Quiz 369

Quiz 369

Tom, Dick & Harry

1              What was the name of the 2 DJ’s created by Harry Enfield & Paul Whitehouse on TV?

2              What was the profession (other than writer) of the author of the Thomas the Tank Engine books?

3              How many times did Tom Watson win the Open Golf Championship – 3. 4 or 5 times?

4              Harry Judd plays the drums in which band?

5              Who played Dick Tracy in the 1990 film & who was the co-star who played Breathless Mahoney?


6              In which year was the requirement to display your Road Tax Disc cancelled?

7              Who wrote the novel The Road to Wigan Pier?

8              What is the name of the fictional company who supplies Wile E Coyote with equipment to trap Roadrunner?

9              The world’s longest straight road is in which country?

10            Which football teams play at these stadiums – Carrow Road, Elland Road, Portman Road, Vicarage Road?

Foot & Mouth

11            Who became leader of the Labour Party after Michael Foot resigned?

12            The mouth of which river lies close to New Orleans?

13            The 3rd Foot & Mouth is the name of the regiment in which Carry On film?

14            How many foot pedals does a standard grand piano have?

15            Who had hits with Tiger Feet 1974, Footloose 1984, Portsmouth 1976?


16            What was the colourful name of the computer that beat Kasparov at chess in 1997?

17            What food name is given to unsolicited emails or messages?

18            HAL 9000 was the name of the computer in which classic 60’s sci-fi film?

19            Charles Babbage is regarded as the “father of the computer” – which TV game show featured a large screen computer called Mr Babbage?

20            IBM were pioneers in computers for many years – what does IBM stand for?

General Knowledge

21            Lack of which vitamin causes rickets?

22            Crocker, Saperstein, Stavros & Rizzo were detectives in which TV series of the 70’s?

23            Which famous flyer opened Butlins first holiday camp at Skegness in 1936?

24            Who is the current (July2018) British number one male tennis player?

25            Who was Marie Antoinette married to?

26            What spice is the first name of Julia Sawalha’s character in Absolutely Fabulous?

27            Which planet is the hottest in the solar system?

28            In the phrase “gone for a burton” – what exactly is a burton?

29            Who fell off the yacht Lady Ghislaine in 1991 & drowned?

30            Wetherfield Athletic is the name of the local football team in Coronation Street – true or false?


1              Smashie & Nicey

2              Anglican Vicar (Rev Wilbert Awdry)

3              5 times

4              McFly (or McBusted)

5              Warren Beatty & Madonna

6              (October) 2014

7              George Orwell

8              ACME Corporation

9              Australia (Eyre Highway 91.1 miles)

10            Norwich, Leeds, Ipswich, Watford

11            Neil Kinnock

12            Misissippi

13            Up The Khyber

14            Three

15            Mud, Kenny Loggins, Mike Oldfield

16            Deep Blue

17            Spam

18            2001:A Space Odyssey

19            Family Fortunes

20            International Business Machines

21            D

22            Kojak

23            Amy Johnson

24            Kyle Edmund

25            Louis XVI

26            Saffron

27            Venus

28            Beer (Burton’s of course)

29            Robert Maxwell

30            False – it’s Wetherfield County


Q             Who did the voice for the Speaking Clock in 2016 for Comic Relief?

A              Jo Brand

Number Guess (Nearest wins)

Q             How many full time students attended Durham University in the 2017/18 academic year?

A              18.031

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