Quiz 384

Quiz 384

Mums & Dads

1              Ma! (He’s Makin’ Eyes At Me) was a top 10 hit for which child star in 1974?

2              Gwyneth Paltrow is a mother of 2 children, one of which is named after which fruit?

3              The daddy long legs is the common name for which insect?

4              Dr Heathcliffe Huxtable was the father of 5 children in which American sitcom of the 80s & 90s?

5              Who played the Father of the Bride in the 1950 film & the 1991 remake?


6              What colour flag is used to tell a driver that he is about to be lapped by a quicker driver & to let him overtake?

7              Which female swimmer, commentator & TV presenter won a silver medal at the 1980 Olympics?

8              Whose Premier League stadium was demolished at the end of the 2016-17 season?

9              Quorum & Mared were the sire & dam of which famous racehorse?

10            Which football team did David Beckham play for in the USA & what is the name of the football club he owns in Florida?

Ronnie Barker

11            What was Arkwright’s first name in Open All Hours?

12            On whose TV satirical show did Barker, Ronnie Corbett & John Cleese do the famous “class” sketch where Barker was middle class?

13            In Porridge, Barker played Fletcher – what was his daughter’s name who eventually pairs up with Godber?

14            In real life, when he retired, he ran what kind of shop in Chipping Norton for 10 years?

15            Can you name 3 other items other than 4 candles that Barker asks for in the famous sketch?

Horror Films

16            Which classic film from a Stephen King novel features the Overlook Hotel in Colorado?

17            Who played the babysitter in the 1978 film Halloween?

18            Child’s Play introduced which horror character to the screen?

19            What name connects The Omen with Only Fools & Horses?

20            Who played the policemen in the original Wicker Man in 1973 & the remake in 2006?

General Knowledge

21            Mrs Goggins was the postmistress in which children’s Tv series?

22            From which language does the word algebra originate?

23            Who wrote the Simon Templar novels?

24            In which European city would you find the Rialto bridge?

25            The painter Degas was best known for his paintings of which form of entertainment?

26            Desmond Llewelyn, John Cleese & Ben Wishaw have all played which role in Bond films?

27            Which bird is often seen in the sky doing murmurations?

28            The logo of which film company features a boy fishing from a crescent moon?

29            Occidental is the opposite of what word also starting with “O”?

30            John Wayne wore a toupee in all his films from 1948 until his death – true or false?


1              Lena Zavaroni

2              Apple

3              Crane fly

4              The Cosby Show

5              Spencer Tracy & Steve Martin

6              Blue

7              Sharron Davies

8              Tottenham Hotspur (White Hart Lane)

9              Red Rum

10            LA Galaxy & Inter Miami

11            Albert

12            David Frost (The Frost Report)

13            Ingrid

14            Antique Shop

15            Plugs, Saw tips, O’s, Peas, Pumps

16            The Shining

17            Jamie Lee Curtis

18            Chuckie

19            Damien

20            Edward Woodward & Nicholas Cage

21            Postman pat

22            Arabic

23            Leslie Charteris

24            Venice

25            Ballet

26            Q

27            Starlings

28            Dreamworks

29            Oriental

30            TRUE


Q             Which long-running TV series was based on books by Dominic Rhea?

A              Heartbeat

Number Guess (Nearest wins)

Q             Patisserie Valerie has how many stores in the UK?

A              206

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Mash-Up Quiz 021

Mash Up Quiz 021

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Quiz 383

Quiz 383

1              Who orbited the Earth in 1962 in the spacecraft Friendship 7?

2              Which politician appeared on Strictly Come Dancing partnered with Anton Du Beke in 2010?

3              Often seen in jewellery, which 3 colours represented the suffragette movement?

4              Topeka is the State capital of which US State?

5              Spell these words – SHENANIGANS, SHILLELAGH, CURMUDGEON

6              Apart from black & white, which 3 colours feature on the TripAdvisor owl logo?

7              Which 2 word Latin phrase is often used to mean “of sound mind”

8              China marked with crossed swords is made in which German town?

9              Stripes, pinballs & joystiks are 3 chewy fruit sweets made by which brand owned by Haribo?

10            The video for which song features Kylie Minogue in gold hot pants?

11            What word is used to describe the science of projectiles & firearms?

12            Anything You Can Do (I Can Do Better) is a song from which musical?

13            Which famous clown performed for over 40 years at Blackpool Tower Circus?

14            How many teeth does an adult have & how many of them are incisors?

15            Which 4 British boxers fought Muhammad Ali in professional fights?

16            Which store is known as “the Queen’s grocer”?

17            Officer Crabtree in ‘Allo ‘Allo usually said which 2 words when he first entered a scene?

18            Which Sixties song begins “They seek him here, they seek him there, his clothes are loud, but never square”?

