Quiz 389

Quiz 389


1              Who did the voice for Rocky in the animated film Chicken Run?

2              The Chicken Ranch in Nevada USA is what type of establishment?

3              Which TV show achieved a number one single with The Chicken Song in 1986?

4              What size chicken egg in the UK is between 53 & 62 grams in weight?

5              Identify these chicken dishes from the description: –

5a            Chicken breast stuffed with garlic butter

5b            Fried breaded chicken breast served with bechamel sauce & cheese

5c            Royal sounding chicken dish with sherry & mushrooms

The Great War

6              The sinking of which ship was one of the main reasons why the USA entered the war in 1916?

7              Named after the wife of its inventor what was the nickname of the 48 ton howitzer used by the Germans?

8              The German fleet was scuttled at Scapa Flow after the war was over – in which area of the UK is Scapa Flow?

9              What was the real name of the flying ace The Red Baron?

10            Archduke Ferdinand was assassinated in which city which sparked the First World War & what nationality was he?

Capital Cities

11            Who starred as Walter opposite John Travolta in the 2009 film The Taking of Pelham 123?

12            Who wrote the patriotic song God Bless America often sung before sports events in the USA?

13            The vegetable helianthus tuberosus is better known as what?

14            Which Dionne Warwick hit song contains the line “LA is a great big freeway, put a 100 down & buy a car”?

15            Which capital cities are described by these clues: –

15a          Sounds like the spiritual part of all of us

15b          Not a woman

15c          Put father in the sweet container

15d          Campanologist’s exam result


16            What small crustacean is the main diet of the blue whale?

17            Christmas Island sees an annual mass migration of millions of which creature to the sea to spawn?

18            Lemurs are only found on which island?

19            Now extinct, the flightless bird, the moa was native to which country?

20            What are the 3 largest cat species after the lion & tiger?

General Knowledge

21            Which Finnish phone maker used the slogan “connecting people” from 1992?

22            In which game would you employ a King’s Indian Defence?

23            What do you measure with an anemometer?

24            Who co-hosted the original Clothes Show on BBC 1 with Jeff Banks in 1986?

25            What job does Cressida Dick currently have?

26            Who took the official photos of Charles & Diana’s wedding?

27            How many American States were there at the outbreak of the 2nd World War?

28            What is the first name of Mrs Brown in Mrs Brown’s Boys?

29            What is the only letter of the alphabet that isn’t found in the periodic Table (names of the elements)?

30            The fastest time to solve a Rubik’s Cube is under 13 seconds – true or false?


1              Mel Gibson

2              Brothel

3              Spitting Image

4              Medium

5a            Kiev

5b            Parmo

5c            A La King

6              Lusitania

7              Big Bertha

8              Orkneys

9              Manfred von Richthoffen

10            Sarajevo; Austrian

11            Denzel Washington

12            Irving Berlin

13            Jerusalem Artichoke

14            Do You Know The Way To San Jose?

15a          Seoul

15b          Amman

15c          Baghdad

15d          Belgrade

16            Krill

17            (Red) Crabs

18            Madagascar

19            New Zealand

20            Jaguar, Cougar (puma/mountain lion), (Snow) Leopard

21            Nokia

22            Chess

23            Wind speed

24            Selina Scott

25            Commissiorer of the Metropolitan Police

26            Lord Lichfield

27            48

28            Agnes

29            J

30            TRUE


Q             What was the highest grossing animated film of 2013 in the UK?

A              Despicable Me 2

Number Guess (Nearest wins)

Q             How many weeks was Mike Oldfield’s Tubular Bells in the top 100 albums?

A              287

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Quiz 388

Quiz 388

1              Which city is the only non-capital city to have hosted 2 Summer Olympic Games?

2              Which children’s toy invented in the 60’s was known as a “sit & bounce” in the USA?

3              Where was the Good Ship Lollipop headed?

4              What was the name of the area in Cuba disastrously invaded by the USA in 1961?

5              What were allegedly photographed in a garden in Cottingley in 1917 by 2 sisters?

6              The Leonids & the Perseids are what kind of display in the night sky?

7              In which Italian city is Romeo & Juliet set?

8              Which country won the Eurovision Song Contest 3 times in a row from 1992 to 1994?

9              What did Pal meat for dogs claim to do for your dog according to the adverts?

10            Who had a number one hit with the song Something Stupid in 1967 & 2001?

11            What name is given to a folded pizza?

12            Which Premier League team played their home games at The Dell before 2001 & where do they play now?

13            In a 1962 film John Wayne played the Man Who Shot…. who?

14            Which car hire company is also the name for the unit of frequency in electronics & radio?

15            Which singers with “bird” names had these top 10 hits – Look What You Made Me Do 2017;

Livin’ La Vida Loca 1999; Rosie 1968?

