Quiz 243



1              Singer/songwriter Yusuf Islam is better known by which name?

2              Who played the jackal in the 1973 film Day of the Jackal & Edward VIII on TV?

3              To repeatedly or annoyingly ask someone to do something is also the name of which mammal?

4              Who is currently the UK’s Chief Scout?

5              Which brand of cigarette appeared in the USA in 1913 made by R J Reynolds?


6              What was left in Pandora’s Box after Pandora opened it and all the evil was released?

7              In which country did the Boxer dog originate?

8              Who sang the song Jack in The Box at the 1971 UK Eurovision Song Contest, finishing 4th?

9              In the 1990 film Crazy People starring Dudley Moore as an advertising executive, what make of car did he describe as “They’re boxy – but they’re good”?

10            In the original Deal or No Deal, how many boxes are there at the start & what are the highest & lowest sums of money inside?


11            Which star of Lawrence of Arabia & Funny Girl was a world class Contract Bridge player?

12            The original London Bridge was dismantled in 1967 & rebuilt in Lake Havasu City in which US State?

13            The University Boat Race starts from which bridge over the Thames?

14            Jeff Bridges starred in a 2010 remake of which famous John Wayne film?

15            Which 3 cities (2 British, 1 Italian) have a Bridge of Sighs?


16            Which long running TV soap was set in the fictitious town of King’s Oak?

17            Which car manufacturer produced the Princess model in the 60’s & 70’s?

18            The bandleader Duke Ellington played which musical instrument?

19            What was the tennis player Billie Jean King’s maiden name?

20            Who had hits with these “royal” songs – Prince Charming (1981), Duke of Earl (1979), Caribbean Queen (1984)?

General Knowledge

21            Which character made his screen debut in Steamboat Willie?

22            What is the official national language of Pakistan?

23            How many sides does a dodecahedron have?

24            In which city is the parliament of South Africa?

25            Whose dog was responsible for injuries to one of the Queen’s corgis in 2003?

26            What does ESSO stand for?

27            What was the former name of the Indian city Chennai?

28            Dendrology is the study of what?

29            What does the D stand for in AIDS?

30            While on location filming the bike scenes for The Great Escape, Steve McQueen was arrested for speeding by the local German police – true or false?


1              Cat Stevens

2              Edward Fox

3              Badger

4              Bear Grylls

5              Camel

6              Hope

7              Germany

8              Clodagh Rodgers

9              Volvo

10            22, £250,000, 1p

11            Omar Sharif

12            Arizona

13            Putney

14            True Grit

15            Oxford, Cambridge, Venice

16            Crossroads

17            Austin

18            Piano

19            Moffat

20            Adam & the Ants, Darts, Billy Ocean

21            Mickey Mouse

22            Urdu

23            12

24            Cape Town

25            Princess Anne’s

26            Standard Oil

27            Madras

28            Trees

29            Deficiency

30            TRUE


Q             Which Bond film said by the Internet Movie Database as the least successful?

A              Licence to Kill

Number Guess (Nearest Wins)

Q             In which year was the first description of a landmine?

A              1277 (in China)

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Great quizzes. Question 20 ?

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