Mash-Up Quiz 013

Mash Up Quiz 013

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Quiz 371

Quiz 371

Big & Little

1              Little Rock is the capital of which US State?

2              How old was the Tom Hanks character at the start of the film Big?

3              Ooh..Aah Just a Little Bit was the UK entry in the 1996 Eurovision Song Contest sung by who?

4              Little Plum & his friends were all members of which fictitious Native American tribe?

5              Which American cities are known as the Big Apple, & the Big Easy & which Arizona gambling town is the Biggest Little City in the World?

France & the French

6              What is the name of the largest university in Paris?

7              Which river is the longest wholly in France?

8              Which French actress became famous worldwide after her appearance in And God Created Woman in 1957?

9              What is President Macron’s first name?

10            After Paris what are the next 3 largest cities by population?

Food & Drink

11            An Omelette Arnold Bennet uses Parmesan, cream & which smoked fish?

12            The mild curry known as Massaman originates in which country?

13            What is the main spice used in a goulash?

14            What type of nut is used to make macaroons?

15            What are the 3 ingredients of a margarita cocktail?


16            The Omnium is an event in which sport?

17            Which 13 year-old British swimmer won 3 gold medals at the 2008 Beijing Paralympics?

18            How many minutes is a chukka in field polo – 7, 10 or 12?

19            Who was the first Formula 1 driver to win BBC Sports Personality of the Year?

20            Which 2 football players have scored 30 goals for Scotland?

General Knowledge

21            Kathy Staff played a regular character called Mrs Blewitt in which classic TV comedy series?

22            What is the Decalogue better known as?

23            What star sign was used as the name for the 2-man American space missions in the 1960’s?

24            Which winner of New Faces in 1975 hosted a series of the show in the 80’s?

25            Which wine is released to the market on the 3rd Thursday of November each year?

26            The early computer, the ZX Spectrum, was created by a company founded by which British inventor?

27            Which car manufacturer made models called Alpine, Horizon & Solara in the 1980’s?

28            In Blackadder the Third what did Baldrick think his first name might be?

29            What was Albert Pierrepoint’s job in England for over 20 years?

30            20/20 vision meaning your vision is normal is only used in the USA – in the UK we use 6/6 – true or false?


1              Arkansas

2              Twelve

3              Gina G

4              Smellyfeet

5              New York, New Orleans, Reno

6              Le Sorbonne

7              Loire

8              Brigitte Bardot

9              Emmanuel

10            Marseille, Lyon, Toulouse

11            Haddock

12            Thailand

13            Paprika

14            Almonds

15            Tequila, triple sec (or Cointreau), lime juice

16            Track cycling

17            Ellie Simmonds

18            7

19            Stirling Moss in 1961

20            Kenny Dalglish & Denis Law

21            Open All Hours

22            Ten Commandments

23            Gemini

24            Marti Caine

25            Beaujolais Nouveau

26            Clive Sinclair

27            Talbot

28            Sodoff

29            Hangman

30            True (according to Specsavers website)


Q             Which long-running TV comedy series was based on a play by Eric Chappell called The Banana Box?

A              Rising Damp

Number Guess (Nearest wins)

Q             How many people did Albert Pierrepoint execute in his career?

A              Generally accepted as 435

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Quiz 370

Quiz 370

1              Which planet is usually the brightest object in the night sky?

2              Ring Ring was the first album in 1973 & The Visitors was the last album in 1981 of which group?

3              What did God create on the 3rd day?

4              Who left the Irish group Clannad to pursue a solo career with albums such as Watermark & A Day Without Rain?

5              An intrusion is the collective name for a group of which unpleasant crawling insect?

6              In 2000 which sport increased the size of the ball by 2mm to slow the game down?

7              What is the name of the art created by inscribing designs on to whale bone or ivory often by sailors?

8              In Peppa Pig what kind of creatures are Rebecca, Candy, Danny, Suzy & Pedro?

9              The Reeperbahn is the red light district in which city?

10            Who created & directed the 2012 Olympic Opening Ceremony?

11            How many great grandchildren does the Queen have & which girl is the oldest?

12            The 6 species of sloth are found on which continent?

13            Who did Brian Wilde play in Last of the Summer Wine?

14            The most southerly railway station in mainland UK is in which Cornish town?

15a          Who was the last married woman to win the Wimbledon singles?

15b          In 1981 which American was the first player to win the Mens Singles at Wimbledon using a metal racquet?

