Quiz 316

Quiz 316

1              What was the name of the minstrel in the Robin Hood legend?

2              Before he became Prime Minister, Jim Hacker was in charge of the DAA – what did it stand for?

3              Pinchbeck is an alloy used to resemble gold & is made from which 2 metals?

4              What was the name of the girlfriend killed by Oscar Pistorius at his home in South Africa in 2013?

5              In which sport in the Olympics are beards banned?

6              Which tree dwelling creatures can be maned, 2-toed & 3-toed?

7              Which song by Don McLean begins “Starry, starry night”?

8              Lloret De Mar & Tossa De Mar are on which of the Spanish Costas?

9              Who played Clark Kent & Lois lane on TV in The New Adventures of Superman from 1993 to 1997?

10            What is the highest ranked suit in Contract Bridge?

11            To the nearest whole number, how many furlongs are there in a marathon?

12            What were the names of the dog, the snail, the rabbit & the cow in the Magic Roundabout?

13            What is the Scottish Christian name equivalent to James?

14            The title characters of which Shakespeare play are Proteus & Valentine?

15            Who had top 10 hits with these “star” songs –

Stars 1991; Gonna Make You A Star 1974; Catch A Falling Star 1958; Wandrin’ Star 1970

16            Which fashion brand announced they would stop using animal fur in 2018?

17            Which ship featured on the reverse of the old halfpenny from 1937?

18            Jimmy White reached 6 World Snooker Finals & lost them all to which 3 players?

19            Who was the woodcarver who built Pinocchio?

20            Butlins have only 3 holiday camps (known as Butlins) in the UK at present – where are they?

21            “A season of mists & mellow fruitfulness” was written by which poet about which season?

22            What were the first names of the 4 students in The Young Ones?

23            Trichology is the study of which part of the body?

24            Which female singers sang the themes to License to Kill & Goldeneye?

25            Steve Fossett made a solo crossing of the Atlantic for the first time in what?

26            Edwin land invented what type of camera?

27            Cambodia was a protectorate of which country until 1953?

28            Zane Grey was best known for writing what genre of novels?

29            What are the last 3 letters of the word shillelagh?

30a          Which musical by Cole Porter was based on The Taming of the Shrew?

30b          The Lion King was loosely based on which Shakespeare play?

30c          West Side Story was based on Romeo & Juliet – which song was sung in the equivalent of the balcony scene?


1              Alan A-Dale

2              Department of Administrative Affairs

3              Copper & zinc

4              Reeva Steenkamp

5              Boxing

6              Sloth

7              Vincent

8              Costa Brava

9              Dean Cain & Teri Hatcher

10            Spades

11            210 (209.75) a marathon is 26 miles 385 yds.

12            Dougal, Brian, Dylan & Ermintrude

13            Hamish

14            2 Gentlemen of Verona

15            Simply Red; David Essex; Perry Como; Lee Marvin

16            Gucci

17            Golden Hind

18            Steve Davis, Stephen Hendry & John Parrot

19            Geppetto

20            Bognor Regis, Skegness, Minehead

21            John Keats/Autumn

22            Vivien, Rik, Mike & Neil

23            Hair (or scalp – not head)

24            Gladys Knight & Tina Turner

25            Balloon

26            Polaroid

27            France

28            Westerns

29            AGH

30a          Kiss Me Kate

30b          Hamlet

30c          Tonight


Q             Who was the first female winner of Best TV Comedy Performance at the BAFTAS?

A              Penelope Keith (1977)

Number Guess (Nearest wins)

Q             What is the world record for blowing up the most balloons in 60 minutes?

A              910

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Africa Picture Quiz

Africa Picture Quiz

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Quiz 315

Quiz 315


1              Which petrol supplier put a “Tiger in your tank”?

2              Cat on a Hot Tin Roof is a play written by which American playwright whose name contains a state?

3              Who were Cool for Cats in 1979?

4              In the rhyme “ding dong bell” who put pussy in the well?

5              Who were the 2 main stars of the comedy Western Cat Ballou?


6              Which gas is the main constituent of the atmosphere of Mars?

7              If you add water to calcium carbide, which industrial gas is produced?

8              Which gas was the first to be used in gas warfare during World War One?

9              Nitrous oxide is better known as what type of gas?

10            Which 2 chemical elements make up the gas ammonia?

UK Geography

11            Urquhart Castle overlooks which famous stretch of water in Scotland?

12            Doncaster-Sheffield Airport is named after which historical figure?

13            Which music festival is held each year in Llangollen in Wales?

14            In which town is the headquarters of Wensleydale cheese?

15            What are the 4 English cities beginning with P?


16            “LA is a great big freeway, put a hundred down and buy a car” are lines from which Dionne Warwick song?

