Quiz 239


Left & Right Entertainment

1              Which article of clothing is the first one mentioned in the lyrics of I’m Too Sexy by Right Said Fred?

2              Over which eye does Pudsey have his polka dot bandage?

3              Which classic sci-fi film ends with line “I’ll be right here”?

4              Who won his first Oscar for his part in the film My Left Foot?

5              According to a famous song which train left from Track 29?

Military Stuff

6              During the Falklands War, what was the name of the French made missiles used by the Argentinians?

7              In World War 2, in which country was the Battle of El Alemaine?

8              At the end of World War 1, on which mode of transport was the armistice signed?

9              Who was President of the USA at the start of the American Civil War?

10            Which 2 countries fought the Battle of Marathon (the one which the race was named after)?


11            Which Italian actress sang the song Goodness Gracious Me with Peter Sellers as an Indian doctor?

12            There are 2 top level football teams based in Rome, Roma is one, what is the other?

13            What name is given to blended & sieved tomatoes used in Italian cooking?

14            What is the name of the largest volcano on the island of Sicily?

15            After Rome, what are the next 3 most populated cities in Italy?


16            Which particle in an atom has no electric charge?

17            What was the name of the American space programme prior to Apollo that carried 2 men into orbit in the 60’s?

18            Which metal is the main constituent of pewter?

19            How heavy is a litre of water?

20            The symbols of which 3 chemical elements can be used to make the word BASIC?

General Knowledge

21            Who followed John Major as leader of the Conservative party?

22            What do Americans call men’s braces?

23            What was the capital of Japan before Tokyo?

24            What is J K Rowling’s first name?

25            On what part of your body would you wear a glengarry?

26            What was the name of the white cat that fed itself from the tin of Kattomeat?

27            Which American soap was set in California about fueding families in the wine industry?

28            On what side of the road do they drive in Japan?

29            Which English city was dubbed the “city of a thousand trades” in the 19th century?

30            To improve your chances of breaking the world power lifting record you should do it as close to the equator as possible – true or false?


1              Shirt

2              Right

3              ET

4              Daniel Day-Lewis

5              Chattanooga Choo Choo

6              Exocet

7              Egypt

8              Railway carriage at Compiegne

9              Lincoln

10            Greece & Persia

11            Sophia Loren

12            Lazio

13            Passata

14            Etna

15            Milan, Naples, Turin

16            Neutron

17            Gemini

18            Tin (about 91%)

19            One kilogram

20            Barium, Silicon, Carbon

21            William Hague

22            Suspenders

23            Kyoto

24            Joanne

25            Head

26            Arthur

27            Falcon Crest

28            Left

29            Birmingham

30            TRUE


Q             Sidney Poitier was the 1st black African-American to win the Oscar for Best Actor – who was the 2nd?

A              Denzel Washington (Training Day 2001)

Number Guess (Nearest Wins)

Q             In which year was the first part of Alnwick Castle built?                       A              1096


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    Thank you very much. Feel free to use the quizzes as you wish.

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