Quiz 265



1              What was the name of the mother who falsely reported her daughter Shannon missing in Dewsbury?

2              Which Labour Mayor did Boris Johnson defeat to become Mayor of London in May of 2008?

3              Steve Wright was convicted of the murder of 5 prostitutes in which town in Suffolk?

4              Which retailer announced the closure of 807 stores in the UK in December 2008?

5              Which 2 English sides met in the 2008 UEFA Champions League Final?


6              What breed of dog is Snoopy?

7              Which breed of dog has won Best in Show at Crufts more times than any other?

8              Who wrote the novel The Dogs of War?

9              Which canine song was a number one in the UK for Lita Rosa in 1953?

10            What were the names of these dogs :- Dorothy’s dog in Wizard of Oz, John & Jenny Grogan’s labrador in a 2008 film weepie, Ken Barlow’s dog in Corrie?

“Around the House” Celebrities

11            Who played Mr Lucas in Are You Being Served?

12            Who starred on TV as the detective Shoestring & as DI Peter Boyd in Waking the Dead?

13            The Misfits in 1961 was the last screen appearance of Marilyn Monroe & which actor?

14            Who is the lead singer of Led Zeppelin?

15            Which actors played the 10th & 11th Doctors in Doctor Who?


16            The Windows on the World restaurant was in which famous building?

17            Who was the male star of the 1954 Hitchcock film Rear Window?

18            Look Through Any Window was a number 4 hit for which British group in 1965?

19            The richest man in the world is a founder of Microsoft & the Windows system – who is he?

20            What were the 3 windows featured in Play School on TV?

General Knowledge

21            What was the name of the boat featured in Charlie & the Chocolate Factory by Roald Dahl?

22            Which British group won the 1976 Eurovision Song Contest?

23            Joseph Mallord William are the first names of which British artist?

24            In which film did John Hurt play Executive Officer Gilbert Kane?

25            What was the currency of Greece before they adopted the Euro?

26            What kind of shop did Warden Hodges have in Dad’s Army?

27            Richard Hannay first appeared as the hero of which John Buchan novel?

28            Which comedian ended his routines with the phrase “May your god go with you”?

29            Eddy Mercx was famous in which sport in the early 70’s?

30            The American Football “Superbowl” took its name from team owner Lamar Hunt whose kids were playing with a “Supaball” all the time in the 60’s – true or false?


1              Karen Matthews

2              Ken Livingstone

3              Ipswich

4              Woolworths

5              Man Utd & Chelsea

6              Beagle

7              Cocker Spaniel

8              Frederick Forsyth

9              How Much Is That Doggie In The Window

10            Toto, Marley, Eccles

11            Trevor Bannister

12            Trevor Eve

13            Clark Gable

14            Robert Plant

15            David Tennant & Matt Smith

16            World Trade Centre

17            James Stewart

18            Hollies

19            Bill Gates

20            Round Square & Arched

21            Wonkatania

22            Brotherhood of Man (Save Your Kisses for Me)

23            J M W Turner

24            Alien

25            Drachma

26            Greengrocer

27            The 39 Steps

28            Dave Allen

29            Cycling

30            TRUE


Q             In which American city was the first paid firefighting service established?

A              Boston

Number Guess

Q             In which year were the first one-way streets established in London?

A              1617

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