Quiz 400

quiz 400


1              In which fictional Kansas town was Clark Kent brought up?

2              Police Officer Alex Murphy was severely wounded and transformed into who?

3              What was the day job of Spiderman?

4              Arlon O’Hanlon played which superhero in the TV series My Hero?

5              What are the names of the 4 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles?


6              Little Red Corvette was a song by Prince issued as a double A-side with which better known song in 1985?

7              Who was the father of Viscount Linley who was born in 1961?

8              Earl Grey tea is flavoured with a variety of which fruit?

9              Princess Jasmine appeared in which 1992 Disney film?

10            What were the names of the 4 main characters who lived together in the Dukes of Hazzard?

Deaths in History

11            Which famous sailor was killed on the island of Hawaii in 1779?

12            How many of the participants were killed in the Gunfight at the O K Corral?

13            Reinhard Heydrich the high ranking German Nazi was assassinated in 1942 in which European capital city?

14            Which entertainer died in 1999 after trying to adjust his TV aerial and falling from the roof of his house?

15            Who are these people who are included in the 27 Club (died age 27)?

15a          Lead singer of the Doors?

15b          Her best known album was Back to Black?

15c          Founding member of Nirvana?

15d          American rock & blues singer often nicknamed Pearl?


16            Which cathedral is the final resting place of Saint Cuthbert?

17            In Harry Potter & the Goblet of Fire the 1994 Quidditch World Cup Final was held in which English National Park?

18            Which city in Essex was effectively the capital of England for 1 week in 1381?

19            Which city is the state capital of New York State?

20            Who played Eliza’s father in the film My Fair Lady?


General Knowledge

21            What is the name of the legendary ghost ship that can never make port and must sail the oceans forever?

22            The theme tune to Open All Hours is played over the opening credits on which musical instrument?

23            Northern Rhodesia became which country when it gained independence in 1964?

24            Which business would you reach in Coronation Street by calling 0161 715 1515?

25            What is the mark on the side of a ship called indicating its maximum loading?

26            Which American family drama set in the 1930’s & 40’s is based in Virginia?

27            In American Pie by Don McLean, what were the “good old boys” drinking?

28            How many surfaces does a Mobius strip have?

29            What was the name of the Chinese Benny Hill character whose English was a little odd?

30            The Caesarean Section used in childbirth is named after Julius Caesar who was born that way – true or false?


1              Smallville

2              Robocop

3              Photographer

4              Thermoman

5              Leonardo, Donatello, Raphael & Michelangelo

6              1999

7              Anthony Armstrong-Jones (1st Earl of Snowdon)

8              Orange (Bergamot)

9              Aladdin

10            Bo, Luke, Daisy & Uncle Jesse

11            James Cook

12            Three (Tom & Frank McLaury & Billy Clanton)

13            Prague

14            Rod Hull

15a          Jim Morrison

15b          Amy Winehouse

15c          Kurt Cobain

15d          Janis Joplin

16            Durham

17            Dartmoor

18            Chelmsford

19            Albany

20            Stanley Holloway

Connection – UK Prisons

21            Flying Dutchman

22            Trumpet (or cornet)

23            Zambia

24            Streetcars

25            Plimsoll Line

26            The Waltons

27            Whiskey & rye

28            One

29            Chow Mein

30            False


Q             The best-selling special issue of Jackie was in 1972 which featured the UK tour of which American singer?

A              David Cassidy

Number Guess (Nearest wins)

Q             How many employees did Blackhall Colliery have in 1960 (above & below ground)?

A              2106


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Mash-Up Quiz 031

mash up quiz 031

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Quiz 399

quiz 399


1              What is the most famous landmark associated with Mount Lee?

2              Clint Eastwood was the former Mayor of which Californian town?

3              What is the name of the 2 mile long street in LA famous for its luxury goods?

4              Which entertainment complex is located in Anaheim?

5              What are the 4 most populated cities in California after Los Angeles?


6              Peter Fleming was the tennis doubles partner of which American Grand Slam winner & former Number one?

7              Which golfer is known as the Big Easy?

8              England have failed to qualify for the Football World Cup 3 times – name any of the years when this happened?

9              Currently who holds the British 200 metres record for men?

10            Which 3 motor races are regarded as the Triple Crown of Motor Racing?


11            What is Lord Hereford’s Knob – a mountain in Wales, a nickname for Hereford Town Hall or the crypt where he’s buried?

