Quiz 352

Quiz 352


1              Reach for the Sky was the biography of which famous pilot?

2              Sky Masterson & Nathan Detroit are 2 characters from which musical?

3              Which of the planets is named after the Roman God of the sky?

4              Which fictional TV comedy family featured on the 2003 Comic Relief song Spirit in the Sky with Gareth Gates?

5              3 “Sky” words – USA’s first space station, Laker Airways trans-Atlantic service, computer intelligence in Terminator?


6              Which American first orbited the Earth in Friendship 7?

7              Which type of distinctive clay takes its name from the Italian for baked earth?

8              Whose Earth Band had a big hit with Blinded by the Light in 1976?

9              In which year (+/-1) was Google Earth first launched?

10            Identify these “Earth” films from the clues: –

10a          1976 David Bowie film about an alien looking for water

10b          1974 disaster film starring Charlton Heston & Ava Gardner using the special effect called Sensuround

10c          2008 Brendan Fraser film based on a Jules Verne novel

Natural World

11            Rockhopper & Emperor are both breeds of which creature?

12            Which animal is the symbol of the USA’s Republican party?

13            The Australian Parakeet is better known by what name?

14            How many teats does a cow normally have?

15            Identify these songs with a creature in the title: – Union of the …….. (Duran Duran) What’s New ……. (Tom Jones) Rockin’ ….. (Michael Jackson) Elusive …… (Val Doonican)?

Entertaining Sex

16            In Coronation Street, what was Hayley’s first name before the sex change operation?

17            In which TV series would you find the characters Ludicrus Sextus & his 2 kids called Nausius & Erotica?

18            Which Blue Peter pet changed sex after they realised it was female rather than male?

19            Which large comedian of the silent era was ruined by a sex scandal in 1921?

20            Which actor and actress played the film lovers in the sexiest game of chess in The Thomas Crown Affair in 1968?

General Knowledge

21            In which musical does the March of the Siamese Children feature?

22            Whitstable in Kent is famous for which seafood?

23            The Cubs, the White Sox & the Bears are all sports teams from which US city?

24            Who did the voice for Dangermouse?

25            In the UK what does a village have that a hamlet doesn’t?

26            Of all the US presidents so far, what is the most common first name?

27            75% of the population of which country are Sinhalese?

28            Who wrote the play Cat on a Hot Tin Roof?

29            Which British actress won her only Oscar for The Reader in 2009?

30            Mickey Mouse was named Mickey after Mickey Rooney when he was a child actor – true or false?


1              Douglas Bader

2              Guys and Dolls

3              Uranus

4              The Kumars

5              Skylab, Skytrain, Skynet         

6              John Glenn

7              Terracotta

8              Manfred Mann

9              2001 (accept 2000 & 2002)

10a          The Man Who Fell to Earth

10b          Earthquake

10c          Journey to the Centre of the Earth       

11            Penguin

12            Elephant

13            Budgerigar

14            Four

15            Snake, Pussycat, Robin, Butterfly          

16            Harold

17            Up Pompeii!

18            Tortoise (Fred or Freda)

19            Fatty Arbuckle

20            Steve McQueen & Faye Dunaway         

21            The King and I

22            Oysters

23            Chicago

24            David Jason

25            Church

26            James

27            Sri Lanka

28            Tennessee Williams

29            Kate Winslet

30            FALSE (Mr Rooney claimed this but it’s false)


Q             Which of the African countries exports the most timber?

A              Cameroon

Number Guess (Nearest wins)

Q             According to the Guardian, in which year did the wolf become extinct in the UK?

A              1680 (This may be a best guess by the Guardian)

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6 Responses to Quiz 352

  1. Jill Bailey says:

    Hi Jim, love your quizzes but Quiz No. 325 has no answers. Thanks, Jill

    Jill Bailey baileyj222@aol.com

  2. Rae Martin says:

    Morning Jim Thanks for another amazing quiz, can you lead towards the answers, please? You normally send them over together. Kind Regards Rae Martin http://www.whatsnewuk.co.uk

  3. Anonymous says:

    I omitted the answers originally but the post is now updated. Sorry.

  4. Rhys51 says:

    Like the new format.Well done, very enjoyable.

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