Quiz 268 for Valentine’s Day



1              In which 1989 film did a Liverpool housewife fall in love with a man called Costas on a trip to Greece?

2              Which company manufactures Love Hearts our favourite Valentine sweet?

3              I Don’t Know How to Love Him is from which musical?

4              What is the only Shakespeare play containing the word “love” in the title?

5              What were the first 3 singles by the Beatles containing the word “love” to reach number one in the UK charts?


6              The new Scottish anthem, Flower of Scotland refers to which famous Scottish victory in battle?

7              Which actress & producer won an Oscar in their first major film, Cactus Flower in 1968?

8              The spice saffron is obtained from the stigmas of which type of flower?

9              The chrysanthemum is the flower of which country’s Royal family?

10            What are the flowery first names of Hyacinth Bucket’s 3 sisters?


11            The word chocolate is probably derived from a word used by which race of people in South America?

12            In which European country is the chocolate maker Lindt based?

13            The triangular shape of Toblerone is allegedly based on the profile of which mountain in the Alps?

14            Former Bond, George Lazenby, made his name in the 60’s advertising chocolate for which manufacturer?

15            Identify these chocolate products from the clues: – Gentle wave, voodoo in a box, subject for discussion?


16            Which European country has never imposed censorship on adult films?

17            Carrie, Miranda, Samantha & Charlotte were the main characters in which TV series from the 90’s onwards?

18            Vodka, peach schnapps, orange juice & cranberry juice is a cocktail called what?

19            The boxing promoter Frank Maloney had a sex change operation in 2015 and is now known by what first name?

20            Who had hits with these: – I’m Too Sexy (1991), Sexbomb (2000), Sexy Eyes (1980)?

Gambler’s Round

21            What European capital city did St Valentine come from?

22            Which famous screen lover died of peritonitis in 1926 aged 31?

23            What was the family name of Romeo in Romeo & Juliet?

24            The City of Brotherly Love is the title given to which American city?

25            What was the title of the first film featuring the VW Beetle Herbie?

26            Kiss The Girls & Along Came A Spider by James Patterson features which detective & psychologist?

27            Who was the Roman God of Love, the son of Venus & Mars?

28            Which 4 letter word meaning to have sex first appeared in the Oxford English Dictionary in the 1930s?

29            What did Venus wear according to a hit by Mark Wynter in 1962?

30            The mineral magnesium iron silicate hydroxide is commonly known as cummingtonite – true or false?


1              Shirley Valentine

2              Swizzels Matlow

3              Jesus Christ Superstar

4              Love’s Labour’s Lost

5              She Loves You, Can’t Buy Me Love, All You Need Is Love

6              Bannockburn

7              Goldie Hawn

8              Crocus

9              Japan

10            Daisy, Rose & Violet

11            Aztecs

12            Switzerland

13            Matterhorn

14            Fry’s – he was called Big Fry

15            Ripple, Black Magic, Topic

16            Belgium

17            Sex and the City

18            Sex on the beach

19            Kellie

20            Right Said Fred, Tom Jones & Mousse T, Dr Hook

21            Rome

22            Rudolph Valentino

23            Montague

24            Philadelphia

25            The Love Bug

26            Alex Cross

27            Cupid

28            Bonk

29            Blue Jeans

30            TRUE


Q             “Always get married in the morning. That way if it doesn’t work out you haven’t wasted the whole day” is a quote from which Hollywood actor?

A              Mickey Rooney

Number Guess

Q             According to Guinness, the most diamonds in a single ring is what?