19            The climax of which Hitchcock film starring Cary Grant was set on Mount Rushmore?

20            Parcheesi is the American name for which children’s 4 player board game in the UK?

21            Wembley is the largest sports stadium in the UK; which sports stadium is the 2nd largest?

22            Which actor did the narration on the original War of the Worlds album by Jeff Wayne?

23            What was the name of the intergovernmental organisation formed in 1920, the predecessor of the UN?

24            Who shot David Blakely outside the Magdala pub in Hampstead in April 1955?

25            Tonight’s The Night is a 2003 stage musical based on the songs of which British singer?

26            Which BBC up-cycling show is presented by Sarah Moore amongst others?

27            What 3 colours featured on the German national flag from 1935 to 1945?

28            Algeria became independent from which country in 1962?

29            Which detective made his first appearance in The Big Sleep by Raymond Chandler & what does the big sleep refer to?

30            What were the 3 consolation prizes on the original series of Bullseye hosted by Jim Bowen?


1              John Glenn

2              Anne Widdecombe

3              Purple, green & white

4              Kansas


6              Yellow, green & red

7              Compos mentis

8              Meissen

9              Maoam

10            Spinning Around

11            Ballistics

12            Annie Get Your Gun

13            Charlie Cairoli

14            32 & 8

15            Henry Cooper, Brian London, Joe Bugner, Richard Dunn

16            Fortnum & Mason

17            Good moaning

18            Dedicated Follower of Fashion – Kinks

19            North by North West

20            Ludo

21            Twickenham

22            Richard Burton

23            League of Nations

24            Ruth Ellis

25            Rod Stewart

26            Money For Nothing

27            Black (Swastika) White Red

28            France

29            Philip Marlowe & death

30            Set of darts, a tankard (or goblet for women) & a bendy bully


Q             In which Asian country was bronze first created?

A              Iran

Number Guess (Nearest wins)

Q             How deep in feet is deepest point in Loch Ness found by sonar in 2016?

A              889 feet

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Quiz 382

Quiz 382

Back to Front

1              In Back to the Future, how fast did the DeLorean have to go to go back – 66, 77 or 88 mph?

2              Back to Front was a 1972 album by which singer/songwriter who began his career dressed as a schoolboy?

3              Who was the leader of the National Front who was arrested in 2004 for incitement to racial hatred?

4              What number does a full back wear on his (or her) shirt in Rugby League?

5              Who had hits with these “back” songs – Back For Good 1995, Walkin’ Back To Happiness 1961, Back Off Boogaloo 1972?


6              Which children’s character was created by Florence Upton in the 19th century & is now regarded as “offensive” as a racial stereotype?

7              “The great fish moved silently through the night water” is the opening line to which novel?

8              Johanna Spyri created the character Heidi set in the Swiss Alps – in which language was it originally published?

9              Gadsby is a 1939 novel which does not use any words containing which vowel?

10            Which author wrote The Satanic Verses & who was the leader of Iran who issued a fatwa against him?

Morecambe & Wise

11            What was Eric’s real surname?

12            “All men are fools & what makes them so is having beauty like what I have got” is spoken by which actress in a classic 1971 sketch?

13            How did Eric describe Ernie’s legs in 3 words?

14            Which Norwegian composer’s piano concerto did Eric attempt to play with Andre Previn as conductor?

15            Name any 3 presenters/newsreaders/commentators that appeared in the chorus of There Is Nothing Like A Dame in 1977?

Around The House

16            A carpetbag steak is a fillet of beef stuffed with which type of seafood?

17            The Windows of the World restaurant was located in which building until 2001?

18            In 1875 which country was given the nickname the Roof of the World?

19            Another Suitcase in Another Hall is a song from which Lloyd-Webber/Rice musical?

20            Who hosted the first series of the game show Hole in the Wall & which dancer & cricketer were the team captains?

General Knowledge

21            In online gaming what does AFK stand for?

22            Which British King of the 20th Century was known to his friends as David?

23            After tiger & lion which wild cat is the next largest?

24            Where would you go to see the public artwork titled 1101?

25            In which country did fondue originate?

26            What was the name of the ranch in Dallas?

27            Name one of Hyacinth Bucket’s sisters?

28            Apart from the UK & Ireland, name a country in Europe that drives on the left?

29            Who had a number one album in the UK at the age of 92 in 2009?

30            Robby the Robot first appeared in the 1956 film Forbidden Planet & re-appeared 10 years later as the Robot in Lost in Space – true or false?


