Quiz 275

Quiz 275


1              Who was the male star of the 1992 film Stop – or My Mother Will Shoot?

2              Which Beatles song features the lyric “Mother Mary comes to me…”?

3              T’Pau was the mother of which famous TV science fiction character?

4              Mother Teresa was born in which eastern European country?

5              Who were the mothers of Henry VIII’s children, Elizabeth & Edward?

Bits of Trees

6              What is the real name of Twiggy?

7              Sticky Fingers was a best-selling album by which British group?

8              Which spice, often used in cakes & curries, is obtained from the bark of a tree?

9              Bud Flanagan sings the theme song to which classic TV series?

10            In the TV series Roots in the 70’s. what was the name of the main African born slave character?


11            Which former Prime Minister of Italy was convicted of tax fraud in 2013 & was infamous for his attitude to women?

12            Where was Leonardo da Vinci born?

13            The airport at Venice is named after which famous explorer?

14            Which popular Italian dessert means “pick me up” or “cheer me up” in Italian?

15            Which 2 football teams in the top league in Italy are based in Turin?

TV Game Shows

16            Pyramid, Skytrak & Duel were 3 events featured in which 90’s TV game show?

17            Which former British tennis player was the host of the Channel 4 series Interceptor?

18            Which of the “zones” in the original series of The Crystal Maze was named after an ancient race of people?

19            Which current game show hosted by Ben Shephard & Kris Kamara is based on the Japanese show Sasuke?

20            Other than the money they won, what were the 3 consolation prizes on the original series of Bullseye?

General Knowledge

21            Which detective first appeared in the novel The Maltese Falcon?

22            In which city are the Tivoli Gardens?

23            How many points is the bullseye worth in archery?

24            What was the nickname of radio DJ Alan Freeman?

25            Which nursery rhyme character was warned that the cow was in the corn?

26            Which spirit is distilled from wine?

27            Which prestige hotel is located on London’s Brook Street?

28            In the Godfather film, which word was never spoken?

29            Which make & model of car made between the 30’s & 60’s was also the name of a character in Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy?

30            In Terminator 2; Judgement Day, the Terminator didn’t kill anyone – true or false?


1              Sylvester Stallone

2              Let It Be

3              Mr Spock

4              Albania

5              Anne Boleyn & Jane Seymour

6              Lesley Hornby

7              Rolling Stones

8              Cinnamon

9              Dad’s Army

10            Kunta Kinte

11            Silvio Berlusconi

12            Vinci

13            Marco Polo

14            Tiramisu

15            Juventus & Torino

16            Gladiators

17            Annabel Croft

18            Aztec

19            Ninja Warrior UK

20            Set of darts, Bendy Bully, Tankard (or goblet for the girls)

21            Sam Spade

22            Copenhagen

23            9

24            Fluff

25            Little Boy Blue

26            Brandy

27            Claridge’s

28            Mafia

29            Ford Prefect

30            TRUE


Q             George Wander invented what drink in Switzerland in 1865?

A              Ovaltine

Number Guess      

Q             As of 2017, how many Michelin starred restaurants are there in the world?

A              2717

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Sports Personality Picture Quiz

Sports Personality Picture Quiz

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Quiz 274

Quiz 274

1              Football – Which team plays Stoke City in the Potteries Derby, if they are in the same division?

2a            Rye whisky & sweet vermouth is a cocktail named after which part of New York?

2b            Which 3 ingredients do you need to make a pina colada?

3              In the 1950’s which RAF officer was romantically linked with Princess Margaret?

4              What name links a Dad’s Army character, an American singer popular in the 70’s & a former TGWU leader?

5a            The Largs Bay is regarded as the last ship built by which shipbuilder in 2006?

5b            Who wrote the stage musical The Last Ship in 2014?

6              In which year were self-adhesive stamps introduced in the UK (+/- 1)?

7              People with capital cities in their name: –

7a            Italian actress – Mrs Carlo Ponti

7b            American composer of White Christmas

7c            Football pundit & presenter of Homes Under the Hammer

7d            British boxing champion 1958/59

8              Which letters in Scrabble are worth 3 points each?

9              Deuterium oxide is commonly known as what kind of water?

10            Which children’s literary character has a daughter called Mucus and a son called Mould?

11            How many teams are there altogether in the NFL in the USA?

12            Which member of the Royal family is also the Earl of Carrick & the Earl of Chester?

13            Which song by Police begins “Giant steps are what you take”?

14            What is the minimum age for a horse to run in the Grand National?

15            Famous film taglines: –

15a          Escape or die frying (2000)

15b          The mission is a man (1998)

15c          Not that it matters but most of it is true (1969)

15d          You don’t assign him to murder cases. You just turn him loose (1971)

16            Whose official residence is Bute House in Edinburgh?

17            What does the Harvey Keitel character find in the boot of the hen party’s car in the Direct Line advert?

18            In the 19th century which countries ruled over Angola & Namibia?

19            Trowbridge is the county town of which county?

20            Which areas of London are famous for the following – diamond trade, tailoring, antiques market?

21            Pigs in Space was a regular part of which popular TV show in the 90’s?

22            Mortadella is a kind of sausage from which country?

23            Where would you find the carpal tunnel?

24            Who were the 3 male stars of Three Men and a Baby?

25            In which year did the last hanging take place in the UK?

26a          How many Commonwealth Games have been held in Africa?