17            What kind of love did Paul Anka in 1960 & Donny Osmond in 1972 have?

18            Which boy band had the same name as a major road in the UK?

19            Which football team reached number one in the UK with Come On You Reds?

20            Something Stupid has been a UK number one hit twice for which 2 duos?

General Knowledge

21            Which football team beat England 6 – 3 at Wembley in 1953 which became known as the Match of the Century?

22            Who succeeded Richard Nixon as US President?

23            Holmfirth in West Yorkshire is the setting for which long-running TV comedy?

24            Mount Teide is the highest point on which holiday island?

25            Who held the British 1500m record for 28 years until 2013 when Mo Farah broke it?

26            Who was the female member of the Not the Nine O’clock News team?

27            Which jockey who was Champion Jockey 11 times died aged 53 in 2015?

28            In which country did the samba originate?

29            Who was the first elected Mayor of London in 2000?

30            Every snowflake structure is unique – true or false?


1              ESSO

2              Tennessee Williams

3              Squeeze

4              Johnny Thin

5              Jane Fonda & Lee Marvin

6              Carbon dioxide

7              Acetylene

8              Chlorine

9              Laughing gas

10            Nitrogen & hydrogen (NH3)

11            Loch Ness

12            Robin Hood

13            International Eisteddfod

14            Hawes

15            Plymouth Peterborough Preston Portsmouth

16            Do You Know the Way to San Jose?

17            Puppy Love

18            A1

19            Manchester Utd.

20            Frank & Nancy Sinatra and Robbie Williams & Nicole Kidman

21            Hungary

22            Gerald Ford

23            Last of the Summer Wine

24            Tenerife

25            Steve Cram

26            Pamela Stephenson

27            Pat Eddery

28            Brazil

29            Ken Livingstone

30            FALSE  (https://www.smithsonianmag.com/smart-news/snowflakes-all-fall-one-35-different-shapes-180953760/)


Q             Which actress has won 5 Razzies for Worst Actress of the year?

A              Madonna

Number Guess (Nearest wins)

Q             What was the price of a Triumph TR4 in 1961?

A              £1065

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Quiz 314

Quiz 314


1              Which weight in boxing is between light heavyweight & heavyweight?

2              What was the title of the sequel to Conan the Barbarian?

3              Which Washington born singer & songwriter had hit albums These Foolish Things & Let’s Stick Together in the 70’s?

4              Sherry is traditionally served in what type of glass?

5              What was the surname of James Bolam’s character in The Likely Lads?


6              Who played Gary Cooper’s wife in the 1952 western classic High Noon?

7              City of Stars & Another Day of Sun are 2 songs from which 2016 Oscar winning film?

8              Mark Rylance won Best Supporting Actor Oscar in 2016 for his part in which film with Tom Hanks?

9              Judy Garland starred with which actor in 3 Andy Hardy films of the 1940’s?

10            What was the first name of the film detective Shaft & who wrote the film theme?


11            In Canadian currency how much is a Loonie worth?

12            Which British boxer won an Olympic Gold Medal representing Canada?

13            What is celebrated on the 2nd Monday of October each year in Canada?

14            Montreal Impact & Vancouver Whitecaps are professional teams in which sport?

15            Which Canadian Province is also the name of 2 dogs?

Comedy TV

16            In which building is the comedy series W1A primarily set?

17            Which TV character worked at KACL 780 Talk Radio?

18            In My Family, what job did Susan Harper played by Zoe Wannamaker have?

19            What was the title of the political comedy starring Doctor Who actor Peter Capaldi?

20            Who are the 2 regular team captains & the host of Would I Lie To You?

General Knowledge

21            Which part of Spain had a referendum about independence last week?

22            According to a folk tale, whose “queer long coat from heel to head was half of yellow and half of red”?

23            What is the correct way to greet an Ambassador?

24            The boss of Ryanair apologised to the pilots this week – what is the bosses name?

25            Ian Botham made his Test debut while playing for which County?

26            Which country gave independence to Angola in 1975?

27            Which Thunderbird vehicle was used for underwater rescue?

28            During Theresa May’s speech at the Conservative party conference which letter of their slogan fell off first?

