Quiz 238


1              Which former Yugoslavian or Serbian leader died in 2006 in The Hague following his trial for war crimes?

2              Which 1990’s TV comedy series starred Stephanie Cole & was set in the Bayview Retirement Home?

3              What is the name of the new railway network in London due to open in 2017?

4              In which Hitchcock film is James Stewart confined to a wheelchair watching his neighbours from his apartment?

5a            Between 1714 & 1830 all the monarchs of the UK were called what?

5b            Between 1271 & 1377 all the monarchs of England were called what?

5c            Between 1399 & 1461 all the monarchs of England were called what?

6              Pirates allegedly said the word “avast” a lot as in “Avast me hearties” – what does avast mean?

7              What 3 letter word can come before house, rod & head?

8a            In a standard London Monopoly board what is the difference in pounds between the cheapest & the most expensive property?

8b            In UK Monopoly how much in £ do you get for finishing second in a beauty contest?

9              Which Apollo mission was the first to carry 3 astronauts around the dark side of the moon?

10            Which characters were John Steed’s assistants in The New Avengers?

11            How many Summer & Winter Olympics were cancelled in the 20th Century due to war?

12            What is the 3rd largest of the Channel Islands & the most northerly?

13            Which former German car maker produced the Manta & Kadette models?

14a          Which London street was famous for fashion in the 1960s?

14b          Which street in London is famous for medical professionals?

15            Which men’s athletic events are these the world records – 74.08 metres; 18.29 metres; 46.78 seconds?

16            What is the egg based Italian dish similar to an omelette called?

17            Which England football manager was dubbed the “wally with the brolly” in 2007?

18a          Calcium Sulphate mixed with water is better known as what DIY material?

18b          Magnesium Sulphate is taken orally as a mild laxative and is better known as what?

18c          Zinc Oxide or Zinc Carbonate, as an emulsion, is used to treat mild burns & itching and is better known as what?

19            What surname is shared by Sherlock Holmes’ housekeeper & the butler in Upstairs Downstairs?

20            Which London airport in in the Borough of Newham?

21            Kevin Bishop & Simon Day starred as which 2 legendary TV characters in the BBC revamp of old sitcoms?

22            How many stars are there in the top 2 rows of stars on the flag of the USA?

23            Meaning Duke in English, which title did Mussolini adopt when he became Italian leader?

24            Which Space Shuttle broke up just after take-off in 1986 & which one broke up on re-entry in 2003?

25            The 1980 Christmas number one single There’s No-one Quite Like Grandma was written as a tribute to which famous Grandma?

26            Who are these “Adams” – Author of Watership Down; Author of The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy; British Female boxing champion?

27            Which of the Mr Men has 2 bandages wrapped around his body?

28            What would be usually drunk from a demitasse?

29            Who were the 2 original presenters on the first BBC Breakfast Time in 1983?

30            Who is still alive or still dead – Mary Tyler Moore; Fats Domino; George Cole; Michael Winner?


1              Milosovic

2              Waiting For God

3              Crossrail

4              Rear Window

5a            George

5b            Edward

5c            Henry

6              Stop or cease

7              Hot

8a            £340 (£400 – £60)

8b            £10

9              Apollo 8

10            Purdey & Mike Gambit

11            Five

12            Alderney

13            Opel

14a          Carnaby Street

14b          Harley Street

15            Discus; Triple Jump; 400 m hurdles

16            Frittata

17            Steve McClaren

18a          Plaster of Paris

18b          Epsom Salts

18c          Calamine Lotion

19            Hudson

20            London City

21            Fletcher (Porridge) Alf Garnet (Till Death Us Do Part)

22            Eleven (6 + 5)

23            Il Duce

24            Challenger & Columbia

25            Queen Mother (She was 80 in 1980)

26            Richard; Douglas; Nicola

27            Mr Bump

28            Coffee

29            Frank Bough & Selina Scott

30            Alive 80; Alive 88; Dead; Dead


Q             Which US cowboy TV series was the first series to be broadcast in 90 minute episodes?

A              The Virginian

Number Guess (nearest Wins)

Q             How much does it cost for a 1 night stay in the Penthouse Suite at the 4 Seasons Hotel, New York?

A              £35,956

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