Quiz 320

Quiz 320


1              Which famous brewer first produced Harp lager in the 1960’s?

2              Which bottle of spirit has Old No 7 Brand on the label?

3              Which liqueur is distilled from Scotch whisky, honey & herbs?

4              What was the name of the lager produce under license by Camerons in the 1980’s?

5              What are the biggest selling bottled beers/lagers in the UK (Guinness is not included)?


6              What is the name of the fictional land in the novel Lost Horizon?

7              Which England goalkeeper lost an eye in a car accident in 1972?

8              The Lost Boys are a group of children from which children’s story?

9              You’ve Lost That Loving Feeling was hit for the Righteous Brothers in 1965 but which British singer had a hit with the song the same year?

10            Which 3 teams were the losers in the last 3 football World Cup finals – lost to Italy Spain & Germany?


11            The name of which German World War 2 battleship is also the name of the capital of North Dakota?

12            In American truckers CB language – what is a “bear in the air”?

13            In the USA an unknown person alive or dead is given what surname?

14            What is the American dish grits made from?

15            What are the 3 American Football teams based in Florida?

Family Films

16            Who played the baddie in the first Paddington film?

17            Toontown was the fictional place where the characters lived in which 1988 film?

18            What breed of dog was Lady in Lady and the Tramp?

19            In which series of films did Jane Parker feature?

20            Who played the Toy Maker & Truly Scrumptious Chitty Chitty Bang Bang?

General Knowledge

21            Which product was allegedly invented by Norman Lawson in 1953 after 39 unsuccessful attempts?

22            Nick Leeson was responsible for the downfall of which bank in 1995?

23            Which credit card was known as “your flexible friend”?

24            In which British city was the DeLorean car first produced?

25            Who did Joan Collins play in Dynasty?

26            In the ball game of Fives what do the players hit the ball with?

27            Which Scottish clan was defeated at the Battle of Glencoe in 1692?

28            Which famous explorer was responsible for naming the Pacific Ocean?

29            Which camouflage colour gets its name from the Persian word for dust?

30            Berwick was at war with Russia until 1966 due to an error on the Peace Treaty between UK & Russia?


1              Guinness

2              Jack Daniel’s

3              Drambuie

4              Hansa

5              Budweiser, Heineken, Stella Artois

6              Shangri-La

7              Gordon Banks

8              Peter Pan

9              Cilla Black

10            France 2006, Netherlands 2010, Argentina 2014

11            Bismarck

12            Police helicopter

13            Doe (John or Jane)

14            Corn

15            Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Jacksonville Jaguars, Miami Dolphins

16            Nicole Kidman

17            Who Framed Roger Rabbit?

18            Cocker Spaniel

19            Tarzan films

20            Benny Hill & Sally Ann Howes

21            WD-40

22            Barings

23            Access

24            Belfast

25            Alexis Colby

26            Hands

27            MacDonalds

28            Magellan

29            Khaki

30            FALSE


Q             Which cartoon was the last acting role by Paul Newman?

A              Cars

Number Guess

Q             How many ships did the Royal Navy have in service at the outbreak of World War 1?

A              609

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Daniels Picture Quiz

Daniels Picture Quiz

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Quiz 319

Quiz 319

1              In Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, what was unusual about the Galactic President, Zaphod Beeblebrox?

2              In which country’s Embassy did Julian Assange. The Wikileaks founder, hide from the authorities in 2012?

3              According to the traditional song, what colour was Bobby Shafto’s hair?

4              The TV lawyer Ben Matlock was based in which American city?

5              Firedamp was the name given by miners to which flammable gas?

6              The Guinness Book of Records was originally edited by the McWhirter twins – what were their first names?

7              In which British Crown colony was the BBC series The Last Post set?

8              What nationality were these composers – Johann Sebastian Bach; Jean Sibelius; Gustav Mahler; Edvard Greig?

9              The name of which chocolate biscuit is also the name of the award for the fastest transatlantic crossing by ship?

