Quiz 408

Quiz 408

Italy & Italians

1              Italian born Gorgio Moroder won an Oscar for Best Original Song for Top Gun with what song?

2              Which former Italian Prime Minister was convicted of tax evasion in 2012 & given a 4 year prison sentence?

3              Which North African country was an Italian colony from 1911 to 1947?

4              What kind of creature was the Italian puppet Topo Gigio who appeared regularly on TV in the 60s & 70s?

5              After Rome, what are the 4 most populated cities in Italy?

Crafts & Hobbies

6              The art of applying different coloured wood veneers to form a decorative pattern on furniture is called what?

7              What does an apiarist do?

8              The hobby of writing artistically is known as what?

9              If you were using a Stanley Gibbons Catalogue, what would your hobby be?

10            What do these people collect: – oologist (now illegal), arctophile, deltiologist?


11            Which Oscar winning 2016 musical centres around the ambitions in film & music of Sebastian & Mia?

12            Which 60s musical features Sammy Davis Jnr singing the song The Rhythm of Life?

13            In which 1980 film musical did Olivia Newton-John perform songs by Electric Light Orchestra?

14            Who wrote the music for the musical Billy Elliot?

15            Which 2 legends sang Did You Evah? In the musical High Society?

TV Large & Small

16            Which TV show featured the Ingalls family life on a farm in Minnesota?

17            On which TV show hosted by Esther Rantzen did Sheena Easton become a singing star?

18            Which TV show featured a spacecraft called the Spindrift on an unknown planet?

19            Starting as Doctor in the House, which follow-up TV series had the main characters as GP’s in the community?

20            Which ITV show hosted by Stephen Mulhern features celebrities with their children or grandchildren answering questions about each othet?

General Knowledge

21            Which striped beetle is known for attacking potatoes?

22            The Baikonur Kosmodrome is used by Russia for its launches into space – in which country is it?

23            When Michael Jackson accidentally set his hair on fire he was making an advert for which drink?

24            In which country was the comedian & TV host Sandi Toksvig born?

25            The Jehovah’s Witnesses publish 2 magazines – Awake! Is one of them; what is the other called?

26            Which football team in League 2 play their home games in Nailsworth Gloucestershire?

27            What was the most popular 4 letter girl’s name in the early 19th century?

28            Which famous gardener designed the Blue Peter garden?

29            Which type of tree can be swamp, pussy or crack?

30            The point on top of the Empire State Building in New York was intended for tethering airships – true or false?


1              Take My Breath Away

2              Silvio Berlusconi

3              Libya

4              Mouse

5              Milan. Naples, Turin, Palermo

6              Marquetry

7              He is a beekeeper

8              Calligraphy

9              Stamp collecting

10            Birds eggs, teddy bears, postcards

11            La La Land

12            Sweet Charity

13            Xanadu

14            Elton John

15            Frank Sinatra & Bing Crosby

16            Little House on the Prairie

17            The Big Time

18            Land of the Giants

19            Doctor At Large

20            Big Star’s Little Star

21            Colorado beetle

22            Kazakhstan

23            Pepsi

24            Denmark

25            The Watchtower

26            Forest Green Rovers

27            Mary

28            Percy Thrower

29            Willow

30            TRUE


Q             Roald Dahl wrote the screenplay for which Bond film?

A              You Only Live Twice

Number Guess (Nearest wins)

Q             In which year was the corkscrew patented?

A              1795

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Mash-Up Quiz 036

Mash Up Quiz 036

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Quiz 407

Quiz 407

1              What are the names of the 2 girls in Scooby-Doo?

2              Which tiny Pacific island of 8 square miles was the scene of a famous battle in early 1945 & is best known for a statue of American Marines raising the American flag?

3              At which weight did Cassius Clay win Olympic Gold in 1960?

4              Which garment is held in place with a sash called an Obi?

5              According to Barry Manilow, the Copacabana was north of which capital city?

6              Where would you see a small blue bird called Larry?

7              When Princess Victoria married Prince Louis from Germany which cake was created to honour the marriage?

8              Which gases have the following formulae – NH3, CH4 & HCN?

9              In which century did the Reformation in England begin?

10            When Liz Shaw, Jo Grant & Sarah Jane Smith were the 3 companions, who was playing Doctor Who?

11            A dish cooked Lyonnaise is cooked with which vegetable?

12            What was the first “live” dinosaur seen in the film Jurassic Park?

13            Which musical starring Tommy Steele was based on the book Kipps by H G Wells?

14            Which football Premier League team play at the Amex Stadium?

15            Identify these Ford car models from the past from the clues: – A Mediterranean island; capital city of Andalucía, Spain; a light wind; a town in Northern Italy; Spanish for mountain range

16            On a standard Monopoly board which 4 cities are included in the names of the properties?

17            In Prokofiev’s musical piece Peter and the Wolf, which woodwind musical instrument represented a bird?

18            Identify these famous Sallys from the clues: –

18a          Actress who played Hot Lips in the film M*A*S*H*

18b          First American woman in space

18c          British Olympic Gold medallist

18d          Fictional singer in the film Cabaret

19            Which legendary British weapon of WW2 had to be dropped from a height of 60 feet & a speed of 232 mph to work?

