Mash-Up Quiz 056

Mash Up Quiz 056

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Quiz 437

Quiz 437


1              From The Earth To The Moon was an 1865 novel by which author?

2              Gertrude Moon played by Millicent Martin appeared in which long-running US sitcom?

3              Who sang the theme song to the Bond film Moonraker?

4              The Moonies were followers of the Unification Church founded in 1954 in which country?

5              Identify these “moon” films from the main stars and the year: –

5a            Ryan O’Neal & Tatum O’Neal 1973

5b            Nicholas Cage & Cher 1987

5c            Trevante Rhodes & Andre Holland (2016)


6              Actress Jenny Logan became famous in the 80s for an advert where she danced round the living room using which product?

7              What was the name of the gypsy dancer in The Hunchback of Notre Dame?

8              Who was the highest paid dancer in the world in the late 1990’s?

9              Who was Dancing On The Ceiling in 1986?

10            Which words come before these words to complete the name of a dance: –

Bottom, Potato, Hop, Gully, Trot


11            Which desert covers 70% of Botswana’s land area?

12            How many points are on the Canadian flag’s maple leaf – 5, 7, 9 or 11?

13            Which dangerous pastime began at Kawarau Bridge, Queenstown in New Zealand?

14            In which American State is Harvard University?

15            There are 6 countries with a border on the Black Sea – name 3?


16            Which stringed musical instrument is also the name of a flower & a character in Twelfth Night?

17            Which band had hits with Breakfast in America & The Logical Song in 1979?

18            Who performed the song I’d Like To Buy The World A Coke for the Coke advert?

19            “I’m a blond bimbo girl in a fantasy world” is a lyric from which number one in 1997?

20            Which ABBA song by which boy band was the first number one of the year 2000?

General Knowledge

21            Distances to & from London are all measured to a point outside which train station?

22            What was the double-barrelled name of Audrey played by Penelope Keith in To The Manor Born?

23            Bounty chocolate bars were advertised as the “Taste of …..” what?

24            Which New Zealand born opera singer sang at Charles & Diana’s wedding in 1981?

25            Which designer is generally credited with creating the little black dress?

26            Elsie Wright & Frances Griffiths took faked photos of what in a garden in Cottingley in 1917?

27            Which Radio DJ was known as the Hairy Cornflake?

28            In politically incorrect bingo calls what was 76?

29            “I used to be Snow White but I drifted” is a quote by which actress?

30            Water goes down the plughole clockwise in London & anticlockwise in Sydney – true or false?


1              Jules Verne

2              Frasier

3              Shirley Bassey

4              South Korea

5a            Paper Moon

5b            Moonstruck

5c            Moonlight

6              Shake n Vac

7              Esmerelda

8              Michael Flatley

9              Lionel Richie

10            Black, Mashed, Lindy or Bunny, Hully, Fox or Turkey

11            Kalahari

12            11

13            Bungee jumping

14            Massachusetts

15            Any 3 Bulgaria, Georgia, Romania, Russia, Turkey, Ukraine

16            Viola

17            Supertramp

18            New Seekers

19            Barbie Girl

20            I Have A Dream/Westlife

21            Charing Cross

22            fforbes-Hamilton

23            Paradise

24            Kiri Te Kanawa

25            Coco Chanel

26            Fairies

27            Dave Lee Travis

28            Was she worth it?

29            Mae West

30            FALSE


Q             Which chocolate bar is called lecherschmecker in Germany?

A              Curly Wurly

Number Guess (Nearest wins)

Q             How many colours does the Dulux Colour Palette have available on its website?

A              1768

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Quiz 436

Quiz 436

1              Which famous singer’s teenage fans were often referred to as bobby soxers?

2              Rebecca Romero won a Gold Medal & a Silver Medal at 2 different Olympics at which 2 sports?

3              Who described what as “magnificent desolation”?

4              What type of people killing plant featured in a 1951 John Wyndham novel & 1962 film?

5              In which city are the headquarters of outdoor clothing & equipment maker Berghaus?

6              Which company has theme parks in Billund Denmark, Gunzburg Germany, Carlsbad California & 5 others?

7              Albert Finney, Peter Ustinov & Kenneth Branagh have all portrayed which detective on film?

8a            A Manhattan is a cocktail based on which spirit?

8b            A Mojito is a cocktail based on which spirit?

8c            A Margarita is a cocktail based on which spirit?

9              Which famous battle took place in January 1879 near the Buffalo River in Natal?

10            In the song Swinging On A Star, 3 creatures are mentioned that maybe you’d rather be – what are they?

11            St Asaph’s & St Davids are 2 cities in Wales – which “Saint” city is the only one in England?

12            The mass of an object divided by its volume is a measure of its what?

13            Who paid Cartier $1.1 million in 1969 for a diamond to give to his wife?

14            Which 2 chemical elements make up the gas ammonia?

15            Only 4 football teams in the top 4 Leagues start and end with the same letter – what are they?

16            Which composer wrote an opera based on Hansel & Gretel; his name is better known as a popular singer?

17            In netball each player wears a bib with 1 or 2 letters on it – what does WD & GA stand for?

18            K-Pop is very popular at the moment with bands such as BTS & Big Bang. What does the K stand for?

19            Which country hosted the first FIFA World Cup in 1930?

20            A SWOT analysis is a strategic planning technique to identify what 4 things related to business competition?

