Mash-Up Quiz 002

Mash Up Quiz 002

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Quiz 353

Quiz 353


1              In March of 2013, Pope Benedict XVI resigned & Jorge Mario Bergoglio became Pope Francis – what nationality is he?

2              The body of which King of England was discovered below a car park in Leicester?

3              Which actress underwent a double mastectomy as a cancer preventive procedure?

4              Which film starring George Clooney & Sandra Bullock was released in August 2013?

5              Who admitted to using illegal drugs during his Tour De France career & how many times had he won it?

Channel 4

6              Will, Simon, Neil & Jay are collectively known as what in a Channel 4 comedy series?

7              In which city is the series Hollyoaks set?

8              Which property show is presented by Kirstie Allsopp & Phil Spencer?

9              The original series of Crystal Maze hosted by Richard O’Brien featured 4 game zones – name any one of them?

10            Who were the original hosts of The Big Breakfast?


11            Leeds Utd, Arsenal & Newcastle Utd were the last 3 teams to win which European competition?

12            Usain Bolt retired last year – where did he finish in his final 100m race?

13            Bjorn Borg was a superstitious tennis player – what did he not do during Wimbledon fortnight?

14            Max Whitlock is an Olympic gold medallist in which sport?

15            Which 3 countries teams have won the most European Cups or Champions League trophies?


16            What does the R stand for in MRI scan?

17            What is the name given to the layer of planet Earth immediately below the crust?

18            In 1985 the spacecraft Giotto was launched to investigate which comet?

19            Which zinc & copper alloy was often used as a cheaper alternative to bronze in decorative figures?

20            What are the 3 methods of heat transfer in physics?

General Knowledge

21            Whose top 10 hits include Problem, Bang Bang & No Tears Left Tto Cry?

22            Which pulped fruit is used to make a tapenade?

23            The wife of Peter Phillips (son of the Princess Royal) is named after which season?

24            Which property comes immediately after the “Go” square in Monopoly?

25            MP Emily Thornberry claimed this month that which children’s books were sexist?

26            Which country were the first to win the Eurovision Song Contest singing a song not in their native language?

27            What kind of creature was Mrs Tiggy Winkle in the Beatrix Potter stories?

28            In ‘Allo ‘Allo, the valuable painting hidden by Rene was called the Fallen Madonna with …. what?

29            Who was the first Royal to get divorced since Henry VIII?

30            The term bonfire comes from the French “bon feu” meaning good fire – true or false?


1              Argentinian

2              Richard III

3              Angelina Jolie

4              Gravity

5              Lance Armstrong & 7

6              The Inbetweeners

7              Chester

8              Location, Location, Location

9              Aztec Industrial Futuristic Medieval

10            Chris Evans & Gaby Roslin

11            Inter-Cities Fairs Cup

12            3rd

13            Shave

14            Gymnastics

15            Spain 17 Italy 12 England 12

16            Resonance

17            Mantle

18            Halley’s comet

19            Spelter

20            Conduction, convection & radiation

21            Ariana Grande

22            Olives

23            Autumn

24            Old Kent Road

25            Little Miss books

26            Sweden (Waterloo 1974)

27            Hedgehog

28            The Big Boobies (by van Klomp)

29            Princess Margaret

30            False – it comes from a fire where bones (or people) were burned


Q             Which actress’s film production company is called Fortis Productions?

A              Sandra Bullock

Number Guess (Nearest wins)

Q             Hoe many Victoria Crosses were awarded during World War 1?

A              628

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Mash-Up Quiz 001

A new format of quiz which may vary from week to week. I hope you enjoy them.

Mash Up Quiz 001

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Quiz 352

Quiz 352


1              Reach for the Sky was the biography of which famous pilot?

2              Sky Masterson & Nathan Detroit are 2 characters from which musical?

3              Which of the planets is named after the Roman God of the sky?

4              Which fictional TV comedy family featured on the 2003 Comic Relief song Spirit in the Sky with Gareth Gates?

5              3 “Sky” words – USA’s first space station, Laker Airways trans-Atlantic service, computer intelligence in Terminator?


6              Which American first orbited the Earth in Friendship 7?

7              Which type of distinctive clay takes its name from the Italian for baked earth?

8              Whose Earth Band had a big hit with Blinded by the Light in 1976?

9              In which year (+/-1) was Google Earth first launched?

10            Identify these “Earth” films from the clues: –

10a          1976 David Bowie film about an alien looking for water

10b          1974 disaster film starring Charlton Heston & Ava Gardner using the special effect called Sensuround

10c          2008 Brendan Fraser film based on a Jules Verne novel

Natural World

11            Rockhopper & Emperor are both breeds of which creature?

12            Which animal is the symbol of the USA’s Republican party?

13            The Australian Parakeet is better known by what name?

14            How many teats does a cow normally have?

15            Identify these songs with a creature in the title: – Union of the …….. (Duran Duran) What’s New ……. (Tom Jones) Rockin’ ….. (Michael Jackson) Elusive …… (Val Doonican)?

