Quiz 360

Quiz 360

The 80’s

1              Which best-selling toy made its debut at toy fairs in January 1980?

2              What was the name of the oil tanker that spilt its oil in Prince Edward Sound, Alaska in 1989?

3              Who released the first of her 23 work-out videos in September 1982?

4              Which Indian Prime Minister was assassinated in 1984?

5              There were 3 Presidents of the USA in the 80’s – who were they?

Geography (Also known as)

6              Rapa Nui is the native name for which island famed for its many statues?

7              With its Gateway Arch, which American city is known as the Gateway to the West?

8              Mount Godwin-Austin is more generally known by what short name?

9              Which English city is also known as the Athens of the North?

10            What are these islands or groups of islands better known as – Sandwich Islands, Van Diemen’s Land, Iles Normandes, Friendly Islands?


11            Lady Marmalade, Dirrty & Beautiful were all UK number ones for which female US singer?

12            A musical tribute to Stephen Hawking has been transmitted to the nearest black hole this week – who composed it?

13            What was the title of the Police’s first UK number 1 single?

14            “Alice Where Art Thou?” is the actual title of the theme tune to which Ronnie Barker TV series?

15            Which 2 woodwind instruments play the highest & lowest notes?

Father’s Day

16            Who plays Father Brown on BBC TV?

17            Which scientist was known as the Father of the Atomic Bomb?

18            Daddy Cool is the title of the musical featuring songs by which group?

19            In which New England state did the Pilgrim Fathers set up their first colony in the USA in 1620?

20            Who played the Father in the film Father of the Bride 1950 & who played the father in the remake in 1991?

General Knowledge

21            Penny, Amy & Bernadette are the girlfriends in which TV comedy?

22            What was the name of the fictional submarine commanded by Captain Ramius?

23            Name any year when the Summer Olympics were cancelled?

24            What is the surname of the Godfather’s family in the film & book of the same name?

25            Which native British birds are known for performing murmurations in the sky?

26            Which writer first coined the 3 laws of robotics?

27            How many Bond films start with the word “the”?

28            The Dutch woman Margaretha Zelle executed as a spy in 1917 was better known by what name?

29            What is the French term for preparing food (especially vegetables) in thin strips?

30            Water spirals down the plughole in opposite directions in the Northern & Southern hemispheres – true or false?


1              Rubik’s Cube

2              Exxon Valdez

3              Jane Fonda

4              Indira Gandhi

5              Jimmy Carter, Ronald Reagan, George Bush Snr

6              Easter Island

7              St Louis

8              K2

9              Edinburgh

10            Hawaii, Tasmania, Channel Islands, Tonga

11            Christina Aguilera

12            Vangelis

13            Message in a Bottle

14            Open All Hours

15            Piccolo & (Contra) Bassoon

16            Mark Williams

17            Robert Oppenheimer

18            Boney M

19            Massachusetts

20            Steve Martin & Spencer Tracy

21            Big Bang Theory

22            Red October

23            1916, 1940 & 1944

24            Corleone

25            Starlings

26            Isaac Asimov

27            Four

28            Mata Hari

29            Julienne

30            FALSE


Q             Which newsreader & presenter’s autobiography was called Polly Wants a Zebra?

A              Michael Aspel

Number Guess (Nearest wins)

Q             How much (in $) was Arnold Schwarzenegger paid for each word of dialogue in Terminator 2?

A              $21,429

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Mash-Up Quiz 006

Mash Up Quiz 006

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Quiz 359

quiz-359 (1)

1              Which Indian Princess is buried in Gravesend in Kent?

2              Georg Jensen was a renowned silversmith from which European country?

3              What are the county towns of these counties – Northumberland, Wiltshire, Dorset?

4              13 of the last 14 London Marathons for men have been won by athletes from which country?

5              On which Mediterranean island did haloumi cheese originate?

6              Who had hits with these 70s songs: – I Love To Boogie (1976), Boogie Wonderland (1979), Boogie Nights (1977)?

