Quiz 264


TV Actresses

1              Which Sherlock actress went on a Summer Holiday with Cliff Richard?

2              Who played Auntie Wainwright in Last of the Summer Wine?

3              Which Call The Midwife actress went Walkabout on film in 1971 when she was a teenager?

4              Former Corrie actress Michelle Keegan is currently playing the wife of which famous footballer?

5              Which 2 actresses played Rosemary & Thyme on TV?


6              Which independent airline launched its service from Gatwick to JFK in 1977?

7              Air France Flight 4590 on 25th July 2000 led to the permanent grounding of which aircraft?

8              What is the name of the spacecraft that has become the first man made object to leave the solar system?

9              What is the luxury car brand produced by Toyota?

10            If you went by train from Temple Meads to Lime Street & ended at Waverley, which 3 cities would you have visited?


11            Sterling silver has what percentage of silver in it?

12            In the antiques world what is a davenport?

13            What is the name of the street in London famous for its antiques market?

14            Give a year in the life of Thomas Chippendale?

15            In which country does Murano glass originate?


16            Which Canadian city hosted the 2010 Winter Olympic Games?

17            Canada’s 2 official sports are ice hockey & which other?

18            People from which European country were apparently the first to settle in Newfoundland, Canada?

19            Which Canadian province is named after the 4th daughter of Queen Victoria?

20            What are the 3 most populated cities in Canada?

General Knowledge

21            On which make of car would you find the Spirit of Ecstasy?

22            What position did Joe Biden hold in the USA until Friday?

23            Which aquatic mammal lives in a holt?

24            Which painting was stolen from the Louvre in August 1911?

25            Who played the devil character in the 1997 film The Devil’s Advocate?

26            Who did Paul McCartney marry in2002?

27            Which fruit was the title of a 1973 Woody Allen film?

28            Which author created the character George Smiley?

29            In the 70s, what product gave a meal man appeal?

30            Home Pong was the first available home computer game – true or false?


1              Una Stubbs

2              Jean Alexander

3              Jenny Agutter

4              Bobby Moore

5              Felicity Kendall & Pam Ferris

6              Laker Airways (Skytrain)

7              Concorde

8              Voyager

9              Lexus

10            Bristol, Liverpool & Edinburgh

11            92.50%

12            Writing desk

13            Portobello Road

14            1718 to 1779

15            Italy – an island near Venice

16            Vancouver

17            Lacrosse

18            Norway

19            Alberta

20            Toronto, Montreal, Calgary

21            Rolls-Royce

22            Vice president

23            Otter

24            Mona Lisa

25            Al Pacino

26            Heather Mills

27            Bananas

28            John Le Carre

29            OXO

30            TRUE


Q             Australia’s first railway in 1837 in Tasmania was propelled by what?

A              Convicts (they pushed the wagons along!)

Number Guess (Nearest Wins)

Q             What is the world record for the highest paid overdue library book fine?

A              $345.14

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