Quiz 289

Quiz 289

1              In which decade did the SNP gain their first parliamentary seat (in a by-election)?

2              A griffin is a mythical beast combining which 2 creatures?

3              Who was Arthur Jefferson’s partner in a famous double act?

4              Which writer & comedian wrote the book & story on which the Queen musical We Will Rock You was based?

5              Richard Hannay was the hero of which book by John Buchan published in 1915?

6a            Pam Shriver won 7 ladies doubles championships at Wimbledon with which partner?

6b            Peter Fleming won 4 men’s doubles championships at Wimbledon with which partner?

7              What are the 3 cities in West Yorkshire?

8              What do the hills in Uffington, Westbury & Cherhill have in common?

9              Which high street retailer is named after a Greek city?

10            Which 2 metals other than gold & silver are hallmarked in the UK?

11a          Which film franchise includes sequels called Catching Fire & Mockingjay parts 1 and 2?

11b          Which film franchise includes sequels called Revenge of the Fallen & Age of Extinction?

11c          Which film franchise includes sequels called The Meltdown & Continental Drift?

12            What is the name of the multi-sport event created by Prince Harry for injured & disabled forces personnel?

13            Archbishop Makarios was the President of which island in the Mediterranean until 1956?

14            Who was captain of England’s 20/20 cricket team when they won the ICC World 20/20 in 2010?

15            Which 3 native American tribes are the largest in the present day?

16            In 1950, who was wrongly executed for the murder of his wife & daughter at 10 Rillington Place in London?

17            A Volvo P1800 & an Aston Martin DBS are 2 cars driven by Roger Moore in the Saint & The Persuaders – what were their registrations?


18            Which word for a type of bread also describes a type of cut used on precious stones?

19            What is the total if you add the titles of Adele’s 3 albums together?

20            Spook, Fancy, Brain & Choo-Choo were all characters in which cartoon series?

21            In which year of the 60s did the Six-Day war between Israel & its Arab neighbours take place?

22            In the Paso Doble what does the female dancer represent?

23a          John Noakes passed away this week; what was his dog called & what breed was he?

23b          Who were the 2 female presenters of Blue Peter who worked with John Noakes?

24            Which Olympics were the first to be televised?

25            What sauce is used in Eggs Benedict?

26            What was the first name of the little girl who owned Bagpuss?

27            In the 50s & 60s in the USA, what did the Airforce sponsored Project Blue Book investigate?

28            How many Oscars did Alfred Hitchcock win for Best Director?

29            Which Beatles album sleeve was the first to include the song lyrics?

30a          Which was created first – the rich tea or the digestive biscuit?

30b          Which was created first – the custard cream or the bourbon cream?

30c          Which was created first – Jaffa cakes or penguins?

30d          Which was created first – Twix or Curly Wurly?


1              Sixties – 1967

2              Lion & eagle

3              Oliver Hardy

4              Ben Elton

5              The 39 Steps

6a            Martina Navratilova

6b            John McEnroe

7              Bradford Leeds Wakefield

8              White horses

9              Argos

10            Platinum & palladium

11a          The Hunger Games

11b          Transformers

11c          Ice Age

12            Invictus Games

13            Cyprus

14            Paul Collingwood

15            Navajo Cherokee Sioux

16            Timothy Evans

17            ST 1 & BS 1

18            Baguette

19            19 + 21 + 25 = 65

20            Top Cat (or Boss Cat)

21            1967

22            The bullfighter’s cape (not the bull)

23a          Shep & border collie

23b          Valerie Singleton & Lesley Judd

24            Berlin 1936

25            Hollandaise

26            Emily

27            UFOs

28            None (5 times nominated)

29            Sgt Pepper

30a          Rich tea (17th century) Digestive (1839)

30b          Custard cream (1908) Bourbon (1910)

30c          Jaffa cakes (1927) penguins (1932)

30d          Twix (1967) Curly Wurly (1971)


Q             In the Manchester Utd. Version of Monopoly, which player is on the square where Whitechapel would normally be?

A              Peter Schmeichel

Number Guess (nearest wins)

Q             How many years elapsed between the last Ancient Olympic Games & the first Modern Olympic Games?

A              1503 (393 & 1896)

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Scotland Picture Quiz

Scotland Picture Quiz

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Quiz 288

Quiz 288

Sunny Stuff

1              Which 70s TV comedy character was employed as a sales executive at Sunshine Desserts?

2              In which country is the resort of Sun City?

3              How was Earth described in the title of an American comedy series starring John Lithgow & Jane Curtin in the 90’s?

