Quiz 265



1              What was the name of the mother who falsely reported her daughter Shannon missing in Dewsbury?

2              Which Labour Mayor did Boris Johnson defeat to become Mayor of London in May of 2008?

3              Steve Wright was convicted of the murder of 5 prostitutes in which town in Suffolk?

4              Which retailer announced the closure of 807 stores in the UK in December 2008?

5              Which 2 English sides met in the 2008 UEFA Champions League Final?


6              What breed of dog is Snoopy?

7              Which breed of dog has won Best in Show at Crufts more times than any other?

8              Who wrote the novel The Dogs of War?

9              Which canine song was a number one in the UK for Lita Rosa in 1953?

10            What were the names of these dogs :- Dorothy’s dog in Wizard of Oz, John & Jenny Grogan’s labrador in a 2008 film weepie, Ken Barlow’s dog in Corrie?

“Around the House” Celebrities

11            Who played Mr Lucas in Are You Being Served?

12            Who starred on TV as the detective Shoestring & as DI Peter Boyd in Waking the Dead?

13            The Misfits in 1961 was the last screen appearance of Marilyn Monroe & which actor?

14            Who is the lead singer of Led Zeppelin?

15            Which actors played the 10th & 11th Doctors in Doctor Who?


16            The Windows on the World restaurant was in which famous building?

17            Who was the male star of the 1954 Hitchcock film Rear Window?

18            Look Through Any Window was a number 4 hit for which British group in 1965?

19            The richest man in the world is a founder of Microsoft & the Windows system – who is he?

20            What were the 3 windows featured in Play School on TV?

General Knowledge

21            What was the name of the boat featured in Charlie & the Chocolate Factory by Roald Dahl?

22            Which British group won the 1976 Eurovision Song Contest?

23            Joseph Mallord William are the first names of which British artist?

24            In which film did John Hurt play Executive Officer Gilbert Kane?

25            What was the currency of Greece before they adopted the Euro?

26            What kind of shop did Warden Hodges have in Dad’s Army?

27            Richard Hannay first appeared as the hero of which John Buchan novel?

28            Which comedian ended his routines with the phrase “May your god go with you”?

29            Eddy Mercx was famous in which sport in the early 70’s?

30            The American Football “Superbowl” took its name from team owner Lamar Hunt whose kids were playing with a “Supaball” all the time in the 60’s – true or false?


1              Karen Matthews

2              Ken Livingstone

3              Ipswich

4              Woolworths

5              Man Utd & Chelsea

6              Beagle

7              Cocker Spaniel

8              Frederick Forsyth

9              How Much Is That Doggie In The Window

10            Toto, Marley, Eccles

11            Trevor Bannister

12            Trevor Eve

13            Clark Gable

14            Robert Plant

15            David Tennant & Matt Smith

16            World Trade Centre

17            James Stewart

18            Hollies

19            Bill Gates

20            Round Square & Arched

21            Wonkatania

22            Brotherhood of Man (Save Your Kisses for Me)

23            J M W Turner

24            Alien

25            Drachma

26            Greengrocer

27            The 39 Steps

28            Dave Allen

29            Cycling

30            TRUE


Q             In which American city was the first paid firefighting service established?

A              Boston

Number Guess

Q             In which year were the first one-way streets established in London?

A              1617

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Famous Ships 2 Picture Quiz


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Quiz 264


TV Actresses

1              Which Sherlock actress went on a Summer Holiday with Cliff Richard?

2              Who played Auntie Wainwright in Last of the Summer Wine?

3              Which Call The Midwife actress went Walkabout on film in 1971 when she was a teenager?

4              Former Corrie actress Michelle Keegan is currently playing the wife of which famous footballer?

5              Which 2 actresses played Rosemary & Thyme on TV?


6              Which independent airline launched its service from Gatwick to JFK in 1977?

7              Air France Flight 4590 on 25th July 2000 led to the permanent grounding of which aircraft?

8              What is the name of the spacecraft that has become the first man made object to leave the solar system?

9              What is the luxury car brand produced by Toyota?

10            If you went by train from Temple Meads to Lime Street & ended at Waverley, which 3 cities would you have visited?