26b          Which 2 countries have hosted 4 each?

27            The name of which US State was the Bee Gees first number one single in the UK?

28            What did the 13th & 18th amendments to the American constitution abolish?

29            Which member of the original Star Trek cast first devised the Klingon language?

30            Which car manufacturer which went bankrupt in 1976 made the Interceptor?


1              Port Vale

2a            Manhattan

2b            White rum, pineapple juice & coconut milk

3              Peter Townsend

4              Jack Jones

5a            Swan Hunter

5b            Sting

6              1993

7a            Sofia Loren

7b            Irving Berlin

7c            Dion Dublin

7d            Brian London

8              B C M P

9              Heavy

10            Fungus the Bogeyman

11            32

12            Prince Charles

13            Walking On The Moon

14            7

15a          Chicken Run

15b          Saving Private Ryan

15c          Butch Cassidy & The Sundance Kid

15d          Dirty Harry

16            First Minister of Scotland (Nicola Sturgeon)

17            Inflatable man

18            Portugal & Germany

19            Wiltshire

20            Hatton Garden, Savile Row, Portobello Road

21            Muppet Show

22            Italy

23            In your wrist

24            Tom Selleck, Steve Guttenberg, Ted Danson

25            1964

26a          None (Durban will be the first in 2022)

26b          Australia & Canada

27            Massachusetts

28            Slavery & alcohol

29            James Doohan (Scotty)

30            Jensen


Q             Van Gogh, Johann Strauss & ABBA are all varieties of which flower?

A              Tulip

Number Guess (Nearest wins)

Q             What is the longest single rail journey, in miles, in the UK?

A              722 miles (Penzance to Aberdeen)

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Beginning With C Picture Quiz

Beginning with C Picture Quiz


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Quiz 273

Quiz 273


1              Which famous car was described as “fantasmagorical”?

2              James Bond first drove an Aston Martin DB5 in which film?

3              Which Ford car was replaced by the Ford Mondeo in 1993?

4              Which car manufacturer’s name is Latin for “I roll”?

5              Who had hits with these “car” songs – Driving in My Car 1982; Cars 1979; Car Wash 2004; Car Wash 1976?


6              Which South African golfer was known as the Black Knight as he usually dressed only in black?

7              During which century was the Black Death at its most deadly?

8              Who played the Prince Regent in Blackadder the Third?

9              A product from which sea creature is often used to colour food black?

10            Who were the 2 male stars of Men in Black?

Famous Carols

11            Who is the regular weather presenter on BBC Breakfast on TV?

12            Who wrote the song You’ve Got A Friend which was a hit for James Taylor in 1971?

13            Which daughter of a famous politician was sacked from the One Show for making a racist comment about a tennis player?

14            Who began her TV career as the female assistant on Wheel of Fortune?

15            Which 2 singers had a Christmas hit single with The Little Drummer Boy or The Carol of the Drum?


16            Who played Lacey in the TV series Cagney & Lacey?

17            What was the name of Karen Matthews daughter who she falsely claimed had gone missing in 2008?

18            In which decade was the electric blanket invented?

19            Which famous British bridge goes from Barton on the south bank to Hessle on the north bank?

20            What is the name of the American Football team that plays in Minnesota?


General Knowledge

21            If you have 7 tiles in your rack in Scrabble, what is the smallest points total you can have in front of you?

22            Which 1991 Disney animated film was the first animated film to be nominated for a Best Picture Oscar?

23            Which religious group was founded in New York by Joseph Smith in the 1820’s?

24            Which writer & comedian wrote the children’s books Gangsta Granny & The Boy in the Dress?

25            If, in the future, Buckingham Palace report to the Prime Minister that “London Bridge is down”, what has happened?

26            Which insurance provider is reached by telephoning 0800 00 1066?

27            Wayne Shaw was forced to quit football after eating a pie during an FA Cup match – who did he play for?

28            What was the title of the TV series starring Tim Allen as a TV DIY expert?

29            Which of these castles in Northumberland is furthest north – Warkworth, Bamburgh or Alnwick?

30            In the Beatles song Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da, the first line “Desmond has a barrow in the market place” is a reference to Paul McCartney’s father who worked in Liverpool Fish & Meat market – true or false?


