Quiz 348

Quiz 348


1              Who starred as Dian Fossey in the 1988 film Gorillas in the Mist?

2              Which snooker player was nicknamed the Thai-phoon?

3              Foggy was a character who featured in which long-running BBC comedy series?

4              Who was Just Walkin’ In The Rain in 1956?

5              What or who are the 4 main characters in Kenneth Grahame’s Wind in the Willows?

Wales & the Welsh

6              What is the name of the stretch of water separating mainland Wales & Anglesey?

7              Who wrote the play Under Milk Wood?

8              Which comedy series featured the relationship between a man from Billericay in Essex & a girl from Barry in Glamorgan?

9              In which castle does the investiture of the Prince of Wales take place?

10            Name the 2 Welshmen who have been team captains on A Question of Sport?


11            In which constellation, easily recognised by the 3 stars in a line, would you find the Horse’s Head Nebula?

12            How many times did Red Rum run in the Grand National?

13            Which folk rock band reached number 3 in the charts in 1972 with A Horse With No Name?

14            What is the correct title for someone who makes & fits horseshoes?

15            What were the names of Woody’s horse in Toy Story, Steptoe’s horse in Steptoe & Son, Ernie the milkman’s horse?


16            Who directed the 1954 film Dial M for Murder?

17            What number do you dial to reach the Speaking Clock?

18            James Gilbey was famous for a while for a controversial telephone conversation with who in 1990?

19            In which year did the iPhone first go on the market (+/- 1)?

20            Which models of car by VW, Ford, Fiat & Vauxhall feature in the NATO Phonetic Alphabet?

General Knowledge

21            What first name connects Bird’s Eye & a TV series starring Ronnie Barker?

22            A single dot in Morse Code represents which letter?

23            Who is the only non-American golfer to have won the 4 Majors (US Open. Masters, US PGA & Open Championship)?

24            Duo Andy Bell & Vince Clarke are better known by what name?

25            Who was the original host of The Price Is Right?

26            Which country’s Formula One race is held at the Spa circuit?

27            How many fathoms are there in a mile?

28            Who played the Bond Girl Honey Rider?

29            Amazon & Starbucks both have their headquarters in which American city?

30            The character Woody in Toy Story has a surname – its is Woods – true or false?


1              Sigourney Weaver

2              James Wattana

3              Last of the Summer Wine

4              Johnny Ray

5              Mole, Rat, Toad & Badger

6              Menai Strait

7              Dylan Thomas

8              Gavin & Stacey

9              Caernarfon

10            Cliff Morgan, Gareth Edwards

11            Orion (The Hunter)

12            Five times

13            America

14            Farrier

15            Bullseye, Hercules, Trigger

16            Alfred Hitchcock

17            123

18            Diana Princess of Wales

19            2007 (accept 2006 & 2008)

20            Golf, Sierra, Bravo, Victor


21            Clarence

22            E

23            Gary Player

24            Erasure

25            Leslie Crowther

26            Belgium

27            880

28            Ursula Andress (in Dr. No)

29            Seattle

30            False – it’s Woody Pride


Q             Who were the first British team to enter the European Cup?

A              Hibernian

Number Guess (Nearest wins)

Q             How many novels did Barbara Cartland write?

A              723

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Beginning With V Picture Quiz

Beginning with V Picture Quiz

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Quiz 347

Quiz 347

1              Which 2 colours feature on the Cornish flag?

2              Which scientist featured on the last £1 note in 1988?

3              Bren, Dolly, Jean, Anita & Twinkle are collectively known as who in a BBC comedy?

4              The Wicked Bible published in 1631 was so called because one of the 10 Commandments missed out the word “not”. Which of the Commandments was it?

5              In the world of science what does the mechanical device called an orrery demonstrate?

6              What was the name of the female baddie in Disney’s 101 Dalmations?

7              Who are the top 3 Medal winning European countries at the Winter Olympics?

8              Which major motorway connects Glasgow to Edinburgh?

9              Thanks to the Apollo 14 crew, how many golf balls are there on the Moon?

10            What was the first name of the man who founded the company Kenwood in 1947?

11            How many people escaped from the Poseidon in the 1972 film The Poseidon Adventure – 4, 5 or 6?

12            Which country near the Himalayas was the last to get television in 1999?

13            Which 1968 musical is the only film to win Best Picture Oscar with an exclamation mark in its title?

14            What is the first throwing event in a decathlon?

15            According to the Rain in Spain from My Fair Lady, which 3 places in England beginning with H do “hurricanes hardly happen”?

