Quiz 207

Quiz 207

1              I suffer from hyperopia – am I long-sighted or short-sighted?

2              How many Winter Olympic Games have been held in the southern hemisphere?

3              Mother & father have 4 daughters and each daughter has a brother, how many people are in the family?

4a            In the Sky advert for “fluid viewing” who is singing the song “I’ve Gotta Be Me”?

4b            Yes Sir I Can Boogie is used to advertise what on TV?

5              Which 2 Jane Austen novels have one word titles?

6              The Hans Christian Anderson story The Snow Queen was the basis for which Disney film?

7              Travelling at a steady 25 mph, which city on Lake Michigan is about 24 hrs from Tulsa?

8              What were the first names of the McWhirters who compiled the first Guinness Book of World Records?

9              Which woodwind instrument do concert orchestras use to tune to?

10            The modern version of Chemin de Fer is baccarat, what is the highest value hand with 2 cards in baccarat?

11a          Which comedian’s dog was called Schnorbitz?

11b          Which TV couple had a dog called Freeway?

12            Items described as treen in the antique world are made from what material?

13            Which car manufacturer describe their cars as “simply clever”?

14            What surname is shared by Presidential candidate Ted & actress Penelope?

15            What are these one-word number one singles – Fashion magazine (1990) Famous battle (1974) American river (1978) Large seabird (1969)

16            How many bars are on the jail window on a standard Monopoly board?

17            What effect does Holy water have on vampires?

18            Which French word is used to describe vegetables cut into thin strips?

19            After English & Welsh what are the next 3 most commonly spoken languages in the UK?

20a          Take Me Home was the autobiography of which country singer?

20b          Which song title was the autobiography of Glen Campbell?

21            Now is the winter of our discontent are the first words of which Shakespeare play?

22            According to legend which natural geological formation was built by Finn McCool?

23            What is the family name of the Duke of Northumberland?

24            On which long running radio show do the contestants speak “without repetition, hesitation or deviation”?

25            Agent J & Agent K both reported to Chief Zed in which 1997 comedy film?

26            Where does the Beatles Long & Winding Road lead to?

27            In the USA G-Men are members of which organisation?

28            Which city was painted on the stern of the Titanic?

29            From which film does the line “Snakes! Why did it have to be snakes?”?           –

30a          When Ronnie Barker played Piggy Malone, who did Ronnie Corbett play?

30b          What kind of phantom terrorised old London Town in The Two Ronnies?

30c          Who did Ronnie Corbett play in Sorry!?

30d          In the legendary sketch about class with Cleese & Barker, what was Ronnie Corbett’s first line?


1              Long-sighted

2              None

3              Seven

4              Sammy Davis Jnr./Cadbury’s Dairy Milk

5              Emma & Persuasion

6              Frozen

7              Chicago

8              Norris & Ross

9              Oboe

10            Nine

11            Bernie Winters/The Harts in Hart to Hart

12            Wood

13            Skoda

14            Cruz

15            Vogue, Waterloo, Mississippi, Albatross

16            Three

17            Burns them

18            Julienne

19            Polish, Punjabi, Urdu (2011 Census)

20a          John Denver

20b          Rhinestone Cowboy

21            Richard III

22            Giant’s Causeway

23            Percy

24            Just A Minute

25            Men In Black

26            Your door

27            FBI

28            Liverpool

29            Raiders of the Lost Ark

30            Charley Farley/Raspberry Blower/Timothy Lumsden/I know my place


Q             Staying On Track is the autobiography of which British sportsman?

A              Nigel Mansell

Number Guess (Nearest wins)

Q             How many times did the Beatles play the Cavern Club in Liverpool?

A              275

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