Quiz 233


1              In which film did Tom Hanks play Josh Baskin?

2              What does the M stand for in MRI scan?

3              Which of his ears did Van Gogh cut off?

4              Who were the 2 British hosts of It’s A Knockout?

5a            In which year did Hawaii become the 50th American State (+/- 1)?

5b            Who owned Alaska the year before it became a US State?

6              Which 3 letter word meaning peace was the name for the first Russian space station?

7              Which cocktail do you get if you add Galliano to a Screwdriver?

8              What symbols are used on motorway service signs for the following :- Accommodation; Refreshment; Restaurant?

9              Who played Reggie Perrin on TV in the 70s & who played him in 2009?

10            What are Noughts & Crosses and Draughts called in the USA?

11            Which European country is sub-divided into cantons?

12            Which 4 chemical element symbols make up the name PAULINE?

13            In which Disney film did 4 vultures that looked & sounded like the Beatles appear?

14            Unlike the model of car which musical term means fast?

15            Which celebrity couple were known as Bennifer while they were together?

16            Which TV show managed a top ten hit in 1986 with The Chicken Song?

17            Sotonians is the name given to people who come from which English city?

18            Which British F1 racing driver & former world champion was killed at Hockenheim in 1968?

19            Which private detective did Richard Rowntree play in 3 films in the 70’s?

20            The song Simply The Best was played when which eccentric boxer entered the ring?

21            Name 4 species of owl native to the UK?

22            What was the name of Britain’s nuclear deterrent prior to Trident?

23            Which tennis player was actress Brooke Shields first husband?

24            Who are the 2 regular team captains on 8 Out of 10 Cats Does Countdown?

25            What nationalities were the neurologists Sigmund Freud & Carl Jung?

26            Which word can come before bath, shed & stream to make 3 other words?

27            Which Mediterranean island is divided into 2 parts by a boundary known as The Green Line?

28            Where did HM The Queen receive her education?

29            What does PVC stand for?

30a          Who recorded Relight My Fire with Take That in 1993?

30b          Who recorded What Have I Done To Deserve This with Pet Shop Boys in 1987?

30c          Who recorded Kiss with Art of Noise in 1988?


1              Big

2              Magnetic

3              Right

4              Stuart Hall & Eddie Waring

5a            1959

5b            USA (It only became a State in 1959)

6              Mir

7              Harvey Wallbanger

8              Bed; Cup; Crossed spoon & fork

9              Leonard Rossiter & Martin Clunes

10            Ticktacktoe & Checkers

11            Switzerland

12            Phosphorus, Gold, Lithium, Neon

or Protactinium, Uranium, Lithium, Neon

13            Jungle Book

14            Allegro

15            Ben Affleck & Jennifer Lopez

16            Spitting Image

17            Southampton

18            Jim Clark

19            John Shaft

20            Chris Eubank

21            Barn, Little, Long-eared, Short-eared, Tawny

22            Polaris

23            Andre Agassi

24            Sean Lock & John Richardson

25            Austrian & Swiss

26            Blood

27            Cyprus

28            At home

29            Polyvinyl Chloride

30a          Lulu

30b          Dusty Springfield

30c          Tom Jones


Q             Name any artist/band who had 2 tracks on the first Now That’s What I Call Music album in 1983.

A              Culture Club or Kajagoogoo or UB40

Number Guess (Nearest wins)

Q             How many people have officially attempted to climb Mt Everest?

A              6958

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6 Responses to Quiz 233

  1. Rob Bull says:

    Jim, great quiz, as ever, but Q13: Isn’t that Dumbo as opposed to Jungle Book??

  2. It was Jungle Book !1967) – the Beatles were going to do the voices but Lennon refused. The vultures sang “That’s What Friends Are For” but it didn’t sound like a Beatles song – more like a barbershop quartet. Check the trivia for Jungle Book on IMDB. But you made me doubt myself so I checked.
    Glad you enjoyed the quiz.

  3. I see another quiz question here!

  4. ian newman says:

    hi jim, quiz 233 q16, i think should read 1986, cheers ian

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