16            Who had hits with these about roads & streets: – Road To Nowhere 1985, King of the Road 1965, Baker Street 1978, Streets of London 1974, Streets of Philadelphia 1994?

17            How I Learned to Stop Worrying & Love The Bomb was the subtitle of which 1964 Peter Sellers comedy?

18            With a population of over 170 million people which country has never won an Olympic medal?

19            Are these countries full members of the EU – Croatia, Latvia, Macedonia?

20a          In which year was the compact music cassette invented by Philips (+/- 1)?

20b          In which year was the compact music disc first available to buy (+/- 1)?

21            Which actress & personality who had been married 9 times died in December 2016 aged 99?

22            Which Scottish tartan is worn by the Queen?

23a          The very first Barbie doll to go on sale was wearing what?

23b          What are the names of Barbie’s boyfriend & little sister?

24            The Petronas Twin Towers are in which capital city?

25            In which film did Rod Steiger have a singing role as Jud Fry?

26            How many Kings did England have in 1066?

27            The UK international domain name of course is .uk, what does Denmark, Spain & Iceland use?

28            Who had a Christmas number one single with Something Stupid in 2001?

29            Who was Larry Grayson’s female assistant on The Generation Game?

30            Name the 6 football teams in the Championship beginning with the letter B?


1              Black & white

2              Isaac Newton

3              dinnerladies

4              Thou shalt commit adultery

5              The solar system

6              Cruella De Vil

7              Norway, Germany, Austria

8              M8

9              Two

10            Ken

11            Six

12            Bhutan

13            Oliver!

14            Shot put

15            Hertford, Hereford & Hampshire

16            Talking Heads, Roger Miller, Gerry Rafferty, Ralph McTell, Bruce Springsteen

17            Dr Strangelove

18            Bangladesh

19            Yes, Yes, No

20a          1963

20b          1982

21            Zsa Zsa Gabor

22            Royal Stewart

23a          Black & white striped swimsuit

23b          Ken & Skipper

24            Kuala Lumpur

25            Oklahoma!

26            Three – Edward the Confessor, Harold & William

27            dk, es, is

28            Robbie Williams & Nicole Kidman

29            Isla St Clair

30            Brentford, Birmingham City, Bolton Wanderers,  Burton Albion, Barnsley, Bristol City


Q             Which British actor has been nominated for an Oscar the most times but never won one?

A              Peter O’Toole (8 times)

Number Guess (Nearest wins)             

Q             The first charitable organisation was set up for street children in London in which year?

A              1741       

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Quiz 346 Easter

Quiz 346 Easter


1              The word chocolate is derived from the word nahuatl used by which people?

2              Now part of Cadbury’s, which Bristol chocolate maker was the first to produce a chocolate bar in 1847?

3              Terry Brooks, John Cornelius & Simon Desborough all played which character in a series of famous chocolate adverts?

4              A 100 gram serving of milk chocolate contains 340, 440 or 540 calories?

5              According to a survey last year, what are the 3 favourite chocolate bars of men 65 and over?


6              Which part of an egg do you use to make a Crème Brulee – white only, yolk only or both?

7              Who famously started a scare about salmonella in eggs in 1988 & was forced to resign from the Government?

8              So that consumers can determine their quality, what was introduced on eggs in 1998?

9              Eggs benedict is a toasted muffin, ham and poached egg covered with which sauce?

10           Apart from hen’s eggs what are the 3 most eaten eggs in the world?

Easter Pop Music

11           Christopher Cross wrote and sang “The Best That You Can Do” which was the theme to which Dudley Moore film?

12           Who had a hit in 1980 with Rabbit?

13           Jesus To A Child was a number one for which artist in 1996?

14           Crazy Chick was a 2005 Top Ten hit for which British girl singer who began as a classical singer as a child?

15           Who had hits with these “Sunday” songs – Lazy Sunday 1968, Sunday Girl 1979, Sunday Morning Call 2000?


16           “Let them eat cake” is a famous quote by Marie Antoinette – which Louis was she married to?

