Quiz 226

Quiz 226


1              Which comedy actor starred as a Welsh photographer in the TV comedy The Magnificent Evans?

2              Under Milk Wood is perhaps the best known work by which Welsh born writer & poet?

3              Which sports presenter represented Wales in Rhythmic Gymnastics at the 1990 Commonwealth Games?

4              An area of Cardiff, Tiger Bay, was the title of a 1959 film starring which father & daughter?

5              After Cardiff what are the next 3 largest towns/cities in Wales?


6              What was the annoying number 2 hit for the Tweets in 1981?

7              Who were the first group from Australia to reach number 1 in the UK charts?

8              On which musical instrument would you play a pibroch?

9              Children from Islington Green Comprehensive School provided vocal backing in which Pink Floyd hit?

10            Who had hits with Walk Away Renee (1967), Walking on the Moon (1979), Walk of Life (1986)?

Names In Common

11            The planet in Avatar & Adrian Mole’s girlfriend?

12            Henry VIII’s 3rd wife & Solitaire in Live and Let Die?

13            A Dad’s Army character & a former Transport & General Workers Union General Secretary?

14            A card game played with 32 cards & surname of a Brazilian F1 driver who was world champion 3 times in the 80s?

15            Who are these Martin’s – American actor & singer born 1917, antiques TV show presenter, female British singer on TW3?

Kid’s Jokes

16            Who is the best athlete to have with you on a cold day?

17            When is the pregnant bed bug having her baby?

18            Where can you learn to make ice cream desserts?

19            What do you call a fly with no wings?

20            Why are pirates called pirates?

General Knowledge

21            In which English city is the Coppergate Shopping Centre?

22            Rita Coolidge sang the theme to which Bond film?

23            Who is the Norse god equivalent to the Greek god Zeus?

24            Which Scottish footballer was the first £100,000 transfer when he left Manchester City in 1961?

25            Which river did Pussycat take to number one in 1975?

26            Which kind of smoked fish is traditionally used in a kedgeree?

27            What kind of dog did Columbo have?

28            Which insurance company can be contacted on 0800 00 1066?

29            Which of the 3 tunnels did the prisoners use to escape in The Great Escape?

30            The Home Office Large Major Enquiry System or HOLMES for short is a computer system used by the Police?


1              Ronnie Barker

2              Dylan Thomas

3              Gabby Logan

4              John Mills & Hayley Mills

5              Swansea Newport Wrexham

6              The Birdie Song

7              Seekers

8              Bagpipes

9              Another Brick in the Wall

10            Four Tops, Police, Dire Straits

11            Pandora

12            Jane Seymour

13            Jack Jones

14            Piquet

15            Dean, Paul, Millicent

16            Long jumper

17            In the spring

18            Sundae School

19            A walk

20            Because they Arrrrr

21            York

22            Octopussy

23            Odin

24            Denis law

25            Mississippi

26            Haddock

27            Bassett Hound

28            Hastings Direct

29            Harry

30            TRUE


Q             In Nigeria in 2013, 9 missing episodes of which TV series were discovered?

A              Doctor Who

Number Guess (Nearest Wins)

Q             At a pub in the West Midlands between the 9th & 15th June 1994, the world record number of quiz questions were answered correctly – how many?

A              42,599

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