1              Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

2              Goldfinger

3              Ford Sierra

4              Volvo

5              Madness; Gary Numan, Christina Aguilera, Rose Royce

6              Gary Player

7              14th (1346-1353)

8              Hugh Laurie

9              Squid (ink)

10            Will Smith & Tommy Lee Jones

11            Carol Kirkwood

12            Carole King

13            Carol Thatcher

14            Carol Smillie

15            David Bowie & Bing Crosby

16            Tyne Daly

17            Shannon

18            Forties (1946)

19            Humber

20            Vikings

Connection – UK Shipping Forecast areas

21            5 (5 vowels & 2 blanks)

22            Beauty and the Beast

23            Mormons

24            David Walliams

25            The Queen has passed away

26            Hastings Direct

27            Sutton United

28            Home Improvement

29            Bamburgh Castle

30            False – it is a reference to Desmond Dekker the reggae artist


Q             Benjamin Holt is credited with inventing which type of motorised vehicle?

A              Bulldozer

Number Guess (Nearest wins)

Q             How many original songs were written by the Beatles (all 4) while they were together as a band?

A              237

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Quiz 272


1              Vlad the Impaler was apparently the inspiration for which fictional character?

2              How would you play an ocarina – blow, pluck or bow?

3              What kind of woman would you need to trap a unicorn?

4              Tayberries & loganberries are both produced from which 2 fruit?

5              In the 1998 film version of The Avengers Ralph Feinnes played Steed, who did Uma Thurman play?

6              In 2004 more than 20 Chinese workers lost their lives in Morecambe Bay collecting what?

7a            Douglas Carswell is which party’s only MP?

7b            Caroline Lucas is which party’s only MP?

8              Jim Lovell, John Swigert & Fred Haise were the crew on which Apollo mission?

9              In online gaming, what does AFK mean?

10            What was the first man-made alloy of 2 metals?

11            In which year was the QE2 built (+/- 1) & which cruise line company originally owned her?

12            What number was the first Boeing jumbo jet & what number is the newest Boeing, the Dreamliner?

13a          Which musicals feature these songs :- Be Back Soon, Surrey With The Fringe On Top, Does Your Mother Know?

13b          What do the 3 answers have in common?

14            Frangipane used in baking is made from which nut?

15            Which classic songs open with these lyrics :-

15a          Look into my eyes – you will see what you mean to me

15b          I’ve never seen you looking so lovely as you did tonight

15c          No New Year’s Day to celebrate

16            Which firework is responsible for the most injuries in children?

17            What kind of sauce is used for the breakfast dish eggs benedict?

18            What type of piano music was Scott Joplin associated with?

19            Which 5 teams did Brian Clough manage in his career?

20            At which school were Tom Brown’s Schooldays actually spent?

21            In which decade was Trivial Pursuit first available for sale?

22a          Which Cliff Richard single was a number one in 1959 & again (with help) in 1986?

22b          Who helped in 1986?

23            Which Royal residence is famous for its maze built in the 1690’s?

24            Which fabric & furnishing company shares its name with the title used by the Bishop of Durham?

25            Which 3 colours are associated with Rastafarianism?

26            Jade Jones won Olympic gold in 2012 & 2016 at which combat sport?

27            What was unusual about Conchita Wurst who won the Eurovision Song Contest in 2014 for Austria?

28            Three time Wimbledon champion Maria Bueno was born in which country?

29            Which TV prison was run by Geoffrey Venables?

30            The symbols of which 3 elements make up the word knife?


1              Dracula

2              Blow

3              Virgin

4              Blackberry & raspberry

5              Emma Peel

6              Cockles

7a            UKIP

7b            Green

8              13

9              Away from keyboard

10            Bronze

11            1969 & Cunard

12            747 & 787

13a          Oliver!, Oklahoma!, Mamma Mia!

13b          Exclamation mark

14            Almonds

15a          (Everything I do) I Do It Foe You – Bryan Adams

15b          Lady In Red – Chris DeBurgh

15c          I Just Called to Say I Love You – Stevie Wonder

16            Sparkler

17            Hollandaise

18            Ragtime

19            Hartlepool Utd, Derby Co., Brighton, Leeds, Nottingham Forest

20            Rugby

21            80’s (1982)

22a          Living Doll

22b          The Young Ones

23            Hampton Court

24            Dunelm

25            Red gold & green

26            Taekwondo

27            She had a beard

28            Brazil

29            Slade

30            Potassium Nickel & iron


Q             In which US State did Subway originate?

A              Connecticut

Number Guess      

Q             What is the world record score playing FIFA World Cup 2014 against the computer?(The player was playing as Germany & the computer as Cook Islands; Cook Islands scored nil)

A              321 – 0

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Irish Picture Quiz 2


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