Quiz 311

Quiz 311

Old & New

1              The Central Criminal Court of England & Wales is better known as what?

2              Which spirit is used to make the cocktail known as an Old Fashioned?

3              Which song by the New Seekers was used worldwide on a Coca-Cola commercial?

4              The New Model Army was formed in the 17th Century during which war?

5              What are the 4 US “new” States?

Hot & Cold

6              The dance troupe Hot Gossip first appeared on TV on whose show?

7              What is the name of the Spanish soup made from raw vegetables & served cold?

8              The Spy Who Came in From the Cold is a 1963 novel by which British author?

9              The first manned hot-air balloon flight was made in which century?

10            Who had Top 10 hits with these songs –                You Sexy Thing (1975), Dani California (2006), Viva La Vida (2008)

The Long, the Short & the Tall

11            In the long jump, how wide is the take-off board on the runway – 6, 8 or 12 inches?

12            Shelley Long played Diane Chambers in which US TV comedy series?

13            In which year did Hartlepool host the final leg of the Tall Ships’ Race?

14            The Long and Winding Road was a Beatles song from which 1970 album, their last?

15a          What was the numerical name of the robot in the 1986 film Short Circuit?

15b          Martin Short starred alongside Chevy Chase & Steve Martin in which 1986 Western comedy set in Mexico?

15c          In which Indiana Jones film did Jonathan Ke Quan play a character called Short Round?

Trains & Boats & Planes

16            Who sailed round the world single-handed in Gypsy Moth IV in 1966/67?

17            Which famous recluse & millionaire owned the company that built the seaplane known as the Spruce Goose?

18            The 4468 Mallard holds the world speed record for a steam locomotive – which railway company owned it?

19            Boaty McBoatface was the suggested name for a new Antarctic research ship eventually named what?

20            The original Orient Express train service in 1883 went between which 2 capital cities?

General Knowledge

21            “I wanna tell you a story” was the catchphrase of which British comedian & singer?

22            What is the largest city in India by population?

23            Give any year in which Sir Isaac Newton was alive?

24            Which former England player was head coach of the Great Britain football team at the 2012 Olympic Games?

25            For which organisation did Captain Scarlet work for?

26            Best known for crisps, which company launched Pot Noodle in the UK in 1977?

27            In which mountain range is Ben Nevis?

28            With the same name as a planet, what was the name of the first manned missions into space by the USA?

29            Which Australian city lies on the Yarra River?

30            Brooklyn Beckham has a “Made in the USA” tattoo on his left foot – true or false?


1              Old Bailey

2              Whisky (+ bitters & sugar)

3              I’d Like to Teach the World to Sing

4              English Civil War

5              New York, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico

6              Kenny Everett

7              Gazpacho

8              John Le Carre

9              18th (1783)

10            Hot Chocolate, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Coldplay

11            8 inches

12            Cheers

13            2010

14            Let It Be

15a          Number 5

15b          Three Amigos

15c          Temple of Doom

16            Sir Francis Chichester

17            Howard Hughes

18            London & North-Eastern Railway (LNER)

19            Sir David Attenburgh

20            Paris & Istanbul (Constantinople)

21            Max Bygraves

22            Mumbai (or Bombay)

23            1642 to 1727

24            Stuart Pearce

25            Spectrum

26            Golden Wonder

27            Grampians

28            Mercury

29            Melbourne

30            False – Made in England


Q             What football team has conceded the most goals in the Premier League since its inception?

A              Tottenham Hotspur

Number Guess (Nearest wins)

Q             When was the elastic band patented in England?

A              1845

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German Picture Quiz

German Picture Quiz

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Quiz 310

Quiz 310

1              What 7 letter word can be a biscuit, an English city, a car & a US President?

2              In Scotland, what do Scots use a quaich for?

3              Which British sitcom was set in Gasforth police station?

4              What are the equivalent to the Oscars in the USA for television, theatre & music?

5              Which 2 bands should be Paddington Bear’s 2 favourites?

6              What are the 2 most destructive acids in acid rain?

7              Which French cooking term means “puffed up”?

8              Who was the last leader of the Soviet Union at the time of the fall of the Berlin Wall?

9              How many spaces are there on a standard grid of Connect 4?

10a          What was the name of the island where the TV series Father Ted was set?

10b          Which TV host played Father Noel Furlong in the series?

11            Thiamine & riboflavin are types 1 and 2 of which vitamin?

12a          “You gotta speed it up” is the first line of which Eurovision winning song?

12b          “Though it hurts to go away, it’s impossible to stay” is the first line of which Eurovision winning song?

