Quiz 420

Quiz 420


1              Which song from the musical Whistle Down The Wind was a number one single for Boyzone in 1998?

2              The character Billy Bigelow who works in a fairground features in which musical?

3              The outdoor scenes of which film musical were filmed on the Greek island of Skopelos?

4              Which stage musical tells the story of twins Eddie Lyons & Mickey Johnstone separated at birth?

5              From which Andrew Lloyd-Webber musicals do these songs come: – Another Suitcase In Another Hall; Take That Look Off Your Face; The Music Of The Night

Black & White

6              Who played Arthur Kipps in the 2012 film The Woman In Black?

7              In the UK, the young of which fish is known as whitebait?

8              How many times does Black Rod knock on the door of the House of Commons at the State Opening of Parliament?

9              Betty White played Rose Nylund in which American comedy series set in Miami?

10            Which bands or artists had hits with these songs: – You’re The First The last My Everything 1974; Ride On Time 1989; Boom Boom Pow 2009


11            What was the name of the hurricane that devasted New Orleans in 2005?

12            The founder of Detroit gave his name to which American luxury car maker?

13            What shape is the Luxor Hotel in Las Vegas?

14            What is the name of the military academy in Orange County, New York?

15            There are 8 universities/colleges in the Ivy League; can you name 3 of them?

Connected Answers

16            Which classic 1961 film starring Gregory Peck & David Niven was set around a fictional Greek island?

17            Who was the Minister of Armaments & War Production in Nazi Germany?

18            What was the name of the character played by Lee Majors in The Fall Guy?

19            On which Beatles album do the songs Eleanor Rigby & Yellow Submarine feature?

20            Which song with a religious connection by the New Vaudeville Band reached number 4 in the UK charts in 1966?

General Knowledge

21            How many stars are on the Chinese national flag?

22            Who was Larry Fortensky married to from 1991 to 1996?

23            Who played Cagney in Cagney & Lacey?

24            If a substance is stannic, which metal does it contain?

25            Who committed the first murder in the Bible?

26            What colour was Coldplay’s first UK top 10 hit?

27            What is 555 in Roman numerals?

28            In which children’s TV series featured Iggle Piggle & Upsy Daisy?

29            Who was the last cricketer to win BBC Sports Personality of the Year?

30            The BBC presenter Hazel Irvine (snooker/Olympics) holds the Scottish record for the long jump – true or false?


1              No Matter What

2              Carousel

3              Mamma Mia!

4              Blood Brothers

5              Evita; Tell Me On A Sunday; Phantom Of The Opera

6              Daniel Ratcliffe

7              Herring

8              3 times

9              The Golden Girls

10            Barry White; Black Box; Black-Eyed Peas

11            Katrina

12            Cadillac

13            Pyramid

14            West Point

15            Brown Columbia Cornell Dartmouth Harvard Pennsylvania Princeton Yale

16            The Guns of Navarone

17            Albert Speer

18            Colt Sievers

19            Revolver

20            Winchester Cathedral

21            Five

22            Elizabeth Taylor

23            Sharon Gless

24            Tin

25            Cain (killed Abel)

26            Yellow

27            DLV

28            In The Night Garden

29            Andrew Flintoff

30            FALSE


Q             The ariary is the currency of which island?

A              Madagascar

Number Guess (Nearest wins)

Q             Peter Sallis appeared in how many episodes of Last of the Summer Wine?

A              294

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Mash-Up Quiz 044

Mash Up Quiz 044

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Quiz 419

Quiz 419

1              What word is most often used in Cockney rhyming slang for a wig?

2              By population what are the 3 largest cities in Texas?

3              Save The World & Battle Royale were the first 2 versions of which immensely popular online game?

4              Who appeared on the Michael Parkinson chat shows the most times?

5              What position has been held by Michael Martin, Betty Boothroyd & George Thomas in recent years?

6              The Overlook Hotel first appeared in which Stephen King novel?

7              Which annual music event usually concludes on the 2nd Saturday of September in the Albert Hall?

8              In cricket, if an umpire puts out his right arm horizontally to the side, what is he signalling to the scorers?

9              In the most common version of the One For Sorrow nursery rhyme, what were 8 & 9 for?

10            Detectives Richard Poole, Humphrey Goodman & Jack Mooney have all featured in which TV series?

11            What is the name of the largest island located in the Bristol Channel?

12a          Which model of Dacia car might you use around the house?

12b          Which model of Honda car is a type of popular music?

12c          Which model of Kia car might you find in South America?

13            Name any film for which Katherine Hepburn won the Academy Award (Oscar) for Best Actress?

14            Which disease is commonly referred to as the “kissing disease” because can be transmitted via saliva?

15            Which actors had hits in the UK with the following songs: – MacArthur Park 1968; Don’t Give Up On Us 1977; Wandrin’ Star 1970; If 1975?

16            Which digital toy invented in 1996 carried on a key chain had a Hunger Meter, Happy Meter, Bracelet Meter & Discipline Meter?

