A Christmas Story

Find all the Christmas related words hidden in this silly story.

Christmas was coming soon. The wife was keeping out the way in the kitchen dusting the shelves and arranging the tins. Elizabeth liked tidying up as it kept her calm, a gin and tonic also helped.

She had vented her anger on the kids earlier when they brought a strange little dog home and insisted she give him something to eat. “Oy”, she said. “This isn’t a home for strays. It reeks of poo!”.

The marriage had not been going well. She had been seeing another man, Gerald. He worked at the chemist around the corner and Elizabeth had far too many packets of aspirin in stock. In Gerald, she saw something she liked.

I decided not to slag old Gerald off and instead put her indiscretion in the past. A blemished reputation shouldn’t cause a marriage to end. Besides, now she has a given Gerald the boot.

Our Christmas was going to be cracking. If two people can still love each other even with a few setbacks, then the world is a better place.

David, the eldest, wanted a remote-control car, Oliver wanted an Xbox and in no time at all they were arguing. Will I let the marriage crumble?

No. Elizabeth and the kids are all I ever wanted.

With a new pan to start the meal off, we had a great time. A real sweet-fest. I’ve got a terrible tummy ache.

Merry Christmas




Elves, tinsel, magi, advent, angel, toy, tree, manger, star, stocking, gold, stable, snow, gift, eve, carol, inn, noel, pantos, festive

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Quiz 325

Quiz 325

1              Denmark has a land border with which country?

2              Europa and Io are two of the largest moons of which planet?

3              What is the green horseradish called in Japan?

4              In Porridge, how did Fletcher plead at his trial, how many years was he sentenced to & how many children did he have?

5              Who were captains of the England football teams at the 1982, 1998 & 2002 World Cups?

6              The Sweden 3 Skilling yellow is the world’s most expensive what?

7              What first name is common to James Caan’s role in The Godfather & the name of the robot in I, Robot?

8              The board game Parcheesi is known as what in the UK?

9              Which scientist described the 3 Laws of Motion in the 17th Century?

10           How many Beatles albums reached number one in the UK – 7, 9 or 11?

11           Which Liberal & Liberal Democrat MP represented Berwick from 1973 to 2015?

12           Can you name 3 of the New England States in the USA?

13           What was the title of the best-selling novel by Paula Hawkins made into a film starring Emily Blunt in 2016?

14           Made famous by Gracie Fields which house plant is also called the cast iron plant?

15           What are the names of the 2 chefs who present & judge Masterchef – The Professionals with Greg Wallace?

16           Which metal is the best conductor of heat & electricity?

17           The blue agave cactus is used to make which alcoholic drink?

18           Which part of the Ukraine returned to Russian control in 2014?

19           What was the name of Popeye’s rival for Olive’s affections?

20a         Family Plot in 1976 was the last film made by which director?

20b         A Passage to India in 1984 was the last film made by which director?

21           Catherine of Aragon was the mother of which future monarch of England?

22           Which singer was known as the Queen of Disco?

23           Who were the 4 members of the Not The 9 O’clock News cast on TV in the 80’s?

24           For Whom the Bell Tolls by Ernest Hemingway is set during which civil war?

25           In which decade were L plates for learner drivers made compulsory?

26           Which US car manufacturer makes the Corvette?

27           The final of the World Snooker Championships is the best of how many frames?

28           Bratislava is the capital of which country?

29           Stewart Copeland was best known as the drummer in which band?

30           What are the 5 disciplines of modern pentathlon?


1              Germany

2              Jupiter

3              Wasabi

4              Guilty, Five, Three

5              Mick Mills, Alan Shearer & David Beckham

6              Stamp

7              Sonny

8              Ludo

9              Isaac Newton

10           11

11           Alan Beith

12           Massachusetts, Maine, Rhode Island, Vermont, New Hampshire, Connecticut

13           The Girl on the Train

14           Aspidistra

15           Marcus Wareing & Monica Galetti

16           Silver

17           Tequila

18           Crimea

19           Bluto

20a         Alfred Hitchcock

20b         David Lean

21           Mary I

22           Donna Summer

23           Rowan Atkinson, Gryff Rhys-Jones, Mel Smith, Pamela Stephenson

24           Spanish

25           1930s (1935)

26           Chevrolet

27           35

28           Slovakia

29           Police

30           Running, swimming, shooting, riding, fencing


Q             YOW is the IATA airport code for which city?

A             Ottawa

Number Guess (Nearest wins)

Q             At its nearest point how far from the Earth’s surface is the International Space Station?

