Quiz 248



1              The famous witch trials in the USA took place in Salem – in which US State is Salem?

2              Which book by Gaston Leroux was turned into a musical by Andrew Lloyd Webber?

3              In which Shakespeare play does Banquo’s ghost appear?

4              Which famous horror film actor featured in Michael Jackson’s Thriller video?

5              Who played Laurie & who played Doctor Loomis in the 1978 film Halloween & what was the name of the evil character?

4 Letter Bands

6              Tony Orlando was the lead singer of which trio in the 70’s?

7              Paula Yates had a child called Heavenly Haraani Tiger Lily with the lead singer of which Australian band in 1996?

8              The 1982 top 10 hit Africa was recorded by which band with the same name as a famous film dog?

9              Which legendary group’s first hit in the UK was Ring Ring in 1972?

10           Who had hits with these songs – When Will I Be Famous (1987), All Right Now (1970), China In Your Hand (1987)?


11           At which Olympics did Bob Beamon make his record breaking long jump which stood for 23 years?

12           Which tennis player was stabbed on court by a Steffi Graf fan in 1993?

13           In which year did the Rugby Union 5 Nations become the 6 Nations Championship (+/- 1)?

14           Which iconic British car won the Monte Carlo Rally 3 times in the 1960’s (’64,’67 & ’68)?

15           Name the 5 “United”‘s that have won the FA Cup?


16           Which bird of prey is regarded as the fastest in the air when diving towards prey?

17           Which fashion magazine was also the title of a Madonna number one single in 1990?

18           Who was the pilot of Fireball XL5?

19           What job does Duane Dog Chapman have on a reality TV show?

20           What is the name of the aircraft used by the Red Arrows in their displays?


                General Knowledge

21           In which National park is the ski resort Aviemore located?

22           Only 2 Rodgers & Hammerstein musicals with one word titles were made into films; Oklahoma! Is one; what is the other?

23           Atlantic, Chinook & Sockeye are types of which fish?

24           Francesca Simon is the author who created which badly behaved boy with a perfect brother called Peter?

25           What was Louis Armstrong’s nickname?

26           HR is the post code for which city?

27           Sarah Burton designed which future Royal’s wedding dress?

28           After how many years does lamb become mutton?

29           Spell FLUORESCENT correctly?

30           The world’s most expensive cheese known as pule is made from donkey’s milk – true or false?


1              Massachusetts

2              Phantom of the Opera

3              Macbeth

4              Vincent Price

5              Jamie Lee Curtis, Donald Pleasance, Michael Myers

6              Dawn

7              Inxs

8              Toto

9              ABBA

10           Bros, Free, T’Pau

11           Mexico 1968

12           Monica Seles

13           2000

14           Mini Cooper (Accept Mini)

15           Manchester, Newcastle, Sheffield, Leeds, West Ham

16           Peregrine Falcon

17           Vogue

18           Steve Zodiac

19           Bounty Hunter

20           Hawk

Connection – TV’s Gladiators

21           Cairngorms

22           Carousel

23           Salmon

24           Horrid Henry

25           Satchmo

26           Hereford

27           Kate Middleton (Duchess of Cambridge)

28           Two

29           F L U O R E S C E N T

30           True


Q             From which European country is the world’s most expensive cheese produced?

A             Serbia

Number Guess

Q             What is the population of the Isle of Man (2013)?

A             85,888

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