Quiz 337

Quiz 337


1              Who wrote the TV sitcom The Liver Birds?

2              Which Prime Minister was MP for Huyton, part of the Liverpool Urban area?

3              What is the name of the stew of meat and vegetables particularly associated with Liverpool?

4              Which Liverpool inventor made his name with model trains and construction sets?

5              Since 1959, Liverpool FC have had 3 Scottish born managers – name them?


6              Which Middlesbrough based engineering company built the Tyne Bridge in the 30’s?

7              Which Newcastle resident is credited with the invention of the electric light bulb before Edison?

8              What is the name of the funfair held on the Town Moor every June?

9              What is the name of the indoor market in the city centre named after Newcastle’s most famous architect?

10            Which Newcastle bands had hits with these songs: – We Gotta Get Out of This Place (1965)      Run for Home (1978) The King of Rock & Roll (1988)


11            What is the name of the major commercial & shopping area in the centre of Birmingham?

12            Which type of Asian cooking is said to have originated in Birmingham?

13            What is the name of the main railway station in Birmingham?

14            Which motor manufacturer has a major assembly plant at Castle Bromwich in the city?

15            Gladiators was recorded in the 90s at the National Indoor Arena in Birmingham – who were the 3 hosts in that series?


16            What was the name of the Skye Terrier who stood vigil over his master’s grave in Edinburgh for 14 years?

17            Who was the last King of Scotland to be born in Edinburgh Castle in 1566?

18            John Napier invented which book of tables used in mathematics in most schools until recent years?

19            The stuffed carcass of which animal born in 1996 is displayed in the National Museum of Scotland?

20            Which 3 football teams from Edinburgh play in the Scottish Professional Football League?

General Knowledge

21            Which European capital city stands on the River Vistula?

22            In cards, which card is often known as Black Maria?

23            Lizzy Yarnold represents GB in which winter sport?

24            In which Lloyd Webber musical is based on around the character Norma Desmond?

25            Which Doctor Who enemies come from the planet Mondas?

26            If canine describes a dog what does vulpine describe?

27            Which planet is the most dense?

28            Who hosts the TV show Dragon’s Den?

29            Cambria was the Roman name for which country?

30            The belly dancer character played by Anita Harris in Follow That Camel was called Cigarette – true or false?


1              Carla Lane

2              Harold Wilson

3              Scouse (or lobscouse)

4              Frank Hornby

5              Bill Shankly, Kenny Dalglish, Graeme Souness

6              Dorman Long

7              Joseph Swan

8              Hoppings

9              Grainger Market

10            Animals  Lindisfarne  Prefab Sprout

11            Bullring

12            Balti

13            New Street

14            Jaguar Land Rover

15            Ulrika Jonsson, John Fashanu, Jeremy Guscott

16            Greyfriar’s Bobby

17            James VI

18            Logarithms

19            Dolly the sheep

20            Hearts Hibernian Edinburgh City

21            Warsaw

22            Queen of Spades

23            Skeleton

24            Sunset Boulevard

25            Cybermen

26            Fox

27            Earth

28            Evan Davies

29            Wales

30            False – she was called Cork Tip (as a tribute to Claudette Colbert who was Cigarette in Under Two Flags in 1936)


Q             Which sport was the first to be filmed?

A              Boxing

Number Guess (Nearest wins)

Q             When was the UK National Anthem written?

A              1744

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Twenties Picture Quiz

Twenties Picture Quiz

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Quiz 336

Quiz 336

1              One volt multiplied by one amp gives you one what?

2              The Vatican City was established as an independent state in which year – 1529, 1729 or 1929?

3              Who was the last Frenchman to win the Formula One Driver’s Championship?

4              What were the first names of the 2 women in the ladies’ department of Grace Brothers?

5              Which 2 acts had top 10 hits with Three Steps to Heaven?

6              In which British coastal town is Young’s Seafood headquarters?

7              Which BBC show features Mark the Carpenter, Billy the Electrician, Julian the Builder & Chris the Plasterer?

8              How many vowels are there in supercalifragilisticexpialidocious?

9              Samuel Pepys famously buried a cheese to protect it during the Great Fire of London – what kind of cheese was it?

