Mash-Up Quiz 010

Mash Up Quiz 010

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6 Responses to Mash-Up Quiz 010

  1. hello andrew here from sunderland ..mash up quiz 10 question 5 ..clue was “tuesday” which in a qiuz which is ran up here on a monday was a bit embarrasing for me to say the least..

    • Excellent!! I didn’t think that one through if your quiz isn’t on a Sunday. Did you get flak or did they take the error in good part? I’m going for the flak cos that’s what i would get.

      • didnt get any flak because i had to give them a major clue to the question as follows..if this handout sheet was put together on a sunday then tuesday would be…???? so everyone got the answer right and i dodged a quiz night bullet ha ha …still excellent quizzes though everyone loves them at the derwenthurst club in sunderland so keep up the excellent work

      • Superb quick thinking. You like them.

  2. yes they are great probably the only site ive been on which has very little to no errors in the questioning ….can i make a suggestion for christmas about a bumper xmas mash up quiz lets say 30 answers on two pages they love the mash up quizzes up here and thats all we ever handout on xmas eve which actually falls on our normal quiz night mon 24th dec..just a suggestion but would be brilliant ..thanks

    • I’m not thinking that far ahead! I haven’t been on me holidays yet! Christmas is always a difficult time when you think you may have asked every Christmas question possible. I haven’t done a Mash-Up Christmas but I will no doubt. I would probably do a normal 15/16 questions as there is a time constraint at the club but I’ll have a look. But let me have me holidays first!! If you have any ideas/suggestions for the different sections please let me know.


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