Quiz 372

Quiz 372


1              In Casablanca, what was Humphrey Bogart’s character’s first name?

2              Which 1972 film character had 4 children called Sonny, Fredo, Michael & Connie?

3              Tom Courtney played which character in the 2016 Dad’s Army film?

4              Family Plot was the final film by which director in 1976?

5              For which 2 films set in World War 2 has Steven Spielberg won a Best Director Oscar?

On The Phone

6              Who was “Hanging on the Telephone” in 1978?

7              What colour are the emergency telephones on British motorways?

8              What 3 numbers do you dial before your call to withhold your number to the recipient?

9              Which actor was trapped in a phone box in the film Phone Booth in 2002?

10            In which decades did these phone innovations happen – 1st transatlantic call &  first mobile phone?


11            What kind of tax was introduced in 1696 & repealed in 1851?

12            Sir Walter Raleigh was executed under the orders of which Monarch?

13            In which century was the Black Death?

14            The Battle of the Greasy Grass in 1876 is better known by what name?

15            The Royal House of Hanover in Britain had 6 monarchs but only 3 names – what were the names?


16            Nick Kamen made his name by stripping to his underwear in a launderette in which jeans advert?

17            What nickname do Australians give to tight fitting swimwear like brief underwear?

18            Who stripped to her underwear on TV for Children in Need in 1983?

19            Which 2001 film features the line “This calls for some really tiny knickers”?

20            Nine male celebrities stripped beyond their underwear for The Real Full Monty on TV – can you name 3 of them?

General Knowledge

21            It was Madonna’s birthday this week – how old is she?

22            Tallin is the capital of which European country?

23            What is the most popular brand of beer in Thailand?

24            Oliver’s Story in 1978 was the sequel to which sentimental 1970 film?

25            When it was first introduced in 1973 what was the rate of VAT?

26            If you heated a 10 pence piece & a 2 pence piece – which one would melt first?

27            Which golfer is the USA Ryder Cup Captain this year?

28            Which team did England beat in their first match in this year’s World Cup?

29            Which TV presenter was given the title of Honorary Mayor of Wetwang in 1998?

30            In 2003 the Post Office admitted that no post had been delivered to Guinea-Bissau in Africa for 3 months – all the post went to Guinea next door by mistake – true or false?


1              Rick

2              The Godfather (Don Corleone)

3              Corporal Jones

4              Alfred Hitchcock

5              Schindler’s List & Saving Private Ryan

6              Blondie

7              Orange

8              141

9              Colin Farrell

10            1926 & 1973

11            Window tax

12            James I

13            14th

14            Battle of the Little Big Horn

15            George (I to IV) William IV Victoria

16            Levi 501’s

17            Budgie Smugglers

18            Joanna Lumley

19            Bridget Jones’ Diary

20            Any 3 from Alexander Armstrong, Ashley Banjo,   Mark Foster, Wayne Sleep, Matthew Wolfenden, Danny John-Jules, Harry Judd, Dom Littlewood, Eliot Wright

21            60

22            Estonia

23            Singha

24            Love Story

25            10%

26            10p (it is cupronickel, 2p is steel)

27            Jim Furyk

28            Tunisia (Won 2-1)

29            Richard Whiteley

30            FALSE


Q             During the American Civil War, which State saw the most fighting/battles?

A              Virginia

Number Guess (Nearest wins)

Q             The TV series Planet of the Apes starring Roddy McDowell was set in which year?

A              3085

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