10            In the dessert Cherries Jubilee, which liqueur is poured over the dessert and then flambeed?

11            What kind of fluid surrounds the baby in the womb during pregnancy?

12            Richard & William are the first names of which tobacco brand founded in 1873?

13            In music, what are the 3 recognised female singing voices?

14            How many novels did Emily Bronte write?

15            These words are either a plant or a chemical element – just answer plant or element?

Allium Bohrium Trillium Phormium Thullium

16            What does SCS stand for?

17            Craig Logan was the 3rd member of which group featuring 2 brothers?

18            From which language does the word sauna originate?

19            The film The Magnificent 7 was the western version of which Japanese film?

20            In which newspaper does Fred Bassett appear?

21            British Columbia in Canada has borders with which 4 US States?

22            Which professional darts player is known as the Viking?

23            What is 117 miles long & was opened officially in 1986 by Margaret Thatcher?

24            Santa Cruz is the capital of which of the Canary Islands?

25            Which actress and cake maker had a 5-year relationship with Paul McCartney?

26            What was the one-word title of the 2013 film featuring the rivalry between James Hunt & Niki Lauda?

27            What is added to gin to make a pink gin?

28            Who were the original team captains on BBC’s They Think It’s All Over?

29            Which silent screen star’s last film was A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum in 1966?

30            What single word precedes these to give 3 towns in England – Ongar, Sodbury, Norton?


1              Watt

2              1929

3              Alain Prost

4              Betty (Slocombe) & Shirley (Brahms)

5              Eddie Cochran & Showaddywaddy

6              Grimsby

7              DIY SOS

8              Sixteen

9              Parmesan

10            Kirsch

11            Amniotic fluid

12            Benson & Hedges

13            Soprano, Mezzo-soprano, Contralto

14            One (Wuthering Heights)

15            Plant Element Plant Plant Element

16            Sofa Carpet Specialist (or Suite Centres Sunderland)

17            Bros

18            Finnish

19            7 Samurai

20            Daily Mail

21            Alaska, Washington, Idaho, Montana

22            Andy Fordham

23            M25

24            Tenerife

25            Jane Asher

26            Rush

27            Angostura Bitters

28            Gary Lineker & David Gower

29            Buster Keaton

30            Chipping


Q             In which American State was the Overlook Hotel located in the film, The Shining?

A              Colorado

Number Guess (nearest wins)

Q             How many names are appliqued to a tent in Tracey Emin’s “Everyone I Have Ever Slept With 1965-1995”?

A              102

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Quiz 335

Quiz 335


1              Wheels on Fire by Julie Driscoll & Adrian Edmondson was the theme to which TV comedy?

2              How many wheels did Lady Penelope’s car in Thunderbirds have (excluding the spare!)?

3              Which Prime Minister formally opened the London Eye, the wheel on London’s South Bank?

4              In the song The Wheels on the Bus, what noise do the wipers make?

5              Who were the first 3 hosts of the UK gameshow, Wheel of Fortune?


6              Which actress was nominated for a Tony Award for My Fair Lady on stage in 1957 but didn’t get the part in the film?

7              Which children’s puppet was featured in its own show presented by Annette Mills in the 50’s?

8              In 1957 what was the name of the agreement which created the EEC (the Common Market)?

9              Which tax-free savings scheme was introduced in 1956 & still continues today?

10            Marilyn Monroe married which 2 people in the 1950s?


11            Windows on the World restaurant was located on which famous building?

12            Look Through Any Window was a top 10 hit for which group in 1965?

13            In which year was the first Windows operating system available on the market (+/- 1)?

14            Which cathedral, designed by Sir Basil Spence & completed in 1962 features an abstract stained-glass window by John Piper?

15            Who are the 2 main stars of Hitchcock’s Rear Window?


16            During which battle did the Charge of the Light Brigade take place?

17            What is the lightest metallic element?

18            Which film legend wrote and starred in the film Limelight in 1952?

19            What is Fry’s Turkish Delight flavoured with?

20            Which 3 artists/bands had top 10 hits with Light My Fire?

General Knowledge

21            Hypnos was the Greek God of what?

22            Which red square on a Monopoly board is immediately after Free Parking?

23            Which snooker player from Malta was known as the Tornado?

24            In the BBC’s poll 100 Greatest Britons, Princess Diana was 3rd. Which woman was 7th?

25            The Bayview Retirement Home was the setting for which BBC comedy series?

26            On which river does the town of Whitby stand?

27            In the British order of the peerage, which rank comes between a Marquis & a Viscount?

28            Pam Ayres most memorable poem is probably “I wish I’d looked after …… what”?

29            What was the first name of the character played by Tim Healy in Auf Wiedersehen Pet?

30            A beetle in the Antarctic has been discovered that lives in the ice & burrows by heating a bony protrusion on its head to melt the ice – true or false?