11            Sterling silver has what percentage of silver in it?

12            In the antiques world what is a davenport?

13            What is the name of the street in London famous for its antiques market?

14            Give a year in the life of Thomas Chippendale?

15            In which country does Murano glass originate?


16            Which Canadian city hosted the 2010 Winter Olympic Games?

17            Canada’s 2 official sports are ice hockey & which other?

18            People from which European country were apparently the first to settle in Newfoundland, Canada?

19            Which Canadian province is named after the 4th daughter of Queen Victoria?

20            What are the 3 most populated cities in Canada?

General Knowledge

21            On which make of car would you find the Spirit of Ecstasy?

22            What position did Joe Biden hold in the USA until Friday?

23            Which aquatic mammal lives in a holt?

24            Which painting was stolen from the Louvre in August 1911?

25            Who played the devil character in the 1997 film The Devil’s Advocate?

26            Who did Paul McCartney marry in2002?

27            Which fruit was the title of a 1973 Woody Allen film?

28            Which author created the character George Smiley?

29            In the 70s, what product gave a meal man appeal?

30            Home Pong was the first available home computer game – true or false?


1              Una Stubbs

2              Jean Alexander

3              Jenny Agutter

4              Bobby Moore

5              Felicity Kendall & Pam Ferris

6              Laker Airways (Skytrain)

7              Concorde

8              Voyager

9              Lexus

10            Bristol, Liverpool & Edinburgh

11            92.50%

12            Writing desk

13            Portobello Road

14            1718 to 1779

15            Italy – an island near Venice

16            Vancouver

17            Lacrosse

18            Norway

19            Alberta

20            Toronto, Montreal, Calgary

21            Rolls-Royce

22            Vice president

23            Otter

24            Mona Lisa

25            Al Pacino

26            Heather Mills

27            Bananas

28            John Le Carre

29            OXO

30            TRUE


Q             Australia’s first railway in 1837 in Tasmania was propelled by what?

A              Convicts (they pushed the wagons along!)

Number Guess (Nearest Wins)

Q             What is the world record for the highest paid overdue library book fine?

A              $345.14

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Quiz 263


1              Which of Henry VIII’s wives was Queen for the longest time?

2              K2, the 2nd highest mountain in the world, is on the border between which 2 countries?

3              Who is the only actress, known by a one word name, to have won a Best Actress Oscar?

4a           In which year of the 1990’s was the Grand National void due to false starts even though Esha Ness came 1st?

4b           Why was one of the Grand Nationals in the 90s run on a Monday?

5              Which vegetable & which type of meat are used to make a traditional Greek moussaka?

6              Which 2 cities are at either end of the M62?

7              Which Lloyd Webber musical was based on a 1950 Oscar winning film?

8              Which 1975 blockbuster film begins with 4 musical notes, E & F twice, played on a tuba?

9              What do Americans call a flick knife?

10           Which Spanish golfer was the youngest to represent Europe in the Ryder Cup?

11           The Boy in the Dress & Gangsta Granny are books written by which comedian & actor?

12           Popular in pubs which dish is chicken wrapped in bacon, topped with cheese & served with a barbeque sauce?

13           Which atmospheric gas is produced by the action of UV light & lightning on oxygen?

14           Alec Issigonis is credited with the design of which iconic British car in 1959?

15           Who had top 10 hits with these rain songs: – It Might As Well Rain Until September (1962) Here Comes The Rain Again (1984) November Rain (1992) Laughter In The Rain (1974)

16           Which Chinese master criminal was portrayed on screen 5 times by Christopher Lee?

17           What were the full first names of the fictional character Milly Molly Mandy (don’t over think it)?

18           Which 2 symbols are common to the flags of Turkey & Algeria?

19           Which TV comedy character initially worked at Sunshine Desserts?

20           SRN 1 was the first type of which mode of transport?

21           MP Douglas Hogg was shamed for claiming expenses on the costs for cleaning what on his country estate?

22           In which century did tea, coffee & cocoa all first appear in Britain?

23           Which manufacturer supplies the balls for the Wimbledon Tennis Championships?

24           Monika & Gabriela Irimia are better known as who?

25           HTH is short for what in Internet chat?

26           Which England cricketer was nicknamed the Cat?

27           Which product is advertised by a dog apparently singing a version of a Queen song?

28           Which Argentine leader ordered the invasion of the Falkland Islands in 1982?

29a         What was the name of the senior Yellowcoat in Hi-De-Hi?

