Quiz 257



1              Which disease was known historically as consumption?

2              In which century did the Black Death kill around 200 million people worldwide?

3              In 2013, which disease caused over 10,000 deaths in Guinea, Liberia & Sierra Leone?

4              Who played Sam Daniels in the 1995 film Outbreak about a virus called Motoba?

5              Which 3 diseases does the MMR vaccine protect against?

Little People

6              Traditionally, what profession is a leprechaun?

7              Which 60’s TV series was centred on the crew of the Spindrift which crash landed on an unknown planet?

8              In feet & inches, what was the minimum height for policewomen in the UK up to the 1990’s?

9              Little Children was a UK number one for which group in 1964?

10            Who is smaller – Morecambe or Wise, Ant or Dec, Posh Spice or Scary Spice?


11            Which game of patience is named after the area in Canada where a famous gold rush occurred?

12            How many cards do the contestants have to turn over successfully to win the car in the final in Play Your Cards Right?

13            In the original game of Happy Families, what is the name of the butcher’s family?

14            In which 1965 film does Steve McQueen play Eric “The Kid” Stoner a young poker player?

15            How many cards are initially dealt to each player in these card games – bridge, gin rummy, baccarat?


16            The name of which African animal is the name of the restaurant chain sold by Tesco’s this year to Northern Foods?

17            Which Shakespeare play is the only one with an animal in the title?

18            Which literary teenage character was created by Sue Townsend in 1982?

19            Michael Willson played a Gladiator on TV for many years as which reptile Gladiator?

20            Who had hits with these songs – 20th Century Boy 1973, Eternal Flame 2001, Stickwitu 2005?

General Knowledge

21            “You shop we drop” is marked on the delivery vans of which supermarket?

22            What part did Don Johnson play in Miami Vice?

23            Tony Greig was captain of the England cricket team during the 70’s – in which country was he born?

24            John Dryden was the first person in 1668 to hold which post appointed by the monarch?

25            The Brenner Pass connects Austria to which other country?

26            Name either of the sequels to The Matrix?

27            Which TV quiz show hosted by Ant & Dec shares its name with a Lady Gaga number 1 single?

28            In how many films did Pierce Brosnan play James Bond?

29            What was the first name of the author H G Wells?

30            King John did not sign the Magna Carta in 1215 – true or false?


1              Tuberculosis

2              14th Century

3              Ebola virus

4              Dustin Hoffman

5              Measles, mumps & rubella

6              Cobbler

7              Land of the Giants

8              5 ft. 4 ins.

9              Billy J Kramer 7 the Dakotas

10            Wise, Dec, Scary Spice

11            Klondike

12            Seven

13            Bones

14            The Cincinnati Kid

15            13, 10, 2

16            Giraffe

17            The Taming of the Shrew

18            Adrian Mole

19            Cobra

20            T Rex, Atomic Kitten, Pussycat Dolls

21            Tesco

22            James “Sonny” Crockett

23            South Africa

24            Poet Laureate

25            Italy

26            Reloaded & Revolutions

27            Poker Face

28            Four

29            Herbert (George)

30            True – he added his seal


Q             A loveliness is the name for a group of which creatures?

A              Ladybirds

Number Guess

Q             In which year was the first coffee shop opened in England?

A              1650 (in Oxford)


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