4              Which gas is produced at the centre of the Sun?

5              Who had hits with these “sunny” songs: –

Waterloo Sunset 1967, You Are the Sunshine of My Life 1973, The Sun Always Shines on TV 1985


6              Which Australian comedian advertised “the amber nectar” on British TV?

7              Michael Hutchence was the lead singer of which group?

8              If you asked for Durex in Australia, what would you get – sellotape, a soft drink or a type of biscuit?

9              Which Australian sportsman was the first to appear on an Australian postage stamp?

10            Which 3 Australian cities have hosted a Commonwealth Games?


11            Who was the first German golfer to win the German Open Championship?

12            Which country’s team featured in the film Cool Runnings about bobsleigh?

13            How many times is the water jump jumped in the 300 metres steeplechase – 5,6 or 7?

14            Which British player was the first ever to be disqualified at Wimbledon?

15            What are the 6 disciplines used in men’s Olympic gymnastics?

Food & Drink

16            What flavour are the boiled sweets known as Berwick Cockles?

17            What is the name given to a large buffet meal originating in Sweden?

18            What is the green horseradish called in Japan?

19            Pecorino cheese comes from which country?

20            Name 2 of the spices most commonly used in making mulled wine?

General Knowledge

21            Who became leader of the Conservative Party when John Major resigned?

22            Which company was deemed responsible for the Deepwater Horizon oil rig disaster in 2010 in the Gulf of Mexico?

23            In which year was Britain’s General Strike?

24            In India what does a dhobi wallah wash?

25            Which word is written on the only road sign in Britain which is octagonal (8-sided)?

26            On which river is the Iraqi city of Mosul situated?

27            In which European city are the Spanish Steps?

28            No Jacket Required is an album by which British singer & composer?

29            Rod Taylor was the male star of which 1963 Hitchcock film?

30            The colour maroon originates from a purple coloured fruit called merron found in the Far East – true or false?


1              Reggie Perrin

2              South Africa

3              3rd Rock from the Sun

4              Helium

5              Kinks, Stevie Wonder, A-Ha

6              Paul Hogan

7              INXS

8              Sellotape

9              Don Bradman

10            Perth Brisbane & Melbourne

11            Bernhard Langer

12            Jamaica

13            7

14            Tim Henman (in the doubles with Jeremy Bates)

15            Floor, rings, high bar, pommel horse, parallel bars, vault

16            Mint

17            Smorgasbord

18            Wasabi

19            Italy

20            cloves, cinnamon & nutmeg (or mace)

21            William Hague

22            BP

23            1926

24            Clothes

25            STOP

26            Tigris

27            Rome

28            Phil Collins

29            The Birds

30            False


Q             Which BBC TV series was filmed in the village of Cricket St Thomas in Somerset?

A              To the Manor Born

Number Guess (Nearest wins)             

Q             How many weeks did Mike Oldfield’s Tubular Bells album remain in the UK top 40?

A              286 weeks

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Quiz 287

Quiz 287

1              In which language is the Kelly’s Ice Cream advert broadcast?

2              Many of you will have an LED television – what does LED stand for?

3              Which “black” groups had UK hits with these songs :- Paranoid 1970, Agadoo 1984, Ride On Time 1989, Boom Boom Pow 2009?

4              Which mild variation of Indian curry comes from the Urdu word for “braised meat”?

5a            What was Mr T’s character name in the A Team?

5b            Who played Hannibal Smith in the 2010 film of the series?

6              Can you name 4 countries beginning with the letter D?

7              Which King Edward was defeated by Robert the Bruce at the battle of Bannockburn?

8              Which musical instrument is used on a dragon boat?

9              During which war did the British Army last use the lance as a weapon?

10            Dustin Hoffman & Meryl Streep played Ted & Joanna in which 1979 film?

11            On the 22nd November 1963 who was arrested for the murder of Police Officer J D Tippit?

12a          Who was the first England cricketer to take 300 Test wickets?

12b          Who was the first Australian cricketer to take 300 Test wickets?