16            What is the name of the dog in a Punch & Judy Show?

17            Who are the 4 boxers who have won BBC Sports Personality of the Year?

18            In which year (+/- 1) did the George brand of clothing first appear in ASDA?

19            Which company manufactures Love Hearts?

20            In Super League in Rugby League, in which towns do the Rhinos, Tigers & Wolves play?

21            “Eliza, where the devil are my slippers” is the last line of which film musical?

22            Which 1960’s American space program was the same name as a sign of the Zodiac?

23            The drug sildenafil is sold under what generic name & is now available without prescription?

24            In the 60s which Japanese sounding after shave was sold with a self-defence booklet to help fend off women?

25            Which actor is mentioned in the lyrics of Shania Twain’s song That Don’t Impress Me Much?

26            Which 3 people have hosted The Price Is Right on ITV?

27            Delft blue & white pottery was made in which country?

28            All In The Family was the American version of which 60’s & 70’s BBC sitcom?

29            The London borough of Hillingdon includes which airport?

30            Who were these people/characters with famous composer’s names?

Character played by Wendy Richard in Are You Being Served?; husband of Natalie Wood at the time of her death; played Daisy Duke in The Dukes of Hazzard TV series?


1              Los Angeles

2              Space Hopper

3              To the candy shop (Peppermint Bay may be acceptable)

4              Bay of Pigs

5              Fairies

6              Meteor showers

7              Verona

8              Ireland (Eire)

9              Prolongs Active Life

10            Frank & Nancy Sinatra/Robbie Williams & Nicole Kidman

11            Calzone

12            Southampton; St Mary’s Stadium

13            Liberty Valance

14            Hertz

15            Taylor Swift; Ricky Martin; Don Partridge

16            Toby

17            Henry Cooper, Barry McGuigan, Lennox Lewis, Joe Calzaghe

18            1989 (accept 1988 & 1990)

19            Swizzels Matlow (accept either)

20            Leeds, Castleford & Warrington

21            My Fair Lady

22            Gemini

23            Viagra

24            Hai Karate

25            Brad Pitt

26            Leslie Crowther, Bruce Forsythe & Joe Pasquale

27            Netherlands

28            Till Death Us Do part

29            Heathrow

30            Shirley Brahms (accept Miss Brahms); Robert Wagner; Catherine Bach


Q             “She did it the hard way” is the epitaph on which Hollywood stars gravestone?

A              Bette Davis

Number Guess (Nearest wins)

Q             What is the current world record for seeing the most films in the cinema in one year?

A              715

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Mash-Up Quiz 024

Mash Up Quiz 024

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Quiz 387

Quiz 387

Dick Tracy

1              Which presenter showed children how to make a replica of Tracy Island in 1992?

2              Richard Of York Gave Battle In Vain is a phrase used to help remember what?

3              Who succeeded Richard Nixon as US President?

4              Grace Kelly played Tracy Samantha Lord in which 1956 film musical also starring Bing Crosby & Frank Sinatra?

5              Who were Tracy Ullman’s 2 co-stars in the BBC TV comedy sketch show Three of a Kind?


6              Who wrote the novel The Hunt for Red October?

7              In 1960 thousands of people took part in a march on Aldermaston to protest against what?

8              June Is Busting Out All Over is a song from which musical?

9              Dan August was an American TV detective series starring which actor who passed away in September 2018?

10            Who had hits with these month songs :- January February 1980, Maggie May 1972, It Might As Well Rain Until September 1962, November Rain 1992, December 1963 (Oh What A Night) 1976?