17            The Tom Stoppard play Rosencrantz & Guildenstern Are Dead was based on 2 characters from which Shakespeare play?

18a          What is the most northerly of the service stations on the A1 (M)?

18b          The M8 runs between which 2 cities?

18c          In which year was the first motorway service opened (Watford Gap) – +/- 2?

19            In the Morecambe & Wise Show “Memory Man” sketch which football team did Eric call out every time he heard a cough?

20            Which fashion accessories brand founded in 1998 uses a Scottie dog as its logo?

21            What is the smallest of the Great Lakes in North America?

22            The actor Ralph Feinnes joined which club on a flight from Mumbai to Darwin in 2007?

23            What are the first names of the 4 main male characters in The Big Bang Theory?

24            The Poole Pirates, Berwick Bandits & Edinburgh Monarchs were teams in which sport until 2016?

25            Which keyboard player’s first album was The Six Wives of Henry VIII?

26            What was the profession of The Fugitive played by David Janssen on TV & Harrison Ford in the film?

27            London is served by 6 international airports; Gatwick & Heathrow are 2; what are the other 4?

28            Who were the only British Monarchs in the House of Saxe-Coburg?

29            York minster is dedicated to which Saint?

30            Which band would be called David, Stephen, Graham & Neil if they were known by their first names rather than their surnames?


1              Syrup

2              Houston, San Antonio, Dallas

3              Fortnite

4              Billy Connolly (15 times)

5              Speaker of the House of Commons

6              The Shining

7              (Last Night of the) Proms

8              No ball

9              Wish & kiss

10            Death In Paradise

11            Lundy Island

12a          Duster

12b          Jazz

12c          Rio

13            Morning Glory 1934; Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner 1968; The Lion In Winter 1969; On Golden Pond 1982

14            Glandular Fever (Mononucleosis)

15            Richard Harris; David Soul; Lee Marvin; Telly Savalas

16            Tamagotchi

17            Hamlet

18a          Washington Services

18b          Glasgow & Edinburgh?

18c          1959

19            Arsenal

20            Radley

21            Ontario

22            Mile High Club

23            Sheldon Leonard Raj & Howard

24            Motorcycle Speedway

25            Rick Wakeman

26            Doctor (Surgeon)

27            Stansted, City, Luton & Southend

28            Edward VII & George V

29            Peter

30            Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young


Q             In which 1959 Hitchcock film did Hitchcock appear near the beginning of the film just missing his bus?

A              North by Northwest

Number Guess (Nearest wins)

Q             How many pieces does the Taj Mahal lego set contain?

A              5923

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Quiz 418

Quiz 418

Entertaining Money

1              Which former Eastenders actress won Strictly Come Dancing in 2004?

2              Which song features a “barber showing photographs” & a “fireman with an hourglass”?

3              What was the title of the 2nd film in which Clint Eastwood starred as the “Man with no name” in 1967?

4              In which nursery rhyme was the “Queen eating bread and honey”?

5a            Which actress from Cheers starred in the film The Money Pit with Tom Hanks in 1986?

5b            Who starred as Fast Eddie opposite Tom Cruise in the 1986 film The Colour of Money?

5c            Which black comedian starred as Monty in Brewster’s Millions in 1985?

Food & Drink

6              In the traditional Australian street food, the “pie floater”, what is the pie floating in?

7              What are courgettes known as in the USA?

8              The kumquat is primarily what colour?

9              William Walker Hunter from Newcastle created which popular fizzy drink in 1927 (it’s still available today)?

10            In a famous line from Silence of the Lambs, Hannibal ate which organ with what kind of beans & which wine?


11            The Swan River flows through which Australian city?

12            Skara Brae is a Neolithic settlement found on one of the islands of which group?

13            Which Asian country has recently made homosexuality & adultery illegal with offenders condemned to death by stoning?

14            In which country is the city of Split?

15            Name 3 countries in Africa beginning with the letter G?


16            The scientist & discoverer of penicillin Alexander Fleming died in 1955 and is buried in which famous building?

17            What make of car was John F Kennedy in when he was killed in Dallas?

18            The British battlecruiser HMS Hood was sunk in 1941 in the Denmark Strait by which German battleship?

19            What is the name of the indoor arena in Manhattan which is the home of the New York Knicks basketball team?

