Quiz 197

Quiz 197


1              Sprinter Ben Johnson was banned for using drugs at which Olympic Games?

2              Which recreational drug widely taken in the 60s is also the name of an American Military decoration?

3              Which drug was the cause of severe birth defects in the 50s & 60s?

4              Which African country is being threatened with a ban from the Rio Olympics because of a lack of drug control?

5              Are these drugs classed as uppers or downers – cocaine, nicotine, Valium, alcohol?

Spanish Stuff

6              Which Spanish city did Manuel in Fawlty Towers come from?

7              The Spanish Steps are not actually in Spain – in which European capital city are they?

8              Spain won the football World Cup in 2010 – who did they beat in the final?

9              What is unusual about the Spanish National Anthem?

10            Which 2 groups of holiday islands are governed by Spain?


11            Women in a Ford factory famously went on strike in 1968 for equal pay – in which town was this factory?

12            Nan Winton was the first woman to present what on BBC television in 1960?

13            Which female pilot was the first to fly the Atlantic solo?

14            In 2010 Katherine Bigelow became the first woman to win which Oscar?

15            What 3 colours were used in jewellery by women to signify their support for the suffragette movement?


16            What was the title of the comedy series which was a spin off from Happy Days featuring an alien?

17            How many crew were on the space ship Nostromo in the film Alien not including the cat – 5, 6 or 7?

18            What was the name of the little boy who found ET in the film?

19            Which alien species live on their own planet eating green soup & blue string pudding?

20            Which 3 enemies of Doctor Who have made the most appearance?

General Knowledge

21            What household appliance did the Flintstones use a baby woolly mammoth for?

22            What word do Americans use for a car bumper?

23            Where is the holiday resort of Marmaris?

24            If feline is cat & canine is dog what is lupine?

25            Mendelsohn wrote a piece of music regularly heard in church all over the world – what is it?

26            What is the name of the main female character in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang?

27            Which kind of did Santa Claus win in 1964?

28            What was the last animal swallowed by the Old Woman Who Swallowed a Fly?

29            The first car built by Morris was named after the city where it was built – what was its name?

30            In the UK it is most likely to rain at 7 in the morning – true or false?



1              Seoul 1988

2              Purple Heart

3              Thalidomide

4              Kenya

5              Upper, upper, downer, downer

6              Barcelona

7              Rome

8              Netherlands (1 – 0)

9              No words

10            Balearics & Canaries

11            Dagenham

12            The News

13            Amelia Earhart

14            Best Director

15            White green & purple

16            Mork & Mindy

17            7

18            Elliott

19            Clangers

20            Daleks (104) The Master (84) Cyberman (57)

21            Vacuum cleaner

22            Fender

23            Turkey

24            Wolf

25            Wedding March

26            Truly Scrumptious

27            Horse race

28            Horse

29            Morris Oxford

30            TRUE


Q The first charter holiday airline took off from Croydon in 1932 to which country?          A Switzerland

Number Guess (Nearest wins)

Q How many days did it take Michael Palin to go from Pole to Pole?                                  A 141

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