11            The Roslin Institute where Dolly the Sheep was cloned is part of which University?

12            The Jurassic period (as in Jurassic Park) is named after what natural feature in the landscape?

13            Ascorbic acid is better known as what vitamin?

14            What Biblical measurement was about 18 inches?

15            The word bacon can be made using the chemical symbols of which 3 elements?

TV Comedy

16            What is the name of the BBC comedy based on the life & family of William Shakespeare?

17            Which comedian is known as Chatty Man?

18            Which Geordie actor plays the character known as Gastric in Still Open All Hours?

19            Crystal Hennessey-Vass played by Joan Collins is a character in which TV comedy?

20            Who are the team captains and the host of Would I Lie To You?

General Knowledge

21            The Vince Lombardi Trophy is awarded to the winners of which annual sporting event?

22            What colour is the star on the flag of Vietnam?

23            In which English county is the River Camel?

24            On which island is the Goldeneye Estate once owned by Ian Fleming?

25            Which British coin ceased to be legal tender on 1st September 1971?

26            After the USA & Russia which country was the next successfully land a spacecraft on the Moon?

27            Which Scottish football team play their home games at Easter Road?

28            According to Shakespeare who was “the noblest Roman of them all”?

29            Which famous store was founded by Ingvar Kamprad in 1943 when he was only 17?

30            Paul Daniels first TV appearance was on New Faces in 1973 where he came second – true or false?


1              Anthea Turner

2              Colours of the rainbow in the right order

3              Gerald Ford

4              High Society

5              Lenny Henry & David Copperfield

6              Tom Clancy

7              Nuclear weapons (Ban The Bomb/CND)

8              Carousel

9              Burt Reynolds

10            Barbara Dickson, Rod Stewart, Carole King, Guns ‘N’ Roses, Four Seasons

11            Edinburgh

12            Mountain range

13            Vitamin C

14            Cubit

15            Barium Cobalt Nitrogen

16            Upstart Crow

17            Alan Carr

18            Tim Healy

19            Benidorm

20            Lee Mack, David Mitchell & Rob Brydon

21            Superbowl

22            Yellow (on a red background)

23            Cornwall

24            Jamaica

25            Threepenny bit

26            China

27            Hibernian

28            Brutus

29            IKEA

30            False – it was on Opportunity Knocks in 1970


Q             Kim Betts was which Gladiator in the original TV series?

A              Lightning

Number Guess (Nearest Wins)

Q             How many people participated in the largest ever skinny dip on the 9th June 2018?

A              2505

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Mash-Up Quiz 023

Mash Up Quiz 023

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Quiz 386

Quiz 386

1              Nutmeg, F & F & Tu are clothing ranges in which 3 supermarkets?

2              Yakety Sax was the music used in “chase” sequences in whose TV shows?

3              What is the name of the Roman fort near Bardon Mill in Northumberland?

4              Bananas, Sleeper & Annie Hall are 3 films directed by who?

5              Which scientist was in charge of the Manhattan Project during WW2 to develop a nuclear weapon?

6              Which assistant to John Steed drove a yellow Triumph TR7?

7              Named after an English city which British battleship was the first to be sunk in the Falklands War?

8a            In which fictional village did Rupert the Bear live?

8b            In which British newspaper did the Rupert cartoon appear?

9              Which area of entertainment is traditionally 42 feet in diameter?

10            In England how many miles is a league, the distance a person can walk in an hour?

11            Who played the title role in the ITV drama Cilla about the early life of Cilla Black?

12            Which 4 countries have won the most medals at the Winter Olympic Games?

13            In which Italian city was the original Capodimonte factory?

14a          Which musical instrument is used to play the main theme of the film The Third Man?

14b          What was the name of the theme?

15            Name the year:

15a          Decimal currency introduced, Idi Amin takes over Uganda, Open University created?

15b          David Steel becomes Liberal leader, Sue Barker wins French Open, Muppet Show first shown?

15c          Charles & Diana divorce, Dolly the sheep is cloned, Dunblane massacre by Thomas Hamilton?

16            Which fictional cowboy in books. films & TV got his nickname because he had a wooden leg?

17            What PP are the following: – The character that married Eileen in Corrie; manufacturer of stockings & tights; 1st winner of Britain’s Got Talent; Communist leader in Cambodia in the 70s; the driver of the Turbo Terrific in Wacky Races.

18            Louise Jameson played which companion in Doctor Who opposite Tom Baker?

19            Currently which politician’s official residence is Bute House Edinburgh?

20            In Bob the Builder what construction vehicles were Dizzy, Roly & Lofty?

21            Which town in Derbyshire is also the name of an American TV series starring Andy Griffiths?

22            How much did Sir Philip Green sell BHS for in 2016?

23            Which famous theatre in London is on Argyll Street?

24a          In the TV series Mork & Mindy, Instead of hello, what did Mork say as a greeting?

24b          What planet was Mork from?

25            Who composed the William Tell Overture?

26            Ceres, Vesta & Pallas are the 3 largest what in the Solar System?

27            Captain Dobey was the boss of which TV cops of the seventies?

28            Which saint founded the monastery on Holy Island in Northumberland?

29            Which American singer/songwriter came out as gay in April 2017 & is married to his former manager Garry Keif?

