Quiz 366

Quiz 366


1              In which story would you here the phrase “Open Sesame”?

2              Which England opening batsman scored 246 not out against India in 1967 & was dropped for the following match?

3              In which decade was the Open University established?

4              What is Arkwright’s first name in Open All Hours?

5              Who were the last 2 Englishmen, in 1992 & 1969, to win the Open Championship?

Been Hot Hasn’t It?

6              Which hot Indian curry gets its name from the Portuguese words for wine & garlic?

7              In the hot summer of 1976, Denis Howell was appointed Minister for what?

8              What was the name of the lead singer with the band Hot Chocolate?

9              The hot Reggae Reggae Sauce was created by which Jamaican-born musician & featured on the BBC’s Dragon’s Den?

10            Who played Hot Lips Houlihan in the TV series M*A*S*H & in the original film?

Sticks & Stones

11            Evostik & Bostik sponsor the leagues in Level 7 of English football – name any one of the leagues

12            Emma Stone won the Academy Award for Best Actress for her performance in which 2016 film?

13            What type of stick is often carried by a non-commissioned officer in the Army as a symbol of authority?

14            Where did Fred Flintstone live?

15            Who had hits with these songs: – Stickwifu 2005, Let’s Stick Together 1976, I’m Stone In Love With You 1972?


16            Mark Heyes is the regular fashion presenter on which ITV morning show?

17            Which women’s fashion item is named after the Italian word for dagger?

18            Meryl Streep played Miranda Priestly, a powerful fashion magazine editor, in which 2006 film?

19            Which Italian fashion house uses the mythical figure of Medusa for its logo?

20            Legwarmers became popular as a fashion item particularly as a result of which 2 popular 80’s films?

General Knowledge

21            Who is the current England Women’s Football Team captain?

22            The song “Three little maids from school are we” is from which Gilbert & Sullivan operetta?

23            What is the next number in the sequence 2, 3, 5, 7, 11………….?

24            Around 63% of the population of Switzerland speak which language?

25            Which US comedy TV series from 2001 originally starred Charlie Sheen, Jon Cryer & Angus T Jones?

26            Which lighter than air element has an atomic number of 2?

27            Cricketer Gary Sobers played for which of the West Indian countries?

28            I’m Alive was the first number one single in the 60’s for which group?

29            What is the feline name of the American Football team based in Carolina?

30            The film Demolition Man starring Sandra Bullock & Sylvester Stallone was set in the future city of New Chicago – true or false?


1              Ali Baba & the 40 Thieves

2              Geoffrey Boycott

3              Sixties (1969)

4              Albert

5              Nick Faldo & Tony Jacklin

6              Vindaloo

7              Drought (then floods)

8              Errol Brown

9              Levi Roots

10            Loretta Swit & Sally Kellerman

11            Northern Premier League, Southern Premier League, Isthmian League

12            La La Land

13            Swagger*

14            Bedrock

15            Pussycat Dolls, Bryan Ferry, Stylistics

16            Lorraine

17            Stiletto heels

18            The Devil Wears Prada

19            Versace

20            Fame & Flashdance

21            Steph Houghton

22            The Mikado

23            13

24            German

25            Two and a Half Men

26            Helium

27            Barbados

28            The Hollies

29            Panthers

30            False – it was San Angeles (New Chicago was Buck Rogers)

* This answer caused some argument – a pace stick was suggested. Maybe the question could be phrased better – any suggestions?


Q             Which fashion designer won the British Designer of the Year 4 times in 1996, 1997, 2001 & 2003?

A              Alexander McQueen

Number Guess (Nearest wins)

Q             When was the first human blood transfusion?

A              1818

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Mash-Up Quiz 010

Mash Up Quiz 010

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Mash-UP Quiz 009

Mash Up Quiz 009

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Quiz 365

Quiz 365


1              Joseph Wiseman played which Bond villain?

2              Joey was a spin off from the TV series Friends – who played Joey?

3              Joseph Goebbels held which position in Nazi Germany?

4              Joe Montana was quarterback for 16 seasons with which NFL team?

5              Jo is one of the Little Women in the classic novel – who are the other 3?


6              What common measurement of area is 4840 square yards?

7              The oxide of which element is the main ingredient of calamine lotion?

8              What is 0.625 when expressed as a fraction?

9              The atmosphere of Mars consists mainly of which gas?

10            Which 4 chemical elements make up 96% of the human body?


11            What do Americans call a baby’s dummy?

12            Baby Doc & his father Papa Doc were rulers of which country?

13            Babycham is an alcoholic drink made from which fruit?

14            Daniel was the name of the baby who featured in which long-running children’s TV show?

15            Who had these “baby” hits: – See My Baby Jive 1973, Bye Bye Baby 1975, Baby One More Time 1999, Sugar Baby Love 1974?