20            Which famous man did Michelle Robinson marry on October 3rd, 1992?

21            Which Rolling Stones song begins “I was born in a cross-fire hurricane”?

22            Urquhart Castle overlooks which famous body of water?

23            In which US city would you find the Space Needle?

24            In which decade did heroin become illegal in the UK?

25            Which 2 British F1 drivers won the world championship driving Williams cars?

26            Which radioactive element is used to make glass green or greenish-yellow?

27            Which seafood should you only eat if there is an “r” in the month?

28            Which Radio 4 comedy panel game began in 1972 & is now hosted by Jack Dee?

29            It computer gaming, what does FPS refer to in terms of the gameplay?

30            Linked pairs – the end of the first answer connects or runs into the second answer e.g. Venus De Milo O’Shea

30a          One time leader of the Apache tribe & former Northern Ireland Minister who was MP for Redcar

30b          Country ruled by the Grimaldi family & a famous fashion designer

30c          Island in the Indian Ocean known for lemurs & the Bond villain in The Man With The Golden Gun


1              Velma & Daphne

2              Iwo Jima

3              Light Heavyweight

4              Kimono

5              Havana

6              On Twitter (it’s their logo)

7              Battenberg

8              Ammonia, methane & hydrogen cyanide

9              16th

10            Jon Pertwee

11            Onions

12            Brachiosaurus

13            Half A Sixpence

14            Brighton & Hove Albion

15            Capri, Granada, Zephyr, Cortina, Sierra

16            Leicester, Coventry, Oxford & Liverpool

17            Flute

18a          Kellerman

18b          Ride

18c          Gunnell

18d          Bowles

19            Bouncing bomb

20            Barack Obama

21            Jumpin’ Jack Flash

22            Loch Ness

23            Seattle

24            1950s (1954)

25            Nigel Mansell & Damon Hill

26            Uranium

27            Oysters

28            I’m Sorry I Haven’t A Clue

29            First person Shooter

30a          GeroniMo Mowlem

30b          MonaCoco Chanel

30c          MadagaScaramanga


Q             Which drink did Sebastian Coe advertise on TV and other media in 1982?

A              Horlicks

Number Guess (Nearest wins)

Q             What is the record for the most kisses between a couple in one minute?

A              258

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Quiz 406

Quiz 406


1              Approximately how many stars are visible to the naked eye in the night sky from the UK – 2000, 4500, or 8000?

2              Who has played Mr Spock in the Star Trek films since 2009?

3              Which group had a UK hit with I Left My Heart to a Starship Trooper in 1978?

4              How many stars were on the flag of the USA in 1900?

5              Excluding special programmes, who were the 3 presenters of Stars in Their Eyes (2 men 1 woman)?


6              In standard 5-card stud poker, how many cards are dealt to each player face down?

7              Which car manufacturer makes the Forfour model?

8              Which of the 3 Musketeers by Dumas is also the name of a men’s fragrance by Esther Lauder?

9              Two dots represent which of the vowels in Morse Code?

10           Who had 80’s top 10 UK hits with these “one” songs: –

One More Night 1985, One Moment In Time 1988, One Of Us 1981, One Step Beyond 1979

Germany & the Germans

11           Which city is the capital city of Bavaria?

12           What is the English translation of Volkswagen?

13           How many times has Germany (icl. West Germany} been in a Football World Cup Final?

14           In which year was Hitler made Chancellor of Germany?

15           What were the names of the 2 German villains who were brothers in Die Hard & Die Hard With A Vengeance?


16           Eric. Les, Stuart, Alan and Derek formed the original line-up of which group who had many hits in the mid-seventies?

17           What was the name of Edina Monsoon’s daughter in Absolutely Fabulous?

18           How To Be A Domestic Goddess is a best-selling cookbook by which cook and writer?

19           On which TV show did Big Bird, the Cookie Monster & Kermit the Frog first appear?

20           Which 4 herbs were featured in the traditional song Scarborough Fair?

General Knowledge

21           Who played Camilla Fortescue-Cholmondeley-Browne on Call The Midwife?

22           How many toes do pet cats have altogether?

23           What is the name of Peppa Pig’s little brother?

24           Chief Superintendent “Nipper” Read headed the team which led to conviction of which famous London criminals?