17           In the rhyme Pat a Cake, Pat a Cake what letter was the cake marked with?

18           Who hosted the TV show Through The Cakehole on Channel 4?

19           Which cake was allegedly made to celebrate Queen Victoria’s granddaughter marriage to Prince Louis in 1884?

20           Who replaced Mel & Sue & Mary Berry on the Great British Bake-off when it moved to Channel 4?

General Knowledge

21           In which winter sport is a besom used?

22           How many stars are there on the Australian flag?

23           What race of creatures were created by Davros?

24           Good Wives was the sequel to which Louisa May Alcott book?

25           Famous for its fine china, which city is the capital of Saxony in Germany?

26           In Greek mythology Theseus slew the Minotaur in a labyrinth on which Mediterranean island?

27           The painting called La Giaconda is better known by what name?

28           Which 2 words are common to the cover of The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy & Jonesy in Dad’s Army?

29           I’m Gonna Wash That Man Right Outa My Hair is a song from which musical?

30           Due to the UK’s terrible performances, the BBC have announced that the UK will not enter the Eurovision Song Contest in 2020 but there will be separate entries from England, Scotland, Northern Ireland & Wales – true or false?


1              Aztecs

2              Fry’s

3              Milky Bar Kid

4              540 calories

5              Mars, Snickers, KitKat

6              Yolk only

7              Edwina Currie

8              Lion Mark

9              Hollandaise

10           Duck, goose & quail

11           Arthur

12           Chas & Dave

13           George Michael

14           Charlotte Church

15           Small Faces, Blondie, Oasis

16           Louis XVI

17           B

18           Jo Brand

19           Battenberg

20           Sandy Toksvig, Noel Fielding & Prue Leith

21           Curling

22           Six

23           Daleks

24           Little Women

25           Dresden

26           Crete

27           Mona Lisa

28           Don’t Panic

29           South Pacific

30           False (It was April 1st after all!)


Q             Which eating contest was held in Harry’s Bar in Wigan from 1992 to 2016?

A             Pies (Meat & potato actually)

Number Guess (Nearest wins)

Q             The cheesiest pizza ever made had how many different cheeses on it?

A             111

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Quiz 345

Quiz 345

1              How many Russian diplomats were expelled by the USA this week?

2              What are the 3 ingredients in a traditional margarita?

3              How many times did Christopher Lee play Dracula in films – 6, 8 10 or 12 times?

4              The cor anglais is a musical instrument in which section of the orchestra?

5a            Who were the last football club (in 1987) to win the FA Cup wearing striped shirts?

5b            Who were the last football club (in 1935/36) to win the top division wearing striped shirts?

6              10 of the top 13 best-selling albums of the 60s are by the Beatles – the other 3 are film soundtracks – which films?

7              Black Rock Desert, USA, was the location in 1997 of which world record?

8              Nunavut, with an area of over 2 million square kilometres, is the largest territory in which country?

9              Where in the home would you find a pair of andirons?

10            Mallord William are the middle names of which famous British painter?

11            What are the 4 biggest nationwide TV networks in the USA (not cable or satellite)?

12            Which county do Salopians come from?

13            What type of grass is mainly responsible for the stability of sand dunes in the UK?

14            In the film Psycho what was Norman Bates hobby?

15            Who are these famous Natalies?

Plays Sonia Fowler in Eastenders; Actress who drowned in 1981; Actress who won an Oscar for Black Swan

16            What follows the word “Viva” from these clues – A number one single by Coldplay in 2008; A 1952 film starring Marlon Brando about a Mexican revolutionary; A 1964 Elvis Presley film?

17            The Cerne Abbas Giant is carved into the hillside in which south-western county?

18            What was ABBA’s second number one in the UK?

19            With the exception of Bhutan, which 3 South American countries have the highest capital cities in the world?

20            Which major sports venue is located at SW19 5AE?

21            In which girls teenage magazine of the 60s through to the 90’s did the Cathy & Claire Problem Page appear?

22            What was the name of the character played by Steve McQueen in The Great Escape?

23            The name of which Native American tribe is also the capital of Wyoming?

24            What name comes next in this sequence – Norma, Cherie, Sarah, Samantha….?

25            At which event did Sally Gunnell win Olympic Gold in 1992?

26            The Skoda Karoq TV advert features which female singer?

27            Which Australian city is named after a British Queen?

28            Which 3 chemical element symbols make up the country Monaco?

29            What is the name of the main river through York?

30a          What surname connects a Roald Dahl character with a TV character played by Patricia Routledge?

30b          What surname connects a Durham cricketer with a famous clairvoyant & spiritualist?

30c          What surname connects an England footballer with a female superhero’s real name?