Entertaining Sex

16            In Coronation Street, what was Hayley’s first name before the sex change operation?

17            In which TV series would you find the characters Ludicrus Sextus & his 2 kids called Nausius & Erotica?

18            Which Blue Peter pet changed sex after they realised it was female rather than male?

19            Which large comedian of the silent era was ruined by a sex scandal in 1921?

20            Which actor and actress played the film lovers in the sexiest game of chess in The Thomas Crown Affair in 1968?

General Knowledge

21            In which musical does the March of the Siamese Children feature?

22            Whitstable in Kent is famous for which seafood?

23            The Cubs, the White Sox & the Bears are all sports teams from which US city?

24            Who did the voice for Dangermouse?

25            In the UK what does a village have that a hamlet doesn’t?

26            Of all the US presidents so far, what is the most common first name?

27            75% of the population of which country are Sinhalese?

28            Who wrote the play Cat on a Hot Tin Roof?

29            Which British actress won her only Oscar for The Reader in 2009?

30            Mickey Mouse was named Mickey after Mickey Rooney when he was a child actor – true or false?


1              Douglas Bader

2              Guys and Dolls

3              Uranus

4              The Kumars

5              Skylab, Skytrain, Skynet         

6              John Glenn

7              Terracotta

8              Manfred Mann

9              2001 (accept 2000 & 2002)

10a          The Man Who Fell to Earth

10b          Earthquake

10c          Journey to the Centre of the Earth       

11            Penguin

12            Elephant

13            Budgerigar

14            Four

15            Snake, Pussycat, Robin, Butterfly          

16            Harold

17            Up Pompeii!

18            Tortoise (Fred or Freda)

19            Fatty Arbuckle

20            Steve McQueen & Faye Dunaway         

21            The King and I

22            Oysters

23            Chicago

24            David Jason

25            Church

26            James

27            Sri Lanka

28            Tennessee Williams

29            Kate Winslet

30            FALSE (Mr Rooney claimed this but it’s false)


Q             Which of the African countries exports the most timber?

A              Cameroon

Number Guess (Nearest wins)

Q             According to the Guardian, in which year did the wolf become extinct in the UK?

A              1680 (This may be a best guess by the Guardian)

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Quiz 351

Quiz 351

1              Which military academy did Winston Churchill, Ian Fleming & James Blunt all attend at various times?

2              Complete these songs with newspapers in the title: – Marrakesh …………? (Crosby Stills & Nash);  Man In The ……….? (Michael Jackson); Paper ……..? (Traffic); …….. Girl?(McFly); The Hindu ………? (Oasis)

3              Which company was responsible for the Bhopal disaster of 1984 when  dioxin was released into the atmosphere?

4              In Dad’s Army, Corporal Jones often talked about fighting the Fuzzy Wuzzys; in which African country?

5              What was the name of the giraffe used by Toys R Us in their advertising?

6              Name the 5 clubs that have been managed by Brian Clough?

7              What nationality was the inventor of the Bunsen burner?

8              What are the top 4 countries with the most UNESCO World Heritage Sites (in no particular order)?

9              Which travel writer’s books include Notes From a Small Island, The Lost Continent & A Short History of Nearly Everything?

10            The drug thalidomide was prescribed to pregnant women in the 50s to treat which symptom?

11            In the 1961 film Whistle Down the Wind starring Hayley Mills, who do the children think they’ve found in the barn?

12            Which website is currently advertised with the help of Andrew “Freddie” Flintoff?

13            What is the name of the Waddington’s board game created in 1938 based on horse racing?

14            In which TV series do the characters John Redmond & Kayleigh Kitson feature?

15            Which golfers have the following nicknames – Big Easy, Great White Shark, El Nino, Golden Bear?

16            What is the name of the CIA operative & Bond’s friend featured in 6 of the James Bond books?

17            What is the name of the restaurant chain serving Japanese cuisine founded in 1992?

18            Who knocked reigning champion Mark Selby out of the 2018 Snooker World Championship?

19            Which cartoon character was given various Latin names such as Speedipus Rex & Tastyus Supersonicus?

20            What is the name of the actress who claims to have been “paid off” by President Trump to keep her quiet?

21            Who is the current British number one tennis player?

22            Which historical figures rode horses called Bucephalus & Copenhagen?

23            Liverpool goalkeeper Bruce Grobbelaar played international football for which country?

24            In a scalene triangle, how many of the sides are of equal length?

25            What breed of bird was the parrot in Python’s parrot sketch & what was it apparently “pining for”?

26            In which year was the first generation of iPhone released (+/- 1)?

27            Which book by Paula Hawkins was a best seller in 2015 & was released as a film starring Emily Blunt in 2016?

