Quiz 281

Quiz 281

Around The World

1              Which capital city has the busiest underground or subway rail system in the world?

2              Rapa Nui is the local name for which island named after a time of year?

3              Which famous battle took place in June 1976 in Montana?

4              Which Mediterranean island is served by Luqa Airport, the only one on the island?

5              According to the UN, what are the 5 countries in the world who receive the most tourists?

Film Body Parts

6              In which film did Paul Newman’s character attempt to eat 50 boiled eggs?

7              For which film did Daniel Day Lewis win his first Oscar playing Irishman Christy Brown?

8              In which 2007 film musical did John Travolta play Edna Turnblad?

9              While skinny dipping, Chrissie Watkins became the first victim in which 1975 blockbuster film?

10            Whose final film together was Eyes Wide Shut in 1999?


11            8 minutes 47.8 seconds is the fastest winning time for which race (in 1990)?

12            In a decathlon what is the last event?

13            Which sport is played on the largest pitch?

14            Which Indian cricketer was the first player to achieve 10,000 runs in Test cricket?

15            Name any 3 boxers who defeated Muhammed Ali?


16            Who was the first woman to fly solo from England to Australia in 1930?

17            In which Christmas carol is the sky “riven with angels singing”?

18            In which TV series did David Carradine play Kwai Chang Caine wandering America’s wild west?

19            What is the name of the cabin boy in Robert Louis Stevenson’s Treasure Island?

20            Which tennis player has just announced that she is 20 weeks pregnant?


General Knowledge

21            Which cartoon hunter is the archenemy of Bugs Bunny?

22            What mode of transport was the Spruce Goose?

23            What is the national language of Brazil?

24            In the sitcom My Family, what job did Robert Lindsay’s character have?

25            On which racecourse is Tattenham Corner?

26            What number was Patrick MacGoohan’s character in the cult TV series The Prisoner?

27            Which character operated The Magic Roundabout?

28            Before he became Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby was Bishop of which city?

29            In which city does the Dutch team Feyenord play?

30            In the film Abbot & Costello Go To Mars, they actually go to Venus – true or false?


1              Tokyo

2              Easter Island

3              Little Big Horn

4              Malta

5              France USA China Spain Italy

6              Cool Hand Luke

7              My Left Foot

8              Hairspray

9              Jaws

10            Tom Cruise & Nicole Kidman


11            Grand National

12            1500 metres

13            Polo

14            Sunil Gavasker

15            Joe Frasier, Ken Norton, Leon Spinks, Larry Holmes, Trevor Berbick

16            Amy Johnson

17            Ding Dong Merrily On High

18            Kung Fu

19            Jim Hawkins

20            Serena Williams

Connection – Snooker players

21            Elmer Fudd

22            Aircraft

23            Portuguese

24            Dentist

25            Epsom

26            Number 6

27            Mr Rusty

28            Durham

29            Rotterdam

30            TRUE


Q             Which snooker player’s 2017 “walk-on” music is Song 2 by Blur?

A              Stuart Bingham

Number Guess (Nearest wins)

Q             In which year did St. George die?

A              303 AD

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Spanish Picture Quiz

Spain Picture Quiz

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Quiz 280

Quiz 280

1              The surviving crew of which ship made their home on Pitcairn Island in the Pacific Ocean?

2              Which sport featured in the Oscar winning film Million Dollar Baby?

3              Which British built ocean liner is anchored at Long Beach, California?

4              Who was the first American singer to perform a James Bond film theme?

5              Which Sunderland born scientist invented the electric light bulb independently of Edison?

6              In which year was the sequel to Arthur C. Clarke’s 2001: A Space Odyssey set?

7a            Which actor & actress announced the wrong winner of Best Picture at the 2017 Oscar ceremony?

7b            What was the only film in which they co-starred?

8              Which toy based theme park is in Berkshire?

9              What are the 4 types of cycling currently competed for at the Summer Olympics?

10a          What was darts player Eric Bristow’s most common nickname?

10b          Which Arsenal footballer was known as the “non-flying Dutchman”?

11            Abanazar is the villain in which traditional pantomime story?

12            Everything starts & ends with M – Chemical element number 12, grass found on sand dunes, piece of computer hardware?