13            The symbols of which 4 chemical elements make up the word SLICK?

14            How many cross shaped stars feature on the logo of car manufacturer Subaru?

15a          Piri Piri chicken is the signature dish of which restaurant chain?

15b          Which country’s style of food is served at Wagamama’s?

16            Which battle was the final one of the Jacobite rebellion in 1745?

17            What Italian word is used to describe an informal restaurant?

18            What first name is shared by the creator of Morse Code & the real name of Mark Twain?

19            What song was used as the them for Absolutely Fabulous?

20            What is Angela Lansbury’s character called in Murder She Wrote?

21a          Which river runs through Cardiff?

21b          Which river runs through Bath?

22            What is the name of the musical note that is half the length of a semi-breve?

22a          How many days was Sam Allardyce manager of the England football team – 47, 57 or 67?

22b          Other than Sam, which other 3 England managers have managed Newcastle Utd?

23            Which Queen of England was born at Greenwich Palace in South East London?

24            What was the number of the Apollo mission which was the first manned spacecraft to leave Earth orbit?

25            What is the name of the National Park located in Tanzania?

26            Which actress’s name contains the 6th letter of the Greek alphabet?

27            What was Chuck Berry’s only number one single in the UK?

28            Jesse Owens won 4 Gold medals at the 1936 Olympics at which events?

29            What musical instrument did Dizzy Gillespie play?

30            In Peppa Pig, what animals are Suzy, Pedro, Rebecca & Zoe?


1              Lincoln

2              Drinking whisky

3              The Thin Blue Line

4              Emmy, Tony, Grammy

5              Bread & marmalade

6              Nitric & sulphuric acids

7              Souffle

8              Mikhail Gorbachev

9              42 ( 7 by 6)

10a          Craggy Island

10b          Graham Norton

11            Vitamin B

12a          Making Your Mind Up

12b          Save Your Kisses For Me

13            Sulphur, Lithium, Carbon, Potassium

14            Six

15a          Nando’s

15b          Japanese

16            Culloden

17            Trattoria

18            Samuel

19            This Wheel’s On Fire

20            Jessica Fletcher

21a          Taff

21b          Avon

22            Minim

22a          67 (22nd JJuly to 27th September)

22b          Keegan, Robson, McLaren

23            Elizabeth 1

24            Apollo 8

25            Serengeti

26            Catherine Zeta Jones

27            My Ding-a-Ling

28            100m, 200m, Long jump & 4x100m relay

29            Trumpet

30            Sheep, Pony, Rabbit, Zebra


Q             What part of the face is affected blepharitis?

A              Eyelids

Number Guess (Nearest wins)

Q             How many Premier league games have Everton lost (to 20/9/2017)?

A              339

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Quiz 309

Quiz 309


1              Which war of the 20th Century resulted in 2 countries separated by the 38th parallel?

2              The largest Commonwealth war grave is in which country?

3              Guernica by Picasso was painted in response to bombings during which war?

4              Gone with the Wind is set during which war?

5              Which 2 Commonwealth countries participated in the Vietnam War on the American side?


6              Which group had hits with Dreadlock Holiday & Rubber Bullets?

7              How many strings does a standard mandolin have?

8              In 1979, at which nuclear power station was there a major meltdown incident?

9              Which TV comedy series featured Bill & Ben Porter & their kids Jenny & David?

10            Identify these films with numbers in the title: –

10a          2013 Oscar winning film directed by Steve McQueen

10b          1953 musical about men searching for wives in the wild west

10c          1970 anti-war film based on a book by Joseph Heller


11            Which building is located at 350 5th Avenue New York?

12            Famous as the name of a yacht race, which sea area lies immediately south of Ireland?

13            British Columbia is the most westerly Canadian province, which one is the most easterly?

14            Named after the country in which it is located, what is the largest lake in Central America?

15            After Dublin, what are the next 3 most populated towns in the Republic of Ireland?

Highs & Lows

16            Which family (John Buck and Billy Blue Boy) owned the High Chaparral on TV?

17            Andy Fairweather Low was the lead singer of which group in the 60’s & 70’s?

18            Which actor became famous for his role as a basketball player in High School Musical on TV in 2006?

19            In judo what is the lowest ranking belt colour (white is a novice)?

20            According to a song in which US State is the corn as high as an elephant’s eye?

General Knowledge

21            Which team was the first German football team to win the European Cup in 1974?

22            The Kiel Canal connects the North Sea to which other sea?

23            How much in present day money would 4 Guineas be?

24            Sir Edwin Landseer painted a famous picture of a red deer stag which is known as what?

25            Robert Langdon is the hero of a series of novels by which author?

26            Little Mo was the nickname of an American woman famous at which sport?

27            On which Beatles album is the song When I’m Sixty-four?

28            ∏r²h is the formula for calculating the volume of which shape?