20            What was the first name of Scotty in the original Star Trek series?


General Knowledge

21            If they used their real surnames, which double act would be Derbyshire & Harper?

22            An orrery is a mechanical model of what?

23            Which poem by Tennyson begins “Half a league, half a league, half a league onward”?

24            Carol Decker was the lead singer of which 80’s band?

25            Which brand of ice cream is advertised in the Cornish language?

26            In which TV series did Siegfried & Tristan Farnon feature?

27            The Anschluss in 1938 was a union between Germany & which other country?

28            Rita Coolidge sang All Time High, the theme to which 1983 Bond film?

29            Sons and Lovers & The Rainbow are 2 lesser known novels by which author?

30            The first car made by the Ford Motor Company after the Model T Ford was the Model A – true or false?


1              Jill Halfpenny

2              Penny Lane

3              For A Few Dollars More

4              Sing a Song of Sixpence

5a            Shelley Long

5b            Paul Newman

5c            Richard Pryor

6              Pea soup

7              Zucchini

8              Orange

9              Lucozade

10            Liver, fava beans & chianti

11            Perth

12            Orkney

13            Brunei

14            Croatia

15            3 of Gabon, Ghana, Gambia, Guinea, Guinea Bissau

16            St Paul’s Cathedral

17            Lincoln Continental

18            Bismarck

19            Madison Square Garden

20            Montgomery

Connection – US State Capitals

21            Cannon & Ball

22            Solar system

23            The Charge of the Light Brigade

24            T’Pau

25            Kelly’s

26            All Creatures Great & Small

27            Austria

28            Octopussy

29            D H Lawrence

30            TRUE – In 1929


Q             Which band had the biggest selling album of the 1990’s?

A              Oasis (What’s the Story Morning Glory)

Number Guess (Nearest wins)

Q             What is the British record for the highest individual score in a standard game of Scrabble?

A              793


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Mash-Up Quiz 043

Mash Up Quiz 043

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Quiz 417


Music Threesomes

1              Sheila Ferguson was one of the singers of which group?

2              Frank Beard was the only member without a beard in which trio?

3              Their big hit was Leaving on a Jet Plane & their surnames were Yarrow, Stookey & Travers – what were their first names?

4              Fanfare for the Common Man was a top 10 hit for which progressive rock group in 1977?

5              Which threesomes had hits with these songs: –    Roxanne 1979, Ace of Spades 1980 & 1993, American Idiot 2004

Sport & Games

6              Which football team played their home games at Plough Lane until 1991?

7              The Borg-Warner Trophy is awarded to the winner of which annual motor race in the USA?

8              How many times did Red Rum run in the Grand National?

9              Which Welshman was the first ever BDO World Darts Champion in 1978?

10            In the board game of Battleships produced in the 90s, apart from a battleship what were the other 4 types of ships used?


11            Michigan Avenue known as the Magnificent Mile is found in which American city?

12            Let’s Be Careful Out There was a line often heard at the beginning of which American TV series?

13            In which country would you find the Road to Mandalay?

14            Which number avenue does the traditional Easter Parade in New York take place?

15            The longest rail & road bridge in Europe connects which 2 Scandinavian countries?

Who Said it?

16            Which famous American businessman allegedly claimed, “History is more or less bunk”?

17            “All actors should be treated like cattle” was said by which film director?

18            “Most of our people have never had it so good” was said by which British Prime Minister?

19            Which politician was condemned for his inferred reference to Rivers of Blood in the 1960’s?

20            From which films do these quotes come?

20a          All right Mr DeMille, I’m ready for my close-up (1950)

20b          I love the smell of napalm in the morning (1979)

20c          We rob banks (1967)

General Knowledge

21            Which handheld video game device was released by Nintendo in 1996?

22            Who designed the Angel of the North?

23            In which Bond film did Telly Savalas play Blofeld?

24            What is the largest island in the Caribbean?

25            In the UK what kind of bird can be green, gold & bull?

26            Brief Answers to the Big Questions was the last book, published after his death, by which scientist?

27            What is the main ingredient of guacamole?

28            In its advertising what were Opal Fruits made to do?

29            Who was the last regular presenter of the Golden Shot on TV?

30            Nicholas Cage has a son called Bruce Wayne Cage after the Batman character – true or false?


1              Three Degrees

2              ZZ Top

3              Peter Paul & Mary

4              Emerson Lake & Palmer

5              Police, Motorhead, Green Day

6              Wimbledon

7              Indianapolis 500

8              5 times

9              Leighton Rees

10            Aircraft Carrier, Cruiser,          Submarine, Destroyer

11            Chicago

12            Hill Street Blues

13            Burma (Myanmar)

14            5th Avenue

15            Sweden & Denmark

16            Henry Ford

17            Alfred Hitchcock

18            Harold MacMillan

19            Enoch Powell

20a          Sunset Boulevard

20b          Apocalypse Now

20c          Bonnie & Clyde

21            Gameboy

22            Anthony Gormley

23            On Her Majesty’s Secret Service

24            Cuba

25            Finch

26            Sir Stephen Hawking

27            Avocado

28            Make your mouth water

29            Bob Monkhouse (he came back after Charlie Williams)

30            False – he has a son called Kal-El (after Superman)


Q             Operation Gomorrah was the name given to the bombing campaign against which German city in WW2?

A              Hamburg

Number Guess (Nearest wins)

Q             How many bedrooms does the Hilton London Metropole have?

A              1054

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Mash-Up Quiz 042

Mash Up Quiz 042

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