Quiz 224

Quiz 224


1              Which type of bird did Noah release from the Ark first?

2              The Glorious Twelfth refers to the start of the shooting season for which bird?

3              What was the name of the parrot that Long John Silver had perched on his shoulder?

4              Which bird is particularly associated with Guinness?

5              Who are the 3 female stars of Birds of a Feather?


6              Which cartoon dog had associates called Muskie (a muskrat) & Vince (a gopher)?

7              The Isle of Dogs is surrounded on three sides by which river?

8              Rapper Snoop Dogg played Huggy Bear in a film version of which 70s TV series?

9              A statue of a Skye Terrier standing on Candlemaker Row in Edinburgh is better known as what?

10            What kind of dogs on film were Beethoven (1992), Marley in Marley & Me (2008), Lady in Lady & the Tramp (1955)?


11            A catamaran is a yacht with 2 hulls – what is the name for one with three hulls?

12            Presenter Cat Deeley married which Northern Irish comedian in 2012?

13            Which band featuring Jools Holland had a number 2 hit in 1979 with Cool for Cats?

14            Which England cricketer was sarcastically nicknamed “The Cat”?

15            Who played Catwoman in the 2004 film Catwoman & who played her in Batman Returns in 1992?


16            The Horsehead Nebula is a cloud formation just below the 3 central stars of which well-known constellation?

17            The Duke of Wellington’s horse was named after which European capital city?

18            Fred Quilley was in charge of the horses in which BBC TV comedy series?

19            In 2013 which Findus product was found in the UK to contain a high proportion of horse meat?

20            Who owned the following film & TV horses: –  Champion, Trigger, Scout?

General Knowledge

21            The Reverend Chad Varah founded which voluntary organisation?

22            Who is HM The Queen’s oldest grandchild?

23            What was responsible for more than 50 million deaths from 1918 to 1920?

24            Which footballer made 672 League appearances for Manchester United?

25            What symbol is on the reverse side of the Euro coins in Ireland?

26            What is the name of the production company who created Wallace & Grommit?

27            Which TV reporter made her name during the Iran Embassy siege in 1980?

28            In which city did Detectives Mike Stone & Steve Keller operate on TV in the 70s?

29            What is the surname of the singer Adele?

30            Some of the ashes of Leonard Nimoy (Spock in Star Trek) were blasted into space last year – true or false?


1              Raven

2              Red Grouse

3              Captain Flint

4              Toucan

5              Pauline Quirke, Linda Robson, Lesley Joseph

6              Deputy Dawg

7              Thames

8              Starsky & Hutch

9              Greyfriar’s Bobby

10            St Bernard, Labrador Retriever, Cocker Spaniel

11            Trimaran

12            Patrick Keilty

13            Squeeze

14            Phil Tufnell (always found asleep in the dressing room)

15            Halle Berry & Michelle Pfeiffer

16            Orion

17            Copenhagen

18            Hi-De-Hi!

19            Lasagne

20            Gene Autry, Roy Rogers, Tonto

21            Samaritans

22            Peter Phillips (1977)

23            Spanish flu

24            Ryan Giggs

25            Harp

26            Aardman Animations

27            Kate Adie

28            San Francisco

29            Adkins

30            False (Scotty’s were though in 2005)


Q             Which South American country had an inflation rate of over `000% in 1985

A              Argentina

Number Guess (Nearest wins)

Q             When did the Orkney Islands become Scottish?

A              1472


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