Quiz 206

Quiz 206

Easter Stuff

1              “I am the egg man” is a line from which Beatles song?

2              To which South American country does Easter Island belong?

3              Which British gangster film of 1980 starred Bob Hoskins & Helen Mirren?

4              Nick Easter has represented England at which sport?

5              Which Hollywood legends are the main stars of the film Easter Parade?


6              Bloody Sunday in Northern Ireland was the 30th January of which year of the 70’s?

7              Name one of the presenters of Channel 4 show Sunday Brunch?

8              The Blondie song Sunday Girl begins “I know a girl from a…..” what?

9              Which pub chain announced that from 16th January 2016 they would no longer be serving Sunday roasts?

10            What are the 2 most famous strip cartoons featured in the Sunday Post?

Easter in the Bible

11            In which garden in Jerusalem was Jesus arrested?

12            Which artist painted a mural in Milan depicting the Last Supper?

13            Who was the first person to speak to Jesus when he rose from the dead?

14            What is the name given to the Sunday before Easter Sunday?

15            What part did Simon of Cyrene play in the Easter story according to the Bible?

Entertaining Rabbits

16            Which film rabbit lived in Toontown according to a 1988 film?

17            The term “Bunny Boiler” was made popular after featuring in which film?

18            What colour is the Duracell Bunny?

19            Who provided the voice for Bugs Bunny?

20            What was the surname of the character in Porridge known as Bunny?

General Knowledge

21            Which composer wrote the tune for Twinkle Twinkle Little Star?

22            In which decade was the 999 emergency service introduced in the UK?

23            Which UK seaside resort was the first to open a nudist beach in 1979?

24            In which TV show did the character Frasier Crane first appear?

25            What is the name of the famous toy shop in London founded in 1760?

26            In the Planets Suite by Gustav Holtz which planet is the “Bringer of Peace”?

27            The musical Kiss Me Kate is based on which Shakespeare play?

28            What is the Russian word for “little water”?

29            Only one team beginning with H have won the FA Cup – which one?

30            The game of Cluedo was designed by a man called Andrew Pillock – true or false?



1              I Am the Walrus

2              Chile

3              The Long Good Friday

4              Rugby Union

5              Fred Astaire & Judy Garland

6              1972

7              Tim Lovejoy or Simon Rimmer

8              Lonely Street

9              Weatherspoons

10            Oor Wullie & The Broons

11            Gethsemane

12            Leonardo Da Vinci

13            Mary Magdalene

14            Palm Sunday

15            Carried Jesus’ cross

16            Roger Rabbit

17            Fatal Attraction

18            Pink

19            Mel Blanc

20            Warren

21            Mozart

22            30s (1937)

23            Brighton

24            Cheers

25            Hamley’s

26            Venus

27            Taming of the Shrew

28            Vodka

29            Huddersfield Town (1922)

30            False – Andrew Pratt


Q             Saul Fia (Son of Saul) won Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film 2015 – which language is it in?

A              Hungarian

Number Guess      

Q             Patrick Hadler made the highest score in one game on FIFA World Cup 2014 game – what was the score?

A              321 – 0 (Germany v Cook Islands)

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