Beginning With Y Picture Quiz

Beginning with Y Picture Quiz

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Quiz 293

Quiz 293


1              Who were the pair of mice constantly harassed by Mr Jinks?

2              The capybara, the largest rodent in the world is native to which Continent?

3              What was the name of the rat sung about in a song by Michael Jackson?

4              Michael J Fox was the voice of which mouse in a 1999 film starring Hugh Laurie & Geena Davis?

5              Apart from garlic & herbs what are the 5 main ingredients of ratatouille?

Freds on TV

6              Fred Quilley was in charge of the horses in which BBC comedy series?

7              Which steeplejack came to TV fame whilst repairing the clock tower of Bolton Town Hall?

8              Rod Jane & Freddy were a group of musicians featured on which children’s ITV show?

9              If Lilith was Frederick’s mother, who was his father on TV?

10            Fred Jones was one of the 4 human characters in Scooby Doo, who were the other 3?

Around the UK

11            In which National Park is the Aviemore Ski Resort?

12            What is the County Town of Northumberland?

13            Which County’s flag is black with a white cross?

14            Name any English County that has a border with Wales?

15            What are the 3 longest rivers entirely in England?


16            Fanny Blankers-Koen won 4 Gold Medals at the 1948 London Olympics; what was her nationality?

17            Victor Dubuisson was the most recent Frenchman to play in which sporting team competition?

18            England always play their last Test Match every summer at which cricket ground?

19            Who did Andy Murray beat in 2016 in the Wimbledon Men’s Singles final?

20            In Olympic weightlifting, what are the 2 lifts called?

General Knowledge

21            Cadbury currently use which 1977 song by Baccara to advertise Dairy Milk?

22            People suffering from nocturnal enuresis tend to do what during the night?

23            Sextet in 1978 was the title of which sex symbol’s last film?

24            Which country of the UK celebrate their saint’s day first?

25            Who composed the opera Carmen?

26            Who was the comedian who was the original host on They Think It’s All Over?

27            Which European country got a new island called Surtsey due to a volcanic eruption in the 60s?

28            What is the main language of Bangladesh?

29            The Day of the Jackal is a Frederick Forsyth novel about an attempt to assassinate who?

30            Eva Braun was married to Adolf Hitler for 4 years – true or false?


1              Pixie & Dixie

2              South America

3              Ben

4              Stuart Little

5              Onion, courgette, aubergine, tomatoes, peppers

6              HiDiHi

7              Fred Dibnah

8              Rainbow

9              Frasier

10            Daphne Velma & Shaggy

11            Cairngorms

12            Morpeth

13            Cornwall

14            Cheshire, Shropshire, Herefordshire, Gloucestershire

15            Thames, Trent, (Great) Ouse

16            Dutch

17            Ryder Cup

18            The Oval

19            Milos Raonic

20            Snatch, Clean & jerk

21            Yes Sir I Can Boogie

22            Wet the bed

23            Mae West

24            Wales (St David March 1st)

25            Bizet

26            Nick Hancock

27            Iceland

28            Bengali

29            De Gaulle

30            False (about a day & a half)


Q             The lime water test is used to detect the presence of which gas?

A              Carbon dioxide

Number Guess (Nearest wins)

Q             According to the Heinz website, how many baked beans, on average, are there is a standard tin of baked beans?

A              465

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Quiz 292

Quiz 292

1              Who was appointed the new Environment Secretary in June 2017?

2              Other than gold, silver & bronze what other award is given to gardens at Chelsea Flower Show?

3              What are the titles of the first 4 films featuring Herbie?

4              Which composer’s Symphony No 8 is known as his “unfinished symphony”?

5              How many spikes are there on the crown of the Statue of Liberty?

6              In which films did Benny Hill play a toymaker & computer professor?

7              Other than England, which 3 European countries have played in the Cricket World Cup Finals?

8              Who was born to Klara at the Blaunau am Inn in Austria in 1889?

9              Is a 10 pence coin twice the weight of a 5 pence coin?

10            Kevin Ashman (one of the Eggheads) holds the record for the highest score in Mastermind – 32, 37 or 41?

11            Aaron Barschack gained notoriety by gate crashing which Royal’s 21st birthday party at Windsor in 2003 & who was he dressed as?

12            In which year were British troops deployed in Northern Ireland in response to riots?

13            6009 is the next year which reads the same even when upside down; which years were the previous two?