A             249.2 miles

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Quiz 324

Quiz 324

Life Music

1              For Once in My Life & You Are the Sunshine of My Life are 70’s hit songs by which performer?

2              What kind of soup did 10cc think life was like in their 1975 hit?

3              With which ABBA song did Westlife have a number one in 1999?

4              In the Dire Straits’ song Walk of Life, what is the first name of the singer mentioned in the first line?

5              (I’ve had) The Time of My Life by Jennifer Warnes & Bill Medley is from which film & which ad uses it on TV?


6              What was the name of the military organisation run by Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart in Doctor Who?

7              In which country did the organisation known as the Khmer Rouge mainly operate?

8              “Connecting police for a safer world” is the motto of which organisation?

9              Combining a colour and a month, which organisation was responsible for the 1972 Munich Olympics murders?

10            Which organisations did these people work for – Ernst Blofeld, Napoleon Solo, Jason King?


11            Babs, Teddy & joy were collectively known as which singing trio?

12            What was the first name of Dennis the Menace’s sister who wore a yellow and black striped vest

13            Meg, Jo, Amy & Beth were the 4 sisters in which classic novel by Louisa May Alcott?

14            What was the first name of Anne Boleyn’s sister who was one of Henry VIII’s mistresses?

15            What are the first names of the Kardashian sisters (not half-sisters)?

TV Birds

16            Which American 80’s soap starred Jane Wyman as head of the Channing family vineyards?

17            Which children’s TV show was originally presented in the 70’s by Susan Stranks & Tony Bastable

18            What was the name of the bird puppet that appeared in the BBC Broom Cupboard with Andi Peters?

19            What was the surname of Nicholas Lyndhurst’s character in Goodnight Sweetheart?

20            In which BBC historical drama did Anthony Head play Uther Pendragon & Bradley James play Arthur Pendragon?

General Knowledge

21            Who designed the High Level Bridge over the River Tyne?

22            In which Canadian Province is Edmonton?

23            Shane Warne scored over 3000 runs in Test cricket; how many centuries did he achieve?

24            What is the name of the main sugar found in milk?

25            Who was manager of the Wales football team between December 2010 & November 2011?

26            On which island is the highest Spanish mountain?

27            What is the chemical symbol for tungsten?

28            Who, in 2013, was the oldest entertainer to perform at Glastonbury?

29            Which musical instrument is Julian Lloyd Webber famous for playing?

30            Larry Hagman (JR in Dallas) refused to talk on Sundays – true or false?


1              Stevie Wonder

2              Minestrone

3              I Have a Dream

4              Johnny (Here come Johnny singing oldies, goldies)

5              Dirty Dancing & Money Supermarket

6              UNIT

7              Cambodia

8              Interpol

9              Black September

10            SPECTRE, UNCLE, Department S

11            Beverley Sisters

12            Bea

13            Little Women

14            Mary

15            Kim, Kourtney, Khloe

16            Falcon Crest

17            Magpie

18            Edd the Duck

19            (Gary) Sparrow

20            Merlin

21            Robert Stephenson

22            Alberta

23            None

24            Lactose

25            Gary Speed

26            Tenerife (Mount Teide)

27            W

28            Bruce Forsyth

29            Cello

30            TRUE


Q             Which country is the largest producer of kiwi fruit?

A              Italy

Number Guess (nearest Wins)

Q             How many goals have Newcastle Utd scored in the Premier League?

A              1182 (to Dec 2nd 2017)

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Quiz 323

Quiz 323


1              Afrikaans, widely spoken in South Africa, is closely related to which European language?

2              What was the former name of Harare, the capital of Zimbabwe?

3              Which North African country was the only African representative at the football World Cup in 1934?

4              The Nile is the longest river in Africa – which river is the 2nd longest?

5              What modern African countries did these countries become – Gold Coast, Basutoland, Southern Rhodesia?

Famous Toms

6              What was the name of the bulldog that featured in the Tom & Jerry cartoons?

7              Who played the part of singer Tommy Steele in the film The Tommy Steele Story?

8              Tom Baker played Doctor Who for some time; which number Doctor was he?

9              Who wrote The Adventures of Tom Sawyer”?

10            Tom Cruise has been married 3 times – to whom?


11            What was the name of the character in Corrie who tried to kill the Platts by driving into the canal?

12            Who was the first female newsreader on ITV’s News At Ten in 1978?

13            Which English cathedral was the tallest building in the world in the 16th century?

14            Who won his only Oscar playing a former boxer in Million Dollar Baby & played God in Bruce Almighty?

15a          Which car model means mountain range in Spanish?

15b          Which car model means play music fast in Italian?