29            Kevin Ashman, Chris Simmons & Pat Gibson are 3 of the regular quiz team known on TV as what?

30            Gastown in Vancouver, Canada is so-called because of the gas-powered clock in the main street – true or false?


1              Korean War

2              Belgium (Ypres)

3              Spanish Civil War

4              American Civil War

5              Australia & New Zealand

6              10 CC

7              Eight

8              Three Mile Island

9              2.4 Children

10a          12 Years A Slave

10b          7 Brides for & 7 Brothers

10c          Catch 22

11            Empire State Building

12            Fastnet

13            Newfoundland & Labrador

14            Lake Nicaragua

15            Cork, Limerick & Galway

16            Cannon

17            Amen Corner

18            Zac Efron

19            Yellow

20            Oklahoma

21            Bayern Munich

22            Baltic

23            £4.20

24            Monarch of the Glen

25            Dan Brown

26            Tennis

27            Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band

28            Cylinder

29            Eggheads

30            False – it’s named after Gassy Jack Deighton who opened the first bar in the area


Q             Princess Beatrice has a degree in which subject?

A              History

Number Guess (Nearest wins)

Q             How many Lancaster bombers were built?

A              7377

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Beginning with Q Picture Quiz

Beginning with Q Picture Quiz

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Quiz 308

Quiz 308

1              What was the name of the hurricane that devastated Texas in early September 2017?

2              Sleeping sickness is primarily transmitted by which insect?

3              The Audi A8 in 1994 was the first mass produced car with bodywork made from which metal?

4              Which oil tanker was wrecked off the Cornwall coast in 1967 resulting in significant oil pollution?

5              Who comes next in this list – Barbara, Hilary, Laura, Michelle?

6              In which TV series did a horse called Hercules feature?

7              What was ABBA’s only number one single in the USA?

8              Which of the Bronte sisters wrote the most novels?

9              May 29th 2016 was the 100th running of which famous race in the USA?

10            Rosencrantz & Guildenstern are 2 characters that appear in which Shakespeare play?

11            Which 4 countries have a border with the Czech Republic?

12            If you mix the 3rd colour of a rainbow with the 5th colour of a rainbow, which colour would you get?

13            Notorious for its violence, which 1971 Sam Peckinpah film starred Susan George & Dustin Hoffman?

14            What are Prince Charles’ 3 middle names?

15            These songs were number one in the UK when which world changing event occurred (earliest first)?

15a          Gerry & the Pacemakers – You’ll Never Walk Alone?

15b          Thunderclap Newman – Something In The Air?

15c          Will Smith – Men In Black?

15d          Blue – Too Close?

16            Which British actress played Tracy Draco DiVicenzo in a Bond film & plays Olena Tyrell in Game of Thrones?

17            What is the name of the art technique which paints direct on to wet plaster?

18            Which groups/artists recorded these 70s & 80s albums – Rumours 1977, Brothers In Arms 1985, The Wall 1979, True Blue 1986, Breakfast In America 1979?

19            Nobbut A Lad: A Yorkshire Childhood is an autobiography by which well-known garden TV presenter?

20            Actress Kate Capshaw is married to which well-known film director & producer?

21a          Which country has won the Cricket World Cup in 1999, 2003, 2007 & 2015?

21b          Which country won in 2011?

22            Which of these has the most calories?

22a          MacDonalds Quarter Pounder with Cheese OR Burger King Whopper?

22b          KFC Fillet Burger OR MacDonalds McChicken Sandwich?

22c          Burger King Chocolate Shake OR MacDonald’s Chocolate Shake?

23            Which animals were used for the characters of Robin Hood & the Sheriff of Nottingham in the Disney film?

24            In which London park is London Zoo located?

25            Justin Trudeau as Prime Minister of Canada is a member of which political party?

26            Luck Be A Lady is a song from which 50’s musical?

27            Name any of the sports that made their debut at thr 2016 Rio Olympics?

28            Of which US States are these the capitals – Richmond, Nashville, Lincoln?

29            George C Scott & Marlon Brando both refused Best Actor Oscars – for which films?

30a          What is the nickname of Andy Capp’s best friend?

30b          What is the name of the sheepdog in The Perishers?