13            Greenwich is at 0 deg latitude; if you head due south which African country do you reach first?

14            Which 5 letter word sounds the same when spoken even if you remove all 4 vowels?

15            In the animated TV series Thundercats, name 5 of the cats on which the characters were based?

16            What would usually be made in a samovar?

17            Pripyat became a ghost town in April 1986 – in which country is it?

18            Which film directed by Richard Attenborough won 8 Oscars in 1982?

19            What did mountaineer George Mallory reply when asked “Why do you want to climb Mount Everest?”?

20            In IKEA, beds, wardrobes & hall furniture are generally named after places in which country?

21            Which Italian cities are the capitals of the Lombardy & Tuscany regions?

22            Which sports nets are 1.55 metres & 2.43 metres high?

23            Which mysterious part of the North Atlantic was the title of a 1981 top twenty hit for Barry Manilow?

24            Which metals are obtained from the following ores – magnetite, bauxite, argentite?

25            Which well-known gun was nicknamed the Peacemaker in the USA?

26            Who was the founder of Playboy?

27            What 5 letter word can precede shed, sport & stock to make 3 other words?

28            What does the German word reich mean in English?

29            Every day, about 500 tons of what polluted the streets of 1880’s London?

30            What are the 5 largest cities in Australia by population?


1              Cornish

2              Light Emitting Diode

3              Sabbath, Lace, Box, Eyed Peas

4              Korma

5a            B A Baracas

5b            Liam Neeson

6              Denmark, Dominica, Dominican Republic, Djibouti, Democratic Republic of the Congo

7              Edward II

8              Drum

9              World War One

10            Kramer vs Kramer

11            Lee Harvey Oswald

12a          Fred Trueman

12b          Dennis Lillee

13            Algeria

14            Queue

15            Lion Tiger Jaguar Panther Cheetah Puma Wildcat Lynx

16            Tea

17            Ukraine

18            Gandhi

19            Because it’s there

20            Norway

21            Milan & Florence

22            Badminton & volleyball

23            Bermuda Triangle

24            Iron, aluminium, silver

25            Colt 45

26            Hugh Hefner

27            Blood

28            Empire

29            Horse dung

30            Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide


Q             In which American city did the 1994 FIFA World Cup Final take place?

A              Pasadena

Number Guess (nearest wins)

Q             How many times has Abraham Lincoln been portrayed on film?

A              263

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Quiz 286

Quiz 286

Famous Ads

1              What cleaning product does Barry Scott advertise on TV?

2              Samsung are currently using Rocket Man by Elton John in their adverts using which creature in the ad?

3              What breed of dog was the Andrex puppy?

4              Linda Bellingham played the Mum in a long running series advertising which product?

5              What is or was advertised with the following slogans –

Tiger in your tank; The best a man can get; Every little helps

Science & Technology

6              What is the chemical formula for salt?

7              What is the name of the spacecraft launched in the 70’s which was the 1st man-made object to leave the Solar System?