12            Which metallic element may be responsible for the phrase “mad as a hatter”?

13            Mel Blanc who did the voice for Bugs Bunny has what written on his gravestone?

14            In Britain which month is the longest?

15            What date is Star Wars Day?

Film & TV Characters

16            Who plays John Luther in the BBC TV series?

17            Kenneth More played Ambrose Claverhouse in which Ealing comedy of 1953?

18            Wesley Crusher is a character played by Will Wheaton in which sci-fi TV series?

19            Daphne Moon played by Jane Leeves in Frasier was from which English city?

20            In which film did Tim Allen play Scott Calvin?

General Knowledge

21            Juliana, Beatrix & William-Alexander were the last 3 monarchs of which European country?

22            Which company is assisted in its advertising by Captain Obvious?

23            Which famous dam in the USA was completed in 1936 after 5 years of construction?

24            Who is the only British Prime Minister to win the Nobel Prize for Literature?

25            Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da was a UK number one for which Scottish band?

26            Which sport other than tennis is Wimbledon known for?

27            What is the organisation called SETI looking for?

28            Which word “if you say it loud enough you’ll always sound precocious”?

29            Which coastal shipping area is immediately south of Tyne?

30            The snow used in a scene in The Wizard of Oz was industrial asbestos – true or false?


1              Hollywood sign

2              Carmel

3              Rodeo Drive

4              Disneyland

5              San Diego, San Jose, San Francisco, Fresno

6              John McEnroe

7              Ernie Els

8              1974 1978 & 1994

9              John Regis

10            Indianapolis 500, Le Mans 24 hr Race, Monaco GP

11            Mountain in Wales

12            Mercury

13            That’s All Folks

14            October (31 days + 1 hour)

15            May 4th

16            Idris Elba

17            Genevieve

18            Star Trek: The Next Generation

19            Manchester

20            The Santa Clause

21            Netherlands

22            Hotels.com

23            Hoover Dam (accept Boulder Dam)

24            Winston Churchill

25            Marmalade

26            Croquet

27            Signs of alien life

28            Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious

29            Humber

30            TRUE


Q             The Childrens Fiction Award is named after which sweets?

A              Smarties

Number Guess (Nearest wins)

Q             In which year did Thorntons Continental chocolates first go on sale?

A              1954

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Mash-Up Quiz 030

mash up quiz 030

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Quiz 398

quiz 398

1              The Wild Boars football team became famous worldwide in June 2018 for what reason?

2              Which chemical element was discovered by Marie Curie & named after her native country?

3              Which morose comedian was the first winner of Celebrity Big Brother in 2001?

4              In the symbol of Amnesty International what is surrounded by barbed wire?

5              Which famous aircraft landed at Heathrow Airport in January 1970 for the first time?

6              Macao was a colony of which European country until 1999?

7              Which 2 British athletes have won a heptathlon Olympic Gold Medal at the summer Olympics?

8              What is the title given to a chef who is essentially second in command to the head chef?

9              What is the name of the dog cartoon featured in the Daily Mail & Mail On Sunday?

10            What are the 2 books of the Bible named after women?

11            A statue of which comedy legend stands in Dockwray Square, North Shields where he lived from 1897 to 1902?

12            Currently who are 6th & 8th in line to the British throne?

13a          Which NFL American Football team does not have a city or state in its name?

13b          What are the 2 NFL teams that play in New York?

14            Kevin Godley & Lol Crème were 2 of the original members of which band formed in 1972?

15            All of these people were born on New Year’s Eve: –

15a          Played Batman in Batman Forever?

15b          Created Gangnam Style in 2012?

15c          Singer known as the Queen of Disco?

15d          Was manager of Aberdeen from 1978 to 1986?