28            Liberty City, San Andreas & Vice City are 3 fictional settings in which video game series?

29            The first Toy of the Year Award in 1965 was given to a model Aston Martin car from which James Bond film?

30            Name 6 US States that have a border with Canada (there are 13 in all)?


1              Sandhurst

2              Express, Mirror, Sun, Star, Times

3              Union Carbide

4              Sudan

5              Geoffrey

6              Hartlepools Utd, Derby Co., Brighton, Leeds Utd., Nottingham Forest

7              German

8              Italy 53, China 52, Spain 46, France 42

9              Bill Bryson

10            Morning sickness

11            Jesus

12            Go Daddy

13            Totopoly

14            Car Share

15            Ernie Els, Greg Norman, Sergio Garcia, Jack Nicklaus

16            Felix Leiter

17            Wagamama

18            Joe Perry

19            Road Runner

20            Stormy Daniels (Stephanie Daniels)

21            Kyle Edmond

22            Alexander the Great & Wellington

23            Zimbabwe

24            None

25            Norwegian Blue; The fjords

26            2007 (accept 2008 & 2006)

27            The Girl on the Train

28            Grand Theft Auto (GTA)

29            Goldfinger

30            Any 6 from Alaska Washington Idaho Montana North Dakota Minnesota Michigan Ohio Pennsylvania New York Vermont New Hampshire Maine


Q             The asteroid number 19367 is named after which band?

A              Pink Floyd

Number Guess (Nearest wins)

Q             What is the maximum number of passengers that a Boeing 787 Dreamliner can carry?

A              296

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Quiz 350

Quiz 350

1              Which film character’s pets were called Aragog, Buckbeak, Fang, Fluffy & Norbert?

2              What is the name of the famous gardens in Copenhagen?

3              The Naked Civil Servant was a TV film based on whose life and which actor played him?

4              Romney’s & Quiggin’s are manufacturers of which energy bar popular with mountaineers & climbers?

5              Since 1967 which 3 players have won the most Women’s Singles titles at Wimbledon?

6              Segedunum lay at the eastern end of Hadrian’s Wall – what is its name today?

7              In the entertainment industry, what does CBS stand for?

8              Which singer was known as the Walrus of Love?

9              What is generally stored in a humidor?

10            4 chemical elements are named after European countries – which countries?

11            What are the 2 official languages of Pakistan?

12a          Jay McGuiness, who won Strictly Come Dancing in 2015, is the vocalist with which group?

12b          Harry Judd, who won Strictly Come Dancing in 2011, is the drummer with which band?

13            Fratercula Arctica is the Latin name for which bird particularly associated with the Farne Islands?

14            Sneck Lifter, Cocker Hoop & Cumberland Ale are beers produced by which brewery near Cockermouth in Cumbria?

15            According to the NHS what is the recommended maximum daily intake of these: – Total Sugars (90, 100 or 120 g),   Salt (2, 4 or 6g)  Total Fats (40, 70 or 90g)?

16            At which London station would you arrive on a direct train from Liverpool?

17            What were the first names of the characters played by Jennifer Saunders, Joanna Lumley & Julia Sawalha in AbFab?

18            Which 2 yellow properties in Monopoly are mentioned in the chorus of It’s a Long Way to Tipperary?

19            In which South American country was the Nazi Adolf Eichmann found in 1960?

20a          In music how should the piece be played if it is described as adagio?

20b          In music how should the piece be played if it is described as allegro?

21            Which 80s TV sitcom was set in the fictional village of Grantleigh?

22            After Madrid what are the next 3 largest cities in Spain?

23            What is the Swedish word for a buffet meal of hot and cold dishes? (a bonus point for spelling it right)

24            Which Disney animated 2016 musical film is set on the Polynesian island of Motunui?

25            In which “shire” counties are the following stately homes – Blenheim Palace, Chatsworth, Woburn Abbey?

26            What is the singular of candelabra?

27            Don Partridge had big hits in the 60s with Rosie & Blue Eyes – what kind of musician was he?

28            Accrington Stanley, who are they? Is a line from a milk advert featuring 2 young fans of which football team?