8              What is the hardest substance in the human body?

9              Which radioactive chemical element was once used on luminous watch dials?

10            Which 2 chemical elements begin with Z?

Watery Questions

11            Which 1995 Kevin Costner film was set in the future when the polar ice caps had melted?

12            A break-in at which hotel & office complex led to the impeachment of Richard Nixon?

13            With A Little Help From My Friends was the first number one for which group in 1988?

14            The artist Monet was most famous for his paintings of which plant?

15            Who are these famous people with watery names?

Played the young Indiana Jones in The last Crusade

Newspaper editor who was prominent in the phone hacking scandal

American singer known for the theme song from Jewel of the Nile

Animal World

16            On which continent would you find the aardvark?

17            The ibex is a member of which family of creatures?

18            What type of camel has 2 humps?

19            What is the only bird that can fly backwards?

20            What are the 3 types of great ape?

General Knowledge

21            Millais most famous painting Bubbles was used to advertise which soap?

22            Which film musical was based on the George Bernard Shaw play Pygmalion?

23            Renzo Piano designed which famous modern building in London?

24            Where did the group Fiddler’s Dram go to on a day trip in 1979?

25            Which British tennis player was married to Chris Evert?

26            In which body of water did King John allegedly lose his crown jewels?

27            A person described as Salopian comes from which county?

28            Which chocolate bar was refused a trade mark this week?

29            What colour jacket does a greyhound wear when starting in trap 3?

30            Michael Caine chose his surname from the 1954 film The Caine Mutiny – true or false?


1              Cillit Bang

2              Ostrich

3              Labrador

4              OXO

5              ESSO; Gillette; Tesco

6              NaCl

7              Voyager

8              Tooth enamel

9              Radium

10            Zinc & zirconium

11            Waterworld

12            Watergate

13            Wet Wet Wet

14            Water Lilies

15            River Phoenix, Rebecca Brooks, Billy Ocean

16            Africa

17            Goat

18            Bactrian

19            Humming bird

20            Gorilla, chimpanzee. orang-Utan

21            Pears

22            My Fair Lady

23            Shard

24            Bangor

25            John Lloyd

26            The Wash

27            Shropshire

28            KitKat

29            White with black number

30            TRUE


Q             The first official Formula 1 World Champion was Guiseppe Farina in 1950 – what make of car was he driving?

A              Alfa Romeo

Number Guess (Nearest wins)

Q             How many sandwich shops does Subway have worldwide (2016)?

A              44,702

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Japan Picture Quiz

Japan Picture Quiz

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Quiz 285

Quiz 285

All About Nothing

1              Which sporting term meaning zero is derived from the French word for egg?

2              Which female singer claimed she had very small feet because nothing grows in the shade?

3              What do Americans call Noughts & Crosses?

4              What colour is the zero on a European roulette wheel?

5              Who had hits with these “nothing” songs – Nothing Rhymed 1970, Money For Nothing 1985, When You Say Nothing At All 1999?


6              Could the world record holder for the high jump clear the crossbar on a football pitch?

7              Which indoor sport features a “tin” half a meter high?

8              Who became manager of PSV Eindhoven after leaving the England job?

9              Who were sharp enough to become the first sponsors of a televised sporting event?

10            Which 2 races take place over courses 4 miles 514 yards & 4 miles 374 yards long?


11            Which group were responsible for the hit single The Birdie Song in 1981?

12            The home of a species of swift is used to make which culinary delicacy?

13            Which species of birds attacked the children at the school in Hitchcock’s the Birds?

14            What is a chicken that is less than a year old called?

15            Which films with a bird in the title are these :- 1933 Marx Brothers film, 1968 Clint Eastwood/Richard Burton film, 2010 Natalie Portman film about a ballerina?


16            ET got drunk in the film by drinking which brand of beer?

17            Which drunk was portrayed by Dudley Moore in 2 films in the 80s?

18            Which Canadian snooker player of the 80s was famous for drinking up to 40 pints of lager per day during tournaments?

19            Which leader of the Liberal Democrats admitted to being an alcoholic & resigned from the leadership in 2006?

20            Who said these famous quotes about drink – “A woman drove me to drink and I didn’t have the decency to thank her” & “I am drunk today madam, but tomorrow I shall be sober but you will still be ugly”?

General Knowledge

21            How long was the initial mission for the USS Enterprise in Star Trek?

22            Which name is common to the Deputy leader of the Labour Party & a golfer who has won the Open 5 times?

23            What is the highest value dollar bill issued in the USA?

24            Who narrated the Wombles on TV?

25            Which of the 5 classic races is the oldest?

26            How many finger holes are there on a standard penny whistle?

27            What was the surname of Lady Chatterley’s Lover?

28            Which children’s TV show’s theme tune was re-arranged by Mike Oldfield & used as the theme for 10 years?

29            What is the name of the little yellow bird in Peanuts?

30            Olive Oyl’s older brother was called Castor – true or false?


1              Love

2              Dolly Parton

3              Tic Tac Toe

4              Green

5              Gilbert O’Sullivan. Dire Straits, Ronan Keating



6              Yes – crossbar is 2.44 m; high jump record is 2.45m

7              Squash

8              Bobby Robson

9              Gillette

10            Grand National & University Boat Race

11            The Tweets

12            Birds nest soup

13            Crows

14            Pullet

15            Duck Soup, Where Eagles Dare, Black Swan

16            Coors

17            Arthur

18            Bill Werbenuiuk

19            Charles Kennedy

20            W C Fields & Winston Churchill

21            5 years

22            Tom Watson

23            $100

24            Bernard Cribbins

25            St Leger (1776)

26            6

27            Mellors

28            Blue Peter

29            Woodstock

30            TRUE


Q             Sandie Shaw won the Eurovision Song Contest in 1967 with Puppet on a String in which capital city?

A              Vienna

Number Guess (Nearest wins)

Q             How many Earth days does Venus take to orbit the Sun?


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