7              Which famous couple were married twice, once in Canada & then in Botswana?

8              What 3 counties have won the most Cricket County Championships?

9              What is the surname of Sabrina, the Teenage Witch?

10            Which chemical element, number 99, is named after a famous scientist who lived from 1879 to 1955?

11            Which spirits are the base of these cocktails: – Daiquiri, Singapore Sling, Margarita?

12            Steve Davis was the 1st player to score a 147 live on TV in 1982 – what embarrassing make of car did he win for his efforts?

13            In which Central American country has the Fuego volcano erupted this year?

14            Dizzy Gillespie & Miles Davis were both famous players of which instrument?

15            Who were British Prime Ministers when the following were assassinated: – John F Kennedy, Martin Luther King, John Lennon?

16            Which TV presenter is the highest paid woman at the BBC as disclosed in January 2018?

17            Who were the first and last of the Stuart monarchs?

18            The Canadian version of Monopoly has 3 versions using 3 different cities – which cities?

19            Which British town’s tram system runs from Starr Gate to Fleetwood Ferry?

20            Kim Carnes in 1981 had a hit about someone whose eyes resembled which film star?

21            Which national daily newspaper was launched in 1986 & as of March 2016 is only available online?

22            What is the favourite food of the following characters: – Desperate Dan, Garfield?

23            In the UK our cars have 2 wings above the wheels; what do Americans call them?

24            Two members of the same family have won BBC Sports personality of the Year, in 1971 & 2006 – who are they?

25            Everybody’s Talkin’ by Harry Nilsson was the main track on which Oscar winning 1969 film?

26            Which planet is the one most likely to be mistaken for a UFO?

27            Cliffhanger, Hole-in-One & Plinko were games which featured on which British game show?

28            Which actor who appeared in 11 Carry On films won a Tony Award for his performance in Barnum?

29            The phrase “daylight robbery” derives from the Window Tax imposed in the 17th Century thereby “robbing” house of light – true or false?

30            What was invented first – Parking meter or Cat’s Eyes; Pop-up toaster or aerosol can; Bubble gum or the yo-yo?


1              Pocahontas

2              Denmark

3              Morpeth, Trowbridge, Dorchester

4              Kenya

5              Cyprus

6              T Rex, Earth Wind & Fire, Heatwave

7              Taylor & Burton

8              Yorkshire (32) Surrey (18) Middlesex (11)

9              Spellman

10            Einsteinium

11            Rum, Gin, Tequila

12            Lada (It was in the Lada Classic)

13            Guatemala

14            Trumpet

15            Douglas-Home, Harold Wilson, Margaret Thatcher

16            Claudia Winkelman

17            James 1 & Anne

18            Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver

19            Blackpool

20            Bette Davis

21            Independent

22            Cow pie, Lasagne

23            Fenders

24            Princess Anne & Zara Phillips (Tindall)

25            Midnight Cowboy

26            Venus

27            The Price Is Right

28            Jim Dale

29            TRUE

30            Parking meter (1932) Cat’s Eyes (1934); Pop-up toaster (1919) aerosol can (1927); Bubble gum (1928) the yo-yo (1929)


Q             Who had the biggest selling album in the UK in 2005?

A              James Blunt (Back to Bedlam)

Number Guess (Nearest wins)

Q             When was the pressure cooker invented?

A              1679

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Quiz 358

Quiz 358


1              What is the colour at the top of the Russian flag?

2              What was the name of the mystic and cleric who had a great influence on old imperial Russia?

3              Once common in the UK, who is the largest car manufacturer in Russia?

4              What is the name of the Russian newspaper which translates as “truth”?

5              These are the English translations from Russian of Hollywood films – what were the real titles?

The Strong Nut (Bruce Willis 1988); A Hunter of Domestic Animals (Jim Carrey 1994); There Are Only Girls in Jazz (Marilyn Monroe 1959)


6              In the rhyme Oranges & Lemons, what sum of money is owed according to the Bells of St Martin’s?

7              Trevor Cherry made 399 appearances for which football club in the 70’s & 80’s?

8              Strawberry Fields Forever was released as a double A side single with which other Beatles song in 1967?

9              The Phantom Raspberry Blower of Old London Town was a serial written for the Two Ronnies by which former Goon?