14            What did the research ship Knorr discover in 1985?

15            Name the 5 countries where polar bears can be found in the wild?

16            What is located in Manhattan New York at the junction of Broadway, 42nd Street, 47th Street & 7th Ave?

17a          Who was the fastest mouse in all Mexico?

17b          Which plant & 2 creatures are depicted on the Mexican flag?

18            Who was the first ever British scientist to be knighted in 1705?

19            In the song Fly Me to the Moon, what season does the singer want to see on which 2 planets?

20            According to the AA what is the most common cause of car breakdown?

21            Which musical instrument is commonly called a liquorice stick?

22            Where on TV would you see CECIL working every weekday generating random numbers?

23            Name the 3 women who have won BBC Sports personality of the Year since 2000?

24            What do Americans call a bum bag?

25            Which sea were the Guns of Navarone pointing at?

26a          What is the catch phrase used on the Oak Furniture Land’s adverts?

26b          Which make up is “the make-up of make-up artists”?

26c          Which brand of whisky is described as “perfectly balance”?

27            Which children’s TV series started with a clock which told the time “steadily, sensibly, never too quickly, never too slowly”?

28a          Who composed The Wedding March?

28b          Who composed the most well-known Funeral March?

29            The word honcho (as in head honcho, the boss) comes from which language?

30            How old must you be to get a private pilot’s license; supervise a learner driver; get a tattoo?


1              Michael Gove

2              Silver gilt

3              The Love Bug, Herbie Rides Again, Herbie Goes to Monte Carlo, Herbie Goes Bananas

4              Schubert

5              Seven

6              Chitty Chitty Bang Bang & The Italian Job

7              Scotland Ireland Netherlands

8              Adolf Hitler

9              Yes

10            41

11a          Prince William

11b          Osama Bin Laden

12            Aug-69

13            1961 & 1881

14            Titanic

15            USA Canada Russia Norway & Denmark (Greenland)

16            Times Square

17a          Speedy Gonzales

17b          Prickly pear cactus & eagle & snake

18            Isaac Newton

19            Spring on Jupiter & Mars

20            Dead battery

21            Clarinet

22            On Countdown

23            Paula Radcliffe, Kelly Holmes, Zara Philips

24            Fanny pack

25            Aegean

26a          No veneer in ‘ere

26b          Max Factor

26c          Famous Grouse

27            Trumpton

28a          Mendelssohn

28b          Chopin

29            Japanese

30            17, 21, 18


Q             Which team scored the first ever Football League goal in 1888?

A              Bolton Wanderers

Number Guess

Q             How many official engagements did the Queen have in 2015?

A              341

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Quiz 291

Quiz 291

Entertaining Church People

1              Who has been the host of the radio panel game Just A Minute since 1967?

2              Which double act met when they both worked as welders in Oldham in the 1960s?

3              Which comedian completed a triathlon from Paris to London for Sport Relief in 2012?

4              Which actor’s last film in 1956 was Giant?

5              Which TV series starred the following: – Tom Hollander as a London vicar Adam Smallbone;  Derek Nimmo as a monk; Mark Williams as a detective priest


6              Who was French president immediately before Georges Pompidou?

7              Which famous building was the official seat of government in 1682 until the French Revolution?

8              How many King Louis did France have – 14, 16 or 18?

9              In which year did France win the football World Cup?

10            What are France’s 3 largest cities by population after Paris?


11            Which team was Alan Ball playing for when England won the World Cup (they’ve just won promotion to League 1)?

12            Pinball Wizard features in which film?

13            After how many games are the balls changed for the first time in professional tennis matches?

14            Michael Ball made his West End stage debut playing Marius in which long-running musical?

15            Which 3 colours are used to grade the balls used in squash from fast to slow?


16            What was the title of Stephen Hawking’s biggest selling book?

17            What time is shown on a box of After Eight mints?

18            Which song by Whitney Houston was the official theme for the 1988 Seoul Olympics?

19            Who wrote the classic book The Time Machine?

20            In which time zones are the following American cities – Los Angeles Chicago Salt lake City?

General Knowledge

21            Zagreb is the capital of which European country?

22            Who was Hitler’s propaganda minister from 1933 to 1945?

23            Eric Knight wrote novels about which famous dog?

24            In which children’s comic did the character Beryl the Peril appear?

25            What 5 letter word precedes the name of Open Championship venues Troon, Birkdale & Lytham?

26            What profession is most likely to use petersham?

27            Lang Lang is a famous Chinese musician on which instrument?

28            In judo what colour belt do you achieve after yellow?

29            In which musical does the song Secret Love feature?

30            A second class grade 2 degree (a 2.2) is known as a Desmond in Universities after Desmond Tutu – true or false?