13            Which spice is the name for the clothing range in Morrisons supermarkets?

14            Near which planet would you find the Cassini Division?

15a          What was the title of the 80’s TV series starring Bruce Willis & Cybill Shepherd?

15b          Which British singer had a hit with a song of that title in 1975?

16            In which country would you find the ancient city of Macchu Picchu?

17            What the next 2 most populated cities in Sweden after Stockholm?

18            Peter Quill, Star Lord is the leader of which Marvel Comics group of superheroes?

19            What are these German vegetables in English – der blumenkohl, der lauch, der rosenkohl?

20            Which 3 chemical element symbols make up the word FeLiNe?

21            Which actor played Columbus in Carry On Columbus & PT Barnum in the original Broadway production of Barnum?

22            Which famous book published in 1818 was subtitled The Modern Prometheus?

23            To drink tequila correctly you need lemon & salt as well – in what order should you take the 3 parts?

24            The GranTurismo & the GranCabrio are made by which luxury Italian car maker?

25            In which year was the last time the FA Cup was won after a replay (+/- 1)?

26            Which snack food is also the name for half a crochet in music?

27            The name of which city on the south coast was a hit for Mike Oldfield in 1976?

28            Ore Oduba won which TV competition in 2016?

29            Which 2 decimal coins were the first to be issued in 1968, 3 years before decimalisation?

30            What was the highest number of “blanks” could a contestant win on Blankety Blank?


1              Bounty

2              Boxing

3              Queen Mary

4              Nancy Sinatra (You Only Live Twice 1967)

5              Joseph Swan

6              2010

7a            Warren Beatty & Faye Dunaway

7b            Bonnie & Clyde

8              Legoland

9              Road, Track, BMX, Mountain Bike

10a          Crafty Cockney

10b          Dennis Bergkamp

11            Aladdin

12            Magnesium, Marram, Modem

13            Nutmeg

14            Saturn

15a          Moonlighting

15b          Leo Sayer

16            Peru

17            Gothenburg & Malmo (then Uppsala)

18            Guardians of the Galaxy

19            Cauliflower, leek, Brussels sprout

20            Iron Lithium Neon

21            Jim Dale

22            Frankenstein by Mary Shelley

23            Salt – tequila – lemon

24            Maserati

25            1993

26            Quaver

27            Portsmouth

28            Strictly Come Dancing

29            5p & 10p

30            300


Q             In which American State was the 1978 film Halloween set?

A              Illinois

Number Guess (Nearest wins)

Q             What is the average daily circulation of the Hartlepool Mail?

A              8279 (Holdthefrontpage.co.uk)

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Quiz 279

Quiz 279


1              What kind of performers are represented on ceramic eggs in a museum in Bognor Regis?

2              Which actor more famous for horror films played Egghead in the Batman TV series?

3              Which of the Eggheads on TV was the first to win £1,000,000 in Who Wants to be a Millionaire?

4              What is the name of the Russian jeweller famous for ornate eggs?

5              What are the 3 best-selling Cadbury chocolate eggs in the UK?

Popular Music

6              Which singer/songwriter came out as gay in 2017 at the age of 73?

7              What was the name of the rat that Michael Jackson sang about in 1972?

8              Which winners of X Factor are Perrie, Jesy, Jade & Leigh-Anne?

9              Which American soul singer was known as the “walrus of love”?

10            Who had hits with these “good” songs – Back For Good 95, Goodnight Girl 92, Goody Two Shoes 82?


11            Which Oscar winning actress became MP for Hampstead & Highgate in 1992?

12            Who became Mayor of London last year?

13            Who was Prime Minister when Hong Kong was handed back to China?

14            Diane James was leader of which political party for only 18 days last year before resigning?

15            Who were the 3 Conservative Prime Ministers before Margaret Thatcher?


16            Which medal is given to civilians in recognition of “acts of great bravery”?

17            Who was allegedly the inspiration for the Beatles song Hey Jude?

18            Which comic strip detective was created by Chester Gould & was played on film in 1980 by Warren Beatty?

19            Who, in 1942, was given an autograph book for her 13th birthday which she used as a diary until her death in 1945?

20            Which TV presenter known for his colourful glasses & shirts hosted Wide Awake Club & Wacaday on TV-AM in the 1980’s?