21            Lord Charles was the dummy used by which ventriloquist?

22            Bulmer’s Cider is made in which English County?

23            What kind of volcanic rock is the Giant’s Causeway made of?

24a          Which US TV series featured Miranda Samantha Carrie & Charlotte?

24b          Which UK TV comedy featured Dolly Jean Anita, Bren & Twinkle?

25            DH1 3EH is the postcode for which famous building?

26            On which river does Worcester stand?

27            Which former Coronation Street character was nicknamed 40 at school because he was a bit dim?

28            What was wrestler Big Daddy’s real name?

29            The Florence & Fred line of clothing is sold by which supermarket chain?

30            Identify these palindromes from the clues: –

30a          A machine to break up soil (9)

30b          Tales of times long ago (5)

30c          Connected to or belonging to a city (5)

30d          In music, half of a semibreve (5)

30e          A type of grass found on sand dunes (6)


1              Frank Sinatra

2              Rowing & Cycling

3              Buzz Aldrin. Moon

4              Triffid

5              Sunderland

6              Lego (Legoland)

7              Hercule Poirot

8a            (Rye) Whiskey

8b            White rum (Bacardi)

8c            Tequila

9              Rorke’s Drift

10            Mule, pig & fish

11            St Albans

12            Density

13            Richard Burton

14            Nitrogen & hydrogen

15            Liverpool, Aston Villa, Charlton Athletic, Northampton Town

16            Engelbert Humperdinck

17            Wing Defence & Goal Attack

18            Korean

19            Uruguay

20            Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities & Threats

21            Ray Alan

22            Herefordshire

23            Basalt

24a          Sex and the City

24b          dinnerladies

25            Durham Cathedral (or Castle)

26            Severn

27            Curly Watts

28            Shirley Crabtree

29            Tesco

30a          ROTAVATOR

30b          SAGAS

30c          CIVIC

30d          MINIM

30e          MARRAM


Q             Eagle was the name of the Lunar Module on Apollo 11, what bird was the name of the Lunar Module on Apollo 15?

A              Falcon

Number Guess (Nearest wins)

Q             According to, how many Wimbledon towels were sold during the 2018 championships?

A              25,472

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Quiz 435

Quiz 435


1              In which country does England footballer Lucy Bronze play her club football?

2              Which driver drives car number 44 in Formula 1?

3              Who took 708 wickets for Australia in Test cricket?

4              Which athletics event men’s world record is 12 minutes 37.35 seconds?

5              Only 5 women have successfully defended the Wimbledon Ladies Singles title in the last 50 years – who are they?


6              Which 70s TV series was about the racial tension between Eddie Booth & Bob Reynolds?

7              The City of Brotherly Love is the title given to which American city?

8              What do Americans call a love bite?

9              Who is the Greek god of love?

10            Which 2 bands had big hits with the song Love Is All Around & on which 1994 film did it feature?


11            At the Boston Tea Party what did the demonstrators disguise themselves as?

12            In which year were all women permitted to vote on the same terms as men in General Elections in the UK?

13            The First Opium War led to Britain taking ownership of which territory?

14            Who preceded Leonard Brezhnev as leader of the Soviet Union?

15            Since 1707 when Great Britain was formed, what are the names of the 4 Royal Houses?


16            Which Irish comedian wore wellies marked “L” & “R” but on the wrong feet?

17            Which comedian began his career playing banjo with a band called the Humblebums?

18            Which female comedienne & singer won New Faces and later in her career compered the show?

19            Which black Yorkshire born comedian hosted The Golden Shot for 6 months in the 1970’s?

20            Who is most associated with these catchphrases: –

20a          “May your god go with you”

20b          “Am I bovvered?”

20c          “Chase me”

20d          “Look at the muck in here”

General Knowledge

21            Barbara Bain & Martin Landau were the 2 main stars of Space 1999; in which other TV series did they appear together?

