Quiz 242


1              According to a famous book, James Trotter is associated with which large fruit?

2              Who were the last 2 British female monarch’s names not to have a number after them?

3              Chicago lies on the shore of which of the Great Lakes?

4              The TV show Any Dream Will Do was formatted to find the lead for a new production of which musical?

5              What two things can kill a vampire?

6              After a fly, what were the next 3 things swallowed by the old woman in the nursery rhyme?

7              Syco is the record label founded by which talent show judge & music tycoon?

8              Name either country on the Caribbean island of Hispaniola?

9              Before adopting the Euro which country’s currency was the escudo?

10           What plant was the name of the computer on Red Dwarf?

11           617 Squadron was most famous for which raid during WW2 & who was the Commanding Officer?

12           In which musical film did a famous fight take place using Splurge Guns?

13           Michael Fagan was found in which famous person’s bedroom in 1982?

14           Who did Great Britain lose to in the Davis Cup last week?

15a         What is Garfield’s favourite food?

15b         What is Paddington Bear’s favourite food?

15c         What is Desperate Dan’s favourite food?

16           Who is the current British female number one tennis player?

17a         What did the F stand for in John F Kennedy?

17b         What did the M stand for in Richard M Nixon?

18           Which hit has been in the Top 100 singles over Christmas 20 times since 1973?

19           In geometry at school, what piece of equipment did you use to measure angles?

20           What is Blue John – the nickname of King John, a mineral found in Derbyshire or the winner of the Derby in 1924?

21           Which Beatles album is also a weapon in Cluedo?

22           On which day of the week does Prime Minister’s questions take place in the House of Commons?

23           What kind of creature is a painted lady?

24           Nutmeg is the brand of clothing in which supermarket?

25           Which of the planets is not included in Holtz Planets Suite?

26           Teams from which English city have won the Premiership or Football League Div. 1 most times?

27           What is the main flavour of the Italian dessert tiramisu?

28           Which gas causes the smell of bad eggs?

29           Michael Schumacher was F1 World Champion from 2000-2004 driving what make of car?

30           The 31st US President Herbert Hoover was the grandson of William Hoover famous for vacuum cleaners – true or false?


1              Peach

2              Victoria & Anne

3              Michigan

4              Joseph & the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat

5              Sunlight & wooden stake through the heart

6              Spider, bird, cat

7              Simon Cowell

8              Haiti & Dominican Republic

9              Portugal

10           Holly

11           Dambusters & Guy Gibson

12           Bugsy Malone

13           H M Queen

14           Argentina

15a         Lasagne

15b         Marmalade sandwiches

15c         Cow Pie

16           Johanna Konta

17a         Fitzgerald

17b         Millhous

18           Merry Christmas Everybody – Slade

19           Protractor

20           Mineral found in Derbyshire

21           Revolver

22           Wednesday

23           Butterfly

24           Morrisons

25           Earth

26           Liverpool (Liverpool 18 Everton 9)

27           Coffee

28           Hydrogen sulphide

29           Ferrari

30           FALSE


Q             Po & Jo (pronounced yo) means yes and no in which language?

A             Albanian

Number Guess (Nearest wins)  

Q             In which year did the Starship Enterprise first enter service with the Federation?

A             2245     

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