Film Quiz 1

The first of an occasional “themed” quiz for you.

The Film Quiz 1

1              “Nobody Does It Better” is the theme from which of the Bond films?

2              In what type of book shop did Hugh Grant’s character work in Notting Hill?

3              What was the name of the forest planet in the film Avatar?

4              Who played Dr Who in the 1965 film Doctor Who & the Daleks?

5              Apart from Earth, which other planet features in the Schwarzenegger film Total Recall?

6              Who was Whoopie Goldberg hiding from in Sister Act?

7              Which film was the first to feature the Sensurround special effect in cinemas?

8              Which of the Marx Brothers played the piano?

9              In which 1992 film did Sharon Stone show Michael Douglas that she wasn’t wearing underwear?

10            Which comedian played Billy Bones in A Muppet Treasure Island in 1996?

11            Which Marilyn Monroe film shares its name with a 1966 hit by the Hollies?

12            Tom Dick & Harry were the 3 tunnels in The Great Escape but which one did they escape from?

13            Which country’s bobsleigh team features in the film Cool Runnings?

14            What was the first name of Macauley Culkin’s character in Home Alone?

15            The animated film Tangled features which fairy tale character?


1              The Spy Who Loved Me

2              Travel

3              Pandora

4              Peter Cushing

5              Mars

6              The Mafia

7              Earthquake

8              Chico

9              Basic Instinct

10            Billy Connolly

11            Bus Stop

12            Harry

13            Jamaica

14            Kevin

15            Rapunzel

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