29            What does a polyandric woman have more than one of?

30            Lamborghini originally made motorbikes before luxury cars – true or false?


1              Cruiserweight

2              Conan the Destroyer

3              Brian Ferry

4              Schooner

5              Collier

6              Grace Kelly

7              La La Land

8              Bridge of Spies

9              Mickey Rooney

10            John & Isaac Hayes

11            One Canadian Dollar

12            Lennox Lewis

13            Thanksgiving

14            Soccer (Football)

15            Labrador & Newfoundland

16            BBC Broadcasting House

17            Frasier

18            Tour guide

19            The Thick of It

20            David Mitchell, Lee Mack & Rob Brydon

21            Catalonia

22            Pied Piper

23            Your Excellency

24            Michael O’Leary

25            Somerset

26            Portugal

27            Thunderbird 4

28            F

29            Husband

30            False – Tractors


Q             Jing Leed is a dish from Thailand made from which creature?

A              Grasshoppers

Number Guess (Nearest Wins)

Q             How many people have been in Earth orbit?

A              533

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South American Picture Quiz

South American Picture Quiz

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Quiz 313

Quiz 313

1              Which 77-year-old flew on the Space Shuttle in 1998?

2              What are the 2 smallest cities in Scotland by population?

3              Which London football club was the first to play in the top division of the Football League?

4              In which year did the Beatles perform their last full concert & in which US city was it?

5              What type of plant is David Austin known for?

6              Jambalaya is a dish from Louisiana which is typical of what type of cuisine?

7              Apart from potassium which 2 chemical elements make up potassium cyanide?

8              Which TV detective was created in books by Colin Dexter?

9              What was the name of Russia’s space station launched in 1986?

10            Which 2 Russian cities were connected by rail across Siberia in 1916?

11            Who were the first club in 1889 to win the FA Cup & League double?

12            Sarajevo was once part of Yugoslavia, in which country is it now located

13a          Gwyneth Paltrow & Chris Martin called their daughter after which fruit?

13b          Alec Baldwin & Kim Bassinger called their daughter after which part of the British Isles?

13c          Courtney Cox & David Arquette called their daughter after which famous clown or maybe perfume maker?

14            The Dutch word Boer refers originally to what occupation?

15            What are the first names of these Dad’s Army characters – Mainwaring, Wilson, Pike, Jones, Frazer, Walker & Godfrey?

16            Who was the biggest selling female solo artist of the 1960’s?

17            Which British city has the busiest heliport in the UK?

18            Wicht member of the Government was booed by about 80.000 people in 2012?

19            Which basketball team did Michael Jordan play for from 1984 to 1998?

20            Who were the 2 sportsmen who helped Ulrika Jonsson host Gladiators on TV?

21            Which Government Minister resigned in 1992 after having a affair with Antonia De Sancha?

22            Where would a stevedore work?

23            Which 2 Royal couples announced their separation on the 19th March in 1976 & 1992?

24            “Is this the kind of book you would wish your wife or servants to read” was said in court about which book?

25            In which 3 Southern Hemisphere cities have the Summer Olympics been held?

26            In which country is the resort of Phuket?

27            Which Yorkshire town was the setting for the film Kes?

28            Barnacle Bill is the theme tune to which long-running TV show?

29            Which 2 people founded Comic Relief in 1985?

30a          Blankety Blank Supermatch – Penny BLANK?

30b          Blankety Blank Supermatch – BLANK Face

30c          Blankety Blank Supermatch – Cooking BLANK


1              John Glenn

2              Stirling & Inverness

3              Woolwich Arsenal

4              1966 in San Francisco (Candlestick Park)

