Quiz 203

Quiz 203


1              The Dogs of War is a novel by which thriller writer?

2              What breed of dog was Schmeichel looked after by Chesney in Coronation Street?

3              The mongrel Pickles became famous in 1966 for finding what?

4              How much was a dog license to buy in 1987 (the year it was abolished)?

5              In which Ian Fleming novel does the dog Edison feature?

Kids in Entertainment

6              Jake, Ben & Karen were the 3 Brockman kids in which BBC comedy?

7              Gertie in E.T. was played by which actress when she was 5 years old?

8              Which child film star of the 30’s went on to become an American Ambassador in the 80’s & 90’s?

9              Who had a hit with the song Kids in America in 1981?

10            What were the names of the 3 boys in Willie Wonka & the Chocolate Factory – first names will do?

Less Famous James’s, Jims & Jimmy’s

11            What is the real name of Jimmy Krankie?

12            Which island off the coast of eastern Canada was first mapped by James Cook?

13            What nationality was the composer and band leader James Last?

14            James Lovell was the commander of which ill-fated Apollo moon mission?

15            Which James had hits with You’re Beautiful 2005, Annie’s Song 1978, Crocodile Shoes 1994, Voodoo Chile 1970?

Hobbies & Leisure

16            What is the maximum number of players for a standard game of draw poker?

17            Which game takes its name for the Chinese word for sparrow?

18            What would your hobby be if you used slip?

19            Outside London what is Britain’s most visited zoo?

20            What are the 6 colours on a Rubik’s cube?

General Knowledge

21            On which day of the week does the Queen distribute Maunday Money?

22            Which Premier League football team are nicknamed the Cherries?

23            Nuuk is the capital of which island?

24            Which 1836 battle and siege took place near San Antonio in the USA?

25            Auric was the first name of which Bond villain?

26            Which car manufacturer makes the Duster?

27            In which residence does the Duke of Northumberland live?

28            Which nuts are used in a pesto?

29            In which city were the 2010 Winter Olympics based?

30            Overeating in ancient Rome was common – a room called a vomitorium was available for people to purge their stomachs to continue eating – True or false?


1              Frederick Forsyth

2              Great Dane

3              Jules Rimet Trophy (World Cup)

4              37 pence

5              Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

6              Outnumbered

7              Drew Barrymore

8              Shirley Temple

9              Kim Wilde

10            Charlie Augustus & Mike

11            Janette Tough

12            Newfoundland

13            German

14            Apollo 13

15            James Blunt, James Galway, Jimmy Nail, Jimi Hendrix

16            8

17            Mah Jong

18            Pottery

19            Chester

20            White Red Yellow Orange Blue Green

21            Thursday

22            Bournemouth

23            Greenland

24            Alamo

25            Goldfinger

26            Dacia

27            Alnwick Castle

28            Pine nuts

29            Vancouver

30            False – it’s a passageway for large crowds to exit a theatre or stadium


Q             Which County Cricket team has a 20-20 team called the Steelbacks?  A              Northants

Number Guess (Nearest Wins)

Q             Jack Jones’s van from Dad’s Army sold at Auction in 2012 for how much?          A              £65,100

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