernst Stavro Blofeld

20            Burton Upon Trent

21            Face Off

22            Terry Scott & June Whitfield (in Terry & June)

23            Jamaica Inn

24            Kaleidoscope

25            Charles Lindbergh, New York & Paris

26            29 Pennsylvania

27            Guitar

28            Dog, Cat & Tortoise

29            Sweden

30            Pear, strawberry & cherry


Q             In which American State is the source of the Mississippi?

A              Minnesota

Number Guess (Nearest wins)

Q             At the last census in 2014 how many giant pandas were there in the wild?

A              1864

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