1              Nicholas Parsons

2              Cannon & Ball

3              John Bishop

4              James Dean

5              Rev; Oh Brother; Father Brown

6              Charles De Gaulle

7              Palace of Versailles

8              18

9              1998

10            Marseille Lyon Toulouse

11            Blackpool

12            Tommy

13            7

14            Les Misérables

15            Blue Red Yellow (& double yellow)

16            A Brief History of Time

17            8.03

18            One Moment in Time

19            H G Wells

20            Pacific Central Mountain

21            Croatia

22            Joseph Goebbels

23            Lassie

24            Topper

25            Royal

26            Milliner, tailor, seamstress

27            Piano

28            Orange

29            Calamity Jane

30            TRUE


Q             Half of the proceeds of which ABBA hit single were donated to UNICEF?

A              Chiquitita

Number Guess

Q             What was the kerb weight of the original Model T Ford (in pounds)?

A              1190.5 lbs

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Numerical Films Picture Quiz

Film Numbers Picture Quiz

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Quiz 290

Quiz 290


1              Which futuristic policeman was played by Peter Weller in 1987 & Joel Kinnaman in 2014?

2              In which film did Charlton Heston play Moses?

3              The Windmills of Your Mind won Best Original Song Oscar in 1968; which Steve McQueen film is it from?

4              Which diamond was stolen by Sir Charles Lytton played by David Niven in  a 1963 comedy film?

5              Which 2 Bond films starred Timothy Dalton as James Bond?


6              Which vegetable is mixed with mashed potato to make the Irish dish colcannon?

7              In legend Finn MacCool is supposed to have built which famous Irish landmark?

8              Which sport is associated with the Curragh?

9              Which Irish easy listening singer who passed away last year had hits with Walk Tall & Elusive Butterfly in the 60s?

10           Which Irish counties can be described by these clues: –

Something you might put on salad; describes the soft feathers used in pillows; a comic poem; a TV doctor?


11           What colour is the black box on modern aircraft?

12           Roger Black was British athlete who won a silver medal at the 1996 Olympics at which individual event?

13           Black Hawk Down was a film based on a real raid by the USA into which East African country?

14           Black Rod requests entry by the Queen to Parliament by knocking on the door of the Commons how many times?

15           Who had hits with these black songs: – Black or White 1991, Paint It Black 1966, Blackberry Way 1968?

Rock, Paper, Scissors

16           What kind of rock arrived on Earth for the first time on the 24th July 1969?

17           What is the Japanese art of paper folding called?

18           The scissors was a technique, now rarely seen, used in which athletic event?

19           Who played Jim Rockford in the Rockford TV series?

20           Which father & daughter starred in the film Paper Moon in 1972?

General Knowledge

21           In which English county is Leeds Castle?

22           Which Shakespeare play opens in Elsinore Castle?

23           What is the first name of the man who gave his name to Mount Everest?

24           Jean de Brunhof created the children’s stories about which elephant?

25           On which planet is the highest known mountain?

26           Which award was first won by Barbara Windsor in 1976 & last won by Jennifer Metcalfe from Hollyoaks?

27           In which ocean are the Azores?

28           Charles Ingram became famous on TV as a cheat; on which TV show?

29           Which breakfast cereal was advertised as “central heating for kids”?

30           Hazel Irvine, the BBC sports presenter, holds the Scottish record for the long jump – true or false?


1              Robocop

2              The Ten Commandments

3              The Thomas Crown Affair

4              The Pink Panther

5              The Living Daylights & Licensed to Kill

6              Cabbage (or kale)

7              Giant’s Causeway

8              Horse racing

9              Val Doonican

10           Mayo; Down; Limerick; Kildare

11           Orange

12           400 metres

13           Somalia

14           Three

15           Michael Jackson, Rolling Stones, Move

16           Moon rocks

17           Origami

18           High Jump

19           James Garner

20           Ryan O’Neill & Tatum O’Neill

21           Kent

22           Hamlet

23           George

24           Babar

25           Mars (Olympus Mons)

26           Rear of the Year

27           Atlantic

28           Who wants to be a millionaire?

29           Ready Brek

30           FALSE


Q             In which British city would you find the Rupert Bear Museum?

A             Canterbury

Number Guess (Nearest wins)

Q             As of the end of May 2017, what was Tiger Woods world golf ranking?

A             876


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TV Pictogtams Picture Quiz

TV Pictogram Picture Quiz

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