Russia Picture Quiz

Russia Picture Quiz

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Quiz 298

Quiz 298

The Sixties

1              Which famous event took place on Max Yasgur’s farm in August of 1969?

2              Who became Governor of California in 1966 & went on to be President?

3              Which ski resort in Austria hosted the 1964 Winter Olympic Games?

4              Which Prime Minister made the famous Wind of Change speech in 1960?

5              Which 2 singers won the Eurovision Song Contest for the UK in the 60s & what were the songs?


6              Which part of your body contains the most iron?

7              What chemical element was used as flash powder in photography before the flash bulb was invented?

8              The unit of electrical resistance in the ohm; the unit for electrical conductance in the mho – true or false?

9              What is the octane rating on standard unleaded fuel in the UK?

10            Which 2 elements are present in all organic compounds?


11            Daniel Day-Lewis announced his retirement in 2017 – in which 1989 film did he play Christy Brown?

12            For which film role did Meryl Streep win an Oscar in 2011?

13            Which actor more famous for westerns played Genghis Khan in The Conqueror in 1956?

14            Who was the other half of The Odd Couple with Walter Matthau in the 1968 film?

15            Which 2 films were confused as Best Picture winners at the Oscars this year & which actor & actress made the error?


16            How many people are on Centre Court for a singles match on Centre Court – 12 15 or 18?

17            If a match ended with the score 6-1, 3-6, 6-3, 6-4, how many times were the balls changed 4, 5 or 6?

18            What does Rufus do at Wimbledon every morning at 9 am – cut the grass, scare off pigeons or supply all the strawberries?

19            What is the width of the baselines on the courts at Wimbledon – 50, 75 or 100mm?

20            What are the two official Wimbledon colours?

General Knowledge

21            Which TV detective was based in Jersey?

22            In a song from a musical “who can take a sunrise, sprinkle it with dew”?

23            Many attempted ascents of Everest take place from the South Base Camp in which country?

24            The Pharos of Alexandria was one of the 7 Ancient Wonders of the World – what kind of structure was it?

25            What is the name of the lion in The Lion, the Witch & the Wardrobe?

26            In which modern country is the former British territory of Aden?

27            Who sang about a town called Gilly Gilly Ossenfeffer Katsenellen Bogen by the Sea in the 50s?

28            What number does the hooker wear in Rugby Union?

29            What is the highest number on a roulette wheel?

30            Fred Perry is famous for winning the Wimbledon title 3 times in the 30s but he never won any other major tennis title – true or false?


1              Woodstock Festival

2              Ronald Reagan

3              Innsbruck

4              Harold MacMillan

5              Puppet on a String – Sandie Shaw 1967; Boom Bang a Bang – Lulu 1969

6              Blood

7              Magnesium

8              TRUE

9              95

10            Carbon & hydrogen

11            My Left Foot

12            Margaret Thatcher in The Iron Lady

13            John Wayne

14            Jack Lemmon

15            La La Land & Moonlight; Faye Dunaway & Warren Beatty

16            2 players, 1 umpire, 9 line judges, 6 ballboys = 18

17            4 times (after 7 then every 9 games)

18            Scares off the pigeons

19            100 mm

20            Green & purple

21            Bergerac

22            The Candy Man

23            Nepal

24            Lighthouse

25            Aslan

26            Yemen

27            Max Bygraves

28            Two

29            36

30            FALSE


Q             Which country was the first winner of the Eurovision Song Contest?

A              Switzerland

Number Guess (Nearest wins)

Q             How many towels were sold at the 2016 Wimbledon Championships?

A              18070

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Beginning With G Picture Quiz

Beginning with G Picture Quiz

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Quiz 297

Quiz 297


1              Which city in India was originally called Madras?

2              Which TV show featured a sketch about an Indian group “going for an English”?

3              Which sport was invented by Sir Neville Chamberlain in 1883 in Jabalpur, India?

4              Which 1924 book by E M Forster was made into a 1984 film by David Lean?

5a            What is the most commonly used ingredient in dhal?

5b           Gram flour is used to make bhajis – what is it made from?

5c            Which vegetable is known as aloo in Indian cuisine?

