Quiz 261


1a            In which Italian city would you find the Doge’s Palace?

1b            In which Italian city would you find the famous bridge the Ponte Vecchio?

2              What was the title of David Bowie’s final album last year?

3              Who was President of Germany when Hitler became Chancellor in 1933?

4              Mazher Mahmood was a journalist (now in prison) for the News of the World & the Sun – how was he better known?

5              Who played the baddie Millicent Clyde in the 2016 film Paddington?

6a            In the song Tie a Yellow Ribbon by Dawn – how many years had the singer been in jail?

6b            How many ribbons does he see round the Old Oak Tree at the end of the song?

7              A picture in 1934 known as the Surgeon’s Photograph was the most famous picture of what?

8              For you DIY experts, what does MDF stand for?

9              What are the 3 orange streets on a standard Monopoly board?

10            Can you give either of the middle names of J R R Tolkien?

11            Which film won 7 Golden Globe awards this week?

12            Which blue/green colour has the same name as a type of duck?

13            What were the first names of the Walkers who ran the Rovers Return in Corrie?

14            Nice One Cyril was a top 20 song associated with which football club?

15            Apart from Great Britain, name 4 European countries that have won the Davis Cup since 2000?

16            Thank Heaven for Little Girls is from which film musical?

17            Which Vatican City church artwork was commissioned in 1508 by Pope Julius 2nd?

18            What were the first 3 planets visited by a spacecraft from Earth?

19            There are several “spa” towns in Britain but in which European country is the original Spa town?

20            What are the first names of Sir John Mills 2 acting daughters?

21            What pastime does a twitcher have?

22            Which American adult cartoon series features the Griffins, Peter & Lois and their 3 kids?

23            Which 2 creatures are the main diet of aardvarks?

24            Pop Master is a quiz broadcast on whose Radio 2 show?

25            What is the gelling agent needed to make fruit jams?

26            Which dance is mentioned in Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody?

27            In the rhyme 1,2,3,4,5 Once I caught a fish alive – which finger did the fish bite?

28            What was the 2nd item Ronnie Barker asked for after fork handles?

29            Enola Gay, the plane that dropped the Hiroshima atomic bomb, was named after the pilot’s mother – true or false?

30            People with UK counties for surnames: –

30a          Presenter of her own BBC morning news programme

30b          Singer who had a No.1 with Gonna Make You a Star

30c          Star of Happy Valley & Last Tango in Halifax

30d          Actor famous for MASH & the Hunger Games films


1a            Venice

1b            Florence

2              Blackstar

3              Paul von Hindenburg

4              Fake Sheikh

5              Nicole Kidman

6a            3 long years

6b            100

7              Loch Ness Monster

8              Medium Density Fibreboard

9              Bow, Marlborough, Vine

10            Ronald Reuel

11            La La land

12            Teal

13            Jack & Annie

14            Tottenham (Cockerel Chorus)

15            Spain France Croatia Serbia Czech Republic Switzerland

16            Gigi

17            Ceiling of the Sistine Chapel

18            Venus Mars Jupiter

19            Belgium

20            Hayley & Juliet

21            Birdwatching

22            Family Guy

23            Ants & termites

24            Ken Bruce

25            Pectin

26            Fandango

27            Right little finger

28            Plugs – rubber ones, bathroom

29            TRUE

30a          Victoria Derbyshire

30b          David Essex

30c          Sarah Lancashire

30d          Donald Sutherland


Q             Robert Fahey from Australia was world champion from 1994 to 2016 in which sport?

A              Real tennis

Number Guess (Nearest wins)             

Q             How many islands does Fiji have?

A              332                                                                                                                                                         


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