25           Captain Marko Ramius was played by Sean Connery in which 1990 film?

26           In which Irish county is the Giant’s Causeway?

27           In which fitness activity might you perform a warrior, a downward dog, a cobra & a chair?

28           Kevin Spacey was appointed artistic director of which theatre in 2003?

29           Albert Finney, Peter Ustinov & Kenneth Branagh have all played which fictional character on film?

30           Hello Dolly was the book written by the scientists who created the first cloned sheep, Dolly – true or false?


1              4500

2              Zachary Quinto

3              Sarah Brightman & Hot Gossip

4              45

5              Leslie Crowther, Matthews Kelly, Cat Deeley

6              One

7              Smart

8              Aramis

9              The letter I

10           Phil Collins, Whitney Houston, ABBA, Madness

11           Munich

12           People’s car

13           8 times

14           1933

15           Hans & Simon Gruber

16           Bay City Rollers

17           Saffron

18           Nigella Lawson

19           Sesame Street

20           Parsley Sage Rosemary & Thyme

21           Miranda hart

22           18

23           George

24           Reggie & Ronnie Kray

25           The Hunt for Red October

26           County Antrim

27           Yoga

28           The Old Vic

29           Hercule Poirot

30           FALSE


Q             In which former Soviet republic (now independent) does 100 luma make 1 Dram?

A             Armenia

Number Guess (Nearest wins)

Q             In which year was the original Planet of the Apes film set?

A             3978


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Mash-Up Quiz 035

Mash Up Quiz 035

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Quiz 405

Quiz 405


1              Paul Scofield played which historical character in the film A Man For All Seasons?

2              Which famous artist, first name Paul, was known for his paintings of Tahiti?

3              Paul Keating was Prime Minister of which Commonwealth country from 1991 to 1996?

4              Paul Hogan advertised which lager on TV in the 80s?

5              Other than Newcastle United, name 3 British teams Paul Gascoigne played for?


6              Sorrento overlooks which Italian bay?

7              The Manneken Pis is a famous statue in which European capital city?

8              The original Orient Express travelled between Paris & which city?

9              Most holiday companies are ATOL protected – what does the AT stand for?

10            What are the 4 largest islands of the Canary Islands?


11            Which measurement of length used in the Bible is about 18 inches?

12            Which metal is the Statue of Liberty made from?

13            What is ascorbic acid better known as?

14            Polytetrafluoroethane (PTFE) is common in every kitchen & is better known as what?

15            Which 3 chemical element symbols make the word FELINE?

Pop Music

16            Andy Bell & Vince Clarke are known as which duo?

17            Which David Bowie number one became the title of a 2008 police TV series set in the 80’s?

18            Kerry Katona left which girl group in 2001 to be replaced by Jenny Frost?

19            Pet Sounds was a 1966 album by which American group?

20            What colour skirts were the 2 girls in Buck’s Fizz wearing before they were ripped off at Eurovision 1981?

General Knowledge

21            What is the longest swimming event in the Olympics in the pool?

22            Which silent movie star was known as “the great stone face”?

23            Allium Sativum is a plant with white flowers used in cooking – what is it?

24            What phenomena did the US Government’s Project Blue Book document during the 1950’s?

25            His initials are BH & he’s famous for saying “I counted them all out, and I counted them all back” during the Falklands War – his name?

26            In which film could you have seen the head of Khartoum in bed?

27            You can knock me down, step on my face, slander my name all over the place but what can’t you do?

28            Which religious group meets in a Kingdom Hall?

29            Which cartoon character was always “hunting wabbits”?

30            A Britney is a measure of the number of followers on Twitter – 1 Britney is equal to 10,000 followers – true or false?


1              Thomas More

2              Gauguin

3              Australia

4              Fosters

5              Any 3 of Tottenham Hotspur, Everton, Middlesbrough, Rangers & Burnley

6              Bay of Naples

7              Brussels

8              Istanbul

9              Air travel

10            Tenerife, Fuertaventura, Gran Canaria & Lanzarote

11            Cubit

12            Copper

13            Vitamin C

14            Teflon

15            Iron, Lithium, Neon

16            Erasure

17            Ashes To Ashes

18            Atomic Kitten

19            Beach Boys

20            Blue & Green (the minis were red & yellow)

21            1500 metres (30 lengths)

22            Buster Keaton

23            Garlic

24            UFOs

25            Brain Hanrahan

26            The Godfather (it was a real horse’s head!)

27            Step on my blue suede shoes

28            Jehovah’s Witnesses

29            Elmer Fudd

30            FALSE


Q             In which Carry On film did Sid James play a character called Vic Flange?

A              Carry On Abroad

Number Guess (Nearest wins)

Q             At the last census, how many Ghanaian-born people were resident in the UK?

A              93,312

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Mash-Up Quiz 034

Mash Up Quiz 034

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