Quiz 250


November 5th

1              Arugula is what the Americans call which salad leaf?

2              Which TV comedy is set around scientists based at the California Institute of Technology?

3              Which firework is named after a saint from Alexandria in Egypt?

4              Which country is regarded as where fireworks were invented?

5              What are the 3 ingredients used to make gunpowder?


6              What was the name given to the uprising in China around 1900 against foreigners & Christians?

7              What is the name of the inter-city bus services in the USA founded in 1914 & still running today?

8              The Mars probe launched in 2003 by the European Space Agency failed when it landed on Mars – what was its name?

9              A model of the James Bond Aston Martin DB5 is the biggest selling toy car of all time – which company made it?

10           Which England wicketkeeper played for Gloucestershire to 2004 is now a renowned artist?

The Letter J

11           Who made her name in Big Brother 3 in 2002 & was criticised for racist comments to Shilpa Shetty in a later Big Brother?

12           Who wrote the novel Ulysses?

13           Which world leader & politician was murdered on the 15th March 44 BC?

14           Who starred in the title role in the 2004 film remake of Alfie?

15           Too Many Broken Hearts (1989); Going Underground (1980); You’re Beautiful (2005) – No1 hits for which “J’s”?

Science & Nature

16           What kind of creature is a kissing gourami?

17           Where do arboreal creatures spend most of their time?

18           Who first identified the 7 colours of the rainbow?

19           From which creature do we get lanolin?

20           Which 4 elements make up 90% of the human body?

General Knowledge

21           Which city is the capital of the state of South Australia?

22           What kind of creature was Rowlf the pianist on the Muppets?

23           The play & film A Man for All Seasons is based on whose life?

24           What is the official langage of Nigeria?

25           Who was Steve McQueen’s female co-star in The Getaway?

26           Which vegetable is most commonly used in British piccalilli?

27           What do Americans call an estate car?

28           4.50 From Paddington was an Agatha Christie novel featuring which of her fictional detectives?

29           Which Scottish football club’s name was taken from the Roman name for Ireland?

30           The first cloned cat was called CC which stood for Copy Cat – true or false?


1              Rocket

2              Big Bang Theory

3              Catherine Wheel

4              China

5              Sulphur, Charcoal (carbon) & Saltpetre (Potassium Nitrate)

6              Boxer Rebellion

7              Greyhound

8              Beagle 2

9              Corgi

10           Jack Russell

11           Jade Goody

12           James Joyce

13           Julius Caesar

14           Jude Law

15           Jason Donovan, Jam, James Blunt

16           Fish

17           In trees

18           Isaac Newton

19           Sheep

20           Oxygen Hydrogen Nitrogen Carbon

21           Adelaide

22           Dog

23           Thomas More

24           English

25           Ali MacGraw

26           Cauliflower

27           Station Wagon

28           Miss Marple

29           Hibernian

30           False – it stood for carbon copy


Q             For which activity or pastime is the Huxley Cup awarded annually?

A             Flower arranging (by the Women’s Institute)

Number Guess

Q             What was the diameter of the largest working Catherine Wheel ever made?

A             105 ft. 1½ ins.

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