Quiz 240


1              Which Bond villain’s first name was Auric?

2              Detective Inspectors Richard Poole & then Humphrey Goodman starred in which BBC detective series?

3              Who were the last 2 countries to be accepted by the International Cricket Council as having “Test status”?

4              The Colorado Beetle is a particular pest associated with which vegetable crop?

5a            Which European flag is vertical bands of black, yellow, red?

5b            Which European flag is vertical bands of blue, yellow, red?

5c            Which European flag is horizontal bands of white, green, red?

6              Brains was the name of the scientist in which children’s TV series?

7              Who is the current “Minister for Brexit”?

8              Songs with US States in the title :- Bee Gees 1967; Pussycat 1976; Roxy Music 1972; Eagles 1977?

9              What type of Italian vinegar is made from grape juice?

10            The koto is a stringed musical instrument from which Asian country?

11            Which major British airport was originally called Woolsington Airport?

12            Which 1974 horror film featured a 10 second excerpt from Mike Oldfield’s Tubular Bells?

13            Which Royal couple were divorced in 1996?

14            Who was the music producer who created the “Wall of Sound”?

15            What were the first names of the 4 main characters in Men Behaving Badly?

16            In which London buildings are Poet’s Corner & the Whispering Gallery?

17            Ali Carter has lost 2 World Snooker finals to which player both times?

18            In the song Waltzing Matilda what was he camped by, what tree was he sat by & he watched & waited till what?

19            Which countries own these islands – Faroes, Easter Island, Cook Islands?

20            What is two thirds of one half of three quarters?

21            The Paul Newman film The Left-handed Gun was the story of which outlaw?

22            Who said “England is a nation of shopkeepers”?

23            What family of plants do cabbages & cauliflowers belong?

24            What is the name of the main earthquake fault line running down the west coast of the USA?

25            In which sport would you have to clear an oxer, a triple bar and a wall?

26            When ABBA won Eurovision in 1974, the British entry, Long Live Love was 4th, sung by which female singer?

27            Areas of low pressure in the northern hemisphere rotate in which direction?

28            Which college did The Young Ones attend?

29            What are the 4 time zones on mainland USA?

30            Are these drugs classed as uppers or downers – cocaine, nicotine, Valium, codeine?


1              Goldfinger

2              Death In Paradise

3              Bangladesh & Zimbabwe

4              Potatoes

5a            Belgium

5b            Romania

5c            Bulgaria

6              Thunderbirds

7              David Davis

8              Massachusetts; Mississippi; Virginia Plain; Hotel California

9              Balsamic

10            Japan

11            Newcastle

12            The Exorcist

13            Duke & Duchess of York (Andrew & Fergie)

14            Phil Spector

15            Gary Tony Dorothy Deborah

16            Westminster Abbey & St Paul’s Cathedral

17            Ronnie O’Sullivan

18            Billabong, coolibah, his billy boiled

19            Denmark, Chile, New Zealand

20            A quarter

21            Billy the Kid

22            Napoleon Bonaparte

23            Brassicas

24            San Andreas Fault

25            Show jumping

26            Olivia Newton John

27            Anti-clockwise

28            Scumbag College

29            Eastern Central Mountain Pacific

30            Upper, upper, downer, downer


Q             Ken Lester at 13 years 144 days is Britain’s youngest Olympian. At which sport did he compete?

A              Rowing (Rome 1960)

Number Guess (Nearest wins)

Q             According to the UK Cinema Association, how many cinema screens are there in the UK?

A              4015

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