15c          Which car model was named after an Italian ski resort?


16            Romeo & Juliet fell in love in which city?

17            In which 1987 film does Alex Forrest have a dangerous affair with Dan Gallagher resulting in rabbit casserole?

18            Who was Princess Margaret’s lover in the 50’s although they weren’t allowed to marry?

19            Nell Gwyn was the long-time lover of which English King?

20            Which film lovers played a sexy game of chess in 1968 film The Thomas Crown Affair?

General Knowledge

21            Who was born “on a mountain top in Tennessee”?

22            The artist George Stubbs was most famous for painting which creatures?

23            Which country was rules by King Zog in the 1930s?

24            Which musical was the first to run for 20 years in London’s West End?

25            In which Royal residence is St George’s Chapel?

26            What does a numismatist collect?

27            Which football team are known as the Hatters?

28            Which type of writing did Isaac Pitman develop?

29            Which TV show introduced Mr Blobby to the world?

30            There is a museum in Kent dedicated to the history of dog collars & dogs are not allowed – true or false?


1              Dutch

2              Salisbury

3              Egypt

4              Congo

5              Ghana Lesotho Zambia

6              Spike

7              Tommy Steele

8              4th

9              Mark Twain

10            Mimi Rogers, Nicole Kidman, Katie Holmes

11            Richard Hillman

12            Anna Ford

13            Lincoln

14            Morgan Freeman

15a          Sierra

15b          Allegro

15c          Cortina

16            Verona

17            Fatal Attraction

18            Peter Townsend

19            Charles II

20            Steve McQueen & Faye Dunaway

21            Davy Crockett

22            Horses

23            Albania

24            Cats

25            Windsor Castle

26            Coins & medals

27            Luton Town

28            Shorthand

29            Noel’s House Party

30            True (It’s in Leeds Castle)


Q             China has the top 4 largest shopping malls in the world; which country has the largest outside China?

A              Phillipines

Number Guess (Nearest wins)

Q             What is the boiling point of gold (in degrees Celsius)?

A              2807 C

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Beginning With O Picture Quiz

Beginning with O Picture Quiz

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Quiz 322

Quiz 322

1              What is the name of the large shopping centre on the outskirts of Sheffield?

2              Which metallic element was the most commonly used in filament electric light bulbs until recent years?

3              What was the name of the medical centre where Harold Shipman worked in Hyde, near Manchester?

4              Which word related to social media was voted “Word of the Year” in 2013 in the UK?

5              The Spice Islands as they were known in the 16th Century now form part of which Asian country?

6              Gene Simmons is a singer & bass guitarist of which rock band?

7              What were the capitals of West & East Germany prior to reunification in 1990?

8              Brenda, Tony, Dolly, Jean, Twinkle & Anita were the main characters in which TV sitcom?

9a            Which newspaper was credited with breaking the Nixon Watergate scandal in 1972?

9b            Who were the 2 journalists credited with breaking the story?

10            “They seek him here, they seek him there” – who did the Kinks seek in 1966?

11            American players have won the most tennis Grand Slam titles, which European country is the next most successful?

12            The first man to reach the summit of Mount Everest was from which country?

13            Which Western TV series featured a father & his 3 sons, Adam Joe & Eric?

14            What does the M stand for in MRI scan?

15            In the World 10-Dance Championships which 5 ballroom dances are used (not Latin)?

16            Cove Rangers Buckie Thistle & Fraserburgh all play in which football league in Scotland?

17            Operation Windrush was the name given to the immigration of the first West Indians to the UK, from which island?

18            The Anschluss in 1938 unified Germany with which other country?

19            What was the title of the 2014 film telling the story of breaking the Enigma code by Alan Turing & his team?

20            Greg Heffley is known as who in children’s books by Jeff Kinney?

21            When Nelson put a telescope to his blind eye, what 4 words did he allegedly say?

22a          In which 2 Australian States has I’m A Celebrity…. been filmed?

22b          Which cricketer was the first sportsman to be crowned King of the Jungle in 2003?

23            After Oslo, what are the 2 most populated towns in Norway?

24            Transsexual Dana International won the 1998 Eurovision Song Contest representing which country?

25            Which 4 chemical element symbols make the US State Montana?

26            What were the titles of the spin-off series from Dallas & Dynasty?

27            What is the American name for a courgette?

28            What was the highest estimated level of inflation in Zimbabwe in 2008 – 26million%, 230million% or 79.6 billion%?

29            How many children did the Waltons have?

30            What are the State capitals of these US States – all have a British equivalent town -Virginia, Nebraska, Massachusetts, Delaware?


