Quiz 377

Quiz 377

Up In The Air

1              Air France Flight 4590 on 25th July 2000 led to the permanent grounding of which aircraft?

2              The Montgolfier brothers were pioneers in which type of air transport?

3              Which gas is the 3rd highest constituent of the air after nitrogen & oxygen?

4              Nephology is the study of which natural phenomena?

5              Who were the male leads in these “air” films – Air Force One 1997, Air America 1990, Con Air 1997?

Japan & the Japanese

6              Ikebana is the Japanese art of what?

7              In which year did Tokyo hold the summer Olympic Games for the first time?

8              Shinkansen trains are better known as what?

9              The highest number of tourists to Japan come from which country?

10            Who are the 5 largest car manufacturers in Japan?

Smith & Jones

11            Which religious movement was founded by Joseph Smith in 1830?

12            In which city is the Smithsonian American Art Museum?

13            Jonesy was the name of the cat in which 1979 sci-fi film?

14            Jack Jones was elected as General Secretary of which Union in 1968?

15            Identify these Smiths & Jones’s – Welsh former Blue Peter presenter; original founder member of the Rolling Stones; the Captain of the Titanic; the main character in Orwell’s 1984?

Light & Dark

16            In Genesis 1, “And the Earth was without form, and void and darkness was upon the face of the…. what?

17            Which Pop Idol winner had a UK number one single with the Doors song Light My Fire in 2002?

18            Which chemical element was used as flash powder in early photography because it burns with a bright white light?

19            Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark had a hit with which song about the bombing of Hiroshima in 1945?

20            In which battle of the Crimean war did the Charge of the Light Brigade take place & who wrote the poem about it?

General Knowledge

21            About 73% of the human brain is composed of what?

22            In which American city did the fictional policeman Robocop operate?

23            Footballer Luis Suarez plays for which country?

24            Jarlsberg cheese comes from which Scandinavian country?

25            Which South Yorkshire town is the birthplace of Michael Parkinson?

26            Which metallic element has the chemical symbol Mo?

27            The name of which pantomime character can also mean “lacking in character or feeble”?

28            The ghost of Banquo appears in which Shakespeare play?

29            Who was elected Governor of California in 2003?

30            To go to a fancy dress ball dressed as a Chelsea Pensioner is illegal – true or false?


1              Concorde

2              Hot air ballooning

3              Argon

4              Clouds

5              Harrison Ford, Mel Gibson, Nicolas Cage

6              Flower arranging

7              1964

8              Bullet trains

9              China

10            Toyota, Nissan, Honda, Suzuki, Mazda

11            Church of the Latter Day Saints (Mormons)

12            Washington DC

13            Alien

14            TGWU (Transport & General Workers Union)

15            Gethin Jones; Brian Jones; Edward Smith; Winston Smith

16            Deep

17            Will Young

18            Magnesium

19            Enola Gay

20            Balaclava & Lord Tennyson

21            Water

22            Detroit

23            Uruguay

24            Norway

25            Barnsley

26            Molybdenum

27            Wishy Washy

28            Macbeth

29            Arnold Schwarzenegger

30            TRUE


Q             Which rock and roll star was the first to have a waxwork at Madame Toussards?

A              Tommy Steele

Number Guess (Nearest wins)

Q             When was the last public hanging in the UK?

A              1868

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