The Military

16            Now disbanded, what was the name of the motorcycle display team of the Royal Signals?

17            Which rank in the RAF is immediately senior to a Wing Commander?

18            In the film Saving Private Ryan, what is Private Ryan’s first name?

19            Which group were In The Navy in 1979?

20            Who were the 2 main stars of the TV series Soldier Soldier?

General Knowledge

21            The American version of which British quiz show is hosted by Brooke Burns?

22            Malagasy is the official language of which island nation?

23            Which Chinese dish when translated into English means stir-fried noodles?

24            What is the total of the 4 numbers in the Ocean’s films released between 2001 & 2018?

25            Lizzy Yarnold has won 2 Winter Olympic gold medals at which sport?

26            Which American organisation was established on the 26th June 1947 by President Truman?

27            Which English football team won the European Cup at the end of the 1981-82 season?

28            Princess Charlotte of Cambridge has 2 middle names – name either?

29            Which French footballer who played for Newcastle United did adverts for L’Oreal hair products?

30            Barbara Eden in I Dream of Jeannie had her navel covered with make up as she wasn’t allowed to show it on US TV – true or false?


1              Dr No

2              Matt LeBlanc

3              Propaganda Minister

4              San Francisco 49ers

5              Meg, Beth & Amy

6              Acre

7              Zinc

8              5/8

9              Carbon dioxide

10            Carbon, oxygen, hydrogen & nitrogen

11            Pacifier

12            Haiti

13            Pears

14            Blue Peter

15            Wizzard, Bay City Rollers, Britney Spears, Rubettes

16            White Helmets

17            Group Captain

18            James (Francis)

19            Village People

20            Robson Green & Jerome Flynn

21            The Chase

22            Madagascar

23            Chow Mein

24            44 (11 + 12 + 13 + 8)

25            Skeleton

26            CIA

27            Aston Villa

28            Elizabeth Diana

29            David Ginola

30            TRUE


Q             Which British performer provided the voice for the ape in George of the Jungle?

A              John Cleese

Number Guess (Nearest wins)

Q             In which year did English become the official language of parliament?

A              1362

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Quiz 364

Quiz 364

1              Which town is the home of Wensleydale cheese?

2              What is the name given to the deepest part of the world’s oceans & in which ocean is it?

3a            The Midland Bank is now part of which banking group?

3b            How was the Midland Bank described in advertising in the 70’s & 80’s?

4              Which race of people built Machu Picchu in Peru in the 15th century?

5              In a referendum in the Falkland Islands in 2013, regarding remaining part of the UK, how many people voted against – 3, 31 or 325?

6              What is 30 degrees Celsius in Fahrenheit?

7              What are the first names of the Cheeky Girls?

8              What was the title of Stephen Hawking’s 1988 best-selling book?

9              Which country in the Arabian peninsula has a 95% ownership of the Shard in London?

10            What are the 6 categories of Nobel Prizes awarded each year?

11            What nationality was the explorer Ferdinand Magellan?

12            Which gas if passed through lime water turns it milky?

13            Which footballer’s ashes were buried under the pitch at the Britannia Stadium in 2000?

14            What is the official population of the Ukrainian city of Pripyat?

15            Can you give me the first names of these people with the surname Keys?

A British sports presenter; an American soul & pop singer; an American female tennis player whose first name is a track cycling event

16            Which author created the character Alex Cross?

17            Which shade of blue is named after chemical element number 27?

18            “Oh! What’s the bloody point?” is the last entry in which comedy actor & performer’s diaries in 1988?

19            Craig and Charlie Reid are better known as who?

20            In which Bond films did Timothy Dalton play James Bond?

21            Generally which seafood is used to make Coquille St, Jacques with white wine, mushrooms & creamed potatoes?

22            What would the distance between the stumps be on a standard cricket pitch if it was measured in fathoms?

23            Goathland in North Yorkshire was used as the village in which ITV series?

24            A photograph taken by Voyager 1 was given the title Pale Blue Dot as it was taken 6 billion miles from which planet?