10            Who plays Poirot in the new Murder on the Orient Express film & who played him in the 1974 film?

11            Michael Schumacher won his first Formula One Championship driving a car sponsored by which fashion brand?

12            How long has the Hubble Telescope been in Earth orbit – +/- 2 years?

13            The Sealed Knot Society re-enact battles from which conflict?

14            Who plays the father of Lee Mack’s character in Not Going Out?

15            Who are these famous people with Capital cities in their names -Italian actress who won an Oscar in 1960; British heavyweight boxer; Composer of the song White Christmas; BBC Football pundit & presenter; Won Best Actor Oscar for Training Day 2002?

16            Which singer, songwriter & author is known as the Rochdale Cowboy?

17            In UK horse racing what are the 3 shortest winning margins?

18            Mr Bridger finances a robbery by Charlie Croker in which classic 60’s British film?

19            Which sports clothing brand name uses a laurel wreath as its logo?

20            In which American States are these cities – Baltimore; Minneapolis; Wichita?

21            Which viral disease which causes a painful rash is also the name for roof tiles in the USA?

22            When did the Rover’s Return open – 1902, 1912, 1922 or 1932?

23            Songs with the word “town” in the title – Specials 1981; Petula Clark 1964; Billy Joel 1983?

24            What are the 2 coastal shipping forecast areas immediately north and south of Tyne?

25            Cavatina is the title of the tune used as the theme for which 1978 war film?

26            The Dodecanese Islands in the Mediterranean are so called because there are how many main islands?

27            What 3 instruments make up a traditional string quartet?

28            How many stones did David have to fight Goliath – 1, 3 or 5?

29            What is the speed limit on British dual carriageways for a car towing a caravan?

30            Which 4 Australian cities have hosted a Commonwealth Games (or Empire Games)?


1              He had 2 heads

2              Ecuador

3              Yellow

4              Atlanta

5              Methane

6              Ross & Norris

7              Aden

8              German; Finnish; Czech; Norwegian

9              Blue Riband

10            Kenneth Branagh & Albert Finney

11            Benetton

12            27 (launched in 1990)

13            English Civil War

14            Bobby Ball

15            Sofia Loren; Brian London;

Irving Berlin; Dionne Dublin

Denzel Washington

16            Mike Harding

17            Nose, Short Head, Head

18            The Italian Job

19            Fred Perry

20            Maryland; Minnesota; Kansas

21            Shingles

22            1902

23            Ghost Town; Downtown; Uptown Girl

24            Forth & Humber

25            The Deer Hunter

26            Twelve

27            Violin, viola, cello

28            Five

29            60 mph

30            Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, Melbourne


Q             Which TV cook’s autobiography is called Relish: My Life on a Plate

A              Prue Leith

Number Guess (Nearest Wins)

Q             What is the seating capacity of the Theatre Royal in Newcastle?

A              1297

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Quiz 318 Halloween

Quiz 318


1              Which TV comedy was severely criticised by Mary Whitehouse for excessive use of the word bloody?

2              How old do you have to be to donate blood?

3              How did Tony Hancock describe a pint of blood in the famous blood donor sketch?

4              Bloody Sunday in Northern Ireland was the 30th January of which year of the 70’s?

5              Which TV character’s blood group was T -Negative?

Devilish Questions

6              Devil’s Island was penal colony owned by which country?

7              The Red Devils is the nickname of which Army regiment?

8              What should you cut into the base of Brussels Sprouts to keep the devil out?

9              What is the main flavour of Devil’s Food Cake?

10            Which 2 girl singers had a hit with Better the Devil You Know in 1990 & 1993 even though they were different songs?

Halloween Generally

11            The theme for which 1984 film was written & recorded by Ray Parker Jnr.?

12            Which snooker player was known as Dracula?

13            The word poltergeist originates from which language?

14            Which creature thought to bring good luck on Halloween is said to be the spirit of a departed loved one?

15            What were the names of the 2 children in The Addams Family?

Horror Films

16            How many times did Christopher Lee play Count Dracula – 6, 8 or 10 times?

17            Which Friends actress starred in the Scream film series?

18            What was Norman Bates hobby in Psycho?

19            Which actress played the mother in Rosemary’s Baby?

20            Who played the first member of the crew in Alien to be killed?

General Knowledge

21            In which TV series did Mrs Miggins, a coffee shop owner appear?

22            What is Garfield’s favourite food?

23            Which European capital city is in the region known as Flanders?

24            In the New Avengers, Steed had 2 companions – Purdey was one, who was the other?

25            Which car manufacturer makes the Baleno & the Vitara?

26            What is the main ingredient of hummus?

27            “The rest is silence” are the last words of which famous Shakespeare character?

