Quiz 378

Quiz 378

1              What is the name of the new Tesco discount stores announced this week?

2              Which TV show was hosted originally by Chris Evans & Gaby Roslin from 1992 to 1994?

3              In which game did the phrase “pass the buck” originate?

4              The tallest building in the USA until 2014 is now called the Willis Tower; where is it & what was its original name?

5              In modern aircraft what does VTOL stand for?

6              Kym Marsh, who plays Michelle in Coronation Street, was a member of which pop group?

7              Which company produces the Pavilion series of home computers & laptops?

8              Sean Kerly was a prominent player for Great Britain at the 1988 summer Olympics in Seoul in which sport?

9              What brand of strong metal toy trucks manufactured from the 50’s has a name meaning great in the Sioux language?

10            What were the 4 vegetables used to make a meatless Woolton Pie by the head chef at the Savoy during WW2?

11            Which of the Space Shuttles is also the name of a mythical land?

12            The “flavour enhancer” MSG was often regarded as an unhealthy food additive – what does it stand for?

13            In which year did Marilyn Monroe die?

14            Which Church of England envoy was taken hostage in Lebanon in 1991?

15            Who had hits with these “foody” songs – Blackberry Way (1968), Life Is A Minestrone (1975), Raspberry Beret (1985)?

16            Who played Starsky & Hutch in the 70’s TV series?

17            Which European country was the runner-up in the 1934 & 1962 football World Cup Finals?

18            In the 1985 film Back to the Future, which year does he travel back to?

19            Liechtenstein has no airport – in which country is their nearest airport?

20a          A budgie is native to which country?

20b          Budgie was the name of a helicopter in a book written by whom?

20c          Which 60’s singer and actor played Budgie on TV in the 70’s?

21            What is the capital of Pakistan & what was the capital when Pakistan gained independence in 1947?

22            What were the 5 non-human characters in the British version of The Magic Roundabout?

23            What is the name of the lowest classical female singing voice?

24            In the game of Tetris each piece in the game is made of how many segments?

25            What is the most widely spoken language in Bangladesh?

26            In greyhound racing what colour jacket does the dog in trap 5 wear?

27            What are the 3 countries in Africa with only 4 letters in their English name?

28            Who is the most featured artist on the Now That’s What I Call Music albums?

29            Christine Chubbock on July 15th, 1974 was the first person (& last I think) to do what on live television?

30            In which films did Burt Reynolds play these characters: J J McClure (1981 & 1984); Jack Horner (1997); Lewis (1972)


1              Jack’s

2              The Big Breakfast

3              Poker

4              Chicago & Sears Tower

5              Vertical Take-Off & Landing

6              Hear’Say

7              Hewlett Packard (HP)

8              (Field) Hockey

9              Tonka

10            Potatoes, cauliflower, carrots, swede (or turnip)

11            Atlantis

12            Monosodium Glutamate

13            1962 (allow +/- 1)

14            Terry Waite

15            Move, 10cc, Prince

16            David Soul & Paul Michael Glaser

17            Czechoslovakia

18            1955

19            Switzerland (in Zurich)

20a          Australia

20b          Sarah Ferguson

20c          Adam faith

21            Islamabad & Karachi

22            Dougal, Zebedee, Brian, Dylan, Ermintrude

23            Contralto

24            Four

25            Bengali

26            Orange

27            Chad, Mali, Togo

28            Robbie Williams

29            Committed suicide

30            Cannonball Run (I & II) Boogie Nights; Deliverance


Q             Which American State is the nearest geographically to Africa?

A              Maine

Number Guess (Nearest wins)

Q             A triple Whopper sandwich with cheese at Burger King contains how many calories?

A              1220

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