Quiz 252


1              Ace of Base & the Cardigans are bands from which country?

2              Carol Vorderman has a degree in which subject – Mathematics, Chemistry or Engineering?

3              Which football club played their home games at Preston, Blackpool & Blackburn in the 2015-16 season?

4              The island of Gruinard in the Hebrides was used for testing which potential biological weapon in 1942?

5              What is the name of the weekly medical journal first published in 1823?

6              What are the 2 colours most often confused in colour blindness?

7              Where is the Ocean of Storms?

8a            Love Never Dies was the sequel to which Lloyd-Webber musical?

8b            Which 1961 Hayley Mills film was adapted into a Lloyd-Webber musical?

8c            Who created the role of Eva Peron in the original production of Evita?

9              Terence Conran established which chain of shops in 1964?

10            The Petronas Towers are twin towers in which Asian capital city?

11            When the astronomical object known as a pulsar was first discovered it was given the nickname LGM – what did it stand for?

12            Anyone Can Fall in Love was a hit song using the theme music from which TV show & which member of the cast sang the song?

13            Alan Shepherd was the first astronaut to attempt which sport on the moon?

14            Tom Courtney played which character in the 2016 film Dad’s Army?

15a          Which team have won the Italian Serie A for the last 5 seasons?

15b          Which team have won the German Bundesliga for the last 4 seasons?

15c          Which team have won the French Ligue 1 for the last 4 seasons?

16            What musical note is equivalent to 2 crotchets or half a semibreve?

17            What are/were the first names of the wives of these US Presidents – George H W Bush, George W Bush, Richard Nixon?

18            Which writer, who died this year, wrote The Liver Birds, Bread & Butterflies amongst others?

19            Which Christmas song was a number one for Boney M in 1978?

20            Who has held the world record for the 400 metres from 1999 until the 2016 Olympics21            The investment account known as a PEP was the predecessor of the ISA – what did PEP stand for?

22a          Ammonia is a compound of which 2 gases?

22b          Acetylene is a compound of which 2 elements?

23            What prize did David Trimble & John Hume win in 1998?

24            The opening titles of One Foot in the Grave feature film footage of which creature?

25            Which stately home and safari park is owned by the Marquis of Bath?

26            Which 3 Welshmen have won the World Snooker Championship at the Crucible?

27            What was the name of the Spice Girls musical written by Jennifer Saunders?

28            Which sports club formed in 1787 voted to allow women members in 1998?

29            What is the more common name for the flowering plant called Impatiens?

30            What were the former names of these countries – Zambia, Democratic Republic of Congo, Cambodia, Taiwan?


1              Sweden

2              Engineering

3              Carlisle Utd (Their ground was flooded)

4              Anthrax

5              The Lancet

6              Red & Green

7              On the Moon

8a            Phantom of the Opera

8b            Whistle Down the Wind

8c            Elaine Paige

9              Habitat

10            Kuala Lumpur

11            Little Green Men

12            Eastenders & Anita Dobson

13            Golf

14            Corporal Jones

15a          Juventus

15b          Bayern Munich

15c          Paris St Germain

16            Minim

17            Barbara, Laura, Pat (Thelma Catherine)

18            Carla Lane

19            Mary’s Boy Child

20            Michael Johnson

21            Personal Equity Plan

22a          Nitrogen & hydrogen (NH3)

22b          Carbon & hydrogen (C2H2)

23            Nobel Peace Prize

24            Giant tortoises

25            Longleat

26            Ray Reardon, Terry Griffiths, Mark Williams

27            Viva Forever!

28            MCC

29            Busy Lizzie

30            Northern Rhodesia, Zaire, Kampuchea, Formosa

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5 Responses to Quiz 252

  1. Rhys says:

    Always look forward to your quizzes which cover many themes. Well done.

  2. Jerry Pearce says:

    Question 20 regarding the Mens 400m – the world record was broken this year at the Rio Olympics by Wayde van Niekerk of South Africa

  3. You are quite correct. My apologies . I will rephrase the question accordingly. Cheers.

  4. Jerry Pearce says:

    No problem…excellent quizzes by the way 🙂

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