16            Which number can’t be represented in Roman numerals?

17            What type of fish traditionally stares out from a Stargazy Pie?

18            What was the surname of the 2 brothers who invented the malted milk drink?

19a          The Robe in 1953 was the first film to be filmed in what widescreen process?

19b          How The West Was Won in 1962 was one of only 2 films shot using which 3 strip film system?

20            What is the longest and shortest distance in a swimming pool event at the Olympic Games?

21            Until 1970 which old British coin was composed of 79% copper, 20% zinc and 1% nickel?

22            In the nursery rhyme The Big Ship Sails, on which date does it actually sail?

23            Who were the original team captains on Give Us A Clue?

24            The Louisiana Purchase was a large acquisition of land from which country in 1803?

25            Which 3 herbs (TPB) are the most common in a bouquet garni?

26            In which part of London would you find the Cutty Sark?

27            What piece of equipment used by ramblers is the name of the Rambler’s Association magazine?

28a          “Kevin, what did you do to my room?” is the last line to which Christmas film?

28b          “It was Beauty killed the Beast” is the last line of which classic early horror film?

28c          “So long partner” is the last line in which classic animated film?

29            How many metres long is a track cycling track – 200m 250m or 400m?

30            Are the following people still alive or are they still dead – Dick Van Dyke; Mary Tyler Moore; Doris Day; Jerry Lewis; Fats Domino?


1              Venus

2              ABBA

3              Earth

4              Enya

5              Cockroach

6              Table tennis

7              Scrimshaw

8              Rabbit, Cat, Dog, Sheep, Pony

9              Hamburg

10            Danny Boyle

11            Seven/Savannah Phillips

12            South America

13            Foggy (Dewhurst)

14            Penzance

15a          Chris Evert-Lloyd

15b          Jimmy Connors

16            Zero

17            Pilchards or sardines

18            Horlick

19a          Cinemascope

19b          Cinerama

20            10 Km (Marathon) & 50 m

21            Threepenny bit

22            30th September (The last day of September)

23            Lionel Blair & Una Stubbs

24            France

25            Thyme Parsley Bay leaf

26            Greenwich

27            the Rucksack

28a          Home Alone

28b          King Kong (1933)

28c          Toy Story

29            250m

30            Alive (92) Dead (81 last year) Alive (96) Dead (91 last year) Dead (89 last year)


Q             In 2001 the Radio Times carried out a poll to find Britain’s favourite catchphrase – what catchphrase won?

A              I don’t believe it

Number Guess (Nearest wins)

Q             In which year did Ryvita first go on sale in the UK?

A              1930

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Quiz 369

Quiz 369

Tom, Dick & Harry

1              What was the name of the 2 DJ’s created by Harry Enfield & Paul Whitehouse on TV?

2              What was the profession (other than writer) of the author of the Thomas the Tank Engine books?

3              How many times did Tom Watson win the Open Golf Championship – 3. 4 or 5 times?

4              Harry Judd plays the drums in which band?

5              Who played Dick Tracy in the 1990 film & who was the co-star who played Breathless Mahoney?


6              In which year was the requirement to display your Road Tax Disc cancelled?

7              Who wrote the novel The Road to Wigan Pier?

8              What is the name of the fictional company who supplies Wile E Coyote with equipment to trap Roadrunner?

9              The world’s longest straight road is in which country?

10            Which football teams play at these stadiums – Carrow Road, Elland Road, Portman Road, Vicarage Road?

Foot & Mouth

11            Who became leader of the Labour Party after Michael Foot resigned?

12            The mouth of which river lies close to New Orleans?

13            The 3rd Foot & Mouth is the name of the regiment in which Carry On film?

14            How many foot pedals does a standard grand piano have?

15            Who had hits with Tiger Feet 1974, Footloose 1984, Portsmouth 1976?


16            What was the colourful name of the computer that beat Kasparov at chess in 1997?

17            What food name is given to unsolicited emails or messages?

18            HAL 9000 was the name of the computer in which classic 60’s sci-fi film?

19            Charles Babbage is regarded as the “father of the computer” – which TV game show featured a large screen computer called Mr Babbage?

