Quiz 303

Quiz 303

1              In song what is the “hottest spot north of Havana”?

2              In the olden days of taping TV shows what did VHS stand for?

3              Which branch of the armed services is nicknamed “redcaps”?

4              Which food product, invented in the late 1890’s, was produced with a waste product from the Bass Brewery?

5a            What is the longest distance athletics event in the Olympic Games?

5b            What is the longest distance swimming event in the pool in the Olympic Games?

6              On which mountain in England would you find Striding Edge?

7              What does the Jewish word bupkis mean?

8              In which European country is the Dacia car manufacturer located?

9              Which appliance company was created by inventor Nick Grey?

10            Felix Unger & Oscar Madison were known as what in the title of a 1968 comedy film?

11            Can you name the 4 animals mentioned in the song “Swinging on a Star”?

12            How many legs does a woodlouse have – 14, 16 or 18?

13            James W Gordon is the Police Commissioner of which fictional city?

14            Costa Coffee is owned by a group which began as which brewery?

15            What are the 5 boys names used in the Nato phonetic alphabet?

16            The Bishop of which city signs documents with the name of a retail store?

17            Other than England, which countries have won the World Cup as hosts?

18            Who won her only Best Actress Oscar for the 1953 film Roman Holiday?

19            Who is or was older – Morecambe or Wise, Ant or Dec, Laurel or Hardy, Barry or Paul Chuckle?

20            Monstera Deliciosa is the Latin name for which large houseplant with a food related name?

21            Which High Street retailer do you get by combining a member of the group Steps with a Bond character?

22            Which instruments did these musicians play: – Larry Adler, Charlie Parker, Julian Bream, Julian Lloyd-Webber?

23            Lebanon was administered by which European country until 1943?

24            Which TV character originally worked for Sunshine Desserts?

25            In Finland an annual obstacle race is held for men carrying at least 49 kilos – what do they carry?

26            In computing or gaming slang & maybe during my quizzes, what does the abbreviation KMN stand for?

27            The Skye Boat Song tells the story of whose famous escape in 1746?

28a          What would Snow Queen Elsa do if you gave her a balloon?

28b          Why can’t you have a nose 12 inches long?

28c          What can go up a chimney down but not down a chimney up?

29            At which Olympic Games did Princess Anne compete for Great Britain?

30            What were the titles of the musicals based on the songs of these groups: – Madness, Kinks, Boney M, Queen


1              The Copacabana

2              Video Home System

3              Royal Military Police

4              Marmite

5a            50.000 metres (50K walk)

5b            1500 metres

6              Helvelyn

7              Nothing

8              Romania

9              GTech

10            The Odd Couple

11            Mule, pig, fish, monkey

12            14

13            Gotham City

14            Whitbread

15            Charlie Mike Oscar Romeo Victor

16            Durham (Dunelm)

17            Uruguay, Italy, (West) Germany, Argentina, France

18            Audrey Hepburn

19            Wise (6 months), Dec (2 months)

Laurel (2 years), Barry (3 years)

20            Swiss cheese plant

21            H & M

22            Harmonica (accept mouth organ), Saxophone, Guitar, Cello

23            France

24            Reginald Perrin

25            The wife (she can be someone else’s)

26            Kill Me Now

27            Bonnie Prince Charlie

28a          Let It Go

28b          Because it would be a foot

28c          Umbrella

29            Montreal 1976

30            Our House, Sunny Afternoon, Daddy Cool, We Will Rock You


Q             Which entertainer holds the record for the longest running one man show in the West End of London?

A              Tommy Steele

Number Guess

Q             All the voices in the Minions film (2015) were done by the director – how many voices did he do?

A              899

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Real or Fake Animals Picture Quiz

Real or Fake Animals Picture Quiz

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Quiz 302

Quiz 302


1              Who is the Labour Party’s Deputy Leader?

2              Which Health Minister caused the salmonella scare in fresh eggs in 1988?

3              Prior to the Queen’s Speech in parliament who knocks on the Commons’ door 3 times to request access?

4              Who was the blind MP who served as a Minister in Tony Blair’s Government?

5              Who were the 4 leaders of the Liberal Party prior to Vince Cable?


6              In which modern day African country did David Livingstone meet up with Henry Stanley in 1871?

7              Suffragette Emily Davidson died after being hit by the King’s horse during which race in 1913?

8              What was the title of David Attenborough’s 2001 series about the Earth’s oceans?

9              David Schwimmer played which character in the TV series Friends?

10            Who are these famous Davids –             Star of Baywatch, American talk show host, One half of the Eurythmics, Gold medallist hurdler in 1968 Olympics?


