Quiz 269


1              Mary Tyler Moore played Dorothy Brown alongside Julie Andrews in which film musical?

2a            Who were the last team from outside the top division to win the FA Cup?

2b            Who were the only team to win the FA Cup and get relegated in the same season?

3              Which politician gave the famous “rivers of blood” speech in April 1968?

4              Zanzibar is now part of which African country?

5              Which writer, actor & director was given a BAFTA Fellowship at this year’s ceremony?

6              What is the second largest city in Iraq?

7              Ganymede is the largest moon of which planet?

8              What are the 5 largest States by area in the USA?

9              Nation Shall Speak Peace unto Nation is the motto of which organisation?

10            How long was Prohibition in force in the USA – 2 either way?

11            Which car manufacturer uses a bull as its logo?

12            Which musical instrument did Glenn Miller play?

13            Who was “An Idiot Abroad” on TV?

14            Which 2 rivers reach the North Sea at Aberdeen?

15            Songs containing months of the year: –

Rod Stewart 1971, Barbara Dickson 1980 (2), Carole King 1962; Four Season 1976

16            Which sweet flavouring is obtained from the fruit of a species of orchid?

17            Which companies make these fragrances: – Eternity (US), J’Adore (FR), Mon Paris (FR)?

18            Which Lloyd-Webber musical features characters called Rusty, Poppa, Electra & Greaseball?

19            Gruinard island in Scotland was quarantined for 48 years as it was contaminated by which infection?

20            Who, in 1977, was the first official world number one snooker player?

21            Which game console was voted Toy of the Year in 1991?

22            What was the name of the character played by Frankie Howerd in Up Pompeii?

23            Which British Prime Minister resigned in March 1976?

24            Which 2 number A road runs from Bodmin in Cornwall to Mansfied in Nottinghamshire?

25            Which 2 monarchs were the first and last of the Tudors?

26            Humphrey Lyttleton was the host of which radio comedy panel game for 35 years to 2009?

27            Which UK children’s TV show was originally called Le Manege Enchante in France?

28            Which bands feature these lead singers: – Ricky Wilson, Chris Martin, Jarvis Cocker?

29            In which classic novel do Meg, Jo, Beth & Amy make their first appearance?

30            Who are the top 4 run scorers for England in Test cricket?



1              Thoroughly Modern Millie

2a            West Ham Utd in 1980

2b            Wigan Athletic in 2013

3              Enoch Powell

4              Tanzania

5              Mel Brooks

6              Basra

7              Jupiter

8              Alaska, Texas, California, Montana, New Mexico

9              BBC

10            14 years

11            Lamborghini

12            Trombone

13            Karl Pilkington

14            Dee & Don

15            Maggie May, January February, It Might As Well Rain Until September, December 1963

16            Vanilla

17            Calvin Klein, Dior, Yves Saint Laurent

18            Starlight Express

19            Anthrax

20            Ray Reardon

21            Game Boy

22            Lurcio

23            Harold Wilson

24            A38

25            Henry VII & Elizabeth I

26            I’m Sorry I Haven’t A Clue

27            Magic Roundabout

28            Kaiser Chiefs, Coldplay, Pulp

29            Little Women

30            Cook, Gooch, Stewart, Gower


Q             Which TV game show was devised by comedian Norman Vaughan?

A              Bullseye

Number Guess

Q             How long is miles is the A38?

A              292 miles

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