29b         Although never seen, who was cleaner Peggy’s supervisor?

30           Songs from the musicals: – Razzle Dazzle; Me Ol’ Bamboo; Luck Be A lady; Can You Feel The Love Tonight


1              Catherine of Aragon

2              Pakistan & China

3              Cher

4a           1993

4b           Bomb scare on the Saturday

5              Aubergine & lamb

6              Liverpool & Hull

7              Sunset Boulevard

8              Jaws

9              Switchblade

10           Sergio Garcia (19)

11           David Walliams

12           Hunter’s chicken

13           Ozone

14           Mini

15           Carole King; Eurythmics; Guns ‘N’ Roses; Neil Sedaka

16           Fu Manchu

17           Millicent Margaret Amanda

18           Crescent & star

19           Reggie Perrin

20           Hovercraft

21           His moat

22           17th

23           Slazenger

24           Cheeky Girls

25           Hope This Helps

26           Phil Tufnell

27           Flash

28           Galtieri

29a         Gladys Pugh

29b         Miss Cathcart

30           Chicago; Chitty Chitty Bang Bang; Guys & Dolls; Lion King


Q             The German version of which Carry On film translates as Carry On English?

A             Carry On Girls

Number Guess

Q             In which year did the Orkneys become Scottish?

A             1472

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Beginning With A Picture Quiz


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Quiz 262



1              In which park did Yogi Bear & Booboo reside?

2              What is the name of the dog featured in the Tom & Jerry cartoons?

3              What was the name of Bambi’s rabbit friend in Bambi?

4              Who was the fastest mouse in all Mexico?

5              What are the top 3 highest grossing animated films of all time – all in the last 10 years?


6              Mozzarella cheese is traditionally made from which animal’s milk?

7              Faggots are made with offal from which animal?

8              What is the name of the Heston Blumenthal’s first restaurant in Bray in Berkshire?

9              What size chicken egg in the UK is between 53 & 62 grams in weight?

10            What are the 2 main ingredients of kedgeree?

Popular Music

11            What is Cliff Richard’s real name?

12            Berry Gordy Jr. founded which record company in the 50’s in Detroit, Michigan, USA?

13            Killing Me Softly With His Song was a top 10 in 1973 for which female singer?

14            Which artist did Brian & Michael sing about in 1978?

15            Which singers had these backing groups – Wailers, Attractions, Blockheads, News?


16            When Emily Davison the suffragette threw herself under the king’s horse in the Derby which King was it?

17            After Henry VIII who was the first royal to remarry after getting divorced?

18            What relation to Prince Charles was Frances Shand Kydd for 14 years?

19            On which Caribbean island did Princess Margaret have a house called Les Jolies Eaux?

20            Who are the Queen’s 5 great grandchildren?

General Knowledge

21            The crew of which ship settled on Pitcairn Island?

22            In which 1997 film did Harrison Ford & Glenn Close play the President & Vice-President?

23            Who was the only player to beat Bjorn Borg in a Wimbledon Men’s Singles final?

24            Which of the Tropics is in the Northern Hemisphere?

25            Who played Bob Ferris in the Likely Lads?

26            What is the name of the wetland area in the south of Florida?

27            Which musical instrument could astronomer Patrick Moore play?

28            How many times has Bruce Willis played John McClane in the Die Hard films?

29            What weapon do you use to fire a quarrel?

30            Peter O’Toole was nominated 8 times for an acting Oscar but never won one – true or false?


1              Jellystone

2              Spike

3              Thumper

4              Speedy Gonzales

5              Frozen, Minions, Toy Story 3

6              Buffalo

7              Pig

8              Fat Duck

9              Medium

10            Smoked fish & rice

11            Harry Webb

12            Tamla Motown

13            Roberta Flack

14            L S Lowry

15            Bob Marley, Elvis Costello, Ian Dury, Huey Lewis

16            George V

17            Princess Anne

18            Mother in law

19            Mustique

20            George, Charlotte, Savannah, Isla, Mia

21            Bounty

22            Air Force One

23            John McEnroe

24            Tropic of Cancer

25            Rodney Bewes

26            Everglades

27            Xylophone

28            5

29            Crossbow

30            TRUE


Q             Which TV series were voted Best Comedy at the first National Television Awards in 1995?

