Quiz 374

Quiz 374

Square Arch & Round

1              With its Gateway Arch, which American city is known as the Gateway to the West?

2              Dave Arch Is the musical director on which long-running TV entertainment show?

3              Who had a number one single with Spinning Around in 2000?

4              Which English comedy legend played the double of a German general in the film the 1958 Square Peg?

5              What are the 2 “squares” on a standard Monopoly board & what would it cost to buy them both?


6              What was the name of Malawi prior to independence in 1964?

7              In which country is Tobruk?

8              What is the most northerly city in the UK?

9              In which range of hills is Cheddar Gorge?

10            What are the 3 largest islands in the Mediterranean?


11            Barry George was arrested then released without charge for whose murder?

12            Karen Matthews planned the fake kidnapping of her daughter to generate money – what was the daughter’s name?

13            Who hid in Leatherslade Farm in 1963?

14            What was the name of Butch Cassidy & the Sundance Kid’s gang in the film?

15            What are the 5 different methods of execution used in the USA?


16            What was the name of the blonde American actress portrayed by Kenny Everett in his BBC TV show?

17            Who plays Lee’s dad in the comedy series Not Going Out?

18            How many steps are there on the money board in The Chase?

19            Alex George & Dani Dyer were 2 of the contestants in which ITV show this year?

20            In which TV series did these pubs feature – The Boar’s Nest, Flying Horse, The Kebab & Calculator, The Nag’s Head?


General Knowledge

21            What mode of transport is the Sir Nigel Gresley?

22            Who wrote the Fifty Shades series of books?

23            Who was Newcastle United’s first foreign born manager?

24            What enzyme is added to milk in the manufacture of most hard cheeses?

25            In which country is Guantanamo Bay located?

26            What time is mentioned in the first verse of Wee Willie Winkie?

27            Which online video game released in 2017 is in 2 versions, Save The World & Battle Royale?

28            In which stage musical did Topol gain international recognition?

29            Which Canadian artist has had 6 number one singles in the UK since 2010?

30            When Airfix introduced plastic products in 1947, their first product was plastic clothes pegs – true or false?


1              St Louis

2              Strictly Come Dancing

3              Kylie Minogue

4              Norman Wisdom

5              Trafalgar Square & Leicester Square & £500 (240+260)

6              Nyasaland

7              Libya

8              Inverness

9              Mendips

10            Sicily, Sardinia & Cyprus

11            Jill Dando

12            Shannon

13            The Great Train Robbers

14            Hole-in-the-Wall Gang

15            Electric chair, hanging, lethal injection, gas chamber & firing squad

16            Cupid Stunt

17            Bobby Ball

18            Seven

19            Love Island

20            Dukes of Hazzard, Coronation Street, The Young Ones, Only Fools & Horses

21            Steam locomotive (accept train)

22            E L James

23            Ossie Ardiles (1991)

24            Rennet

25            Cuba

26            Ten o’clock

27            Fortnite

28            Fiddler on the Roof

29            Justin Bieber

30            False – it was plastic combs


Q             Which restaurant chain opened its first restaurant at the corner of 63rd Street & 1st Avenue in New York?

A              TGI Fridays

Number Guess (Nearest wins)

Q             The world’s largest kazoo band had how many participants?

A              5190 (Albert Hall 11th March 2011)

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