Quiz 249


1a           Larry Fortensky was the last husband of which famous actress?

1b           How many times was Marilyn Monroe married?

2              Ermine comes from which animal?

3              Which 5-word phrase was used to advertise Homepride flour?

4              Mrs Bluett, the Black Widow & Parslow are 3 characters from which TV series?

5              What are the 2nd & 3rd largest cities by population in Sweden (Stockholm is the largest)?

6              What were the first 3 James Bond books written by Ian Fleming?

7              What is the only item that can be worn in the NATO phonetic alphabet?

8a            How many stomachs does a cow have?

8b           How many wings does a dragonfly have?

8c            How many toes does an ostrich have altogether?

9              On which island did Queen Victoria pass away?

10           Eddie Braben was a comedy writer most associated with which comedy legends?

11           The Mississippi & Missouri rivers both meet at which US city?

12           Which TV presenter was shot outside her home in Fulham in 1999?

13           How many Concorde’s were built – 12, 15 or 20?

14           In which year did Durham become a first-class cricket county?

15a         Leonardo DiCaprio played Jack Dawson in which 1997 film?

15b         Leonardo DiCaprio played Jordan Belfort in which 2013 film?

16           Which gas is produce by lightning during thunderstorms?

17           Which British language has 29 letters but no K, V, Q or Z?

18           How many days of fasting are there at Ramadan?

19           Which 2 symbols appear in the centre of the current flag of Libya?

20           What is the name of the book of cricket statistics published annually in the UK?

21           What was Lita Rosa enquiring about at a pet shop in a number one single in 1953?

22a         Which zoologist wrote The Naked Ape?

22b         Who was known as the Naked Civil Servant?

22c         Who played Lt. Frank Drebin in the Naked Gun films?

23           Ursus arctus is the Latin name for which bear?

24           Why did England get annoyed with Aussie Denis Lillee over the bat he used in a test match in 1979?

25a         “Why, oh why, can’t I” is the last line of which classic musical song?

25b         “And the world will live as one” is the last line of which classic sixties ballad?

25c         “Any way the wind blows” is the last line of which rock classic?

26           Steph Houghton is the current England women’s football captain – which club does she play for?

27           Which company was best known from 1910 to 1970 as producers of newsreels shown in cinemas?

28           What rank is second in command on a Royal Navy ship?

29           Which British motor manufacturer produced the famous camper van known as the Dormobile?

30a         How many Planet of the Apes films were made for cinema release?

30b         Name any one of the sequels to the original?


1a            Elizabeth Taylor

1b           3 times

2              Stoat

3              Graded grains make finer flour

4              Open All Hours

5              Gothenburg & Malmo

6              Casino Royale, Live and Let Die, Moonraker

7              Uniform

8a            Four

8b           Four

8c            Four (2 per foot)

9              Isle of Wight (Osborne House)

10           Morecambe & Wise

11           St Louis

12           Jill Dando

13           20

14           1992

15a         Titanic

15b         Wolf of Wall Street

16           Ozone

17           Welsh

18           Thirty

19           Crescent moon & star

20           Wisden

21           How Much is That Doggie in the Window?

22a         Desmond Morris

22b         Quentin Crisp

22c         Leslie Nielsen

23           Grizzly bear

24           It was made of aluminium

25a         Over The Rainbow

25b         Imagine

25c         Bohemian Rhapsody

26           Manchester City

27           Pathe

28           First Lieutenant

29           Bedford

30a         Five

30b         Beneath, Escape from, Conquest of, Battle for


Q             Bunny Tail, April Cross & Cherry Belle are varieties of which vegetable?

A             Radish

Number Guess (Nearest Wins)

Q             How many episodes of Baywatch were made?

A             242

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