General Knowledge

21            Which high street chain of shops began as Green Shield Stamps in 1959?

22            Arnold George Dorsey was the real name of which British singer?

23            In the song Oh What a Beautiful Morning from the musical Oklahoma!, the corn is described as being as high as what?

24            Which actress made the most appearances in Carry On films?

25            Which Spanish golfer was the last to win the US Masters before Sergio Garcia this year?

26            Bach’s Air on the G String was used as the music to advertise which cigar on TV?

27            Whose one and only number one single in the UK was The One And Only?

28            What is the name of the dog cartoon strip in the Daily Mail?

29            The former British territory of Aden is now in which Middle Eastern country?

30            The cartoon characters Chip & Roxy were the grandchildren of Fred & Wilma Flintstone – true or false?


1              Clowns

2              Vincent Price

3              Judith Keppel

4              Faberge

5              Crème Egg, Mini Eggs, Buttons

6              Barry Manilow

7              Ben

8              Little Mix

9              Barry White

10            Take That, Wet Wet Wet, Adam Ant

11            Glenda Jackson

12            Saddiq Khan

13            Tony Blair (1st July 1997)

14            UKIP

15            Heath, Douglas-Home, MacMillan

16            George Medal

17            Julian Lennon

18            Dick Tracy

19            Anne Frank

20            Timmy Mallet

Connection – Famous Five

21            Argos

22            Engelbert Humperdinck

23            Elephant’s eye

24            Joan Sims

25            Jose Maria Olazabal 1999

26            Hamlet

27            Chesney Hawkes

28            Fred Basset

29            Yemen

30            TRUE


Q             Sammy the Shrimp is the mascot of which football club?

A              Southend United

Number Guess (Nearest wins)

Q             In 1976, how many full books of green shield stamps would you have needed to trade them in for a Hotpoint Automatic Washing Machine?

A              185


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Quiz 278

Quiz 278


1              What is the name given to the American military base in Nevada where it is alleged they develop UFO technology?

2              Who disappeared in 1974 after the murder of Sarah Rivett, his children’s nanny, and was never found?

3              Which female singer had a hit (on an EP) with the song It’s A Mystery in 1981?

4              The Mysterious Affair At Styles was the first Agatha Christie novel to feature which detective?

5              What are the names of the human characters who drive around in the Mystery Machine van with Scooby Doo

All Things German

6              How many times has Germany (or West Germany) won football’s World Cup?

7              Which city is the capital of Bavaria?

8              What was the title of the painting the German officers wanted in the TV series ‘Allo, ‘Allo?

9              What is the name of the German fruit bread traditionally eaten at Christmas?

10            On 3rd September 1939, three countries of the British Empire declared war on Germany; who were they?


11            Which article of clothing was named after the General who led the Charge of the Light Brigade?

12            What is the name of the wide sash often worn round the waist of male evening dress?

13            What is the name given to the colourful diamond pattern on socks & golf sweaters?

14            What G was Coco Chanel’s real first name?

15            Who were the original presenters of the Clothes Show on the BBC?

Holiday Places

16            The capital of which Spanish island is said to be the place where mayonnaise originated?

17            The holiday islands of Cape Verde became independent from which country in 1975?

18            Eldorado, the short-lived TV soap on BBC 1, was set in the fictional town of Los Barcos on which of the Costas?