The Fifties

6              Which British politician was awarded the Nobel prize for literature in 1953?

7              Who starred as Eliza Doolittle in My Fair Lady on Broadway in 1956?

8              Lego first appeared in 1958 – in which country was it invented?

9              In January 1954 who did Joe Di Maggio marry?

10           The horse Never Say Die won which 2 classic races in 1954?


11           Which song features the lyric “My shavin razor’s cold and it stings?

12           Which group were the first to reach No 1 in the UK and be named after a European city?

13           Which rubbish group performed the theme song to Bond film The World Is Not Enough?

14           Dana International the transsexual singer won Eurovision in 1998 represented which country?

15           Which 4 musical films have won 8 or more Oscars each in the 20th century?


16           The detective Sam Spade first appeared in which Dashiell Hammett novel?

17           Which 1978 war film starring Robert DeNiro won Best Picture Oscar?

18           What is the name of the first British iron-clad battleship launched in 1859?

19           Which BBC comedy series about a community leader in Birmingham stars Adil Ray?

20           If bovine is cattle & ovine is sheep, what is lupine?

20a         Connection?

General Knowledge

21           C C Magee invented something in 1932 that motorists hate – what was it?

22           The Pentagon was completed in 1943 – in which US State is it?

23           What is the technical term used for the point of origin of an earthquake?

24           What puzzle won toy of the year in 1980 & 1981?

25           Gordon Burns was the original presenter of which ITV game show?

26           In which German city was the Nazi party founded?

27           A red & yellow dog called Doodles appears in which children’s TV show?

28           Which Knight of the Round Table found the Holy Grail?

29           Which Royal couple divorced on 30th May 1996?

30           The number of words in the Bible divided by the number of verses equals 666 – true or false?


1              Chennai

2              Goodness Gracious me

3              Snooker

4              A Passage To India

5a            Lentils

5b           Chick peas

5c            Potatoes

6              Winston Churchill

7              Julie Andrews

8              Denmark

9              Marilyn Monroe

10           Derby & St Leger

11           Daydream Believer

12           Berlin

13           Garbage

14           Israel

15           West Side Story, Cabaret, Gigi, My Fair Lady

16           The Maltese Falcon

17           The Deer Hunter

18           HMS Warrior

19           Citizen Khan

20           Wolf

20a         TV Gladiators

21           Parking meters

22           Virginia

23           Epicentre

24           Rubik’s Cube

25           Krypton Factor

26           Munich

27           Tweenies

28           Galahad

29           Duke & Duchess of York

30           FALSE


Q             Which make and model of imported car is the biggest seller in Italy?

A             Renault Clio

Number Guess

Q             In which year was the Encyclopaedia Britannica first published?

A             1768

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Quiz 296

Quiz 296

At the Beach

1              The rocks known as the Needles off the Isle of Wight are made of which mineral?

2              Circle In the Sand was a big hit for which female singer in 1988?

3              Sandi Toksvig, who now hosts QI, was born in which country?

4              Which manufacturer makes Surf washing powder?

5              Lilo Lil was a character from which TV comedy?


6              Blue Vinney is a cheese made in which county in the south west of England?

7              Blue Flags are awarded to clean beaches – how many does Scotland have (as of 2015) – 1, 51 or 101?

8              Which river’s 2 main tributaries are given the prefix blue & white?

9              Who was the female star of the 1980 film Blue Lagoon?

10            Who had hits with these “blue” songs – True Blue 1988, Blue Monday (1983,1988), Blue Peter Theme (1979)?


11            In which event did Zola Budd allegedly “trip” Mary Decker in the 1984 Olympics?

12            The playing area of which sport is 2.7 metres by 1.5 metres?

13            On which Test Cricket ground is the Radcliffe Road End?

14            Are outdoor tennis courts laid north to south or east to west?

15            Which 4 county cricket teams have won the county championship the most times?

Food & Drink

16            Which famous chef is regarded as the originator of the triple cooked chip?

17            How many years old does whisky have to be to allow it to be sold in the UK?

18            What is the name given to pasta that is cooked but still firm when bitten into?

19            Which famous drink was invented by Caleb Bradham in North carolina in 1893?

20            Which 3 vegetables are used to make a traditional vichysoise soup?

General Knowledge

21            Which “village” in New York is where the Village People group originated?

22            Which biblical character was the grandfather of Noah and is also now a size of champagne bottle?

23            In which 1959 comedy film did Marilyn Monroe play a ukulele player known as Sugar Kane?

24            What was the name of the capsule used to rescue the 33 miners in Chile in 2010?

25            Which book by John Wyndham concerned a plague of blindness caused by an invasion of aggressive plants?

26            George Jorgensen was the first person to undergo which operation in 1953?

27            Who played James Bond in the 1967 film Casino Royale?

28            Who released the album Arrival in 1977?

29            Which country has the longest coastline in the world?

30            All land mammals can swim apart from the camel – true or false?


1              Chalk

2              Belinda Carlisle

3              Denmark

4              Unilever

5              Bread

6              Dorset

7              One

8              Nile

9              Brooke Shields

10            Madonna, New Order, Mike Oldfield

11            3000 metres

12            Table tennis

13            Trent Bridge

14            North to south

15            Yorkshire Surrey Middlesex & Lancashire

16            Heston Blumenthal

17            3 years

18            Al dente

19            Pepsi Cola

20            Potatoes onions leeks

21            Greenwich

22            Methuselah

23            Some Like It Hot

24            Phoenix (Fenix 3)

25            Day of the Triffids

26            Sex change (to Christine)

27            David Niven

28            ABBA

29            Canada

30            FALSE


Q             Whose last film was Wicked Stepmother in 1989?