A              3827

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Quiz 267



1              Originally dialling 846 connected to TIM the speaking clock; what number do you dial now?

2              Timmy was the name of the dog in which books by Enid Blyton?

3              Tim Berners-Lee is credited with creating the first computer based information system known as what?

4              How many times did Tim Henman reach the final of any of the tennis Grand Slam tournaments?

5              Tim Brooke-Taylor was one of the Goodies; who were the others?


6              Which racing driver was killed at the 1994 San Marino Grand Prix?

7              Which yachtsman carried the GB flag at the closing ceremony at the 2012 London Games?

8              Which golfer is known as the Golden Bear?

9              Cowdray Park in Sussex is best known for which upper class sport?

10            Which 5 teams have won the European Cup or Champions League 5 times or more?

TV SciFi

11            Counsellor Deanna Troy featured in which TV series?

12            What letter did Rimmer have stuck to his forehead in Red Dwarf?

13            Which TV series featured Moonbase Alpha blown out of Earth Orbit?

14            Anthony Hopkins stars in TV series based on which film starring Yul Brynner?

15            Which TV series featured robots called Twiki & Marvin?


16            What was the first top 10 UK hit for Bruce Springsteen in 1985?

17            Cry Baby, the UK entry to the 2003 Eurovision Song Contest, scored zero points – who performed it?

18            Who was famous for producing his “Wall of Sound” in the 60’s?

19            Walk The Line was the film biography of which singer?

20            Who had hits with these food songs?

Sugar Sugar 1969, Jambalaya 1974, Life Is A Minestrone 1975

General Knowledge

21            By The Sleepy Lagoon is the theme song to which long running radio series?

22            Who became General Secretary of the Communist Party in the Soviet Union in 1985?

23            Lawrence Olivier won Best Actor Oscar in 1949 for his performance in which Shakespeare play?

24            Which teenager was listed in Forbes magazine as the 3rd most influential person on the planet in 2012?

25            What was the surname of the family featured in Bless This House on TV starring Sid James?

26            In which country is Sarajevo?

27            In 1840 the first postage stamp was the Penny Black; what colour was the twopenny stamp?

28            Why did 17 million people watch episode 523 of Neighbours?

29            How many inches are there in a hand?

30            St Lawrence is the patron saint of chefs allegedly because he was killed by being roasted on a grill and said before he died ” I’m well done, turn me over” – True or false?


1              123

2              Famous Five

3              World Wide Web (NOT Internet!)

4              None

5              Graeme Garden & Bill Oddie

6              Ayrton Senna

7              Ben Ainslie

8              Jack Nicklaus

9              Polo

10            Real Madrid, AC Milan, Liverpool, Barcelona, Bayern Munich

11            Star Trek: The Next Generation

12            H

13            Space 1999

14            Westworld

15            Buck Rogers in the 25th Century & Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy

16            Dancing In The Dark

17            Jemini

18            Phil Spector

19            Johnny Cash

20            Archies, Carpenters, 10cc

21            Desert Island Discs

22            Mikhail Gorbachev

23            Hamlet

24            Justin Bieber

25            Abbot

26            Bosnia-Herzegovina

27            Blue

28            Scott & Charlene’s wedding

29            Four

30            TRUE


Q             Which game was invented by Joseph Jenner in 1888?

A              Tiddlywinks

Number Guess (Nearest wins)

Q             If you ate a Gregg’s steak bake, beef & vegetable pasty & a sausage roll, how many calories would you consume?

A              1263

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Scientists Picture quiz


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Quiz 266


1              What name is given to the Hindi film industry based in Mumbai?

2              Which 3 England football managers have been knighted?

3              Soya bean curd is better known as what?

4a            Who wrote the music for the film Chariots of Fire?

4b            Who wrote & performed the music for the NHS sequence at the 2012 Olympics opening ceremony?

5              What are the first names of Donald Trump’s 3 wives?

6              What would a practitioner be testing using a Snellen Chart?

7              Which Royal lives at Gatcombe Park in Gloucestershire?

8              What was the largest number of points available on the British Wheel of Fortune?

9              The prefix llan- in Welsh place names like Llandudno & Llanelli means what in English?

10            If you expand PVC to the full words how many letters does it have?

11            Which 3 singers were often known as the Rat Pack?

12            Which party snack has a French name meaning windblown?

13            What name was given to the pseudo-science of turning base metals into gold?

14            If a cricket umpire raises his right arm and touches the top of his right shoulder what is he signalling?

15            Famous Pauls :- Played Crocodile Dundee; A Man For All Seasons; Writer of My Way?

16            Which horse named after a famous city in ancient Turkey won the 1979 Derby?

17a          A series of adverts for which cigar used Bach’s Air on a G String as the music?

17b          A series of sexy adverts for which cigar used the phrase “sheer enjoyment”?

18            Into which sea does the river Danube flow?

19            What is the name of the permit needed to allow non-Americans to live and work in the USA?

20            Name the 5 countries that have a border with Laos?

21            Which long running American TV character was married to Lilith Sternin?

22            The wood of which tree was used in the Middle Ages to make longbows?

23            Add together the number of players in a water polo team, a netball team & a basketball team?

24            What would you have done if you “took the Queen’s shilling”?

25            In which film did Raquel Welch famously wear an animal skin bikini?

26            Name any 3 of the elements known as the halogens?

27            What shape is the playing area on a Chinese Checkers board?

28            In Thunderbirds, what was the first name of the father of the Tracy boys?

29            Which of Henry VIII’s 6 wives died last (in 1557)?

30            Spell these Slade hits the way they were on the record:  Mama We’re All Crazy Now; Come On Feel The Noise; Squeeze Me Please Me


