Quiz 220

Quiz 220

1              Who was the leader of the PLO until his death in 2004?

2              Which American city’s name is Spanish for The Meadows?

3              Which railway station on the main rail network is the most southerly on the UK mainland?

4              Which English football club has won the European Cup more times than the top division title?

5              Raul Castro is currently President of Cuba – what relation was he to Fidel Castro?

6              “Thus with a kiss, I die” are the last words of which male Shakespeare character who committed suicide?

7              If a dress or top is described as having a neckline as decollete what does it mean?

8a            Dannii Minogue made her name in which Australian soap opera?

8b            Natalie Imbruglia made her name in which Australian soap opera?

9              The word safari means journey in which language?

10            Which of the goal scorers in the 1966 World Cup Final was booked?

11            The leaves of which tree are used as the symbol of the National Trust?

12a          Which spice is the main flavouring in a goulash?

12b          Which island in the Indian Ocean produces most of the world’s vanilla?

12c          Which herb was the name of the lion in the children’s TV series The Herbs?

13            Most of the island of Borneo belongs to which country?

14            The scientist Bunsen Honeydew & his assistant Beaker appeared in which long running TV series?

15a          The founder of WikiLeaks Julian Assange has been staying in which country’s embassy to avoid extradition?

15b          Which country wants to extradite him?

16            Who did Rebecca Loos allegedly have an affair with a few years back?

17            In the Brooke Bond chimp TV ad which featured moving a piano, what was the name of the chimp in charge?

18            What is the only US State ending in G?

19            When the first Top Twenty was published it wasn’t for records – what was it for?

20            For how many years did Rip Van Winkle sleep?

21            How many sides does a trapezium have?

22            I Drove All Night was the last UK hit for which US singer in 1993?

23a          In Blackadder Goes Forth what kind of creature was Speckled Jim?

23b          In a Monty Python sketch what creature was “pining for the fjords”?

23c          In Fawlty Towers what kind of creature was Manuel’s Basil?

24            Who in mythology shot the arrow that killed Achilles by striking his heel & has the same name as a modern capital city?

25            What did scientist Wayne Szalinski do in a 1989 Disney film?

26            What number do you get if you add the numbers of the hooker, full back & fly half in Rugby Union together?

27            Which 3 consecutive letters of the alphabet form the name of an airline?

28            Which 2 Jane Austen novels have the word “and” in the title?

29            In the antiques world what is a davenport?

30            Blankety Blank Supermatch – 3pts . 2 pts 1 pt

Honey BLANK   Rose BLANK   Pound BLANK


1              Yasser Arafat

2              Las Vegas

3              Penzance

4              Nottingham Forest

5              Brother

6              Romeo

7              Very low cut

8a            Home & Away

8b            Neighbours

9              Swahili

10            Martin Peters

11            Oak

12a          Paprika

12b          Madagascar

12c          Parsley

13            Indonesia

14            The Muppet Show

15a          Ecuador

15b          Sweden

16            David Beckham

17            Mr Shifter

18            Wyoming

19            Sheet music

20            Twenty

21            Four

22            Roy Orbison

23a          Pigeon

23b          Norwegian Blue Parrot

23c          Rat

24            Paris

25            Shrunk the kids

26            2 + 15 + 10 = 27

27            KLM

28            Pride & Prejudice, Sense & Sensibility

29            Writing desk

30            Bee Pot Suckle, Bud Garden Marie, Note Of flesh Stretcher


Q             A statue of which TV comedy character is located in Thetford, Norfolk?

A              Capt. Mainwaring from Dad’s Army

Number Guess

Q             How high in feet is the Buddha statue in China (the tallest in the world)?

A              503 feet

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