Quiz 229

Quiz 229


1              Which famous justice building in London stands on the site of the old Newgate Prison?

2              Who escaped from Wandsworth prison on 8th July 1965 & returned to the UK on 7th May 2001?

3              Which village in Kent gives its name to a type of prison for young offenders?

4              For which crime was Al Capone finally imprisoned?

5              Which films set in prison are these :- 1994 Tim Robbins/Morgan Freeman; 1967 Paul Newman/George Kennedy; 1979 Clint Eastwood/Patrick McGoohan


6              Which cartoon characters lived in Jellystone Park?

7              Which famous landmark is located on Mount Lee in Griffith Park Los Angeles?

8              Which “live” dinosaur is the first one seen on screen in Jurassic Park?

9              What is England’s most southerly National Park?

10           Which football teams play at these grounds – Ewood Park, Selhurst Park, Frattan Park?


11           Who wrote the novel “Journey to the Centre of the Earth?”

12           What is the height at the centre of the net in tennis?

13           Which country was at the centre of the Ottoman Empire?

14           What circular object appears in the centre of the flag of India?

15           Center Parcs originated in which country – France, Netherlands or Belgium?


16           In which TV series did Miss Tibbs & Miss Gatsby appear?

17           Who was the first female presenter of Changing Rooms on TV?

18           Where do Sharon, Tracy & Dorian live in Birds of a Feather?

19           Which TV presenter was known in the 60s as the Thinking Man’s Crumpet?

20           Which Doctor Who enemies come from the planets Mondas & Skaro?

General Knowledge

21           When he was younger TV presenter Matt Baker was talented in which sport?

22           Hugh Lofting wrote children’s books about which doctor?

23           Which famous mode of transport is numbered NCC1701?

24           In the song Lily the Pink by Scaffold what did Lily the Pink invent?

25           What is the nationality of the current Pope?

26           Whose song was the start of the dance craze the Twist in the 60s?

27           In The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, the phrase Mostly Harmless described what?

28           Which suit is the highest ranked in contract bridge?

29           Which nursery rhyme was the first to be recorded by Edison?

30           Fred & Wilma Flintstone’s daughter Pebbles was adopted – true or false?


1              Old Bailey

2              Ronnie Biggs

3              Borstal

4              Tax evasion

5              Shawshank Redemption, Cool Hand Luke, Escape from Alcatraz

6              Yogi Bear & Booboo

7              Hollywood sign

8              Brachiosaurus

9              Dartmoor

10           Blackburn Rovers, Crystal Palace, Portsmouth

11           Jules Verne

12           3 feet

13           Turkey

14           Wheel

15           Netherlands

16           Fawlty Towers

17           Carol Smillie

18           Chigwell

19           Joan Bakewell

20           Cybermen & Daleks

21           Gymnastics

22           Doolittle

23           Starship Enterprise

24           Medicinal compound

25           Argentinian

26           Chubby Checker

27           Earth

28           Spades

29           Mary Had a Little Lamb

30           False – Bambam was though


Q             Barani & Rudolph are terms used in which sport?

A             Trampolining

Number Guess

Q             In which year was carbonated water invented?

A             1767 by Joseph Priestley

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