29            In the game Operation, what creature should be removed from the stomach?

30            In education, what does STEM stand for?


1              Hagrid (Harry Potter)

2              Tivoli Gardens

3              Quentin Crisp & John Hurt

4              Kendall Mint Cake

5              Martina Navratilova, Steffi Graf, Serna Williams

6              Wallsend

7              Columbia Broadcasting System

8              Barry White

9              Cigars/cigarettes/tobacco

10            France, Germany, Poland, Cyprus

11            Urdu & English

12a          The Wanted

12b          McFly

13            Puffin

14            Jennings

15            90g, 6g, 70g

16            Euston

17            Edina, Patsy & Saffron

18            Piccadilly & Leicester Square

19            Argentina

20a          Slowly

20b          Quickly or fast

21            To The Manor Born

22            Barcelona, Valencia, Seville

23            Smorgasbord

24            Moana

25            Oxfordshire, Derbyshire, Bedfordshire

26            Candelabrum

27            One-man band (accept busker)

28            Liverpool

29            Butterflies

30            Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics


Q             On its first showing on British TV, which James Bond film got the biggest viewing audience?

A              Live and Let Die

Number Guess (nearest wins)

Q             How many people has James Bond killed in total in all the films to date?

A              352

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Quiz 349

Quiz 349


1              The London Eye is currently sponsored by which drinks company?

2              Apart from a Bond film, Goldeneye was the name of Ian Fleming’s estate on which Caribbean Island?

3              Who did Carol Vorderman famously impersonate in 1998 on Celebrity Stars in Their Eyes?

4              What colour are the Cat’s Eyes along the hard shoulder of motorways and dual carriageways?

5              The Eye of the Tiger was the theme song to which film & who recorded it?


6              Which fictional schoolboy created by Frank Richards attended Greyfriars School?

7              Which TV series was set in a comprehensive school in Rochdale & then in Greenock in Scotland?

8              Where would you now find East Stanley Primary School originally built in 1891?

9              In 1899 the school leaving age was raised to what?

10            The 3 Prime Ministers between 1955 & 1964 all went to Eton & Oxford – who were they?


11            Name any of the 4 rooms in Cluedo that have a secret passage to another room?

12            Which 3-dimensional video game was created in 2011 by Swedish born Markus Persson?

13            In the original game of Happy Families what was the surname of the Baker’s family?

14            In Monopoly, what is the first railway station you would land on if you threw a 5 starting at Go?

15            In Buckaroo! can you name a piece of kitchen equipment, an item of clothing & a musical instrument you can attach to the mule?


16            England won the Commonwealth Gold Medal against Australia last week scoring in the last second at which sport?

17            Franz Klammer was a record breaking skier from which country?

18            Which indoor sport features a “tin” which is half a metre high from the floor?

19            What Biblical sounding name is given to the 11th, 12th & 13th holes at Augusta, the home of the Masters in golf?

20            Jimmy White reached 6 World Snooker Finals & lost them all to which 3 players?

General Knowledge

21            In which Canadian city did John Lennon & Yoko Ono hold a “bed-in” for peace in 1969?

22            What did a Playtex Cross Your Heart bra claim to do?

23            How many farthings were there in half a crown?

24            At which airport did the film Die Hard 2 take place?

25            On which island did Gracie Fields spend much of her later life?

26            Who played Q in the Pierce Brosnan Bond film Die Another Day?

27            Fool’s webcap is a species of what?

28            Name either of the 2 chemical elements that have a 2-letter symbol which are both vowels?

29            Who followed Milton Obote as leader of Uganda in 1971?

30            Mike Pratt who played Randall in Randall & Hopkirk (Deceased) wrote 12 songs for the Soundtrack of The Tommy Steele Story in 1957 – true or false?


1              Coca-Cola

2              Jamaica

3              Cher

4              Red

5              Rocky III & Survivor

6              Billy Bunter

7              Waterloo Road

8              Beamish Museum

9              Twelve

10            Anthony Eden, Harold Macmillan, Alec Douglas-Home

11            Kitchen Lounge Conservatory Study

12            Minecraft

13            Bun

14            King’s Cross

15            Frying Pan Cowboy hat, guitar

16            Netball

17            Austria

18            Squash

19            Amen Corner

20            Steve Davis, Stephen Hendry & John Parrot

21            Montreal

22            Lift and separate

23            120

24            Dulles (Washington)

25            Capri

26            John Cleese

27            Mushroom

28            Gold (Au) Europium (Eu)

29            Idi Amin

30            TRUE


Q             According to the Are You Being Served? theme song, apart from menswear & womenswear, what else is for sale on the first floor of Grace Brothers?

A              Telephones

Number Guess (Nearest wins)

Q             How many finishers were there in the 2017 Great North Run?

A              43127

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