A              Bette Davis

Number Guess (Nearest wins)

Q             How many episodes of Countdown did Cariol Vorderman appear in?

A              4756

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Guitarists Picture Quiz

Guitarists Picture Quiz

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Quiz 295

Quiz 295

1              Which sport is played at the Gabba & the WACA?

2a            What does Fred Flintstone buy after visiting Halifax bank in the TV ad?

2b            Whose ad features a little girl lip syncing to Proud Mary?

3              The moons of which planet are named after characters from Shakespeare & Alexander Pope?

4a            What are the names of the 2 feuding families in Romeo & Juliet?

4b            What were the 2 gangs in West Side Story which was based on Romeo & Juliet?

5              Which famous sporting venue is also the title of a 1953 play by Arthur Miller?

6              In May 1962 the Cathedral of St Michael was consecrated; in which city is it?

7              Which property of a substance is measured in kilograms per cubic metre?

8              Which 3 female tennis players have won the most Ladies Singles Championships at Wimbledon since 1967 (pro)?

9              Dimanco is Esperanto for which day of the week?

10            What is the name of the place of worship used by Jehovah’s Witnesses?

11a          Lorraine Chase gained fame in adverts in the 1970s for which alcoholic drink?

11b          How did she answer when asked “Were you truly wafted here from paradise?”?

12            Scarper (meaning runaway) originates from Scapa Flow in the Orkneys – true or false?

13            What is the family name of the Duke of Northumberland?

14            A marrow is a fully grown what?

15            Russ Abbot & Bella Emburg played TV superheroes based on Superman & Wonderwoman – what were they called?

16            Which creature is portrayed on the painting known as The Monarch of the Glen?

17            Who were the last 3 Chancellors of the Exchequer up to the referendum last year?

18            Which films featured the following spacecraft – Starship Nostromo (1979), Space shuttle Explorer (2013) Planetary craft Hermes (2015)?

19            Which short lived Microsoft Windows operating system preceded Windows 7?

20            According to the lyrics of Copacabana by Barry Manilow who danced & who tended bar?

21            Which 2 gases combine to form the following – methane, ammonia & laughing gas?

22            In which year did ITV launch in the UK?

23            Which family owned department store was founded in Newcastle in 1882 & has branches in York, London & Royal Tunbridge Wells?

24            4a + 18 = 82 what is the value of a?

25            Who were the 2 female characters in the lady’s department of Grace Brothers?

26            Whose last words recorded in his 1988 diary were “Oh what’s the bloody point”?

27            How many legs are there in a field polo team?

28            What was the previous name of Malawi?

29            How many members did the group Steps have?

30            Who are these famous Anitas –

30a          Played the belly dancer in Carry on Follow That Camel

30b          Glasgow based TV antiques expert & auctioneer

30c          Eastenders actress married to Brian May

30d          Model who was the partner of Brian Jones & Keith Richards of the Rolling Stones

30e          British founder of The Body Shop


1              Cricket

2a            Pair of trainers

2b            AA

3              Uranus

4a            Montagues & Capulets

4b            Jets & Sharks

5              The Crucible

6              Coventry

7              Density

8              Martina Navratilova, Steffi Graf, Serena Williams

9              Sunday

10            Kingdom Hall

11a          Campari

11b          Nah, Luton Airport!

12            TRUE

13            Percy

14            Courgette

15            Cooperman & Blunderwoman

16            Red deer stag

17            George Osborne, Alistair Darling, Gordon Brown

18            Alien, Gravity, The Martian

19            Vista

20            Lola & Tony

21            Carbon & hydrogen (CH4), Nitrogen & Hydrogen (NH3), Nitrogen & Oxygen (NO)

22            1955

23            Fenwick’s

24            16

25            Mrs Slocombe & Miss Brahms

26            Kenneth Williams

27            24 (4 horses & 4 riders)

28            Nyasaland

29            Five

30a          Anita Harris

30b          Anita Manning

30c          Anita Dobson

30d          Anita Pallenberg

30e          Anita Roddick


Q             Which team scored the first ever goal in the first ever football World Cup match in 1930?

A              France (France beat Mexico 4 – 1)

Number Guess

Q             The container ship Hong Kong can carry how many containers?

A              21,403

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