10            Canaan Banana was the President of which African country from 1980 to 1987 & which tyrant succeeded him?


11            Who did Glenda Jackson play in a sketch in the 1971 Morecambe & Wise Christmas Show?

12            Which comedian hosted the Oscar ceremony 19 times up to 1977?

13            Which comedian ran 43 marathons in 51 days for Sport Relief in 2009?

14            Whose biography was called My Booky Wook?

15            Who are the 3 comedians (the host + 2 team captains) on Would I Lie To You?

The 70s

16            The killing fields were where the Kmher Rouge operated during the Vietnam War. In which country are they?

17            Which newspaper was mainly responsible for bringing down the Nixon Presidency over Watergate?

18            What was the name of the spacecraft sent to visit the outer planets & have now left the Solar System?

19            Which 2-word terrorist group were responsible for the murder of Israeli athletes at the 1972 Olympics?

20            Which 3 films were the most successful at the box office in the 70s (a scifi, a thriller, a musical)?

General Knowledge

21            Before automatic relegation, how many times were Hartlepool Utd. re-elected to the Football League 6, 10 or 14 times?

22            A type of leather known as shagreen is made from the skin of which sea creature (2 possible answers)?

23            Who was elected the first Mayor of London in 2000?

24            Who played Solitaire in the Bond film Live and Let Die?

25            Who had the annoying world-wide hit Gangnam Style in 2012?

26            What do Americans call a car that is fitted with a manual transmission?

27            Which TV series featured the spacecraft Jupiter 2?

28            Which famous building is in Saxony in Germany & was a famous prisoner-of-war camp during WW2?

29            What is the name of the Israeli secret service?

30            In the film E.T: The Extra-terrestrial, the surname of Eliot’s family is Clarke as a tribute to the science fiction writer Arthur C Clarke – true or false?


1              White

2              Rasputin

3              Lada

4              Pravda

5              Die Hard; Ace Ventura Pet Detective; Some Like It Hot

6              Five farthings

7              Leeds United

8              Penny lane

9              Spike Milligan

10            Zimbabwe & Robert Mugabe

11            Cleopatra

12            Bob Hope

13            Eddie Izzard

14            Russell Brand

15            Rob Brydon, Lee Mack, David Mitchell

16            Cambodia

17            Washington Post

18            Voyager

19            Black September

20            Star Wars, Jaws, Grease

21            14

22            Shark or stingray

23            Ken Livingstone

24            Jane Seymour

25            Psy

26            Stick shift

27            Lost In Space

28            Colditz Castle

29            Mossad

30            False (the surname is never mentioned)


Q             In which US State was Little House on the Prairie set?

A              Minnesota

Number Guess (Nearest wins)

Q             How many calories is there in 100g of Maltesers?

A              505

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Mash-Up Quiz 005

Mash Up Quiz 005

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I appreciate all the visitors & comments I receive on a regular basis. I would like to know how you use the quizzes – either just for fun, at work, in your own quizzes or whatever.

If anyone has any special requests such as a specific subject I will try to put one together for you from my database of over 10,000 questions. Please feel free to ask via the comments page.

Quiz 358 & Mash-up Quiz 005 will be posted tomorrow.


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Quiz 357

Quiz 357

1a            The Prado art museum is situated in which city?

1b            The Rijksmuseum is the national art & history museum in which city?

1c            The Kelvingrove Art Gallery & Museum is in which city?

2              The name of which city on the south coast of England was the title of a number 3 hit for Mike Oldfield in 1976?