1              Absolutely Fabulous

2              6

3              Tony Blair

4              Swish, swish, swish

5              Nicky Campbell, John Leslie, Bradley Walsh

6              Julie Andrews

7              Muffin the Mule

8              Treaty of Rome

9              Premium Bonds

10            Joe DiMaggio & Arthur Miller

11            North Tower of the World Trade Centre

12            Hollies

13            1993

14            Coventry Cathedral (St Michael’s)

15            James Stewart & Grace Kelly

16            Balaclava

17            Lithium

18            Charlie Chaplin

19            Rose water

20            Jose Feliciano, Doors, Will Young

21            Sleep

22            Strand

23            Tony Drago

24            Elizabeth I

25            Waiting For God

26            Esk

27            Earl

28            Me teeth

29            Dennis

30            FALSE


Q             After the USA & Canada, Chile is the 3rd largest producer of which fruit?

A              Cranberries

Number Guess (Nearest wins)

Q             How many escalators does the London Underground have?

A              440

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Quiz 334

Quiz 334

Entertaining Cars

1              GEN 11 is the number plate of which famous film car?

2              Which company’s TV ad features John Cleese re-enacting the car bashing scene from Fawlty Towers?

3              Whose 1969 orange Dodge Charger had a Confederate battle flag painted on the roof in a 70s TV series?

4              What was the title of the first film featuring Herbie?

5a            Which TV comedy character drove a 1977 green British Leyland Mini?

5b            Which TV detective drove a 1960 Jaguar Mark 2?

5c            Which TV character drove a yellow roadster kit car called Bessie?


6              What was the name of the Cambodian Communists active from the 60’s to the 90’s?

7              Which former Yugoslavian football club won the European Cup in 1991?

8              Who was the American firefighter who became famous for extinguishing oil well fires?

9              What name in American slang is given to a flight that departs between 9pm & 5am?

10            Which songs with red in the title were released by these artists: – Chris De Burgh (1986) Rolling Stones (1964) Nena (1984) Manchester United (1994)?


11            The Great Exhibition of 1851 was held in which London park?

12            Thomas Cranmer took which religious post in England in 1533?

13            The 2nd Amendment to the US Constitution in 1791 gave citizens which right?

14            In July 1970, the Royal Navy stopped giving sailors what daily treat?

15            What were the last 3 States to join the USA?


16            Which board game takes place at Arlington Grange?

17            When you roll a dice what is the total of the 4 visible sides?

18            What colour are the balls numbered 30 to 39 in the Lotto draw?

19            What do you need to play the games klondike, canfield & clock?

20            What are Noughts & Crosses and Draughts called in the USA?

General Knowledge

21            Which American aviator disappeared in 1937?

22            The Red Vineyard was the only painting sold by which artist during his lifetime?

23            Pet Sounds was a 1966 album by which American group?

24            Which meat is used in the French stew Lapin a La Cocotte?

25            Athletics – Who holds the British record for the mile?

26            Which city is the capital of Tuscany in Italy?

27            What was the name of the cat on TV who advertised Kattomeat by using his paw to help him eat?

28            Perry White was the editor of which fictional newspaper?

29            What nationality was the composer of the Planets Suite, Gustav Holtz?

30            Bobsleigh is so-called because the crew used to “bob” back and forth to increase speed – true or false?


1              Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

2              Specsavers

3              Dukes of Hazzard

4              The Love Bug

5a            Mr Bean

5b            Morse

5c            Doctor Who

6              Khmer Rouge

7              Red Star Belgrade

8              Red Adair

9              Red eye

10            The Lady In Red, Little Red Rooster, 99 Red Balloons, Come On You Reds

11            Hyde Park

12            Archbishop of Canterbury

13            To bear arms

14            Rum ration

15            Alaska, Hawaii, Arizona

16            Cluedo

17            14

18            Green

19            Pack of cards

20            Tic Tac Toe & Checkers

21            Amelia Earheart

22            Van Gogh

23            Beach Boys

24            Rabbit

25            Steve Cram

26            Florence

27            Arthur

28            Daily Planet

29            English

30            TRUE


Q             Which country was the first to declare independence from the Soviet Union in 1991?

