Quiz 254


TV Comedy

1              What was the first name of Delboy’s girlfriend/partner in Only Fools and Horses?

2              Which job did Ben in My Family & Ben in Butterflies have in common?

3              What is the first name of Mrs Brown played by Brendan O’Carroll?

4              Which sitcom was filmed almost entirely in Holmfirth, West Yorkshire?

5              From which BBC sitcoms do these characters appear – Shirley Brahms, Ingrid Fletcher, Audrey fforbes-Hamilton?


6              In which book of the Bible do the Ten Commandments first appear?

7              What is the main religion of Japan?

8              What was the name of Abraham’s son which God said should be sacrificed?

9              Which cult religion believe strongly in extra-terrestrials and has been endorsed by Tom Cruise & John Travolta?

10            Other than Christian, what are the 3 most common religions in the UK?

The 2 World Wars

11            In June 1940 which European country declared war on Britain?

12            In May 1915, which ship was sunk by a U-Boat which was one of the reasons for the USA entering WW1?

13            In which month of 1941 did the Japanese bomb Pearl Harbour?

14            Who was British Prime Minister at the outbreak od World War 1?

15            There were 5 sectors on the Normandy coast on D-Day – can you name 3?

The 1990’s

16            In 1993 Eritrea gained its independence from which African country?

17            Comet Shoemaker-Levy 9 crashed into which planet in July 1994?

18            Who resigned as Russian president on 31st December 1999 allowing Putin to take power?

19            Who did Manchester United defeat to become European Champions in 1999?

20            Name 3 of the top 10 grossing films of the 1990’s (according to Filmsite.com)?

General Knowledge

21            Justin Trudeau is the Prime Minister of which country?

22            Unobtanium was the name of the mineral being searched for in which 2009 film?

23            Which island was the mythical home of the Minotaur?

24            Who did Great Britain defeat in the 2015 Davis Cup Final?

25            Tahini is a savoury paste made from which seeds?

26            How many major stars make up the constellation we call the Plough?

27            Which Bond villain had 3 nipples?

28            In which Scottish city did the Broons & Oor Wullie cartoons originate?

29            Phrenology is a sort of science that assesses personality based on the shape of which part of your body?

30            A Brannock device is the correct name for the contraption to measure the alcohol content of beer-true or false?


1              Raquel (Turner)

2              They were both dentists

3              Agnes

4              Last of the Summer Wine

5              Are You Being Served?, Porridge, To The Manor Born

6              Exodus (20, 1-17)

7              Shinto

8              Isaac

9              Scientology

10            Islam, Hinduism & Sikhism

11            Italy

12            Lusitania

13            December (7th)

14            Herbert Asquith

15            Any 3 of Juno, Gold, Utah, Omaha & Sword

16            Ethiopia

17            Jupiter

18            Boris Yeltsin

19            Bayern Munich

20            Any 3 of Titanic, Stars Wars 1: The Phantom Menace, Jurassic Park,

Forrest Gump, Lion King, Independence Day, The 6th Sense,

Home Alone, Men In Black, Toy Story 2, Twister

21            Canada

22            Avatar

23            Crete

24            Belgium

25            Sesame

26            Seven

27            Scaramanga

28            Dundee

29            Head

30            False – it’s used to measure feet in shoe shops


Q             In 1876, Wyatt Earp was fired from the police force of which town?

A              Wichita

Number Guess

Q             In which year was smallpox declared eradicated?

A              1979

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