28            Which 60’s Sci-fi TV series featured the spaceship Jupiter 2 & the Robinson family?

29            Palermo is the capital of which island?

30            The Jack Russell is named after one of the founders of the Kennel Club – true or false?


1              Till Death Us Do Part

2              Seventeen

3              Nearly an armful

4              1972

5              Mr Spock

6              France

7              Parachute Regiment

8              Cross

9              Chocolate

10            Kylie Minogue & Sonia

11            Ghostbusters

12            Ray Reardon

13            German

14            Spider

15            Wednesday & Pugsley

16            10 times

17            Courtney Cox

18            Taxidermy

19            Mia Farrow

20            John Hurt

21            Blackadder the Third

22            Lasagne

23            Brussels

24            Gambit

25            Suzuki

26            Chickpeas

27            Hamlet

28            Lost In Space

29            Sicily

30            TRUE


Q             In which US State was the film Halloween set?

A              Illinois

Number Guess (Nearest wins)

Q             How many acting credits (Film & TV) did Vincent Price have?

A              202 (According to IMDB)

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Quiz 317

Quiz 317


1              Wookey Hole is the location of a number of caves in which county?

2              Name either of the 2 presenters of the BBC game show Hole in the Wall?

3              How many finger holes are there on a standard penny whistle?

4              What gas causes the holes in Swiss cheese such as Emmental?

5              Hole In My Shoe was a hit in 1967 for which group & in 1984 for which character from The Young Ones?


6              Which British singer & actress played Daphne Moon’s mother in Frasier?

7              The Unification Church of the USA known as the Moonies was named after Sun Myung Moon from which country?

8              The first Moon landing in 1969 was at which location?

9              The Moon’s A Balloon is an autobiography of which posh British actor?

10            What were the titles of the “moon” songs by these artists –

Police 1979; Danny Williams 1961; Creedance Clearwater Revival 1969; Showaddywaddy 1976?


11            What was the name of the sea captain in the Tintin stories?

12            Popular in the 90’s which type of haircut is also the name of a fish?

13            What is the highest point in England?

14            Troy Tempest was the pilot of which submarine on TV?

15            Who is the current Home Secretary & who is the leader of the SNP?

History – The Sixties

16            Cuban missile crisis; Beatles first hit; Telstar launched?

17            Martin Luther King assassinated; 1st & 2nd Class stamps introduced; Russia invades Czechoslovakia?

18            John Profumo resigns; JFK assassinated; Great train robbery?

19            Sandie Shaw wins Eurovision; Arab-Israeli 6-day war; Donald Campbell dies on Coniston Water?

20            Rhodesia declares independence; Sound of Music film released; Death of Churchill?

General Knowledge

21            In which decade was Easyjet founded?

22            What was the name of Ebenezer Scrooge’s clerk in A Christmas Carol?

23            Henry Cooper & Kevin Keegan appeared in adverts for which after shave in the 1970’s?

24            Which comedian has hosted the Oscar ceremony the most times?

25            Which letter of the Greek alphabet is also the name of an Italian sportswear manufacturer?

26            How long does an incoming batsman have to reach the crease in Test cricket before being “timed out”?

27            Mork & Mindy was a spin-off from which TV series?

28            Which word can be an alcoholic drink, a biscuit and a French Royal family?

29            In a classic Morecambe & Wise sketch who played Cleopatra?

30            The word “skulduggery” meaning dodgy dealings originally related to body=snatching – true or false?


1              Somerset

2              Dale Winton or Anton Du Beke

3              Six

4              Carbon dioxide

5              Traffic & Neil

6              Millicent Martin

7              South Korea

8              Sea of Tranquillity

9              David Niven

10            Walking on the Moon; Moon River; Bad Moon Rising; Under the Moon of Love

11            Captain Haddock

12            Mullet

13            Scafell Pike

14            Stingray

15            Amber Rudd & Nicola Sturgeon

16            1962

17            1968

18            1963

19            1967

20            1965

21            1990’s (1995)

22            Bob Cratchit

23            Brut

24            Bob Hope

25            Kappa

26            3 minutes

27            Happy Days

28            Bourbon

29            Glenda Jackson

30            FALSE


Q             Which singer & entertainer hosted the BBC game show Identity in 2007?