5              Roses

6              Creole

7              Carbon & nitrogen

8              Morse

9              Mir

10            Moscow & Vladivostok

11            Preston North End

12            Bosnia-Herzegovina

13a          Apple

13b          Ireland

13c          Coco

14            Farmer

15            George, Arthur, Frank, Jack, James, Joe & Charles

16            Cilla Black

17            Aberdeen

18            George Osborne

19            Chicago Bulls

20            John Fashanu & Jeremy Guscott

21            David Mellor

22            Docks – unloading & loading ships

23            Princess Margaret & Lord Snowdon, Prince Andrew & Sarah Ferguson

24            Lady Chatterley’s Lover

25            Melbourne Sydney & Rio

26            Thailand

27            Barnsley

28            Blue Peter

29            Lenny Henry & Richard Curtis

30a          Farthing (3 pts) Lane (2 pts) Black (1 pt)

30b          Baby (3 pts) Scar (2 pts) Clock (1 pt)

30c          Oil (3 pts) Pot (2 pts) Fat (1 pt)


Q             Which TV series won Best Comedy at the 2000 BAFTAs?

A              The League of Gentlemen

Number Guess (nearest Wins)

Q             How many Earth orbits did Sputnik 1 in 1957?

A              1440

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Quiz 312

Quiz 312

Walk or Run

1              Which company marketed the Walkman in 1979?

2              In which ski resort in Switzerland would you find the Cresta Run?

3              Runaway was a number one in 1961 in the US & the UK for which American singer?

4              What was the title of the sequel to Walking with Dinosaurs?

5              Which British actor & actress played the main lead parts in the 1976 sci-fi film Logan’s Run?

Six to Ten

6              Who was the first cricketer to hit six sixes in a single over in first class cricket?

7              Which of Disney’s Seven Dwarfs has the largest nose?

8              Pieces of Eight were coins of the 16th & 17th century from which country?

9              The Nine Network is the second largest television network in which Commonwealth country?

10a          Which writer features on current Bank of Scotland £10 notes?

10b          Which writer features on current Clydesdale Bank £10 notes?

Have A Seat

11            Sitting on the Dock of the Bay was a big hit for Otis Redding – the bay of which city does it refer to?

12            Which fence is immediately after the Chair in the Grand National?

13            Which comedian’s style was sitting on a stool, smoking & drinking whisky while telling jokes?

14            If you weren’t wearing your seat belt whilst driving in 1982 would you be committing an offence?

15            What does DFS, stand for?


16            Who was promoted to second place (silver) in the 1988 Olympic 100 metres after Johnson was disqualified for drug abuse?

17            Every Second Counts was a game show on BBC hosted by which magical presenter?

18            Michael Wilding was the second husband of which famous actress?

19            The second Doctor Who played by Patrick Troughton was often seen playing which musical instrument?

20            Second Hand Rose is a song from which musical?

General Knowledge

21            Which band’s only UK number one single was Down Down in 1974?

22            In 1888 a maid in a brothel in Arles in France received which famous body part?

23            Dame Jenny Murray has been presenting which long-running Radio show on radio 4 since 1987?

24            The Winter Olympics of 2014 were held in Sochi in Russia – on which body of water is Sochi located?

25            On the BBC Red Button – what page number are the Lottery results?

26            Which blue gemstone was first discovered near Mount Kilimanjaro in 1967 & named after the country where it was found?

27            Other than Durham, which other English cathedral is designated a World Heritage Site?

28            Which former model has written 6 autobiographies 2 of which are called A Whole New World & Love, Lipstick & Lies?

29            Willie Park Senior was the first man to win which sporting tournament in 1860?

30            The 5 Tracy brothers in Thunderbirds are all named after American astronauts – true or false?


1              Sony

2              St Moritz

3              Del Shannon

4              Walking with Beasts

5              Michael York & Jenny Agutter

6              Gary Sobers

7              Grumpy

8              Spain

9              Australia

10a          Sir Walter Scott

10b          Robert Burns

11            San Francisco

12            Water Jump

13            Dave Allen

14            No (1983)

15            Direct Furnishing Supplies

16            Linford Christie

17            Paul Daniels

18            Elizabeth Taylor

19            Recorder

20            Funny Girl

21            Status Quo

22            Van Gogh’s ear

23            Woman’s Hour

24            Black Sea

25            555

26            Tanzanite

27            Canterbury

28            Katie Price

29            The Open Golf Championship

30            TRUE


Q             Which make & model of car has won What Car’s Car of the Year 4 times?

A              VW Golf

Number Guess (Nearest wins)

Q             In which year was the first Eau de Cologne created by Johann Maria Farina?

A              1709 (It is still available as Farina 1709)

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