Quiz 205

Quiz 205

1              Which 2 countries came together in the Anschluss of 1938?

2              Which breakfast dish consists of smoked fish, boiled rice, eggs, curry powder & butter?

3              Which 2 gases combine to make ammonia?

4              Bamboo swords & armour are used in which Japanese martial art?

5              On which shows did you win the following consolation prizes – Carriage clock, Watch & electronic game, Bus fare home?

6              3.1415 is the approximate value of which mathematical term?

7              Who wrote the children’s novels The Boy in the Dress & Mr Stink?

8              Paul McCartney’s brother Mike was a member of which Liverpool group & what was their biggest hit in the UK?

9              How many times has Tiger Woods won the Open Championship?

10            Which female TV presenter has won Rear of the Year twice?

11a          What is the largest city in the Mojave Desert in the USA?

11b          Which of the African deserts is mostly located in Botswana?

12            Which Roman Emperor preceded Claudius?

13            Other than gold & silver objects made from which 2 metals require to be hallmarked – they both start with the same letter?

14            Which country with a population of 157 million people has never won an Olympic medal?

15            Which 4 US States beginning with M have a border with Canada?

16            Which city in Hampshire was the capital of Wessex at the time of King Alfred?

17            Which Lloyd Webber musical centres around Norma Desmond a fading film star?

18            Chemin de Fer is a card game played in casinos particularly in France – what does Chemin de Fer actually mean?

19            The Islanders & Rangers play ice hockey in which US city?

20            What are the 4 countries with the most Spanish speakers in South America?

21            Robert, Jimmy, John & John Paul were the 1st names of the original line-up of which band?

22            Although the UK weren’t involved in the Vietnam War, 4 Victoria Crosses were awarded to servicemen from which country?

23            Which play by Oscar Wilde features the line “A handbag?”?

24            Lewis Hamilton was named after which other famous sportsman?

25            Which “mother” songs did these performers have big hits with – Paul Simon 1972, Dr Hook 1972, ABBA 1979?

26            Who was the original host of MasterChef?

27            Which radio station broadcast popular music on 208m medium wave?

28            Which company markets the Photoshop range of software?

29            In which country is Europe’s highest waterfall?

30            Which 4 musical films have won 8 or more Oscars each in the 20th century?







1              Germany & Austria

2              Kedgeree

3              Nitrogen & hydrogen

4              Kendo

5              Mr & Mrs, Wheel of Fortune, Bullseye

6              Pi

7              David Walliams

8              The Scaffold –  Lily the Pink

9              Three

10            Carol Vorderman

11a          Las Vegas

11b          Kalahari

12            Caligula

13            Platinum & Palladium

14            Bangladesh

15            Michigan, Maine, Montana, Minnesota

16            Winchester

17            Sunset Boulevard

18            Railway

19            New York

20            Colombia, Argentina, Peru, Venezuela

21            Led Zeppelin (Plant, Paige, Bonham, Jones)

22            Australia

23            The Importance of Being Ernest

24            Carl Lewis

25            Mother & Child Reunion, Sylvia’s Mother, Does Your Mother Know?

26            Lloyd Grossman

27            Luxembourg

28            Adobe

29            Norway

30            Cabaret/West Side Story/Gigi/My Fair Lady


Q             “An epic of miniature proportions” was the tagline to which film?                     A              A Bug’s Life

Number Guess (Nearest wins)

Q             What was the book price of a Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow in 1965?                      A              £6557

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