A              Donny Osmond

Number Guess (Nearest wins)

Q             What is the longest single rail journey in miles in the UK?

A              722 (Aberdeen to Penzance)

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Quiz 316

Quiz 316

1              What was the name of the minstrel in the Robin Hood legend?

2              Before he became Prime Minister, Jim Hacker was in charge of the DAA – what did it stand for?

3              Pinchbeck is an alloy used to resemble gold & is made from which 2 metals?

4              What was the name of the girlfriend killed by Oscar Pistorius at his home in South Africa in 2013?

5              In which sport in the Olympics are beards banned?

6              Which tree dwelling creatures can be maned, 2-toed & 3-toed?

7              Which song by Don McLean begins “Starry, starry night”?

8              Lloret De Mar & Tossa De Mar are on which of the Spanish Costas?

9              Who played Clark Kent & Lois lane on TV in The New Adventures of Superman from 1993 to 1997?

10            What is the highest ranked suit in Contract Bridge?

11            To the nearest whole number, how many furlongs are there in a marathon?

12            What were the names of the dog, the snail, the rabbit & the cow in the Magic Roundabout?

13            What is the Scottish Christian name equivalent to James?

14            The title characters of which Shakespeare play are Proteus & Valentine?

15            Who had top 10 hits with these “star” songs –

Stars 1991; Gonna Make You A Star 1974; Catch A Falling Star 1958; Wandrin’ Star 1970

16            Which fashion brand announced they would stop using animal fur in 2018?

17            Which ship featured on the reverse of the old halfpenny from 1937?

18            Jimmy White reached 6 World Snooker Finals & lost them all to which 3 players?

19            Who was the woodcarver who built Pinocchio?

20            Butlins have only 3 holiday camps (known as Butlins) in the UK at present – where are they?

21            “A season of mists & mellow fruitfulness” was written by which poet about which season?

22            What were the first names of the 4 students in The Young Ones?

23            Trichology is the study of which part of the body?

24            Which female singers sang the themes to License to Kill & Goldeneye?

25            Steve Fossett made a solo crossing of the Atlantic for the first time in what?

26            Edwin land invented what type of camera?

27            Cambodia was a protectorate of which country until 1953?

28            Zane Grey was best known for writing what genre of novels?

29            What are the last 3 letters of the word shillelagh?

30a          Which musical by Cole Porter was based on The Taming of the Shrew?

30b          The Lion King was loosely based on which Shakespeare play?

30c          West Side Story was based on Romeo & Juliet – which song was sung in the equivalent of the balcony scene?


1              Alan A-Dale

2              Department of Administrative Affairs

3              Copper & zinc

4              Reeva Steenkamp

5              Boxing

6              Sloth

7              Vincent

8              Costa Brava

9              Dean Cain & Teri Hatcher

10            Spades

11            210 (209.75) a marathon is 26 miles 385 yds.

12            Dougal, Brian, Dylan & Ermintrude

13            Hamish

14            2 Gentlemen of Verona

15            Simply Red; David Essex; Perry Como; Lee Marvin

16            Gucci

17            Golden Hind

18            Steve Davis, Stephen Hendry & John Parrot

19            Geppetto

20            Bognor Regis, Skegness, Minehead

21            John Keats/Autumn

22            Vivien, Rik, Mike & Neil

23            Hair (or scalp – not head)

24            Gladys Knight & Tina Turner

25            Balloon

26            Polaroid

27            France

28            Westerns

29            AGH

30a          Kiss Me Kate

30b          Hamlet

30c          Tonight


Q             Who was the first female winner of Best TV Comedy Performance at the BAFTAS?

A              Penelope Keith (1977)

Number Guess (Nearest wins)

Q             What is the world record for blowing up the most balloons in 60 minutes?

A              910

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Africa Picture Quiz

Africa Picture Quiz

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