Quiz 263


1              Which of Henry VIII’s wives was Queen for the longest time?

2              K2, the 2nd highest mountain in the world, is on the border between which 2 countries?

3              Who is the only actress, known by a one word name, to have won a Best Actress Oscar?

4a           In which year of the 1990’s was the Grand National void due to false starts even though Esha Ness came 1st?

4b           Why was one of the Grand Nationals in the 90s run on a Monday?

5              Which vegetable & which type of meat are used to make a traditional Greek moussaka?

6              Which 2 cities are at either end of the M62?

7              Which Lloyd Webber musical was based on a 1950 Oscar winning film?

8              Which 1975 blockbuster film begins with 4 musical notes, E & F twice, played on a tuba?

9              What do Americans call a flick knife?

10           Which Spanish golfer was the youngest to represent Europe in the Ryder Cup?

11           The Boy in the Dress & Gangsta Granny are books written by which comedian & actor?

12           Popular in pubs which dish is chicken wrapped in bacon, topped with cheese & served with a barbeque sauce?

13           Which atmospheric gas is produced by the action of UV light & lightning on oxygen?

14           Alec Issigonis is credited with the design of which iconic British car in 1959?

15           Who had top 10 hits with these rain songs: – It Might As Well Rain Until September (1962) Here Comes The Rain Again (1984) November Rain (1992) Laughter In The Rain (1974)

16           Which Chinese master criminal was portrayed on screen 5 times by Christopher Lee?

17           What were the full first names of the fictional character Milly Molly Mandy (don’t over think it)?

18           Which 2 symbols are common to the flags of Turkey & Algeria?

19           Which TV comedy character initially worked at Sunshine Desserts?

20           SRN 1 was the first type of which mode of transport?

21           MP Douglas Hogg was shamed for claiming expenses on the costs for cleaning what on his country estate?

22           In which century did tea, coffee & cocoa all first appear in Britain?

23           Which manufacturer supplies the balls for the Wimbledon Tennis Championships?

24           Monika & Gabriela Irimia are better known as who?

25           HTH is short for what in Internet chat?

26           Which England cricketer was nicknamed the Cat?

27           Which product is advertised by a dog apparently singing a version of a Queen song?

28           Which Argentine leader ordered the invasion of the Falkland Islands in 1982?

29a         What was the name of the senior Yellowcoat in Hi-De-Hi?

29b         Although never seen, who was cleaner Peggy’s supervisor?

30           Songs from the musicals: – Razzle Dazzle; Me Ol’ Bamboo; Luck Be A lady; Can You Feel The Love Tonight


1              Catherine of Aragon

2              Pakistan & China

3              Cher

4a           1993

4b           Bomb scare on the Saturday

5              Aubergine & lamb

6              Liverpool & Hull

7              Sunset Boulevard

8              Jaws

9              Switchblade

10           Sergio Garcia (19)

11           David Walliams

12           Hunter’s chicken

13           Ozone

14           Mini

15           Carole King; Eurythmics; Guns ‘N’ Roses; Neil Sedaka

16           Fu Manchu

17           Millicent Margaret Amanda

18           Crescent & star

19           Reggie Perrin

20           Hovercraft

21           His moat

22           17th

23           Slazenger

24           Cheeky Girls

25           Hope This Helps

26           Phil Tufnell

27           Flash

28           Galtieri

29a         Gladys Pugh

29b         Miss Cathcart

30           Chicago; Chitty Chitty Bang Bang; Guys & Dolls; Lion King


Q             The German version of which Carry On film translates as Carry On English?

A             Carry On Girls

Number Guess

Q             In which year did the Orkneys become Scottish?

A             1472

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2 Responses to Quiz 263

  1. Rhys says:

    Great quizzes on a range of topics. I can appreciate the amount of work it involves.

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