11            In which country was former England cricket captain Tony Greig born?

12            Charley Hull is the highest ranked English female player in which sport?

13            How many substitutes are allowed in Rugby Union?

14            Which former Buffalo Bills player was sentenced to 33 years in prison in 2007 for armed robbery?

15            Who finished 2nd, 3rd & 4th behind Chelsea in last season’s Premier League (2017)?


16            “It was a bright cold day in April, and the clocks were striking thirteen” is the first line of which classic novel?

17            John Cleese played which English hero in the 1981 film Time Bandits?

18            What time was it when the mouse ran up the clock in the nursery rhyme Hickory Dickory Dock?

19            What number do you dial in the UK for the Speaking Clock?

20            Who recorded these “time” songs: – One More Night 1985, Sunny Afternoon 1966, Touch Me in The Morning 1973?

General Knowledge

21            Who was the Greek God of the sea?

22            The musical Kiss Me Kate is based on which Shakespeare play?

23            What was Sabrina’s surname in the TV series Sabrina, The Teenage Witch?

24            Apart from pawns, which other piece can make the first move in chess?

25            In which American State is Fort Knox?

26            Melanie Sykes advertised which beer brand during the 1990’s?

27            Who was the Beano character who could run very fast?

28            What was the name of John Wayne’s character in True Grit?

29            Which town’s tram system runs from Fleetwood Ferry via Tower to Starr Gate?

30            The writer Ian Fleming’s middle name is Wellington – true or false?


1              Tom Watson

2              Edwina Currie

3              Black Rod

4              David Blunkett

5              Tim Farron Nick Clegg Mingis Campbell Charles Kennedy

6              Tanzania in Ujiji

7              Derby

8              The Blue Planet

9              Ross Geller

10            Hasselhoff, Letterman, Stewart, Hemery

11            South Africa

12            Golf

13            Seven

14            O J Simpson

15            Tottenham Manchester City Liverpool

16            1984 by George Orwell

17            Robin Hood

18            One o’clock

19            123

20            Phil Collins, Kinks, Diana Ross

21            Poseidon

22            The Taming of the Shrew

23            Spellman

24            Knight

25            Kentucky

26            Boddington’s

27            Billy Whizz

28            Rooster Cogburn

29            Blackpool

30            False – Lancaster


Q             Which puppet won the Weakest Link Puppet Special in 2007?

A              Soo (Sooty’s friend)

Number Guess

Q             What is the world record for eating baked beans using a cocktail stick by a team of 4 in 2 minutes?

A              429


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Quiz 301

Quiz 301

Starts with Pan

1              Which part of the body is important in producing hormones, particularly insulin?

2              According to Milton’s Paradise Lost, what is the capital of Hell?

3              Which electronics company used to be called the Matsushita Electric Industrial Company?

4              Which Greek football team is the most successful having won the Greek Championship 20 times?

5a            What is the name of the Italian sweet bread popular at Christmas?

5b            What is the name of the Italian bacon made from pork belly & cured with salt?

5c            What is the name of the cheese most often used in Indian cuisine?

Number TV Shows

6              Which children’s TV series featured an alien object called the Omnitrix allowing the owner to become different aliens?

7              Which US TV comedy featured brothers Charlie & Alan Harper & Alan’s son Jake living together?

8              Keifer Sutherland played Jack Bauer in which TV series?

9              Which British science fiction series featured the space ship Liberator with a supercomputer called Orac?

10            Which 3 presenters have hosted the BBC series Room 101?

On the High Street

11            Sir Philip Green agreed in 2016 to finance the pension fund of which former retail store?

12            ASDA is owned by which American retailer?

13            Jack Cohen purchased a consignment of tea from T E Stockwell in 1924 & created which supermarket?

14            Which jewellery business went bust after its boss said that most of what was sold there was “total crap”?

15            Who are these retailers who went bust in the last 20 years?

15a          The high street shop’s most famous brand was Winfield?

15b          A Dutch clothing company which went bust in 2001?

15c          Sports retailer who was bought out by Sports Direct in 2012?

Connection (First & second names required)

16            Which comedian was previously known as The Joan Collins Fan Club?

17            Who revolutionised the high jump in athletics at the 1968 Olympic Games with a new style of clearing the bar?

18            Who was wrongly convicted of the murder of Jill Dando in 2001?

19            Who was the 4th wife of Henry VIII?

20            Who presented the children’s TV shows Wacaday & Wide Awake Club?

20a          Connection?

