Quiz 198

Quiz 198


1              Who is Andy Murray’s female coach?

2              In which team sport can you be penalised for travelling?

3              Which country have played their Test matches against England in the UAE because their own country is considered too dangerous?

4              What colour shirt did Tiger Woods always wear in the final round of a tournament?

5              The starting positions of the 2 teams in the Oxford/Cambridge Boat race are named after which 2 counties?

Chess Connection

6              Faye Wray, Jessica Lange & Naomi Watts all played the same part in 3 versions of which film?

7              Which comedian completed a triathlon from Paris to London for Sport Relief in 2012?

8              Which actor’s first starring role was in The Blob & his last film was The Hunter in 1980?

9              Which famous building in North Yorkshire was used as the house in the TV series Brideshead Revisited?

10            Which 2010 comedy spy film starred Tom Cruise & Cameron Diaz?

Kid’s Stuff

11            Which actor was the narrator on the Wombles on TV?

12            Whose shadow was kept in a drawer in the Darling household?

13            Jeff Kinnet writes children’s books under the main title of “Diary of a ……” what?

14            Which global video game based on cube shapes was created by 2 Swedish programmers – Markus Persson & Jens Bergensten?

15            What were the names of the 3 human characters in the Magic Roundabout?

Science & Nature

16            What does one litre of water weigh?

17            What is the largest member of the weasel family natural to the UK?

18            What is the only food that ospreys eat?

19            Sounding like something found in a tool box, what is the largest species of monkey?

20            What are the 3 most abundant elements in the universe?

General Knowledge

21            What is the official language of Mozambique?

22            Captain Scarlett’s boss was Colonel what?

23            What kind of shop did the Wright Brothers have?

24            What is the surname of the Jedward twins?

25            Which golfer holds the record for the most Ryder Cup appearances?

26            Which long running play takes place at Monkswell Manor?

27            Which sport has been the subject of the most films?

28            Who was the first female judge on the Voice?

29            In which country is the World heritage site of Petra?

30            Nachos were invented by a man called Nacho – true or false?



1              Amelie Mauresmo

2              Basketball

3              Pakistan

4              Red

5              Middlesex & Surrey

6              King Kong

7              John Bishop

8              Steve McQueen

9              Castle Howard

10            Knight & Day

11            Bernard Cribbins

12            Peter Pan’s

13            Wimpy Kid

14            Minecraft

15            Florence, Mr Rusty, Mr McHenry

16            One kilogram or 2.2 lbs

17            Badger

18            Fish

19            Mandrill

20            Hydrogen Helium Oxygen

21            Portuguese

22            White

23            Bicycle repair shop

24            Grimes

25            Nick Faldo

26            The Mousetrap

27            Boxing

28            Jessie J

29            Jordan

30            TRUE


Q Which capital city was previously known as Edo?        A Tokyo

Number Guess (Nearest wins)

Q How many different characters did Charles Dickens create?     A 959

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