19            Which holiday destination was the last known habitat of the Dodo?

20            Where were the first 3 Butlin’s holiday camps opened (Lincolnshire, Esssex & North Yorkshire)?

General Knowledge

21            Who was the first British footballer to win European Player of the Year while playing for a foreign team?

22            In which novel did Room 101 feature?

23            What was Charlie’s surname in Charlie & the Chocolate Factory by Roald Dahl?

24            The song Big Spender is from which musical?

25            According to the Bible, God asked Abraham to sacrifice which of his sons?

26            What was the name of John Wayne’s character in True Grit?

27            In Rugby Union & League dangerous play can result in sin-binning: how long are they off the field of play?

28            The clothing retailer H & M is originally from which European country?

29            Which Eastenders character is the only one to have been in the series from the very first programme?

30            If you go upstairs 2 at a time, you will use more calories – true or false?


1              Area 51

2              Lord Lucan

3              Toyah

4              Hercule Poirot

5              Fred Daphne Velma & Shaggy

6              Four

7              Munich

8              The Fallen Madonna with the Big Boobies

9              Stollen

10            India, Australia & New Zealand

11            Cardigan (He was 7th Earl of Cardigan)

12            Cummerbund

13            Argyle

14            Gabrielle

15            Selena Scott & Jeff Banks

16            Minorca

17            Portugal

18            Costa del Sol

19            Mauritius

20            Skegness, Clacton & Filey

21            Kevin Keegan (Hamburg)

22            1984

23            Bucket

24            Sweet Charity

25            Isaac

26            Rooster Cogburn

27            10 minutes

28            Sweden

29            Ian Beale

30            False – one at a time uses more


Q             Which capital city’s name means “muddy estuary” when translated into English?

A              Kuala Lumpur

Number Guess (Nearest wins)

Q             How many children were given the first name of Ezekiel in England & Wales in 2015?

A              106

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Quiz 277

Quiz 277

1              Niagara Falls is on the border between Ontario, Canada & which American State?

2a            Which former British Olympic swimmer was Amazon in TV’s Gladiators?

2b            Which 2 sportsmen co-hosted Gladiators with Ulrika Johnsson from 1992 to 1997?

3              If you add the number of sides of a heptagon. a nonagon & a decagon together what number do you get?

4              What does IBM stand for?

5              Name any 2 acts who have had a UK number one with Unchained Melody.

6              Graphene is a form of which chemical element?

7a            Which of the Marx Brothers never spoke in the films?

7b            What piece of equipment did he use when he wanted to communicate?

8              Which England international footballer became the first woman to appear on the cover of Shoot! magazine?

9              What bird are you allowed to shoot on the 12th August every year?

10            What title is given to the longest serving member of the House of Commons?

11            How many days did it take the Pony Express to deliver mail between San Francisco & New York?

12            In the music hall song “My Old Man (Said Follow the Van)”, what bird did the wife take with her?

13            How many British monarchs of the House of Windsor have there been?

14            What is the name of the local newspaper & the local football team in Coronation Street?

15a          In 2015, Branston Pickle did a survey to find the most popular cheeses in the UK – what were the top 4 British cheeses?

15b          Which foreign cheese was voted the 2nd most popular?

16            In the song House of the Rising Sun, what job did the singer’s mother have?

17            Which motor manufacturer makes the Kangoo models of van?

18            What 3 ingredients are needed to make a carbonara sauce for pasta?

19            In Peter Kay’s Car Share, what make of car does he drive?

20            Who had hits with these numerical songs – 54321 (1964), 5678 (1997) 123 O’Leary (1968)?

21            Identify these famous people with English counties in their name.

21a          She hosts her own news based show on BBC 2 every weekday morning?

22b          She played barmaid Raquel in Coronation Street?

22c          A magician who was married to Victoria Wood for 22 years?

22d          A TV commentator on professional wrestling on ITV for more than 30 years?

22            Tonic water contains which substance used to treat malaria?

23            Which Shakespeare play is the only one to have won a Best Picture Oscar (in 1948 starring Lawrence Olivier)?