1              Bollywood

2              Alf Ramsey, Bobby Robson, Walter Winterbottom

3              Tofu

4a/b        Vangelis/Mike Oldfield

5              Ivana, Marla & Malania

6              Your eyes

7              Princess Royal (Anne)

8              1000

9              Parish or parish church

10            17 – Polyvinyl Chloride

11            Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis Jnr., Dean Martin

12            Vol-au-vent

13            Alchemy

14            One run short

15            Hogan; Schofield; Anka

16            Troy

17a/b      Hamlet/Manikin

18            Black Sea

19            Green Card

20            Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, Burma (Myanmar), China

21            Frasier

22            Yew

23            7+7+5 = 19

24            Joined the armed forces

25            One Million Years BC

26            Chlorine, Iodine, Bromine, Fluorine & Astatine

27            6 pointed star (accept star)

28            Jeff

29            Anne of Cleeves

30            Mama Weer All Crazee Now; Cum On Feel The Noize; Skweeze Me Pleeze Me


Q             Which motor manufacturer was the first to build a car with a fully enclosed passenger space?

A              Renault

Number Guess

Q             How many weeks have Cliff Richard singles been in the UK top 40 altogether?

A              970 (OfficialCharts.com)

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Musical B Picture Quiz


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Quiz 265



1              What was the name of the mother who falsely reported her daughter Shannon missing in Dewsbury?

2              Which Labour Mayor did Boris Johnson defeat to become Mayor of London in May of 2008?

3              Steve Wright was convicted of the murder of 5 prostitutes in which town in Suffolk?

4              Which retailer announced the closure of 807 stores in the UK in December 2008?

5              Which 2 English sides met in the 2008 UEFA Champions League Final?


6              What breed of dog is Snoopy?

7              Which breed of dog has won Best in Show at Crufts more times than any other?

8              Who wrote the novel The Dogs of War?

9              Which canine song was a number one in the UK for Lita Rosa in 1953?

10            What were the names of these dogs :- Dorothy’s dog in Wizard of Oz, John & Jenny Grogan’s labrador in a 2008 film weepie, Ken Barlow’s dog in Corrie?

“Around the House” Celebrities

11            Who played Mr Lucas in Are You Being Served?

12            Who starred on TV as the detective Shoestring & as DI Peter Boyd in Waking the Dead?

13            The Misfits in 1961 was the last screen appearance of Marilyn Monroe & which actor?

14            Who is the lead singer of Led Zeppelin?

15            Which actors played the 10th & 11th Doctors in Doctor Who?


16            The Windows on the World restaurant was in which famous building?

17            Who was the male star of the 1954 Hitchcock film Rear Window?

18            Look Through Any Window was a number 4 hit for which British group in 1965?

19            The richest man in the world is a founder of Microsoft & the Windows system – who is he?

20            What were the 3 windows featured in Play School on TV?

General Knowledge

21            What was the name of the boat featured in Charlie & the Chocolate Factory by Roald Dahl?

22            Which British group won the 1976 Eurovision Song Contest?

23            Joseph Mallord William are the first names of which British artist?

24            In which film did John Hurt play Executive Officer Gilbert Kane?

25            What was the currency of Greece before they adopted the Euro?

26            What kind of shop did Warden Hodges have in Dad’s Army?

27            Richard Hannay first appeared as the hero of which John Buchan novel?

28            Which comedian ended his routines with the phrase “May your god go with you”?

29            Eddy Mercx was famous in which sport in the early 70’s?

30            The American Football “Superbowl” took its name from team owner Lamar Hunt whose kids were playing with a “Supaball” all the time in the 60’s – true or false?


1              Karen Matthews

2              Ken Livingstone

3              Ipswich

4              Woolworths

5              Man Utd & Chelsea

6              Beagle

7              Cocker Spaniel

8              Frederick Forsyth

9              How Much Is That Doggie In The Window

10            Toto, Marley, Eccles

11            Trevor Bannister

12            Trevor Eve

13            Clark Gable

14            Robert Plant

15            David Tennant & Matt Smith

16            World Trade Centre

17            James Stewart

18            Hollies

19            Bill Gates

20            Round Square & Arched

21            Wonkatania

22            Brotherhood of Man (Save Your Kisses for Me)

23            J M W Turner

24            Alien

25            Drachma

26            Greengrocer

27            The 39 Steps

28            Dave Allen

29            Cycling

30            TRUE


Q             In which American city was the first paid firefighting service established?

A              Boston

Number Guess

Q             In which year were the first one-way streets established in London?

A              1617

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Famous Ships 2 Picture Quiz


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