16            Which US TV police series was set in and around New York’s 11th precinct?

17            Which Italian coffee company was founded in 1895 in Turin?

18            What is the name given to the instrument used to measure wind speed?

19            Which 7 countries form the Group of Seven (G7) as the 7 largest advanced economies in the world?

20            Which motor company made the Riva & Samara models in the 70’s & 80’s?

21            Which country legalised the use of cannabis in October 2018?

22            Which 2 actresses played Aunt Sally & Saucy Nancy in the BBC series Worzel Gummidge?

23            HMV may go bust shortly – what is the name of the famous dog on their logo?

24            Which man’s name would be dash, dash dash dash, dash dash in Morse code?

25            Originally on 70s TV who were Sabrina, Jill & Kelly known as collectively?

26            What is the first song performed in the film musical Oliver!?

27            How many minutes does an incoming batsman have to be ready to face the bowler after a wicket has fallen?

28            Who makes the following perfumes: – Eternity; J’Adore; Scandal?

29            Which tech company was the first to be valued at $1 trillion?

30            Identify these best-selling toys – I’ll give the year & a description: –

30a          1968 A game using sticks & balls

30b          1984 A Transformers toy which turned into a truck

30c          1991 One of the first hand-held game consoles

30d          1996 An action figure from a popular film

30e          2002 A set of fashion dolls for girls including Yasmin & Chloe


1              Cave rescue in Thailand

2              Polonium

3              Jack Dee

4              A candle

5              Boeing 747 Jumbo Jet

6              Portugal

7              Denise Lewis & Jessica Ennis-Hill

8              Sous chef

9              Fred Bassett

10            Ruth & Esther

11            Stan Laurel

12            Prince Harry & Princess Beatrice

13a          New England Patriots

13b          Giants & Jets

14            10cc

15a          Val Kilmer

15b          Psy

15c          Donna Summer

15d          Alex Ferguson

16            Kojak

17            Lavazza

18            Anemometer

19            USA France Germany UK Japan Italy Canada

20            Lada

21            Canada

22            Una Stubbs & Barbara Windsor

23            Nipper

24            Tom

25            Charlie’s Angels

26            Food Glorious Food

27            3 minutes

28            Calvin Klein; Dior; Jean-Paul Gaultier

29            Apple

30            Kerplunk; Optimus Prime; Gameboy; Buzz Lightyear; Bratz


Q             Aku Ankka is the name in Finland for which cartoon character?

A              Donald Duck

Number Guess (Nearest wins)

Q             How much was Buzz Lightyear to buy in 1996

A              £23.87

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Quiz 397


1              The keyboard player with the 90’s band D:Ream is now a physics professor & TV presenter – who is he?

2              Who played the farmer Ray Kinsella in the baseball based sports film of 1995, Field of Dreams?

3              The USA entered what became known as the Dream Team in the 1992 Olympics in which sport?

4              The film Blade Runner was based on the Philip K. Dick book Do Androids Dream of Electric …….what?

5              Who had top 5 hits with these “dream” songs: – I Have A Dream 1999, Never Had A Dream Come True 2000, Sweet Dreams My LA Ex 2003, Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This) 1983?


6              The MP ED Balls became a dance icon on Strictly Come Dancing with his version of what dance style?

7              Zoe Ball, Emma Forbes, Andi Peters & Jamie Theakston all hosted which BBC Saturday morning TV show?

8              Lazlo Biro is best known for patenting the first practical ballpoint pen – what nationality was he?

9              Alan Ball played in the 1966 World Cup Final for England – which club side was he playing for at the time?

10            Which of these balls are larger: – Table tennis or golf ball; netball or basketball; baseball or cricket ball?


11            What is the name of the pub mentioned in Pop Goes The Weasel?

12            What pub name is generally regarded as the most common in the UK?

13            What is the name of the either pub in Stevenson’s Treasure Island?

14            In 1966 a murder was carried out in The Blind Beggar in Whitechapel by whom?

15            In which TV series do these pubs or bars feature: – The Boar’s Nest, Duke’s, The Flying Horse, The Skinners Arms

Same 3 Letters

16            What is the name of the castle in Cornwall which may have had a connection to the King Arthur legend?

17            What is the name of the social search mobile app that allows people to like & chat to each other if they wish to hook up?

18            Emma Chambers, who passed away this year, was known for playing Alice in The Vicar of Dibley – what was Alice’s surname?

19            What is the name of the condition whereby the sufferer hears sounds where none are present?

20            What was the name given to an area of New York around 5th & 6th Avenues in the early 20th Century where music publishers & songwriters dominated?

Gamblers Round

21            In Peter Pan there were 3 Darling children – name one of the 2 boys (Wendy was the girl)?

22            What do Americans call a zebra crossing?

23            Which Royal did Jack Brooksband marry in October 2018?

24            Which 3 word Spanish phrase meaning see you later did Schwarzenegger say in Terminator 2?

25            What is the capital city of the Australian State of Victoria?

26            Who is missing from this list – Jermaine, Marlon, Jackie & Tito?

27            What was the name of the giraffe used by Toys ‘R’ Us until it collapsed in 2018?

28            Which former England cricketer is to become one of the new hosts of Top Gear?

29            Where in the human body would you find the limbic system?

30            Denny’s restaurants didn’t have locks on the doors as they were open 24 hrs a day every day until 1988 when they shut on Christmas Day for the first time – true or false?


1              Prof, Brian Cox

2              Kevin Costner

3              Basketball

4              Sheep

5              Westlife, S Club 7, Rachel Stevens, Eurythmics

6              Gangnam Style

7              Live & Kicking

8              Hungarian

9              Blackpool

10            Golf ball; basketball; baseball

11            Eagle

12            Red Lion

13            The Admiral Benbow Inn or Spyglass Tavern

14            Ronnie Kray

15            Dukes of Hazzard, Frasier, Coronation Street, Steptoe & Son

16            Tintagel

17            Tinder

18            Tinker

19            Tinnitus

20            Tin Pan Alley

21            John or Michael

22            Crosswalk

23            Princess Eugenie

24            Hasta La Vista

25            Melbourne

26            Michael

27            Geoffrey

28            Andrew Flintoff

29            Brain

30            TRUE


Q             In which US State was the film Seven Brides for Seven Brothers set?

A              Oregon

Number Guess (Nearest wins)

Q             In which year was December 25th fixed as the date of Christmas Day?

A              350 AD

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Mash-Up Quiz 029

Mash Up Quiz 029

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