24            Which castle in Cornwall is often associated with the King Arthur legend?

25            Until recently the bikini was the official clothing for women in which sport?

26            In the Spike Milligan poem On The Ning Nang Nong, what noise do the cows make?

27            What are the 3 snakes native to the UK?

28            Lady Bracknell is a character in which Oscar Wilde play?

29            What were the first names of the Villenueve’s, father & son, in Formula One racing?

30            Great BLANK? – 3 points for the top answer, 2 points for 2nd & 1 point for 3rd


1              New York

2a            Sharron Davies

2b            John Fashanu & Jeremy Guscott

3              7 + 9 + 10 = 26

4              International Business Machines

5              Righteous Brothers, Robson & Jerome, Gareth Gates, Jimmy Young

6              Carbon

7a            Harpo

7b            Horn

8              Steph Houghton

9              Red Grouse

10            Father of the House

11            10

12            (Cock) Linnet

13            Four (George V, Edward VIII, George VI, Elizabeth II)

14            Weatherfield Gazette & Weatherfield County

15a          Cheddar, Red Leicester, Stilton, Wensleydale

15b          Mozzarella

16            Tailor

17            Renault

18            Cheese bacon eggs

19            Fiat 500L

20            Manfred Mann, Steps, Des O’Connor

21a          Victoria Derbyshire

22b          Sarah Lancashire

22c          Geoffrey Durham

22d          Kent Walton

22            Quinine

23            Hamlet

24            Tintagel

25            Beach volleyball

26            Bong

27            Grass snake, adder or viper, smooth snake

28            The Importance of Being Ernest

29            Jacques & Gilles

30            Great Expectations (3) Great Scott (2) Great Britain (1)


Q             Which classical composer wrote the most symphonies?

A              Haydn

Number Guess (Nearest wins)

Q             Up to last year how many episodes of I’m A Celebrity have been broadcast?

A              182

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Quiz 276

Quiz 276

Famous Willies

1              In which Lake District village did William Wordsworth live for 8 years in Dove Cottage?

2              William Adams, better known as Will.i.am, was a founder member of which group?

3              What was the name of the family in the long running TV show The Cosby Show starring Bill Cosby?

4              If Prince William becomes King, and retains the name William, what number will he be?

5a           Who was the fastest boy in the world in the Beano?

5b           Who had a hit with the song “To All the Girls I’ve Loved Before” in 1975?

5c            Whose statue stands on Albert Dock, Liverpool?

Gypsies Tramps & Thieves

6              What language are gypsies most commonly associated with?

7              Tramp was the mongrel dog who fell in love with Lady in Lady & the Tramp – what breed was Lady?

8              Gypsies are credited with creating which dance in Spain?

9              Beg Steal or Borrow was a number 2 hit in 1972 & the UK Eurovision entry for which group?

10           Dick Turpin the famous thief & highwayman was hanged in which city for what crime in 1739?

Science & Nature

11           What is the name of the part of the plant that produces pollen?

12           Which part of the Earth lies between the core & the crust?

13           What is the name of the closest major spiral galaxy to the Milky Way?

14           The name of which dinosaur is derived from the Greek for 3 horned face?

15           What was the name of the project to develop the atom bomb in 1945 & who was the head of the team?

Little & Large

16           Little Rock is the capital and largest town in which US State?

17           Little Mo was a famous sportswoman in which sport in the 50’s?

18           Triton is the largest moon of which planet?

19           Doctor at Large was one of a series of “Doctor” books written by which author?

20           The particle accelerator on the France/Switzerland border is known as the LHC – what does it stand for?

General Knowledge

21           What was the famous dance performed by Salome according to the Bible?

22           Only 2 English cathedrals are World Heritage Sites, Durham is one, what is the other?

23           Edmonton is the capital of which Canadian province?

24           Which Beatles number one single was the title of their first album?

25           Which vegetable is used to make the soup borscht?

26           According to Panorama on TV on April 1st 1957, which food was being harvested from trees in Italy?

27           In which European country did the polka originate?

28           In the children’s TV series Rag Tag & Bobtail, what kind of creature was Rag?

29           Which famous naval battle is celebrated on 21st October in the UK?

30           Folk band Steeleye Span once appeared on Top of the Pops as the Wombles – true or false?


1              Grasmere

2              Black Eyed peas

3              Huxtable

4              William V

5a           Billy Whizz

5b           Willie Nelson

5c            Billy Fury

6              Romani

7              Cocker Spaniel

8              Flamenco

9              New Seekers

10           York, horse theft

11           Stamen

12           Mantle

13           Andromeda

14           Triceratops

15           Manhattan & Robert J Oppenheimer

16           Arkansas

17           Tennis

18           Neptune

19           Richard Gordon

20           Large Hadron Collider

21           Dance of the 7 Veils

22           Canterbury

23           Alberta

24           Please Please Me

25           Beetroot

26           Spaghetti

27           Czechoslovakia (Czech Republic)/Bohemia

28           Hedgehog

29           Trafalgar

30           True – miming to Superwomble 1975


Q             Craven Walker invented which iconic 1960’s item?

A             Lava lamp

Number Guess (Nearest wins)

Q             How many numbered pages are there in the 2017 Argos catalogue

A             1705



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