Quiz 266


1              What name is given to the Hindi film industry based in Mumbai?

2              Which 3 England football managers have been knighted?

3              Soya bean curd is better known as what?

4a            Who wrote the music for the film Chariots of Fire?

4b            Who wrote & performed the music for the NHS sequence at the 2012 Olympics opening ceremony?

5              What are the first names of Donald Trump’s 3 wives?

6              What would a practitioner be testing using a Snellen Chart?

7              Which Royal lives at Gatcombe Park in Gloucestershire?

8              What was the largest number of points available on the British Wheel of Fortune?

9              The prefix llan- in Welsh place names like Llandudno & Llanelli means what in English?

10            If you expand PVC to the full words how many letters does it have?

11            Which 3 singers were often known as the Rat Pack?

12            Which party snack has a French name meaning windblown?

13            What name was given to the pseudo-science of turning base metals into gold?

14            If a cricket umpire raises his right arm and touches the top of his right shoulder what is he signalling?

15            Famous Pauls :- Played Crocodile Dundee; A Man For All Seasons; Writer of My Way?

16            Which horse named after a famous city in ancient Turkey won the 1979 Derby?

17a          A series of adverts for which cigar used Bach’s Air on a G String as the music?

17b          A series of sexy adverts for which cigar used the phrase “sheer enjoyment”?

18            Into which sea does the river Danube flow?

19            What is the name of the permit needed to allow non-Americans to live and work in the USA?

20            Name the 5 countries that have a border with Laos?

21            Which long running American TV character was married to Lilith Sternin?

22            The wood of which tree was used in the Middle Ages to make longbows?

23            Add together the number of players in a water polo team, a netball team & a basketball team?

24            What would you have done if you “took the Queen’s shilling”?

25            In which film did Raquel Welch famously wear an animal skin bikini?

26            Name any 3 of the elements known as the halogens?

27            What shape is the playing area on a Chinese Checkers board?

28            In Thunderbirds, what was the first name of the father of the Tracy boys?

29            Which of Henry VIII’s 6 wives died last (in 1557)?

30            Spell these Slade hits the way they were on the record:  Mama We’re All Crazy Now; Come On Feel The Noise; Squeeze Me Please Me


1              Bollywood

2              Alf Ramsey, Bobby Robson, Walter Winterbottom

3              Tofu

4a/b        Vangelis/Mike Oldfield

5              Ivana, Marla & Malania

6              Your eyes

7              Princess Royal (Anne)

8              1000

9              Parish or parish church

10            17 – Polyvinyl Chloride

11            Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis Jnr., Dean Martin

12            Vol-au-vent

13            Alchemy

14            One run short

15            Hogan; Schofield; Anka

16            Troy

17a/b      Hamlet/Manikin

18            Black Sea

19            Green Card

20            Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, Burma (Myanmar), China

21            Frasier

22            Yew

23            7+7+5 = 19

24            Joined the armed forces

25            One Million Years BC

26            Chlorine, Iodine, Bromine, Fluorine & Astatine

27            6 pointed star (accept star)

28            Jeff

29            Anne of Cleeves

30            Mama Weer All Crazee Now; Cum On Feel The Noize; Skweeze Me Pleeze Me


Q             Which motor manufacturer was the first to build a car with a fully enclosed passenger space?

A              Renault

Number Guess

Q             How many weeks have Cliff Richard singles been in the UK top 40 altogether?

A              970 (OfficialCharts.com)

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