20            IBM were pioneers in computers for many years – what does IBM stand for?

General Knowledge

21            Lack of which vitamin causes rickets?

22            Crocker, Saperstein, Stavros & Rizzo were detectives in which TV series of the 70’s?

23            Which famous flyer opened Butlins first holiday camp at Skegness in 1936?

24            Who is the current (July2018) British number one male tennis player?

25            Who was Marie Antoinette married to?

26            What spice is the first name of Julia Sawalha’s character in Absolutely Fabulous?

27            Which planet is the hottest in the solar system?

28            In the phrase “gone for a burton” – what exactly is a burton?

29            Who fell off the yacht Lady Ghislaine in 1991 & drowned?

30            Wetherfield Athletic is the name of the local football team in Coronation Street – true or false?


1              Smashie & Nicey

2              Anglican Vicar (Rev Wilbert Awdry)

3              5 times

4              McFly (or McBusted)

5              Warren Beatty & Madonna

6              (October) 2014

7              George Orwell

8              ACME Corporation

9              Australia (Eyre Highway 91.1 miles)

10            Norwich, Leeds, Ipswich, Watford

11            Neil Kinnock

12            Misissippi

13            Up The Khyber

14            Three

15            Mud, Kenny Loggins, Mike Oldfield

16            Deep Blue

17            Spam

18            2001:A Space Odyssey

19            Family Fortunes

20            International Business Machines

21            D

22            Kojak

23            Amy Johnson

24            Kyle Edmund

25            Louis XVI

26            Saffron

27            Venus

28            Beer (Burton’s of course)

29            Robert Maxwell

30            False – it’s Wetherfield County


Q             Who did the voice for the Speaking Clock in 2016 for Comic Relief?

A              Jo Brand

Number Guess (Nearest wins)

Q             How many full time students attended Durham University in the 2017/18 academic year?

A              18.031

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Mash-Up Quiz 012

Mash Up Quiz 012


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Mash-Up Quiz 011

Mash Up Quiz 011


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Quiz 368

Quiz 368


1              Which Royal acted as one of the witnesses at Charles’ wedding to Camilla?

2              Who does the Best man traditionally sit next to at the top table at a wedding reception in the UK?

3              What is the number of years in a Pearl wedding anniversary?

4              Which music superstar was the best man at the 2001 wedding of Uri Geller?

5              Jason Donovan & Kylie Minogue got married in Neighbours as which 2 characters (1st names will do)?


6              Where is Speaker’s Corner located?

7              How many terminals does Heathrow airport have?

8              47 Frith Street is the location of whose famous jazz club?

9              4,000 people or more died because of what in London in December 1952?

10            In 1987 the transport system known as DLR was opened – what does it stand for?


11            “Does this person have a moustache?” Is a typical question in which 2 player game?

12            Chris Haney & Scott Abbot invented Trivial Pursuit – what nationality are they?

13            The phrase back to square one probably was influenced by which children’s board game?

14            Jenga is a word meaning build in which African language?

15            Which 2 letter tiles are worth 8 points in Scrabble?


16            The resort of Cleethorpes is located at the mouth of which river?

17            Which seaside town in Cornwall is regarded as the “surf capital” of Great Britain?

18            The beach at West Sands, St Andrews was the location of the opening scene in which 1981 British Oscar winning film?

19            Where did Billy Butlin open his first holiday camp in 1936?

20            Which English football teams are nicknamed the Seagulls and the Seasiders?

General Knowledge

21            In which Bond film does the character Rosa Klebb feature?

22            Which country is the largest producer of olive oil?

23            Which planet has the largest number of known moons?

24            What is the postcode for Canterbury?

25            Meghan Markle starred as Rachel Zane in which US TV series?

26            Florence Nightingale, Charles Dickens, Charles Darwin – which woman comes next?

27            What is the largest city in Queensland, Australia?

28            The landing module on Apollo 10 was named after which cartoon dog?

29            From which musical does the song Thank Heaven For Little Girls come?

30            Bobby Charlton was never booked whilst playing for England – true or false?


1              Prince William

2              Groom’s mother

3              30 + 212 = 242

4              Michael Jackson

5              Scott Robinson & Charlene Mitchell

6              Hyde Park

7              Five

8              Ronnie Scott’s

9              Smog

10            Docklands Light Railway

11            Guess Who

12            Canadian

13            Snakes & Ladders

14            Swahili

15            J & X

16            Humber

17            Newquay

18            Chariots of Fire

19            Skegness

20            Brighton & Blackpool

21            From Russia With Love

22            Spain

23            Jupiter

24            CT

25            Suits

26            Jane Austen (£10 notes)

27            Brisbane

28            Snoopy

29            Gigi

30            False – he was booked against Argentina in 1966


Q             Who was the best selling music artist of the Noughties (2000-2009)?

A              Eminem

Number Guess (Nearest wins)

Q             What is the seating capacity of the Centre Court at Wimbledon?

A              14,979

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