Quiz 246



1              Which day falls on the Sunday before Easter Sunday?

2              Day by Day is a song from which religion based stage musical?

3              A Day in The Life is a track from which famous Beatles album?

4              Which time of the day is mentioned in the nursery rhyme Wee Willie Winkie?

5              Knight and Day was a 2010 film starring which actor & actress?

Sweet Connection

6              What is the name commonly given to the largest Russian airline?

7              Which US coin has FD Roosevelt on one side & a torch, olive branch & oak leaves on the reverse?

8              Bert Lahr played which character in the Wizard of Oz with Judy Garland?

9              What kind of creature is a Gentoo?

10           In which 1973 film western did Clint Eastwood play “the stranger”?

Famous Cliffs

11           Clifford’s Tower is a well-known landmark in which English city?

12           Cliff Richard was born as Harry Webb in which Commonwealth country?

13           Troll Cliff is the highest cliff in Europe – in which country is it?

14           Cliff Thorburn was the first non-European to win the World Snooker Championship – who was the next?

15           Cliff Clavin was a character in which long running US TV comedy series?

Trains, Planes & Automobiles

16           What is the nickname commonly given to the 200 mph trains in Japan?

17           Which cartoon characters flew as members of the Vulture Squadron trying to stop messages being delivered by pigeon?

18           What was the name of the first ever commercial jet airliner put into production?

19           Who played Poirot in the 1974 film Murder On The Orient Express?

20           Which car manufacturers produce (or produced) these models – Aygo, Adam, Accord?

General Knowledge

21           The retail store John Lewis owns which supermarket chain?

22           Kristin Shepherd famously shot who in 1980 on TV?

23           A Dead Man’s Hand in poker is composed of 2 black Aces & 2 black cards of what other number?

24           What is the inventor Trevor Bayliss most famous for inventing?

25           What mathematical formula gives you the area of a circle?

26           What name is given to the information black cab London Taxi drivers must learn to get their license?

27           London taxi driver Fred Housego became famous when he won which TV quiz show in 1980?

28           In which part of London was The Good Life set?

29           Which meat is pastrami made from?

30           Muscle turns to fat if you stop exercising – true or false?


1              Palm Sunday

2              Godspell

3              Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band

4              10 o’clock

5              Tom Cruise & Cameron Diaz

6              Aeroflot

7              Dime (Daim)

8              Cowardly Lion

9              Penguin

10           High Plains Drifter (not Paint Your Wagon Wheel!)

11           York

12           India

13           Norway

14           Neil Robertson

15           Cheers

16           Bullet Trains

17           Dick Dastardly & Muttley

18           Comet

19           Albert Finney

20           Toyota, Vauxhall, Honda

21           Waitrose

22           J R Ewing

23           Eight

24           Wind-up Radio (Accept clockwork radio)

25           Pi times the radius squared (∏r2)

26           The Knowledge

27           Mastermind

28           Surbiton

29           Beef (brisket)

30           False – they are 2 different types of tissue


Q             Which 70’s film was the first to feature on a MacDonald’s Happy Meal?

A             Star Trek: The Motion Picture (acc. To IMDB)

Number Guess (Nearest wins)

Q             How high in feet is the Shard in London?

A             1016 feet

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