Quiz 259

Hello everybody. Here is the final quiz of 2016, Thank you for your continued interest in the quizzes and for your feedback.

A merry Christmas & a happy & prosperous 2017.


Angels & Angelas

1              The evil Weeping Angels appear in which TV series?

2              Golfer Angel Cabrera, who has won the US Open & the Masters, is from which South American country?

3              Who played gangster Rocky Sullivan in the classic 1938 film Angels with Dirty Faces?

4              What was the surname of Charlie who employed Charlie’s Angels on TV?

5              Famous Angelas – Star of Murder She Wrote, Singing & dancing newsreader & presenter, German Chancellor?

Christmas Food & Drink

6              Which panto character shares his name with a brand of children’s confectionery?

7              Which edible product of the Castanea Sativa tree is traditionally eaten at Christmas time?

8              Which animal product is used in traditional mince pie recipes making them unsuitable for vegetarians?

9              Traditionally, how many ingredients should be used to make a Christmas pudding?

10            Which 3 spices are most commonly used when making mulled wine?

Christmas TV & Film

11            What was the Christmas TV special starring Shrek called?

12            Which 2009 British Christmas film starring Martin Freeman featured the kids of St Bernadettes Catholic School?

13            When Andre Previn appeared on the Morecambe & Wise Christmas Show which composer’s piano concerto were they playing?

14            Which star of West Side Story appeared as a 9 year old in the 1947 film Miracle on 34th Street?

15            Can you name 3 roles voiced by Tom Hanks in the Polar Express?

On Christmas Day

16            Which famous drummer received his first drum kit in Christmas Day 1957?

17            Which country’s leader & his wife were executed on Christmas Day 1989?

18            Which actress from Crossroads was given her name because she was born on Christmas Day?

19            Where was King George V when he gave his first Christmas Day message?

20            On which 3 days of the year do Americans consume the most food?

Christmas General Knowledge

21            What throat infection might you get if you eat Christmas decorations?

22            What is the reindeer known as in North America?

23            What was hung on Christmas trees at one time to represent the Garden of Eden?

24            “So I took him by his left leg & threw him down the stairs” are the last lines of which nursery rhyme?

25            On which musical instrument might you play a paradiddle?

26            Who founded the National Viewers and Listeners Association in 1964?

27            Who hosts the daytime quiz show Tipping Point?

28            What should you cut into the base of Brussels Sprouts to keep the devil out?

29            Which food is mentioned in the carol We Wish You a Merry Christmas?

30            The must-have toy a while back was a Furby –  until they learnt English they only spoke Furbish – true or false?


1              Doctor Who

2              Argentina

3              James Cagney

4              Townsend

5              Lansbury, Rippon, Merkel

6              Buttons

7              Chestnuts

8              Suet

9              Thirteen

10            Cloves, cinnamon (or mace) & nutmeg

11            Shrek the Halls

12            Nativity!

13            Grieg

14            Natalie Wood

15            Santa Claus, Conductor, Father, Hobo, Scrooge, Hero boy (as an adult)

16            Ringo Starr

17            Romania

18            Noele Gordon

19            Sandringham

20            Christmas Day, Thanksgiving & Superbowl Sunday

21            Tinselitis

22            Caribou

23            Apples

24            Goosy Goosey Gander

25            Drum

26            Mary Whitehouse

27            Ben Shepherd

28            Cross

29            Figgy Pudding

30            TRUE


Q             On the 8th August 2003, the last This Is Your Life was broadcast – which British singer (with a Christmas connection) was the subject of the show?

A              Aled Jones

Note: There was a This Is Your Life special in 2007 with Trevor MacDonald

Number Guess (nearest wins)

Q             In 2010 in the Netherlands, Lidl manufactured the longest ever stollen – how long in feet was it?

A              237 feet

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