General Knowledge

21            Who wore the number 16 England shirt in the 1966 World Cup Final?

22            What is 17s 10d added to 6s 9d in pounds shillings and pence?

23            The Graf Spee was scuttled by its Captain at which World War 2 battle?

24            Which Liberal Democrat MP was Secretary of State for Business, Innovation & Skills from 2010 to 2015?

25            Which TV detective series feature the Northumberland & City Police?

26            What was Eliza Doolittle’s dad’s job in the film My Fair Lady?

27            What was the name of the raunchy dance troupe created by Arlene Phillips in the 1970’s?

28            Which is further north – Belfast or Middlesbrough?

29            Who did James Earl Ray assassinate in April 1968?

30            David Niven had a swimming pool 15 metres deep (over 49 ft.) because of a misunderstanding with the builders – true or false?


1              Pancreas

2              Pandemonium

3              Panasonic

4              Panathaniakos

5a            Panettone

5b            Pancetta

5c            Paneer

6              Ben 10

7              Two & a Half Men

8              24

9              Blake’s 7

10            Nick Hancock. Paul Merton, Frank Skinner

11            BHS

12            Walmart

13            TESCO

14            Ratners

15a          Woolworths

15b          C & A

15c          JJB Sports

16            Julian Clary

17            Dick Fosbury

18            Barry George

19            Anne of Cleves

20            Timmy Mallet

20a          Famous 5 (Julian, Dick, George, Anne & Timmy)

21            Martin Peters

22            £1 4s 7d

23            Battle of the River Plate

24            Vince Cable

25            Vera

26            Dustman

27            Hot Gossip

28            Belfast (by 2′ of latitude)

29            Martin Luther King

30            TRUE


Q             Which city has been voted the best UK city to live in 2017?

A              Winchester

Number Guess (Nearest Wins)

Q             Clive Christian No1 Imperial Majesty perfume is the most expensive in the world – how much in US Dollars does cost per ounce?

A              $ 12,721.89

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Paul and Paula Picture Quiz

Paul Picture Quiz

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Quiz 300

Quiz 300

I’d Like a P Please

1              What was the name of the political newspaper founded in 1912 in Russia?

2              What was the name of the jewel stolen by The Phantom played by David Niven in a 1963 comedy directed by Blake Edwards?

3              What was the title of Prince’s first film in 1984?

4              Which Italian dish is made from cream thickened with gelatine & often flavoured with rum or coffee?

5              Apart from a pigeon what are the 3 British game birds beginning with P?

Musical Geography

6              Which American State was the title of a hit for Pussycat in 1976?

7              Who sang about leaving old Durham Town in 1969?

8              Which capital city links Ultravox with Rising Damp?

9              Which American state was the first number one for the Bee Gees?

10            Apart from Phoenix, which 2 other places are mentioned in the Glen Campbell song “By the Time I Get to Phoenix”?

Windows & Doors

11            Windows on The World was a restaurant on the top floors of which building?

12            Who was the lead singer of the Doors?

13            Who played Jeff Jeffries in Alfred Hitchcock’s Rear Window?

14            Reeva Steenkamp was shot through a bathroom door on Valentine’s Day 2013 by which sportsman?

15            What were the shapes of the 3 windows in Play School?

Sun & Moon

16            In which year did the Sun first publish a Page 3 girl?

17            The Moon’s A Balloon was an autobiography by which posh British actor?

18            Who played Detective John Connor, an expert in Japanese culture, in the 1993 film Rising Sun?

19            Which country was the 3rd to land (or to be precise, crash) a spacecraft on the moon after Russia & the USA?

20            Who had hits with these “sun” & “moon” songs – Moonlighting 1975, Moonlight Shadow 1983, Walking on Sunshine 1983, Seasons In The Sun 1999?

General Knowledge

21            Do the machines used for the lotto draw rotate clockwise or anti-clockwise?

22            Lack of which vitamin causes scurvy?

23            Nazi official Klaus Barbie was known as the Butcher of …. which French city?

24            Colin Jackson still holds the British record for which event?

25            Who played Edina Monsoon’s mother in Absolutely Fabulous?

26            The Ravens American Football team play in which city?

27            Who played Bill Sikes in the 1968 film musical Oliver!?

28            Which online comparison site uses He-Man & Skeletor in its TV adverts?

29            Which major river flows through Rome?

30            Peterlee & Easington are both twinned with German towns – true or false?


1              Pravda

2              Pink Panther

3              Purple Rain

4              Panna Cota

5              Partridge, Pheasant, Ptarmigan

6              Mississippi

7              Roger Whittaker

8              Vienna

9              Massachussets

10            Alberquerque & Oklahoma

11            World Trade Centre

12            Jim Morrison

13            James Stewart

14            Oscar Pistorius

15            Round, square, arched

16            1970

17            David Niven

18            Sean Connery

19            Japan

20            Leo Sayer, Mike Oldfield, Katrina & the Waves, Westlife

21            Anti-clockwise

22            C

23            Lyon

24            110 metres hurdles

25            June Whitfield

26            Baltimore

27            Oliver Reed

28            Money Supermarket

29            Tiber

30            True (Nordenham & Baesweiler)


Q             In which European city is Shakespeare’s Measure for Measure?