22            What type of paintable wallcovering was invented in 1877?

23            Who is credited with first coining the phrase Iron Curtain?

24            What colour dress did Betty Rubble wear?

25            What is the 5th letter of the Greek alphabet?

26            What is the most common cheese used in Indian cooking?

27            Which south coast town famous for its harbour is also known for its colourful pottery now made in Stoke?

28            Which comic merged with the Topper in 1990?

29            There are 2 birds represented as tokens in Monopoly – name either?

30            Peter O’Toole was nominated for an acting Oscar 8 times but never won – true or false?


1              France (Olympique Lyonnais)

2              Lewis Hamilton

3              Shane Warne

4              5000 metres

5              Billie Jean King, Martina Navratilova, Steffi Graf, Venus Williams, Serena Williams

6              Love Thy Neighbour

7              Philadelphia

8              Hickey

9              Eros

10            Troggs & Wet Wet Wet; 4 Weddings & a Funeral

11            Native Americans (Mohawk Indians)

12            1928

13            Hong Kong

14            Nikita Khrushchev

15            Stuart, Hanover, Saxe-Coburg, Windsor

16            Jimmy Cricket

17            Billy Connolly

18            Marti Caine

19            Charlie Williams

20            Dave Allen, Catherine Tate, Duncan Norvelle, Larry Grayson

21            Mission Impossible

22            Anaglypta or Lincrusta

23            Winston Churchill

24            Blue

25            Epsilon

26            Paneer

27            Poole

28            Beezer

29            Penguin or Duck (although the duck is a rubber duck)

30            TRUE


Q             Francis Lai’s music Today It’s You has been the theme to which TV programme since 1971?

A              Panorama

Number Guess (Nearest wins)

Q             What was Concorde’s fastest time from Paris to New York to the nearest minute?

A              173 minutes

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Mash-Up Quiz 055

Mash Up Quiz 055

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Quiz 434

Quiz 434

Tool Shed

1              Which Beatles track from the Abbey Road album is about a serial killer who beat people to death with a blunt instrument?

2              What is the name of the social networking site released in 2009 for the LGBTQ community?

3              Crocket & Tubbs were the 2 main characters in which US TV series?

4              Leatherface first appeared as the main evil character in which horror film released in 1974?

5              Identify these with answers related to the tool shed: –

5a            Had a big hit with Crocodile Shoes in 1994

5b            Surname of Clyde of Bonnie & Clyde fame

5c            Hand puppet who became known on the David Nixon Magic Show in the 60s

5d            Show jumping champion who won BBC Sports Personality of the Year in 1960

Mexico & Mexicans

6              Which river forms part of the border with Texas?

7              The chihuahua is named after a northern state of Mexico – spell it correctly?

8              Cantinflas was a Mexican comedian who starred in a 1956 David Niven film about an epic journey – its name?

9              Name a country other than the USA that borders Mexico?

10            Which 2 creatures & one plant feature on the Mexican flag?


11            What name is given to a bundle of herbs tied together & used as flavouring but removed before serving the dish?

12            Which American dish made with chicken, sausage, rice & shrimp was a hit for the Carpenters in 1974?

13            Snap peas & snow peas are better known by what French name in the UK?

14            What colour is a kumquat?

15            Which 2 dishes are named after an Australian opera singer whose real name was Helen Porter?


16            Which construction company went into liquidation in January 1918?

17            Peter Wyngarde passed away in January 2018 – which writer/investigator did he play on TV?

18            In February 2018 Jacob Zuma resigned as President of which country?

19            In May 2018 Ireland held a referendum about legalising what?

20            In July a large balloon became news in London – who was it a caricature of & what was it holding in its hand?

General Knowledge

21            Which French car maker’s logo is a white lion rampant on a blue background?

22            Dani Dyer, Amber Davies & Cara De La Hoyde were the last 3 female winners of which TV series?

23            Which Keighley based brewery makes Landlord?

24            Tiger Woods won the Masters this year. How many times has he now won it?

25            Which brand of pasta sauces originated in Australia and is now made by the Mars Corporation?

26            Most characters in the MASH TV series were doctors apart from the part played by William Christopher – what profession was he?

27            Which country with a population of 170 million has never won an Olympic medal?

28            Which local performer won X Factor, Popstar to Operastar & The Jump?

29            The actress who plays Michelle Connor in Corrie became known as a member of which pop group?

30            Wombats are the only mammals that produce cube shaped poo – true or false?


1              Maxwell’s Silver Hammer

2              Grindr

3              Miami Vice

4              The Texas Chain Saw Massacre

5a            Jimmy Nail

5b            Barrow

5c            Basil Brush

5d            David Broome

6              Rio Grande

7              Chihuahua

8              Around The World In 80 Days

9              Belize or Guatemala

10            Eagle, Snake (or serpent) (Prickly Pear) Cactus

11            Bouquet Garni

12            Jambalaya

13            Mangetout

14            Orange

15            Peach Melba & Melba Toast

16            Carillion

17            Jason King

18            South Africa

19            Abortion

20            Donald Trump & a mobile phone

21            Peugeot

22            Love Island

23            Timothy Taylor

24            5 times

25            Dolmio

26            Padre (Father Mulcahy)

27            Bangladesh

28            Joe McElderry

29            Here’Say

30            TRUE


Q             Which national football team qualified for the World Cup for the first time in 1998 & finished 3rd?

A              Croatia

Number Guess (Nearest wins)

Q             July 1st is Canada Day celebrating the date of the Constitution Act of Canada; in which year was it?

A              1867

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Mash-Up Quiz 054

Mash Up Quiz 054

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