A              Lithuania

Number Guess (Nearest wins)

Q             How many feet above sea level is Currock Hill, the highest point in Tyne & Wear?

A              850 feet

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Beginning With U Picture Quiz

Beginning with U Picture Quiz

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Quiz 333

Quiz 333

1              What is the most visited art gallery in the world?

2              What was the name of the giant panda who was the star attraction at London Zoo in the 60’s & 70’s?

3              Which actor & entertainer’s last entry in his published diaries was “Oh, what’s the bloody point”?

4              In 2000, the Queen made headlines by killing a bird by wringing its neck at Sandringham – what species of bird was it?

5              The Slipper and the Rose was a 1976 British musical based on which fairy tale?

6              Who were the last 3 Americans to win the Men’s Singles at Wimbledon?

7              In terms of land area, what are the 2 smallest EU countries?

8              What 2 ingredients do you combine to make a roux?

9              Which 3 cities in the Southern Hemisphere have hosted the Summer Olympic Games?

10            Which magical TV character was played by Melissa Joan Hart?

11            Which town in Cornwall has a Tate Gallery?

12            How many cards does each player receive in the following card games – cribbage(for 2), gin rummy, contract bridge?

13            Brian May of Queen stills plays the guitar he made with his father – what was it made from – a door, a mantelpiece or a table?

14            Ursus Arctos is the Latin name for which bear?

15            Apart from The Pink Panther itself, name 2 sequels to the original film which include the words Pink Panther?

16            What were the nicknames of the following gangsters – Al Capone, Benjamin Siegel, George Kelly?

17            How much is a carat in grams – 0.2, 2, or 20?

18            Which 2 horse races make up the Autumn Double?

19            What was the name of the shipyard in Belfast that built the Titanic?

20            Which football teams do the following showbiz people support – Frank Skinner, Richard Osman, Jasper Carrott?

21            What is the surname of Charlie & Craig, The Proclaimers?

22            Who was President of Egypt during the Suez crisis in 1956 & which British Prime Minister resigned as a result?

23            Who wrote the following science fiction novels – 2001:A Space Odyssey, I, Robot, Jurassic Park?

24            What 2 words are written on the edge of the “jail” square on a standard Monopoly board?

25            Olivia Newton-John had one number 1 single in the UK – what was it & which band did she record it with?

26            At which famous 1876 battle did the 7th Cavalry get defeated by a combination of Cheyanne, Arapaho & Sioux Indians?

27            What kind of pet did Sonny Crockett have on his boat in Miami Vice?

28            What caused Pripyat in Ukraine to become a ghost town in 1986?

29            What is the title of the comedy series starring David Mitchell as William Shakespeare?

30            According to Amnesty International, which 3 countries carried out the most executions?


1              Louvre

2              Chi Chi

3              Kenneth Williams

4              Pheasant

5              Cinderella

6              Pete Sampras, Andre Agassi, John McEnroe

7              Luxemburg & Malta

8              Flour & fat (usually butter)

9              Melbourne, Sydney, Rio De Janeiro

10            Sabrina, the Teenage Witch

11            St. Ives

12            6, 10, 13

13            Mantelpiece

14            Brown bear (accept grizzly)

15            Return, Strikes Again, Revenge, Trail, Curse

16            Scarface, Bugsy, Machine gun

17            0.2 grams

18            Cambridgeshire & Cesarewitch

19            Harland & Wolff

20            WBA, Fulham, Birmingham City

21            Reid

22            Nasser & Eden

23            Arthur C. Clarke, Isaac Asimov, Michael Crichton

24            Just visiting

25            Xanadu & ELO

26            Little Bighorn

27            Alligator called Elvis

28            Chernobyl nuclear disaster

29            Upstart Crow

30            China Iran Saudi Arabia


Q             Guatemala is the largest producer of which spice?

A              Nutmeg

Number Guess (Nearest wins)

Q             How many titles has Martina Navratilova won (including doubles)?

A              354

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