1              88 mph

2              Gilbert O’Sullivan

3              Nick Griffin

4              One

5              Take That, Helen Shapiro, Ringo Starr

6              Golliwog

7              Jaws by Peter Benchley

8              German

9              E

10            Salman Rushdie & Ayatollah Khomeini

11            Bartholomew

12            Glenda Jackson

13            Short, fat & hairy

14            Greig

15            Any 3 of Michael Parkinson, Michael Aspel, Richard Baker, Philip Jenkinson, Frank Bough, Kenneth Kendall, Barry Norman, Eddie Waring, Richard Whitmore, Peter Woods

16            Oysters

17            World Trade Centre (North Tower)

18            Tibet

19            Evita

20            Dale Winton, Anton Du Beke & Darren Gough

21            Away from keyboard

22            Edward VIII

23            Jaguar

24            Seaham (It’s the correct title for “Tommy”)

25            Switzerland

26            Southfork

27            Violet, Daisy & Rose

28            Cyprus or Malta

29            Dame Vera Lynn

30            False – he appeared in Lost In Space but not as The Robot who was just called The Robot


Q             Which Disney film was based on a story by Felix Salten?

A              Bambi

Number Guess (Nearest wins)

Q             How many pieces were in the Lego set of the Taj Mahal released in 2008?

A              5922

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Mash-Up Quiz 020

Mash Up Quiz 020

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Quiz 381

Quiz 381


1              No Jacket Required is a 1985 album by which British singer/composer?

2              What is the capital of the island of Jersey?

3              Boot is the name of the dog in which newspaper cartoon strip?

4              The kilt is of course made with tartan fabric – what do Americans call tartan?

5              Complete these film titles with an article of clothing: – Robin Hood Men In………? (1993); The Boy in the Striped……..? (2008); Silk……………? (1957); The Wrong…….? (1993)

On This Day (30th September)

6              The tennis player Martina Hingis was born today in 1980 – what nationality is she?

7              Dr William Morton carried out the first minor operation under anaesthetic in 1846 – what was the operation?

8              The Treaty of Munich was signed today by Chamberlain & others in 1938 giving some parts of which country to Nazi Germany?

9              The Magic Flute was first performed on this day in 1791 – who wrote it?

10            Who recorded these songs that were number ones on September 30th: – Bad Moon Rising 1969;

Kung Foo Fighting 1974: Eye of the Tiger 1982; Fairground 1995; Can’t Get You Out of my Head 2001?

Sandras & Sandys

11            In which 2013 sci-fi film did Sandra Bullock play Dr Ryan Stone alongside George Clooney?

12            Golfer Sandy Lyle won which golf Major Championship in 1988?

13            The actress Sandra Dickinson was married from 1978 to 1994 to which former Doctor Who?

14            Olivia Newton-John played Sandy in Grease opposite John Travolta – what is the group of girls known as in the film?

15            Amanda Redman played Sandra Pullman in New Tricks – who were her 3 male co-stars in the first series?


16            What kind of food is paneer?

17            Sweetbreads are generally made using which organ of a lamb or calf?

18            What is the Louisiana rice dish of sausage, chicken, seafood & vegetables (The Carpenters had a hit with a song of the same name)?

19            Which Italian word means “before the meal” applied to a starter in a restaurant?

20            What are the 2 ingredients of a ganache for a dessert?

General Knowledge

21            What word can be a short period of time & a type of envelope?

22            “We the people” are the first 3 words of which historic document written in 1787?

23            Which South American capital city is only 1 mile from the Equator?

24            How do you write 99 in Roman numerals?

25            The children’s TV character Windy Miller lived in which village?

26            How old was Hitler when he committed suicide (+/- 1)?

27            Newcastle Polytechnic became which University in 1992?

28            Which magical TV character lived in Westbridge a fictional town near Boston?

29            In which north African country is the ancient city of Carthage?

30            The correct name for a baby puffin is a puffling – true or false?


1              Phil Collins

2              St Helier

3              The Perishers

4              Plaid

5              Tights, Pyjamas, Stockings, Trousers

6              Swiss

7              Tooth extraction

8              Czechoslovakia

9              Mozart

10            Creedance Clearwater Revival, Carl Douglas, Survivor, Simply Red, Kylie Minogue

11            Gravity

12            Masters

13            Peter Davison

14            Pink Ladies

15            James Bolam, Alun Armstrong, Dennis Waterman

16            Cheese (Indian)

17            Pancreas

18            Jambalaya

19            Antipasto

20            Chocolate & cream

21            Jiffy

22            US Constitution

23            Quito

24            XCIX

25            Camberwick Green

26            56

27            University of Northumbria

28            Sabrina, The Teenage Witch

29            Tunisia

30            TRUE


Q             Which European country won the gold medal for water polo at the 2017 World Aquatic Championships in 2017?

A              Croatia

Number Guess (Nearest wins)

Q             How many times is the word death mentioned in Shakespeare’s works?

A              781

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Mash-Up Quiz 019

Mash Up Quiz 019

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