Quiz 228

Quiz 228

1              The spacecraft Juno has recently arrived at which planet?

2              How many pounds in a hundredweight & how many stones are there in a ton?

3              Machu Pichu is an ancient city discovered in 1991 in which country?

4              In which year were letters used to indicate the year of manufacture on UK cars (+/-1)?

5a            Which singer & songwriter is known as the Modfather?

5b            Which rock star is known as the Boss?

6              According to Shakespeare, who were the main conspirators responsible for the murder of Julius Caesar?

7              Which 2 members of the EU have a population of less than a million?

8              Which shellfish based soup originated in the north east of the USA?

9              Which comedy performer & chat show host voices Dory in Finding Nemo & Finding Dory?

10            Sell 500.000 copies of an album in the USA what award do you get; what award to you get for 100,000 in the UK?

11            What gift from China arrived in the UK in September 1974?

12            What kind of animated creature wrapped in winter clothes is used in the current British Gas adverts?

13            Apart from Hamilton – who were the last 3 British drivers to be Formula One Champions?

14            Who were the parents of Heavenly Harani Tiger Lily?

15            What were the 2 original chocolate factories based in York (original names please)?

16            According to a song in Disney’s Peter Pan, which creature should you never smile at?

17            At the start of a game of chess which pieces are on squares c1, f1, c8 & f8?

18            “I love the smell of napalm in the morning” is a quote from which Oscar winning film?

19            According to the Express last year which biscuit is Britain’s favourite?

20            In which counties are these seaside resorts – Clacton, Bognor Regis, Ilfracombe?

21            Which cities use these airport codes – ATL, BCN, AKL?

22a          Who was the American physician who described the first aid technique to help people who are choking?

22b          In which decade was the technique first described?

23            What was Linda McCartney’s maiden name?

24            Geraldine Rees was the first woman to complete which race?

25a          Marilyn Monroe played Sugar Kane in which film?

25b          In which film did she stand over a vent and let her dress billow up?

26            Football – Who were the last 2 teams to win the Scottish League top division title other than Rangers & Celtic?

27            Barry Scott has been replaced this week as the face of which product?

28            How long does a UK Patent last – 20 years, 100 years or forever?

29            What were the 3 flavours of a Zoom ice lolly?

30            Footwear –

30a          Who was British Prime Minister from 1828 to 1830?

30b          Which creature on TV resided at Coral Key Park & Marine Reserve?

30c          What was the name of the sheepdog in the Mirror cartoon strip The Perishers?


1              Jupiter

2              112, 160

3              Peru

4              1963 (suffix A)

5a            Paul Weller

5b            Bruce Springsteen

6              Brutus & Cassius

7              Malta & Luxemburg

8              Chowder

9              Ellen DeGeneres

10            Gold;gold

11            2 giant pandas

12            Penguin

13            Jensen Button, Damon Hill, Nigel Mansell

14            Paula Yates & Michael Huchence

15            Rowntree’s & Terry’s

16            Crocodile

17            Bishops

18            Apocalypse Now

19            Chocolate Digestive

20            Essex, West Sussex (accept Sussex), Devon

21            Atlanta, Barcelona, Auckland

22a          Heimlich

22b          Seventies (1974)

23            Eastman

24            Grand National

25a          Some Like It Hot

25b          The 7 Year Itch

26            Aberdeen & Dundee Utd

27            Cillit Bang

28            20 years

29            Lemon Lime Raspberry

30a          Duke of Wellington

30b          Flipper

30c          Boot


Q              The collective noun for which seabird is known as a gulp?

A              Cormorant

Number Guess

Q              How many dogs were entered in Crufts 2015?

A              21,427

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