3              Are these words of Swedish, Dutch or Spanish origin – ombudsman, cargo, cricket, dollar, moped?

4              Convex lenses for spectacles are prescribed for people with long-sight or short sight?

5              Which language is used in the Kelly’s Ice Cream adverts?

6              What number would you dial to reach Scotland Yard between 1934 & the 1960’s?

7              Which TV astronaut disappears in 1987 & reappears in the year 2491?

8              Who were the original team captains on Reeves & Mortimer’s Shooting Stars?

9              Which car manufacturers make the following models – Ceed, Kodiak, Aygo, Vitara?

10            In the song “I Can Sing a Rainbow” which colours mentioned in the song are NOT in a rainbow?

11            In which year was an 8-track cartridge music player first fitted to Ford cars (+/-2)?

12            Who were the last 3 English golfers to win one of the major championships?

13            How long can a netball player hold on to the ball before passing it?

14            Akhenaten & Nefertiti are now believed to be the parents of which Pharaoh?

15a          Which current stage musical is a re-telling of the Wizard of OZ?

15b          Which Andrew Lloyd-Webber musical is set around teacher Dewey Finn trying to form a band?

15c          Which current musical is based on a Roald Dahl novel about a gifted 5 year old?

16            Mozart composed a piece of piano music for 2 hands and what other part of the body?

17            Eagle, Intrepid, Antares, Orion & Challenger were the names given to which space vehicles?

18            Which fruit is a cross between a small sweet orange & a mandarin orange?

19            Who is the most capped footballer for Northern Ireland with 119 caps?

20            The Sealed Knot Society re-enact battles from which war?

21            Name 4 of the US States that Route 66 passes through (there are 8)?

22            Tartrazine is a synthetic food colouring – what colour does it give to food?

23            Which of the big 6 energy companies operates all af Britain’s nuclear power stations?

24            Which symbol is common to the flags of Algeria, Turkey & Pakistan?

25            Private Frazer in Dad’s Army comes from the “wild and lonely Isle of…….where?

26            Which 2 planets have no moons?

27            How many years was prohibition in place in the USA – 6, 9 or 14 years?

28            What kind of pastry do you need to make baklava?

29            Amblin Entertainment is a film production company founded by which film director?

30            Actual Blankety Blank Supermatch questions from TV – 3 pts for top answer, 2 for the 2nd & 1 for the 3rd

30a          SLAP………BLANK

30b          BLANK…..NUTS

30c          PENNY………BLANK

30d          BLANK……BEACH


1a            Madrid

1b            Amsterdam

1c            Glasgow

2              Portsmouth

3              Swedish, Spanish, Dutch, Dutch, Swedish

4              Long-sight

5              Cornish

6              Whitehall 1212

7              Buck Rogers

8              Ulrika Johnsson & Mark Lamaar

9              Kia, Skoda, Toyota, Suzuki

10            Pink & purple

11            1965

12            Danny Willet (2016 Masters) Justin Rose (2013 US Open) Nick Faldo (1996 Open)

13            3 seconds

14            Tutankhamun

15a          Wicked

15b          School of Rock

15c          Matilda

16            Nose

17            Lunar modules (landers) in the Apollo program

18            Clementine

19            Pat Jennings

20            English Civil War

21            California, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Missouri, Illinois

22            Yellow

23            EDF (which means the French Government!)

24            Crescent

25            Barra

26            Venus & Mercury

27            14 (1919 to 1933)

28            Filo

29            Steven Spielberg

30a          & Tickle (3) Stick (2) Happy (1)

30b          Pea (3) Hazel (2) Monkey (1)

30c          Farthing (3) Lane (2) Black (1)

30d          Sandy (3) Palm (2) Nudist (1)


Q             Which of the African countries exports the most gemstones?

A              Zambia

Number Guess (Nearest wins)

Q             As of the 7th June 2018, how many weeks has ABBA’s Greatest Hits album been on the charts (according to the Official Charts Company)?

A              839

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