Quiz 212

Quiz 212

Capital Cities

1              Which poem, written by William Blake in 1808, was made into a hymn & is regarded as England’s 2nd National Anthem?

2              Which former England footballer & pundit presents Homes Under the Hammer?

3              Which Italian born actress was married to film producer Carlo Ponti for more than 40 years?

4              White Christmas is the most recorded song ever, which Russian-born American citizen wrote it?

5              Which British Prime Minister served 3 terms between 1923 & 1937?

Billies in Film

6              In which 1969 film set in the north of England does Billy Casper train a bird of prey?

7              Who played the dance teacher in the film version of Billy Elliot?

8              In which musical does Billy Bigelow, a worker in a fairground, marry Julie Jordan?

9              Which Motown singer was nominated for an Oscar for playing Billie Holiday in Lady Sings the Blues?

10            Billy Connolly played alongside Judi Dench in a film about Queen Victoria – what was it called?

20th Century History

11            In the 1920’s what type of clinic did Marie Stopes open?

12            Which luxury liner left on her maiden voyage across the Atlantic in 1936?

13            Complete the wartime slogan – “Be like Dad….”?

14            What nationality was Robert Peary who reached the North Pole in 1909?

15            What was the code name of the project to develop the atom bomb & which scientist was in charge of design?


16            Which acting married couple’s first child was called Shiloh Nouvel?

17            What relation is Jane Fonda to Bridget Fonda?

18            On which TV show did Paula Yates make her TV debut as a presenter?

19            Which TV reality star is married to hip-hop performer Kanye West?

20            Lee Mead won which TV series to find a new Joseph for the musical & which of the judges did he eventually marry?

General Knowledge

21            There are 2009 Marilyns in the UK but only 282 Munros – what are they?

22            On which day of the week are US elections for the Senate & Congress held?

23            Who was the lead vocalist with the Miami Sound Machine?

24            What was the former name of Zimbabwe?

25            Which cricket ground has a Nursery End and a Pavilion End?

26            What was Richard Nixon’s middle name?

27            What kind of animal is a Lippizaner?

28            Who was the first British athlete to hold a world javelin record?

29            Which series of films were created by Peter Rogers & Gerald Thomas?

30            It takes only 10 glasses of water to grow enough oranges for one glass of orange juice -true or false?


1              Jerusalem

2              Dion Dublin

3              Sofia Loren

4              Irving Berlin

5              Stanley Baldwin

6              Kes

7              Julie Walters

8              Carousel

9              Diana Ross

10            Mrs Brown

11            Birth control

12            Queen Mary

13            Keep Mum

14            American

15            Manhattan & Robert Oppenheimer

16            Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie

17            Aunt

18            The Tube

19            Kim Kardashian

20            Any Dream Will Do & Denise Van Outen

21            Hills (> 492 ft & > 3000 ft)

22            Tuesday

23            Gloria Estefan

24            Southern Rhodesia

25            Lord’s

26            Millhaus

27            Horse

28            Fatima Whitbread

29            Carry On Films

30            False – it takes about 50


Q             Which Bond theme was the first to be nominated for a Best Song Oscar?          A              Live & Let Die

Number Guess

Q             According to Howmanyofme.com how many David Beckhams live in the USA? A              130


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2 Responses to Quiz 212

  1. Hedley Smith says:

    The answer to Q12 about first crossing in 1946 should be Queen Elizabeth

  2. The question should be “in 1936”. The RMS Queen Mary left Southampton on 27th May 1936 bound for New York. Sorry about that. I’ve corrected the error.

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