1              Meadowhall

2              Tungsten

3              Donnybrook Medical Centre

4              Selfie

5              Indonesia

6              Kiss

7              Bonn & East Berlin

8              dinnerladies

9a            Washington Post

9b            Carl Bernstein & Bob Woodward

10            Dedicated Follower of Fashion

11            Sweden

12            New Zealand (Sir Edmund Hillary)

13            Bonanza

14            Magnetic (Resonance Imaging)

15            Waltz, foxtrot, tango, quickstep & Viennese waltz

16            Highland League

17            Jamaica

18            Austria

19            The Imitation Game

20            The Wimpy Kid

21            I see no ships

22a          Queensland & New South Wales

22b          Phil Tufnell

23            Bergen & Stavanger

24            Israel

25            Molybdenum Nitrogen Tantalum Sodium

26            Knots Landing, The Colbys

27            Zucchini

28            79.6 billion per cent

29            Seven

30            Richmond Lincoln Boston Dover


Q             Which city was voted the Best Place to Live in the UK 2017?

A              Bristol

Number Guess (Nearest wins)

Q             On the first boat in Operation Windrush (Q17), how many people arrived in the UK?

A              493 (492 + 1 stowaway)

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Quiz 321

Quiz 321


1              In which decade did Juan Carlos I become King of Spain?

2              What is the Spanish word for navy?

3              Which of the Balearic Islands is closest to Spain?

4              What is the International Car Registration identification for Spain?

5a            Which of the Beckhams kids was born in Spain?

5b            Which Spanish born actor did the voice for Puss In Boots in Shrek?

5c            Who was the first Spanish actress to have a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame?

General Knowledge

6              What type of headdress was traditionally worn by triumphant generals?

7              I Am the Very Model of a Modern Major-General is a song from which Gilbert & Sullivan opera?

8              The General Lee was a car driven by 2 characters in which TV series?

9              In the Buster Keaton The General – what exactly was The General?

10            Which Political Parties had these slogans at General Elections – “It’s time to get Britain working again” 1992; “Freedom, justice, honesty” 2001; “Vote for change” 2005/10

TV Game Shows

11            In which game show would you hear the words “You don’t get anything for a pair, not in this game”?

12            Which diminutive actor hosts the BBC game show Tenable?

13            How much money was in the Take Your Pick treasure chest in the 90’s version with Des O’Connor?

14            Which game show was a variation on Bingo?

15            Can you name 2 of the girls who assisted the host in Wheel of Fortune?


16            What is the name for the small dumplings in Italian cookery?

17            Leeks, breadcrumbs & which other ingredient make up a Glamorgan Sausage?

18            Which fruit is generally known as the “bread of the desert”?

19            What is the name given to sliced or diced raw vegetables as a starter?

20            According to Metro.co.uk what are the top 3 tastiest breakfast cereals?

General Knowledge

21            Which country owns the Galapagos Islands?

22            Which healthier breakfast cereal arrived in the UK in 1922 from the USA?

23            Never Say Never Again starring Sean Connery was a version of which original Bond film?

24            Which folk group had a 1975 hit with All Around My Hat?

25            What was wrestler Big Daddy’s real name?

26            What surname did the character played by Rik Mayall have in Blackadder Goes Forth?

27            Who resigned as Margaret Thatcher’s Chancellor in 1989?

28            In which London thoroughfare did Sweeney Todd operate?

29            Which famous cathedral was designed by Sir Basil Spence?

30            Rachel Riley from Countdown is an avid collector of Russian dolls – true or false?


1              1970s (1975)

2              Armada

3              Ibiza

4              E

5a            Cruz

5b            Antonio Banderas

5c            Penelope Cruz

6              Laurel wreath

7              Pirates of Penzance

8              Dukes of Hazzard

9              Train

10            Labour; Liberal Democrats; Conservative

11            Play Your Cards Right

12            Warwick Davis

13            £1,000

14            Bob’s Full House

15            Angela Ekaette, Carol Smillie, Jenny Powell (Terri Seymour)

16            Gnocchi

17            Cheese

18            Dates

19            Crudités

20            Coco Pops, Ricicles, Frosted Shreddies

21            Ecuador

22            All Bran

23            Thunderball

24            Steeleye Span

25            Shirley Crabtree

26            Flashheart

27            Nigel Lawson

28            Fleet Street

29            Coventry

30            FALSE


Q             Which entertainer has written a book called How To Be Champion?

A              Sarah Millican

Number Guess (Nearest Wins)

Q             How high above sea level is the highest point in the Isle of Wight?

A              791 feet

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