25            What is the 4 word motto of the USA?

26            What is the minimum number of dice rolls you need to circumnavigate from Go back to Go in Monopoly?

27            From which musicals do these songs come – How To Handle A Woman; Big Spender; The Black Hills of Dakota?

28            Usually what 3 colours were Ken Dodd’s tickling sticks?

29            Jane Austen’s first 2 novels both had the word “and” in the title – what were they called?

30            Which of these performers are real brothers or have brothers in the band: –

Righteous Brothers. Doobie Brothers, Everly Brothers, Walker Brothers, Chemical Brothers, Isley Brothers


1              Hawes

2              Mariana(s) Trench in the (Western) Pacific

3a            HSBC

3b            The listening bank

4              Incas

5              3 (Vote was 1513 to 3)

6              86 F

7              Gabriela & Monica

8              A Brief History of Time

9              Qatar

10            Physics, chemistry, medicine, literature, peace, economics

11            Portuguese

12            Carbon Dioxide

13            Stanley Matthews

14            0 – it was evacuated in 1986

15            Richard; Alicia, Madison

16            James Patterson

17            Cobalt

18            Kenneth Williams

19            Proclaimers

20            The Living Daylights & Licence To Kill

21            Scallops

22            11

23            Heartbeat

24            Earth

25            In God We Trust

26            4 (3 x double 6 then anything over 4)

27            Camelot; Sweet Charity; Calamity Jane

28            Red, white & blue (1 point)

29            Sense & Sensibility; Pride & Prejudice

30            No, No, Yes, No, No, Yes


Q             Which 80’s action film was based on the book Nothing Lasts Forever by Roderick Thorp?

A              Die Hard

Number Guess (Nearest Wins)

Q             In which year was toilet paper invented?

A              1857

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Mash-Up Quiz 008

Mash Up Quiz 008

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Quiz 363

Quiz 363

The Church

1              Formed during the English Civil War, the Society of Friends is more commonly known by what name?

2              Which King of England declared himself as head of the Church of England in 1534?

3              The Unification Church of the USA known as the Moonies was named after Sun Myung Moon from which country?

4              Which city is the headquarters of the Mormon Church in the USA?

5a            Which comedy TV series featured the church of St Barnabus?

5b            Which detective TV series features a church called St Mary’s in Kembleford?

5c            Which TV detective series features an Anglican vicar called Reverend Sidney Chambers?

Double Initials

6              Who was the original presenter of Bargain Hunt on BBC1 & went on to host his own show on ITV?

7              Which town in Leicestershire is famous for its pork pies?

8              Which children’s character has been played on film by Johnny Depp & Gene Wilder?

9              Which team beat Celtic 6-5 on penalties to win the 1994 Scottish League Cup?

10            Who had hits with these songs: – Goldeneye 1995, Whatever Will Be Will Be 1958, Crazy Chick 2005?

For The Ladies

11            The shopping channel QVC stands for Quality, Value & what?

12            Meghan Markle’s wedding dress was designed by Clare Waight Keller who works at which French fashion house?

13            When women were first given the vote in the UK, how old did they have to be?

14            What item of ladies wear was Gertrude Shilling famous for?

15            What does the term PSSO mean when in a knitting pattern?


16            Who was the first Labour Prime Minister & was PM during the Great Depression of 1929?

17            Who played Bilbo Baggins in the 3 Hobbit films?

18            Which Oscar winning musical written by Lionel Bart opened on stage in London in 1960?

19            Which holiday island is the largest of the Dodecanese islands of Greece?

20            Which American boxer became the youngest heavyweight world champion at 21 when he beat Archie Moore in 1956?


Gamblers Round

21            Stuart Lubbock was found dead in a swimming pool after a party at which comedian’s house in 2001?

22            Which musical was released in Mexico with the title Vaselino?

23            How many Chance squares are there on a Monopoly board?

24            What name is given to a female horse under the age of 4?

25            Who was the first Englishman to score in a European Cup Final?

26            Which sport do the Vancouver Canucks play?

27            On The Street Where You Live is a song from which musical?

28            Which organisation did Captain Scarlet work for?

29            Which mythical creature can only be tamed by a virgin?

30            In the Cubs, dyb dyb dyb is short for Do Your Best – true or false?


1              Quakers

2              Henry VIII

3              South Korea

4              Salt Lake City

5a            The Vicar of Dibley

5b            Father Brown

5c            Grantchester

6              David Dickinson

7              Melton Mowbray

8              Willy Wonka

9              Raith Rovers

10            Tina Turner, Doris Day, Charlotte Church

11            Convenience

12            Givenchy

13            Thirty

14            Hats

15            Pass Slip Stitch Over

16            RAMSAY MacDonald

17            MARTIN Freeman

18            OLIVER Twist

19            RHODES

20            FLOYD Patterson

Connection – Chefs

21            Michael Barrymore

22            Grease

23            Three

24            Filly

25            Bobby Charlton

26            Ice hockey

27            My Fair lady

28            Spectrum

29            Unicorn

30            TRUE


Q             Who were the first team beaten by England in a World Cup match at the finals?

A              Chile (England won 2 – 0)

Number Guess

Q             In what year was the first (human) baby born in Antarctica?

A              1978

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