A              Vienna

Number Guess (Nearest Wins)

Q             How many named characters did Charles Dickens create?

A              959

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Quiz 299

Quiz 299

1              In the antiques world, what is treen made from?

2              Which bank, now part of HSBC, was known as “the listening bank”?

3              Whose picture featured on the famous Great War poster stating, “Your country needs you”?

4              Are these Crown paint colours greens, blues or reds – Palm Springs, Stepping Stone, Mount Fuji, Quick Kiss?

5a            Who was murdered to allow Claudius to became Roman Emperor?

5b            Who wrote the novels I, Claudius & Claudius the God?

5c            Who starred as Claudius in the 1972 BBC series of I, Claudius?

6              How are the TV presenter Jeremy Vine & comedian Tim Vine related (if they are)?

7              Sid & Dick were probably best known as the writers for which comedy legends in the 60’s?

8              Which 2 Asian countries have hosted the Winter Olympics?

9              What were allegedly photographed in a garden in Cottingley, North Yorkshire by 2 girls in 1917?

10            Who were the 3 leaders of the Conservative Party prior to David Cameron?

11            In which year was Saddam Hussein executed in Iraq?

12            Which English city was known in the 19th Century as Cottonopolis?

13            Which Carry On films are set in Stodge City, Els Bels & Khalabar?

14            Who was the last cricketer to win BBC Sports Personality of the Year (2005)?

15            Who are the three largest operators of motorway services in the UK?

16a          It is illegal to cycle on the pavement – true or false?

16b          You can be disqualified from driving your car if convicted of riding a bike whilst drunk -true or false?

16c          You can be charged with speeding on a public road whilst riding a bike – true or false?

17            What word can mean a type of sword, to thwart & a thin metal sheet?

18            What were the first names of the 2 lovers in West Side Story?

19            Dave Beasant was the first keeper to save a penalty in an FA Cup Final at Wembley – who was he playing for?

20            Who were our monarchs in 1917, 1817 & 1717 – all with the same name?

21            Which former keyboard player with Yes recorded albums The 6 Wives of \henry VIII & Journey to the Centre of the Earth?

22            Which sporting brothers advertise Aldi on TV?

23            Which 5 American States have a Gulf of Mexico coastline?

24            Which book published in 1925 translates into English as “My Struggle”?

25            On which floor were the men’s & lady’s department situated in Are You Being Served??

26            In the original Planet of the Apes, Charlton Heston realises he is on Earth when he sees the charred remains of what?

27            In which year (+/-1) did the number of points for a win in football go from 2 to 3?

28            The tax man’s taken all my dough is the opening line of which Kinks song?

29            The Kenwood Chef food mixer was invented by Ken Wood in 1950 – true or false?

30            Name the 4 spin-off TV series from the original Star Trek TV series (not the animated version)?


1              Wood

2              Midland Bank

3              Lord Kitchener

4              Green Blue Blue Red

5a            Caligula

5b            Robert Graves

5c            Derek Jacobi

6              Brothers

7              Morecambe & Wise

8              Russia & Japan

9              Fairies

10            William Hague, Ian Duncan-Smith, Michael Howard

11            2006

12            Manchester

13            Cowboy, Abroad & Up The Khyber

14            Andrew Flintoff

15            Roadchef, Moto, Welcome Break

16a          True – even for children – but police are asked to use discretion

16b          True

16c          FALSE

17            Foil

18            Maria & Tony

19            Wimbledon

20            George V, George III, George I

21            Rick Wakeman

22            Brownlees

23            Texas Alabama Louisiana Mississippi Florida

24            Mein Kampf

25            First floor

26            Statue of Liberty

27            1981

28            Sunny Afternoon

29            TRUE

30            Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, Voyager, Enterprise


Q             Which country highest level of national debt (as % of GDP)?

A              Japan

Number Guess (Nearest Wins)

Q             What is the world record speed for downhill skiing?

A              158.4 mph

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