Quiz 208

Quiz 208


1              The Great Bear Lake is the largest lake in which country?

2              The Great Rock ‘n’ Rolls Swindle was a fictional documentary about which controversial rock group?

3              The Great Barrier Reef is almost entirely off the east coast of which Australian State?

4              Which former politician presents Great British Railway Journeys on BBC TV?

5              Of the 5 Great Lakes in North America – which 3 are the largest?


6              Maui is the 2nd largest of which group of Pacific islands?

7              What was the former name of Ho Chi Minh City?

8              In which country did Eddie Izzard complete 27 marathons in 27 days for Sport Relief 2016?

9              In which European city is the famous Rialto Bridge?

10            Which 3 countries are known as the Baltic States?


11            Wayne Rooney became England’s biggest goal scorer after scoring against Switzerland – whose record did he break?

12            Which less than hairy swimmer won Britain’s only swimming gold medal at the Moscow Olympics?

13            Martin Crowe, who passed away last month, played cricket for which country?

14            The Ravens play American Football in which American city?

15            What are the 4 field events in a women’s heptathlon?


16            In Coronation Street, which character killed builder Charlie Stubbs in 2007?

17            Who played killer John Christie in the film 10, Rillington Place?

18            Which serial killer operated in and around the town of Hyde near Manchester?

19            Kristin Shepard famously shot which character on TV in 1980?

20            Which American serial killer’s surname was also the name of the family in the TV series Married … with Children?

General Knowledge

21            What is the name of the creator of the Daleks in Doctor Who?

22            What is Scotland’s longest river?

23            Where on your body is your lanula?

24            Which 1968 film featured the 3rd Foot & Mouth Regiment of British soldiers?

25            Who famously said in 2008 in Beijing that Wiff Waff was coming home?

26            Which Commonwealth country recently decided by referendum not to change their current flag?

27            What unit of weight is used to measure the fineness of nylon?

28            Lulu sang the theme to which Bond film?

29            What was the currency of Austria before the Euro?

30            Sir Walter Raleigh invented a dance which was called Walt’s Dance & then it was shortened to Waltz – True or false?



1              Canada

2              Sex Pistols

3              Queensland

4              Michael Portillo

5              Superior, Huron, Michigan

6              Hawaii

7              Saigon

8              South Africa

9              Venice

10            Estonia, Latvia & Lithuania

11            Bobby Charlton

12            Duncan Goodhew

13            New Zealand

14            Baltimore

15            Shot, Javelin, Long Jump, High Jump

16            Tracy Barlow

17            Richard Attenborough

18            Harold Shipman

19            J R Ewing

20            (Ted) Bundy

21            Davros

22            Tay

23            On your fingernails

24            Carry On Up The Khyber

25            Boris Johnson

26            New Zealand

27            Denier

28            The Man With The Golden Gun

29            Schilling

30            FALSE


Q             Brung Up Proper is the title of which British comedian’s autobiography?

A              Jason Manford

Number Guess

Q             How many nuclear weapons have been detonated on Earth?                                             A              2056

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