Quiz 215

Quiz 215

Sweet Stuff

1              Sweet Dreams Are Made of This was written and recorded by which band?

2              Which fruit is usually used for the sweet ingredient in a sweet & sour dish?

3              Sweet Georgia Brown is a song used as the theme tune for which entertaining sports team?

4              KitKat chocolate bar was originally manufactured by which UK chocolate company?

5              Can you name 3 of the drinks embossed on Maynard’s Wine Gums?

In The News

6              In which Canadian Province are wildfires running out of control?

7              Who was elected Mayor of London this week?

8              Artist Dan Llewelyn Hall was severely criticised this week for a portrait of who?

9              What nationality is the owner of Leicester City Football Club?

10            The UK polar exploration ship was to be called Boaty McBoatface but is now to be named after which TV presenter?

Girls in Literature

11            Meg, Jo, Beth & Amy March feature in which classic novel by Louisa May Alcott?

12            When Jane Eyre become governess at Thornfield Hall, who does she fall in love with?

13            Which little girl created by Joanna Spyri was brought up by her grandfather in the Swiss Alps?

14            Miss Havisham who lived alone in a ruined mansion wearing her wedding dress features in which Dickens novel?

15            Who wrote the children’s novel Matilda now a very successful musical?


16            Which sport is played in an area at least 20 metres by 10 metres & at least 1.8 metres deep?

17            Back Home was the England football team single for which World Cup?

18            What is the name of the road crossed by the field in the Grand National?

19            All Olympic rowing events are contested over what distance – 1000, 2000 or 5000 metres?

20            Which 2 numbers are worn by the hookers in Rugby Union & Rugby League?

General Knowledge

21            Blackstar was whose last album released in January this year?

22            Which piece of gardening equipment started out as a dustbin lid with a motor attached?

23            For how many of the Bond films has Shirley Bassey sung the theme?

24            In which country did the airship the R101 crash in 1930 with the loss of 48 lives?

25            “If you have a problem, if no-one else can help, and you can find them, then maybe you could hire …” who in the 1980’s?

26            What is a half times a half times a half?

27            What is the currency in the Vatican City?

28            How were the Goons walking for Christmas in 1956?

29            In Dad’s Army what did Private Pike call Sergeant Wilson?

30            Modern condoms were originally only sold in large, extra-large & double extra-large sizes so that men didn’t have to ask for small – true or false?


1              Eurythmics

2              Pineapple

3              Harlem Globetrotters

4              Rowntree’s

5              Any 3 of Port, Champagne, Sherry, Burgundy, Gin, Claret

6              Alberta

7              Sadiq Khan

8              HM the Queen

9              Thai

10            Sir David Attenborough

11            Little Women

12            Edward Rochester

13            Heidi

14            Great Expectations

15            Roald Dahl

16            Water Polo

17            1970 Mexico

18            Melling Road

19            2000 metres

20            9 & 2

21            David Bowie

22            Hover mower (Flymo)

23            Three

24            France

25            A Team

26            An eighth

27            Euro

28            Backwards

29            Uncle Arthur

30            FALSE


Q             In a list of the top 20 “most beautiful men” in Harper’s Bazaar magazine last year, who was voted number one?

A              Paul Newman

Number Guess (Nearest wins)

Q             The First World Hotel in Malaysia is the largest hotel in the world; how man rooms does it have?

A              7351

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