Quiz 214

Quiz 214

Comedy Films

1              City Under Siege was the subtitle of the 6th film in which film comedy series?

2              How old was Tom Hanks’ character at the beginning of the film Big?

3              Which 2001 film features the line “This calls for some really tiny knickers”?

4              What nationality was Mrs. Doubtfire pretending to be?

5              Who were the 2 stars of the “Road” films of the 40’s & 50’s & which Benidorm star featured in Road to Hong Kong?

Connection 1

6              Which singer & now actress played Rose Tyler in Doctor Who?

7              The Maltese snooker player Tony Drago was known by what nickname?

8              Which romantic drama TV series set in West Yorkshire stars Sarah Lancashire & Derek Jacobi?

9              Which film was Oliver Reed’s final film opposite Russell Crowe?

10            Which astronomical body gets its name from the Latin for long haired star?



11            Which Chinese city is used in English to describe being kidnapped to serve as a sailor against your will?

12            What was the nickname given to the main Olympic stadium at the Beijing Olympics of 2008?

13            China In Your Hand was a number one single for which band in 1987?

14            In which part of modern China is the airline Cathay Pacific based?

15            Peter Powell won the 1976 Toy of the Year for something originally invented in China – what?

Connection 2

16            Which footballer is the only one to win World Footballer of the Year 5 times?

17            What was the name of the 2013 film about the rivalry between James Hunt & Niki Lauda?

18            Which character drove the Turbo Terrific in Wacky Races?

19            John Gillespie, regarded as the greatest jazz trumpeter of all time, is better known by what nickname?

20            Captain Sensible had a number one hit with which song from South Pacific?


General Knowledge

21            Of the 9 rooms in a standard Cluedo, which one has the least letters?

22            St. Peter Port is the capital of which of the Channel Islands?

23            There are 52 white keys on a standard piano keyboard, how many black keys are there?

24            What musical instrument did Glenn Miller play?

25            Which North African country gained independence from Italy in 1951 when King Idris was Head of State?

26            What kind of wood was Pinocchio made from?

27            Who said “Most of our people have never had it so good”?

28            In which river was Jesus baptised by John the Baptist?

29            Sir Percy Blakeney is better known as which fictional romantic hero?

30            Astronauts are about an inch taller in the International Space Station than on Earth – true or false?







1              Police Academy

2              12

3              Bridget Jones’ Diary

4              Scottish

5              Bing Crosby, Bob Hope & Joan Collins

6              Billie Piper

7              Tornado

8              Last Tango in Halifax

9              Gladiator

10            Comet

Connection?                            Aircraft

11            Shanghai

12            Bird’s Nest

13            T’Pau

14            Hong Kong

15            Kite

16            Lionel Messi

17            Rush

18            Peter Perfect

19            Dizzy

20            Happy Talk

Connection?            Mr Men

21            Hall

22            Guernsey

23            36

24            Trombone

25            Libya

26            Pine

27            Harold MacMillan

28            Jordan

29            Scarlet Pimpernel

30            TRUE



Q             In 2008 Channel 4 ran a poll for the UK’s Favourite Catchphrase – what was number 1?

A              Nice to see you…..to see you, nice!

Number Guess (nearest wins)

Q             In which year was the Royal Shakespeare Company founded?

A              1969

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