30            Other than the UK, what other 6 European countries in the EU are monarchies?


1              Morrison’s, Tesco, Sainsbury’s

2              Benny Hill

3              Vindolanda

4              Woody Allen

5              J Robert Oppenheimer

6              Purdey

7              HMS Sheffield

8a            Nutwood

8b            Daily Express

9              Circus ring

10            3 miles

11            Sheridan Smith

12            Norway USA Germany Austria

13            Naples

14a          Zither

14b          Harry Lime Theme

15a          1971

15b          1976

15c          1996

16            Hopalong Cassidy

17            Pat Phelan; Pretty Polly; Paul Potts; Pol Pot; Peter Perfect

18            Leela

19            Nicola Sturgeon

20            Cement mixer, steamroller, mobile crane

21            Matlock

22            £1

23            Palladium

24a          Nanu Nanu

24b          Ork

25            Rossini

26            Asteroids

27            Starsky & Hutch

28            St Cuthbert

29            Barry Manilow

30            Sweden, Netherlands, Spain, Belgium, Denmark & Luxemburg


Q             Which gaseous chemical element is the word for “stranger” in Greek?

A              Xenon

Number Guess (Nearest wins)

Q             How many Argentinian POW’s were taken by British forces in the Falklands War?

A              11,313

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Quiz 385

Quiz 385

Young & Old

1              Who famously read The Old Man of Lochnagar on Jackanory in 1985?

2              Kirsty Young is the current host of which long-running radio show?

3              An Old English Sheepdog is the brand mascot for which company?

4              Young Frankenstein was a 1974 film starring Gene Wilder & is now a musical – who wrote both?

5              Which “youngs” had hits with these songs – The Man From Laramie 1955; It’s Four In The Morning 1972; Heart Of Gold 1972; Wherever I Lay My Hat 1983; Evergreen 2002?


6              Who apparently helped Bonnie Prince Charlie to escape to Skye dressed as her maid?

7              In 1457 golf & football were banned on Sundays as they interfered with practise with which weapon?

8              In which month of 1969 did Neil Armstrong step on to the Moon?

9              Who was King of England at the time of the Great Plague (Bubonic Plague)?

10            Henry VII was the father but who were the mothers of Elizabeth I, Mary I & Edward VI?


11            Magic Moments was a hit for which laid back American singer in 1957?

12            Which company originally made Black Magic chocolates in the 1930’s (now made by Nestle)?

13            Magic Johnson played basketball for which basketball team?

14            Colin Morgan played the magical title role in which fantasy BBC TV series in 2008?

15            What stage name do these magicians use or used – Steven Frayne , Erik Weiss, David Kotkin?

Jacks & Jills

16            Jack Ryan is a fictional character created by which thriller writer?

17            What was the surname of Jack, the conductor, on the TV series On The Buses?

18            The actress Jill St. John starred alongside Sean Connery in his last official appearance as Bond in 1971 – what was it?

19            Jack Jones was the leader of which Trades Union for many years from 1968?

20            Jill Ireland was married to which 2 American actors who both starred in The Great Escape in 1963?

General Knowledge

21            Who is the EU’s chief negotiator on Brexit?

22            Which car manufacturer makes the Twingo?

23            Le pamplemousse is French for which citrus fruit?

24            Which footballer has scored the most goals for Wales in International matches?

25            In the original Cluedo, how many cards were there altogether?

26            The coccyx is located at the base of the spine – spell it correctly?

27            The Pied Avocet is used in the logo of which conservation organisation?

28            Which stringed musical instrument has 4 strings tuned to G C E & A?

29            Around which planet would you find the Cassini Division?

30            Paul Daniels first TV appearance was on New Faces in 1973 where he came second – true or false?


1              Prince Charles

2              Desert Island Discs

3              Dulux paint

4              Mel Brooks

5              Jimmy; Faron; Neil; Paul; Will

6              Flora MacDonald

7              Longbow (or archery)

8              July (21st)

9              Charles II

10            Anne Boleyn, Katherine of Aragon, Jane Seymour

11            Perry Como

12            Rowntree’s

13            LA Lakers

14            Merlin

15            Dynamo, Houdini, David Copperfield

16            Tom Clancy

17            Harper

18            Diamonds Are Forever

19            Transport & General Workers Union

20            David McCallum & Charles Bronson

21            Michel Barnier

22            Renault

23            Grapefruit

24            Gareth Bale

25            21 (6 suspects, 6 weapons, 9 rooms)

26            COCCYX

27            RSPB

28            Ukulele

29            Saturn

30            False – it was on Opportunity Knocks in 1970


Q             Simon Tappertit is a character from which Dickens novel?

A              Barnaby Rudge

Number Guess (Nearest wins)

Q             St Boniface Down is the highest point on the Isle of Wight – what is its height in feet?

A              791 feet

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