1              60

2              Tequila, cointreau or triple sec, lime juice

3              10 times

4              Woodwind

5a            Coventry City in 1987

5b            Sunderland in 1935/36

6              Sound of Music, West Side Story, South Pacific

7              Land speed record (Andy Green in Thrust 2)

8              Canada

9              In a fireplace

10            J M W Turner

11            ABC, NBC, CBS & Fox

12            Shropshire

13            Marram grass

14            Taxidermy

15            Cassidy, Wood, Portman

16            Viva La Vida; Viva Zapata!; Viva las Vegas

17            Dorset

18            Mamma Mia!

19            Bolivia (La Paz), Ecuador (Quito), Colombia (Bogota)

20            Wimbledon Tennis Club

21            Jackie

22            Captain Virgil Hilts or the Cooler King

23            Cheyanne

24            Philip (Spouses of Prime Ministers)

25            400m Hurdles

26            Paloma Faith

27            Adelaide

28            Molybdenum, sodium, cobalt

29            Ouse

30a          Bucket (Charlie & Hyacinth)

30b          Stokes (Ben & Doris)

30c          Kane (Harry & Kathy)


Q             Jenga takes its name for “to build” in which language?

A              Swahili

Number Guess (Nearest wins)

Q             The world record for the most hand claps in a minute is how many?

A              1080

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Quiz 344

Quiz 344

Classic British TV Comedy

1              In which town is Birds of a Feather set?

2              Who wrote and starred in the TV series’ Q5 Q6 Q7 Q8 & Q9?

3              Which TV series was set in the Royal Artillery Depot of Deolali?

4              Richie Richard & Eddie Hitler were the 2 characters in which BBC sitcom of the 1990’s?

5              What were the names of the 2 juniors played by Wendy Richard & Trevor Bannister in Are You Being Served?


6              In which country is the world’s longest straight road?

7              Which 2-digit road from Bodmin to Mansfield is the longest road wholly in England?

8              Which British writer, better known for sci-fi, wrote The Road to Wigan Pier?

9              What background colour is used on UK road signs for local attractions?

10            Which 3 companies provide the most motorway service areas in the UK?


11            We referred to the Soviet Union as the USSR; what 4 letters were used by Russia?

12            Russian composer Sergei Prokofiev wrote a 4-act ballet based on which Shakespeare play?

13            Babushka is the Russian word for which relative?

14            Which country did the Russians invade in 1979?

15            Which 3 republics were the first to become independent from the USSR?

On the Dining Table

16            In which US State is Roswell where a flying saucer allegedly crashed in 1947?

17            Pepper Anderson was played by which actress on TV in the 1970s?

18            The weapon known here as a flick knife is called what in the USA?

19            Uri Geller became famous for bending spoons – what nationality is he?

20            Brown Sauce was a band created from the presenters of Multi-Coloured Swap Shop – who were the 3 members?

General Knowledge

21            In which children’s TV series did Parsley the lion appear?

22            Singha beer is the best-selling beer from which country?

23            Peggotty & Betsey Trotwood are characters in which Dickens novel?

24            What is the name of the British Army’s major battle tank?

25            In which Italian city is Romeo & Juliet set?

26            Nicosia is the capital of which island?

27            Dougie Henshall plays Jimmy Perez in which BBC police series?

28            In the USA in which sport is the Orange Bowl an annual fixture?

29            Who is the only Oscar to win an Oscar?

30            During the early years of space the Americans spent millions on a pen that would work in zero gravity (true) – The Russians didn’t bother – they just used pencils – true or false?


1              Chigwell

2              Spike Milligan

3              It Ain’t Half Hot Mum

4              Bottom

5              Miss Brahms & Mister Lucas

6              Australia

7              A38

8              George Orwell

9              Brown

10            Moto. Road Chef, Welcome Break

11            CCCP

12            Romeo & Juliet

13            Grandmother

14            Afghanistan

15            Estonia Latvia Kazakhstan

16            New Mexico

17            Angie Dickinson

18            Switchblade

19            Israeli

20            Noel Edmonds, Maggie Philbin, Keith Chegwin

21            The Herbs

22            Thailand

23            David Copperfield

24            Challenger 2

25            Verona

26            Cyprus

27            Shetland

28            American Football

29            Oscar Hammerstein

30            False – they used ordinary pens because they worked anywhere


Q             Which European country has the highest level of alcoholism?

A              Hungary (17% acc. to The Top 5 of Everything)

Number Guess

Q             In which year did Big Ben first chime?

A              1859

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Beginning with R Picture Quiz

Beginning with R Picture Quiz

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