Quiz 351

Quiz 351

1              Which military academy did Winston Churchill, Ian Fleming & James Blunt all attend at various times?

2              Complete these songs with newspapers in the title: – Marrakesh …………? (Crosby Stills & Nash);  Man In The ……….? (Michael Jackson); Paper ……..? (Traffic); …….. Girl?(McFly); The Hindu ………? (Oasis)

3              Which company was responsible for the Bhopal disaster of 1984 when  dioxin was released into the atmosphere?

4              In Dad’s Army, Corporal Jones often talked about fighting the Fuzzy Wuzzys; in which African country?

5              What was the name of the giraffe used by Toys R Us in their advertising?

6              Name the 5 clubs that have been managed by Brian Clough?

7              What nationality was the inventor of the Bunsen burner?

8              What are the top 4 countries with the most UNESCO World Heritage Sites (in no particular order)?

9              Which travel writer’s books include Notes From a Small Island, The Lost Continent & A Short History of Nearly Everything?

10            The drug thalidomide was prescribed to pregnant women in the 50s to treat which symptom?

11            In the 1961 film Whistle Down the Wind starring Hayley Mills, who do the children think they’ve found in the barn?

12            Which website is currently advertised with the help of Andrew “Freddie” Flintoff?

13            What is the name of the Waddington’s board game created in 1938 based on horse racing?

14            In which TV series do the characters John Redmond & Kayleigh Kitson feature?

15            Which golfers have the following nicknames – Big Easy, Great White Shark, El Nino, Golden Bear?

16            What is the name of the CIA operative & Bond’s friend featured in 6 of the James Bond books?

17            What is the name of the restaurant chain serving Japanese cuisine founded in 1992?

18            Who knocked reigning champion Mark Selby out of the 2018 Snooker World Championship?

19            Which cartoon character was given various Latin names such as Speedipus Rex & Tastyus Supersonicus?

20            What is the name of the actress who claims to have been “paid off” by President Trump to keep her quiet?

21            Who is the current British number one tennis player?

22            Which historical figures rode horses called Bucephalus & Copenhagen?

23            Liverpool goalkeeper Bruce Grobbelaar played international football for which country?

24            In a scalene triangle, how many of the sides are of equal length?

25            What breed of bird was the parrot in Python’s parrot sketch & what was it apparently “pining for”?

26            In which year was the first generation of iPhone released (+/- 1)?

27            Which book by Paula Hawkins was a best seller in 2015 & was released as a film starring Emily Blunt in 2016?

28            Liberty City, San Andreas & Vice City are 3 fictional settings in which video game series?

29            The first Toy of the Year Award in 1965 was given to a model Aston Martin car from which James Bond film?

30            Name 6 US States that have a border with Canada (there are 13 in all)?


1              Sandhurst

2              Express, Mirror, Sun, Star, Times

3              Union Carbide

4              Sudan

5              Geoffrey

6              Hartlepools Utd, Derby Co., Brighton, Leeds Utd., Nottingham Forest

7              German

8              Italy 53, China 52, Spain 46, France 42

9              Bill Bryson

10            Morning sickness

11            Jesus

12            Go Daddy

13            Totopoly

14            Car Share

15            Ernie Els, Greg Norman, Sergio Garcia, Jack Nicklaus

16            Felix Leiter

17            Wagamama

18            Joe Perry

19            Road Runner

20            Stormy Daniels (Stephanie Daniels)

21            Kyle Edmond

22            Alexander the Great & Wellington

23            Zimbabwe

24            None

25            Norwegian Blue; The fjords

26            2007 (accept 2008 & 2006)

27            The Girl on the Train

28            Grand Theft Auto (GTA)

29            Goldfinger

30            Any 6 from Alaska Washington Idaho Montana North Dakota Minnesota Michigan Ohio Pennsylvania New York Vermont New Hampshire Maine


Q             The asteroid number 19367 is named after which band?

A              Pink Floyd

Number Guess (Nearest wins)

Q             What is the maximum number of passengers that a Boeing 787 Dreamliner can carry?

A              296

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