Quiz 231

Quiz 231

In The Kitchen

1              Which actress is married to Timothy West & presented Great Canal Journeys on TV?

2              What was the nickname of the American Footballer William Perry who played for the Chicago Bears?

3              The 3 types of sword used in fencing are sabre, epee & what else?

4              What was the title of the BBC TV series presented by David Attenborough about Antarctica?

5              The Government often forms a meeting of COBRA in times of crisis – what does the C stand for?

Black and White

6              At the start of a game of draughts how many black squares are empty?

7              Which metal was used in early photography as flash powder because it burns with a bright white light?

8              What name is given to a horse with patches of black & white?

9              Who was Bing Crosby’s male co-star in the film White Christmas?

10            Which “black” bands had hits with these songs :-  Paranoid (1970) Ride On Time (1989) Agadoo (1984)


11            In which athletics track event do you get wet even when it’s not raining?

12            What is the name for the technique of painting on to wet plaster walls?

13            Who is the lead singer with the band Wet Wet Wet?

14            Which biscuits were advertised with the phrase “A drink’s too wet without one”?

15            Colin Firth emerged from a lake in a wet shirt playing which Jane Austen character on TV?

This Week’s News

16            Who, with Royal connections, announced her engagement to James Matthews this week?

17            The warship Mary Rose went on display this week – which Tudor monarch launched it over 400 years ago?

18            The Republican Party Convention took place in which city in Ohio this week?

19            Which UK business man who sold BHS for £1 is threatened with having his knighthood taken away?

20            Which mobile phone game was launched this month in the UK?

General Knowledge

21            How many steps are there on the money board in The Chase?

22            Which brand uses a logo known as a swoosh?

23            In the Scottish expression “Lang may your lum reek”, what is a lum?

24            What was the firsts name of Rigsby in Rising Damp?

25            Which Premier League team is the furthest west?

26            What is the name of the national airline of Spain?

27            In the Beatles song Get Back, where in the USA was Jojo from?

28            What is the second largest island in the Mediterranean?

29            What was the artist LS Lowry’s first name?

30            The Jetsons lived in Astro City – true or false?


1              Prunella Scales

2              The Refridgerator

3              Foil

4              Life In The Freezer

5              Cabinet

6              Eight

7              Magnesium

8              Piebald

9              Danny Kaye

10            Black Sabbath, Black Box, Black Lace

11            Steeplechase

12            Fresco

13            Marty Pellow

14            Rich Tea

15            Mr Darcy

16            Pippa Middleton

17            Henry VIII

18            Cleveland

19            Sir Philip Green

20            Pokemon Go

21            Seven

22            Nike

23            Chimney

24            Rupert

25            Swansea City

26            Iberia

27            Tucson Arizona

28            Sardinia

29            Laurence

30            False Orbit City – Astro was their dog


Q             Which river was first explored by Mungo Park, a Scottish surgeon?    A              Niger

Number Guess

Q             How much did a Porsche 911 cost to buy in 1966?                                       A              £3438

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