1              Harvey

2              TseTse fly

3              Aluminium

4              Torrey Canyon

5              Melanija (First ladies of the USA))

6              Steptoe & Son

7              Dancing Queen

8              Charlotte (4)

9              Indianapolis 500

10            Hamlet

11            Germany Austria Poland & Slovakia

12            Green (Yellow & Blue)

13            Straw Dogs

14            Philip Arthur George

15a          Kennedy assassination

15b          Neil Armstrong walks on the Moon

15c          Death of Diana, Princess of Wales

15d          Twin Towers disaster

16            Diana Rigg

17            Fresco

18            Fleetwood Mac, Dire Straits, Pink Floyd, Madonna, Supertramp

19            Alan Titchmarsh

20            Steven Spielberg

21a          Australia

21b          India

22a          Macdonalds 518 Burger King 500

22b          KFC 440 MacDonalds 388

22c          Burger King 610 MacDonald’s 380

23            Fox & Wolf

24            Regent’s Park

25            Liberal

26            Guys and Dolls

27            Golf Rugby7’s Kite Surfing

28            Virginia, Tennessee, Nebraska

29            Patton & The Godfather

30a          Chalkie

30b          Boot


Q             Which politician & former MP was President of the Oxford Union in 1981?

A              William Hague

Number Guess

Q             How many stations are there on the New York subway system?

A              472


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Quiz 307

Quiz 307


1              Mark Williams plays which amateur detective in a BBC TV series?

2              Which Scottish football club are known as the Steelmen?

3              Which ice skater won an Olympic gold medal at the 1980 winter games?

4              Robert Vaughn & David McCallum were the 2 main stars of which TV series of the 60’s?

5a            What relation is Jane Fonda to Brigitte Fonda?

5b            What relation was Debbie Reynolds to Carrie Fisher?

5c            What relation is Warren Beatty to Shirley MacLaine?


6              The Cassini space probe is set to dive into which planet?

7              Which organ of the body removes old red blood cells & holds a reserve of blood?

8              Sterling silver contains what percentage of silver – 92.5%, 97.5% or 100%?

9              A cube has 6 faces, how many faces does a dodecahedron have?

10            What does MDF stand for?

France & The French

11            Which 4 letter French word is used to describe champagne as dry?

12            Which French footballer & captain of the national side was sent off for head butting an Italian player in the 2006 World Cup?

13            Frenchman Andre Cassagnes invented which mechanical drawing toy popular with kids in the 1960’s & still available today?

14            In which North African country were the French Foreign Legion originally stationed?

15            Which French artists had these UK hits: – She 1974; Joe Le Taxi 1988; Oxygene 1977?

Entertaining Plants

16            “Daisy Dukes” has become a slang word for which article of clothing?

17            Buttercup was the name of the cow in which children’s TV series from the 50’s?

18            Which actor played Claude Greengrass in Heartbeat?

19            Hyacinth Bucket had 3 sisters – Violet, Rose & who else?

20            Which 2 detectives did John Nettles play on TV?

General Knowledge

21            The logo for Tripadvisor is a representation of which creature?

22            The Surrey with the Fringe on Top is a song from Oklahoma!; how many wheels does a surrey have?

23            40 days of rain can be expected if it rains on which Saint’s day?

24            In Monopoly how much do you get from each player if you pick the “it’s your birthday” Community Chest card?

25            In the novel A Room with a View, in which Italian city is the room?

26            What was ABBA’s last number one single in the UK?

27            Downton Abbey began with news of which famous disaster?

28            The leaves of which tree was the original source of the active ingredient of aspirin?

29            Who was Michael Jackson married to from 1994 to 1996?

30            The Battle of Waterloo wasn’t fought at Waterloo but about 3 miles away – true or false?


1              Father Brown

2              Motherwell

3              Robin Cousins

4              The Man from U.N.C.L.E.

5a            Auntie

5b            Mother

5c            Brother

6              Saturn

7              Spleen

8              92.50%

9              12

10            Medium Density Fibreboard

11            Brut

12            Zinadine Zidane

13            Etch-A-Sketch

14            Algeria

15            Charles Aznavour; Vanessa Paradis; Jean-Michel Jarre

16            Tight denim shorts

17            The Woodentops

18            Bill Maynard

19            Daisy

20            Jim Bergerac & Tom Barnaby

21            Owl

22            Four

23            St Swithin’s

24            £10

25            Florence

26            Super Trouper

27            Sinking of the Titanic

28            Willow

29            Lisa Marie Presley

30            True – between Plancenoit & Braine-l’Alleud


Q             Which country’s team are the current World Handball Champions?

A              France

Number Guess (Nearest Wins)

Q             How many competitors were there at the 2016 Rio Olympic Games?

A              11,237

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