A              Men Behaving Badly

Number Guess

Q             In which year was the first penal colony established in Australia?

A              1788

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Quiz 261


1a            In which Italian city would you find the Doge’s Palace?

1b            In which Italian city would you find the famous bridge the Ponte Vecchio?

2              What was the title of David Bowie’s final album last year?

3              Who was President of Germany when Hitler became Chancellor in 1933?

4              Mazher Mahmood was a journalist (now in prison) for the News of the World & the Sun – how was he better known?

5              Who played the baddie Millicent Clyde in the 2016 film Paddington?

6a            In the song Tie a Yellow Ribbon by Dawn – how many years had the singer been in jail?

6b            How many ribbons does he see round the Old Oak Tree at the end of the song?

7              A picture in 1934 known as the Surgeon’s Photograph was the most famous picture of what?

8              For you DIY experts, what does MDF stand for?

9              What are the 3 orange streets on a standard Monopoly board?

10            Can you give either of the middle names of J R R Tolkien?

11            Which film won 7 Golden Globe awards this week?

12            Which blue/green colour has the same name as a type of duck?

13            What were the first names of the Walkers who ran the Rovers Return in Corrie?

14            Nice One Cyril was a top 20 song associated with which football club?

15            Apart from Great Britain, name 4 European countries that have won the Davis Cup since 2000?

16            Thank Heaven for Little Girls is from which film musical?

17            Which Vatican City church artwork was commissioned in 1508 by Pope Julius 2nd?

18            What were the first 3 planets visited by a spacecraft from Earth?

19            There are several “spa” towns in Britain but in which European country is the original Spa town?

20            What are the first names of Sir John Mills 2 acting daughters?

21            What pastime does a twitcher have?

22            Which American adult cartoon series features the Griffins, Peter & Lois and their 3 kids?

23            Which 2 creatures are the main diet of aardvarks?

24            Pop Master is a quiz broadcast on whose Radio 2 show?

25            What is the gelling agent needed to make fruit jams?

26            Which dance is mentioned in Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody?

27            In the rhyme 1,2,3,4,5 Once I caught a fish alive – which finger did the fish bite?

28            What was the 2nd item Ronnie Barker asked for after fork handles?

29            Enola Gay, the plane that dropped the Hiroshima atomic bomb, was named after the pilot’s mother – true or false?

30            People with UK counties for surnames: –

30a          Presenter of her own BBC morning news programme

30b          Singer who had a No.1 with Gonna Make You a Star

30c          Star of Happy Valley & Last Tango in Halifax

30d          Actor famous for MASH & the Hunger Games films


1a            Venice

1b            Florence

2              Blackstar

3              Paul von Hindenburg

4              Fake Sheikh

5              Nicole Kidman

6a            3 long years

6b            100

7              Loch Ness Monster

8              Medium Density Fibreboard

9              Bow, Marlborough, Vine

10            Ronald Reuel

11            La La land

12            Teal

13            Jack & Annie

14            Tottenham (Cockerel Chorus)

15            Spain France Croatia Serbia Czech Republic Switzerland

16            Gigi

17            Ceiling of the Sistine Chapel

18            Venus Mars Jupiter

19            Belgium

20            Hayley & Juliet

21            Birdwatching

22            Family Guy

23            Ants & termites

24            Ken Bruce

25            Pectin

26            Fandango

27            Right little finger

28            Plugs – rubber ones, bathroom

29            TRUE

30a          Victoria Derbyshire

30b          David Essex

30c          Sarah Lancashire

30d          Donald Sutherland


Q             Robert Fahey from Australia was world champion from 1994 to 2016 in which sport?

A              Real tennis

Number Guess (Nearest wins)             

Q             How many islands does Fiji have?

A              332                                                                                                                                                         


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