Quiz 236

Quiz 236 

1              The Longstone Lighthouse on the Farne islands was the home of which heroine?

2              Relight My Fire was a number one for Take That & which female singer?

3              Lightning McQueen featured in which Pixar film in 2006?

4              Felix Leiter is a fictional CIA character created by which British author?

5              The Charge of the Light Brigade was a battle in which war & who wrote the famous poem?

Herbs & Spices

6              Which author & TV cook’s first name is also the correct name for black onion seed?

7              Montego Bay is a fashionable resort on which West Indies island?

8              Which Yorkshire town is famous for its liquorice?

9              Which TV & radio presenter founded the production company Ginger Productions in 1994?

10            Can you name 4 spices beginning with C most commonly found in curry powder?


11            Munich is the capital of which part of Germany?

12            Which creature features on the Canadian nickel coin?

13            Which famous structure connects San Francisco with Marin County?

14            Which former country combined with Tanganyika to form Tanzania?

15            The Equator passes through 3 South American countries – which ones?


16            What is the name given to each period of play in a game of polo?

17            Who wrote the music for The Lion King?

18            The mutiny on the Bounty is well known but what rank was the leader Fletcher Christian?

19            What is the name of the nearest galaxy to the Milky Way?

20            Who holds the women’s world record for the marathon?

General Knowledge

21            The lack of which vitamin causes rickets?

22            Which country did Britain invade in 1956?

23            Clark Kent works for which newspaper?

24            What is the name of Peppa Pig’s little brother?

25            What does the C in CNN stand for?

26            Who stopped being an Animal in 1965?

27            Which sporting event is the oldest – the Open Golf Championship or the Derby?

28            Which boy band’s first number one in 1999 was Swear It Again?

29            No veneer in ‘ere is the TV slogan for which company?

30            In Bonanza the character Hoss’s first name is really Brian – true or false?


1              Grace Darling

2              Lulu

3              Cars

4              Ian Fleming

5              Crimean & Alfred Lord Tennyson

6              Nigella Lawson

7              Jamaica

8              Pontefract

9              Chris Evans

10            Any 4 from Coriander Cumin Cinnamon Cloves Cardamom Caraway

11            Bavaria

12            Beaver

13            Golden Gate Bridge

14            Zanzibar

15            Brazil Colombia Ecuador

16            Chukker

17            Elton John

18            (Acting) Lieutenant

19            Andromeda

20            Paula Radcliffe

21            D

22            Egypt

23            Daily Planet

24            George

25            Cable (News Network)

26            Alan Price

27            Derby 1780 Open 1860

28            Westlife

29            Oak Furniture Land

30            False – it’s Eric


Q             What nationality was the first black African athlete to win an Olympic Gold medal?

A              Ethiopian (Abebe Bikela 1960)

Number Guess (Nearest wins)

Q             How many Rolls-Royce cars were sold in 2015?

A              3785

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